Joe Biden will be furious when he sees what one top ally just admitted to Fox News

Joe Biden just set the stage for another multi-trillion dollar spending binge.

But on the day he proposed his socialist spending spree, one Democrat blindsided him.

And Joe Biden will be furious when he sees what one top ally just admitted to Fox News.

Joe Biden proposed a bill that will open the floodgates for $2.7 trillion in social welfare and Green New Deal programs disguised as infrastructure spending.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto pressed Missouri Democrat Emmanuel Cleaver over the fact that just 25 percent of the spending in Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill would actually be spent on infrastructure with the rest going to pay off Democrat Party constituencies.

“It seems to be heavy on the tax part, very heavy on spending as well, Congressman, that has nothing to do with infrastructure. And that’s what maybe worries some Republicans, maybe some of your more moderate colleagues, who think that however meritorious and kind it is to spend better than 400 billion on care for the elderly and disabled, it has nothing to do with infrastructure. What do you say to that?” Cavuto asked.

Amazingly, Cleaver conceded the point and admitted the Democrats loaded up the bill with welfare spending and other socialist giveaways to impose Green New Deal-style policies on America.

“I think that’s a legitimate point. I’ll say that anywhere. That’s a legitimate point. Here’s the challenge for us on that though: First of all, I think the president has opened the door. None of this is in concrete. He wants to sit down and I think he’s going to begin to invite Republicans over to the White House to discuss the funding and any other component of this,” Cleaver answered.

Breitbart reported on the other spending in the bill, which would help advance socialized medicine, move Democrat voters into Republican leaning suburbs and destroy the energy industry.

The rest of the bill’s spending includes massive spending on climate change initiatives such as development for electric vehicles and charging stations, electric school busses and federal vehicles, and clean energy technology.

Other big-spending items include $400 billion on expanding health care, $213 billion on affordable housing, and research training, and development programs.

Democrats want Americans to think this bill is about rebuilding roads and bridges because that polls well.

But one of Joe Biden’s top allies confirmed Republican attacks that this bill is a Trojan horse for socialism.

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