Joe Biden won’t take one option off the table that will give every American heartburn

Joe Biden’s approval ratings slipped as the summer dragged on.

Crises unfolded on multiple fronts.

And now Joe Biden won’t take one option off the table that will give every American heartburn.

In addition to the border, jobs, and inflation crises, Joe Biden’s plans to get control of the coronavirus pandemic imploded as new variant cases exploded.

Public health officials ramped up the fear mongering and demanded Americans – even if they are vaccinated – wear masks.

The White House is even threatening more lockdowns unless Americans obey the orders from public health officials to get vaccinated.

In a recent White House press briefing Jen Psaki refused to rule out lockdowns as a response to the spread of the India variant of the coronavirus.

“We’ve been clear we are not going back to the shutdowns of March of 2020,” Psaki began. “We are not going back to the economy shutting down. We’ve made too much progress.”

But Psaki also said Biden would ‘follow the science’ and that no option – including lockdowns – was off the table.

“Too many people are vaccinated. There’s been too much progress on the economic front,” Psaki continued. “But again, he has said from the beginning that we are going to be guided by the science, guided by our public health experts, and we’re not going to take options off the table.”

During the coronavirus pandemic “follow the science” was code for follow the power grabs papered over by panicky public health officials who think people shouldn’t shake hands ever again or gather in large groups under even the best of circumstances.

Public health bureaucrats turned into TV stars and got drunk on their own celebrity and the ability to micromanage Americans lives.

Lockdowns were a failure.

They did not slow the spread of the virus nor did they save lives.

But since Democrats came to power in 2020 largely because of the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats are not eager to see it end because many on the left believe it is the key to the party retaining power in 2020.

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