Joe Biden will be mad as hell when he sees what key state Donald Trump took the lead in

The polls at the state and national level are converging.

They are all now starting to tell the same story.

And Joe Biden will be mad as hell when he sees what key state Donald Trump took the lead in.

Trump leads in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania was the tipping point state in both the 2016 and 2020 elections.

Trump becoming the first Republican to carry Pennsylvania since 1988 put him over the top on election night eight years ago.

Biden flipping Pennsylvania back to the Democrat column four years later showed the blue wall remained intact.

But 2024 is a completely different story.

Polls had shown a nip-and-tuck race with either Trump or Biden holding a one or two point lead.

The latest round of survey data shows Pennsylvania breaking in Trump’s favor.

A survey for AARP – conducted by the Trump and Biden campaign pollsters – shows Trump leading Biden by four points.

That lead grows to a five-point edge in a four-way ballot test with third-party candidates.

AARP wrote that Trump’s lead is built on his strength with over 50 voters as well as winning a higher percentage of the GOP vote than Biden does Democrats.

“Among voters 50+, Trump leads by wider margins on both ballots, while voters 18-49 are closely divided. Within voters 50+, Trump has a sizable lead with 50- 64 year olds, but the race is very close among seniors,” AARP wrote.

“Trump is ahead in large part due to more consolidated support from Republicans than Biden is getting from Democrats, while Trump also has a slight edge with Independents,” AARP also wrote of their poll.

Trump leads in other Pennsylvania polls

Donald Trump also led in a Muhlenberg College poll for the first time ever as that outfit’s latest survey found Trump holding a three-point lead over Biden.

Pennsylvania is one of the remaining coal and industrial states.

Fracking for natural gas is also a critical sector of the state’s economy.

Joe Biden’s Green New Deal is a dagger pointed at the throat of the ability of Pennsylvania residents to earn a living.

Biden wants to ban gas-powered cars and force Americans into Bidenmobiles.

Biden also would like to ban natural gas stoves.

These socialist power grabs turned the very voters Biden needed to win against him.

And Donald Trump is proving to be the beneficiary of this political incompetence.

*Renewed Right Official Polling*

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