Joe Biden’s campaign is in turmoil after he got caught screaming at a voter in this unhinged rant

Joe Biden can’t seem to stop embarrassing himself.

With every day that goes by, he finds himself in yet another scandal.

And now his campaign is turmoil after he got caught screaming at a voter in this unhinged rant.

Joe Biden is getting closer and closer to stealing the Democrat nomination for president from Bernie Sanders, and facing President Donald Trump one-on-one.

The only thing seeming to stand in his way is his own stupid statements, which he can’t seem to avoid making in front of cameras.

He ran into this problem while visiting union voters in an auto plant in Detroit, Michigan.

“You are actively trying to diminish our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms,” a man told Biden as he was working his way through the crowd.

“You’re full of sh*t!” Biden yelled back at the man.

As another attempted to speak up, Biden ordered him twice to “shush.”

“I support the Second Amendment,” Biden laughable claimed.

Biden then sneered, pointed his finger directly in the man’s face, and told him he was going to “take your AR-14s away,” directly disproving his last claim that he supports the Second Amendment.

Of course, Biden is almost certainly trying to refer to the immensely popular “AR-15” rifle, which despite left-wing fear-mongering, is responsible for fewer homicides than hammers and other handheld tools.

While left-wing politicians have long tried to mask their intentions, Democrats in the field running for President have become much more candid in recent months, following then-candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s declaration that, “hell yes, I’m going to take your AR-15s!”

Following Biden’s statement that he was going to take “AR-14s away,” a voter asked the former Vice President to define what an “assault weapon” is.

Instead of answering the simple question, Biden told the voter, “Don’t be such a horse’s ass,” before walking away.

You can watch the entire exchange in the video below:

This exchange showcases yet again just how unhinged Joe Biden is.

Since announcing his candidacy, he has constantly found himself making embarrassing statements, many of which have nearly sunk his campaign.

Now, unless things begin to turn around, he will be facing President Donald Trump in November.

Many speculate Democrats will try to claim he is too unwell, and replace him with somebody else, like Hillary Clinton.

What are your thoughts on Joe Biden’s mental state?

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  2. If he’d done that to me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HE’d need facial reconstructive surgery..

  3. Listen, you could put a dead rat in the White House and it would out-perform your orange god. Or at least it wouldn’t make so many really awful mistakes!
    But you little Trumpuppets just keep believing whatever these right wing sites say, even if it makes no sense, you keep following like the good little Putin Minions you are.

  4. the dems cannot win. They have thrown God out and embrace satan, who loses for eternity. They may win temporarily, but when Jesus comes HE will rule. Thank God!!!! We won’t have to deal with dems anymore

  5. Scott, I hate no one and what I said is the TRUTH. But you have no concept of truth. ALL will stand before Jesus to be judged. It is very obvious from your posts that you have the hate and lies of satan

  6. No Snott, you proved our point. I just told you what you are and what you will eventually reap. You didn’t hold back your hatred from us and I’m damn sure not going to hold mine back from you and your fascist/communist ilk. You threaten our freedom and way of life and eventually you’ll be relieved of yours. You will in time, reap the whirlwind.

  7. Snott27 quit preaching about your phony faith. People whom embrace the democrats and their agenda are going against the laws of God. Such as vile wicked sodomites and queer lovers. Are you queer?

  8. Hey Snott, no one posting here spews more hate and nasty vitriol than you demonRAT losers. If you and IQ -99 had 1 tenth the intelligence you try to sound like you wouldn’t be on the side of communism, and yes, you are communist sycophants. Sick little cowardly hoplophobes that want the “government” to feed and clothe your worthless asses and control every aspect of your meaningless fear filled lives. You spout off about lemmings, Hell, you’re the king of lemmings. Suck it up buttercup, you will face a reckoning, and soon.

  9. IQ99… just don’t bother. It’s exhausting and useless to try and reason with anyone on this or its sister sights.
    Dan T, Hoppy, bj… you are either the biggest hypocrites this side of the Atlantic or you really just don’t fully grasp what you claim to be talking about.
    And bj… gee, are you really in a position to judge me and my beliefs?? My opinion, God would find your behavior and hatred here appalling. Your words are anything but Christlike; and it’s your type of fake Christianity that I find appalling.
    All of you… have a good day wallowing in your ignorance.

  10. Scott, our Savior is JESUS, whom you have rejected. You WILL stand before Him to be judged. Too bad you have chosen satan

  11. IQ 99, you are the idiot. You come here with your hate and lies and show yourself to be a fool. This is a conservative Christian site and it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about either one.

  12. IQ99, your IQ must be much lower than 99. You have no clue of the truth. You just hate. The dumbing down of America is on the dem side, which would be YOUR side. The dems hate everything this country stands for and they sure have you fooled. Pres. Trump is doing a lot of good for this country. Take your sick hate somewhere else. God forbids it

  13. What politician in his right mind would talk to a private citizen asking a question important to them like that? While Biden might think (and thinking at this point may in itself be a long stretch) that that particular guy was not a fan of his and won’t vote for him, that guy does have relatives and friends who like this guy and although they may have been inclined to vote for Joe, may now not.

  14. Scott27, we all know what communism is. We don’t just throw names around.
    Communism and social ism are essentially the same thing.
    Its having government take over the management of the private sector, and wealth redistribution.
    Ask yourself this question: How can medical care be a human right if a person can’t afford to pay for it? Then is it the responsibility of the doctor to provide free medical care or for other people to cough up the money to pay for it? In that case the rights of the doctor or the other people have been taken away. They no longer have the right to their own money or their time because someone else’s arbitrary right to free healthcare supersedes their rights. Do you not see the problem with this.
    This is exactly what your party is advocating, and it’s called communism.

  15. Thanks snott27. I try. And I do know what a communist is. The party of Nancy and Chuck. And their idiot supporters. The truth is I’ve done my homework and I see Marxism all among them. And Bernie and the little pepper gut from the Bronx are the top leaders. You don’t understand that I don’t go off half cocked. I once was a staunch supporter of that party, ( but never the anti gun agenda ). I saw back in the 90’s what they were becoming. And realizing that I’m pro life, pro God, pro gun and believe that marriage is to be between 1 man and 1 woman, I said bye bye.

  16. Dan T… you don’t have the slightest idea what a communist is. Just names you like to call because you have nothing of substance to say.. ever.

  17. Snott27 go ahead and support the old commie or the retard I suppose you think either of them idiots could do a better job. Bernie is a communist and joe is a senile old fool.

  18. I’m really looking forward to the debate between Biden and Sanders.
    They have to put chairs in so both these old farts can sit down while they debate, but I think Bernie will wipe the floor with Biden, and expose his dementia, if there’s still any doubt amongst the swing voters.

  19. Meanwhile, we have the president give a teleprompter speech last night and within minutes.. minutes… Homeland Security and other experts are correcting what he said. Even the trumpster himself tweeted a huge contradiction to what he’d just said in his speech. Complete incompetence and chaos… and you lemmings still think he is your savior??? What is wrong with you?

  20. Biden doesn’t have the brains to president. He is too stupid. He has signs of Alzheimer’s disease, runs his mouth, doesn’t have the ability to think, which over time will only get worse. He is a liar, dis-honest and would be the worst president ever along with Obama.

  21. so whats new , all democrats are the same way , speak the truth and they flip out
    like a spoiled baby , as for the election ,it will be filled with fraud , it’s the only way democrats have a chance of winning

  22. Old Joe is like an alligator. He has a great big mouth and a little bitty brain. He is sneaky and totally un trustworthy.
    I would not trust him around any decent woman or even a prostitute. There is nothing that I would never trust this man with.
    But He is a Democrat and looking back over the past 50 years there is no Democrat that I trust . Yes even the so called great JFK. He was an a disgrace to the office and got us involved in Viet Nam. REMBER??

  23. Terry, Hillary has him beat by far. She lies every time she opens her mouth. But why do you care??? Dems have thrown God out and have no morals

  24. If Hillery does step up the Democrats will try and cheat for sure and if she does get in we are Domed she will be letting everybody and there dog come in with who knows what kind of virus. And as they say there gos the neighborhood all the good that has been done will get undone.

  25. No way. Biden will not make it another year. Resthome time. The Dem’s will have to find someone. Now their struggling in their own bottom of the barrel leftovers. If Hilary decides to step up, double pitfall. My poor Mother is a traditional Democrat and had no choice but to vote for a real looser, Bloomberg! What a mess the Democrates got themselves into! It is the biggest joke in political history! I too am a Democrat who is supporting and standing behind President Trump. So, Independent.

  26. Terry,

    Why don’t you learn to conjugate the English language appropriately you f’ing moron. Use the word “Than” not “Then” idiot. By the way, when I was in bed with your wife yesterday, she said she thinks you’re a real pu$$.

  27. Trump campaign needs to use the best section as the voice over track while the video shows a nuclear explosion.
    Game Over.


  29. Well Terry Wilder, since you know so much about lying, why don’t you compare Republican vs DemocRAT (communists) lies? I guarantee if you look at both parties objectively you’ll find that both sides lie, profusely, but the DemonRATS lie far more often and far more blatantly than the Republicans. So, who’s ass are you licking?

  30. I’m afraid that this might ultimately lead to that Black Widow Spider known as Hillary finding a way into the Oval Office. She’s dying to sink her fangs into the body politic of America. IF…IF…Biden were stupid enough to allow her on the ticket as VP and somehow got elected it wouldn’t be long before Biden would commit suicide leaving that Black Widow Spider free to envenom the entire country.

  31. Old joe is exhibiting signs of alzheimers which include mental confusion but also rage and outbursts. This CV man has NO BUSINESS RUNNING, MUCH LESS BELIEVING HE IS WORTHY OF BEING POTUS

  32. Joe Biden is more crooked than Bill Clintons dick. His son Hunter couldn’t even pass the Navy urine test because he did not study for it. His son also is a little spoiled crack head. The Bidens are trying to get their freak on. He has been in the senate for almost 40 years and he can’t even remember the last time he took a dump. He also was a cowardice draft dodger during the Vietnam War.

  33. Biden’s temper overwhelm his judgement and is a huge detriment to his ability to lead. From some of the messages heard lately,his judgement is a factor in his choices that involve financial as well. Too often his observed behavior often is highly self-serving.

  34. Who would perform the State of the Union address for him if he became President??? Nancy ready to fill in for him or maybe Michelle Obama… I’ll be having nightmares tonight…

  35. How about we take Biden cell phone away because other people text and cause crashes and kill people.. It would be the same as us gun owners get treated for doing nothing wrong.

  36. I don’t think they will try and replace him with Hillary Clinton, BUT, I do think they will try to replace him!! Which is totally not fair to the voters. They should get to choose who they are putting on the ballot and voting for. But this would be just another indicator that the Democrats do NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT!! They want to make all the decisions and you just have to live with it!

  37. Anyone who confronts Joe regarding his judgement or Hunter will get yelled at or challenged to a push up contest. Joe will not be able to handle the stress of the office. Could you imagine him trying to go head to head with another country. He would end up offering them money to go away, just like Obama did with Iran. We need to re-elect Trump, in order to save our country. Listening to the Democrats and what they want to change, we will be have a recession. Trump 2020

  38. That poor man has dementia and they are using him, and I include his wife in there. If he were my husband I would take him home and take care of him. She should be ashamed of herself.

  39. Whatever it takes we have to band together and stop the demorat idiots in Washington and at home. If Joe Biden is elected we all may as well kiss our butts goodbye. And Nancy stupid Pelosi must be stopped

  40. Can’t focus on election if memory fails to no write from wrong. Trouble was acceptance in any confrontation. It’s very disturbing.

  41. Just what we need. Biden is not right and God forbid if Hillary comes in we’ll be right back to Obama era. Pray neither one gets in.

  42. WOW! I have read all of the notes so far. I have never and never will vote for a democrat as POTUS. I have told my wife for months now it will be Hillary. Period. We as Americans heard our lame Speaker of the house say something about that we are looking at losing civilization as we know it. My friends and anybody who will vote for the Democrat nominee for POTUS, that is precisely where we are heading with them leading the way. Scary thought just came to mind, Mitch Mc., said that it is most likely that they would take control of the Senate. Folks we are well on our way. I am very sorry for the USA.

  43. Wait until the fraud charges are filed against Joe’s brother (James) and son (Hunter) are filed!
    Oh, wait – fraud charges are already filed against James Biden. And, Hunter Biden has until March 15th to get his deadbeat ass into an Arkansas court room or face contempt charges!
    That shows most of America what kind of crooked SOB’s the Biden’s are!

  44. I wouldnt waste a good AR 14 bullet on none of the Dumbocrats. But i hope Beto is the one that does the door knocks when they try and get my AR 15.

  45. What Joe has to offer is more debt more illegals like julio. And taken are freedom and rights as Americans. They want to kill babies and let illegals come here to take all we worked. I think Joe should just go to Mexico and stay there and take Nancy and her cronies with him. And are country will be great again. PS don’t forget to to take Julio with him.

  46. Poor Biden supporters are going to learn a hard lesson when the debates between President Trump and “Dementia Dem Joe Biden” start!

  47. Joe Biden’s don’t know his head from his tail he’s confused he’s a crook he can run his house how can gerund the White House Trump will win the Bible said he that bless Israel God will bless him that’s why the Democrat can get rid of Trump

  48. Joe Biden has senile dementia/Alzheimers and he’s the very last person who should become our next president, especially in this time with the Corona Virus spreading everywhere. Nancy Pelosi is the one who is pushing for Biden, and is telling major lies about Bernie Sanders. They did the same thing to Bernie in the 2016 election and gave the win to Hillary Clinton.

  49. Why are you on a e democrats voting for biden? He is clearly a demented. He was already a pedophile and briberous influence peddler. What the hell makes you think he could possibly be better then trump?

    You demo rats are really stupid people aren’t you

  50. Does anyone understand that anger is common in dementia and alzheimers? I saw this in my dad, and now my mom.

  51. If we think that jOE Biden has gone in mental rEGESSION up to now>>>>>>>>>>>> JUST WAUT for TRUMP to have his (BIDEN) SPINNING like a BALOOON LOSING AIR in the fIRST DEBATE >>>Preview coming at the one on one with CRAZY Bernie Can be Worse if TULSI gets allowed on that CIRCUS by the DNC !!!!

  52. He has some real problems this is some one you DON’T want in the white house. And don’t forget the scandal in Ukraine with him and his son and all the other family members that got rich when he was VP what do you think would happen if he was president.

  53. Thanks James. I try to make people think, but there are always those who are totally incapable of rational thought. There will always be those that will never understand that this isn’t about Trump or Biden, this is about our freedom, sovereignty and individual rights which if communism becomes the ruling factor, we will lose all and our once great nation will cease to exist. One good thing about it though – all the “free stuff” will completely dry up and the communist sycophants will suffer just like the rest of us. Even then, most of them will be too stupid to see the fallacy of their moronic “thinking”.

  54. There will still be many bite me Biden supporters no matter what the senile idiot spouts off. These supporters of communism are the ones that don’t believe in working for what they get, who want free everything, who believe society owes them everything, who believe what’s yours is theirs. These are indoctrinated morons that can’t read between the lines, know no history and believe that communism will usher in a utopian society of peace and security for all good little communist sycophants. These idiots are cowardly hoplophobes that are afraid of and offended by literally everything. Fortunately Americans with reasonable intelligence are waking up and beginning to see exactly where this type of “reasoning” will inevitably lead: To a collapsed economy, astronomical prices, poverty for the non “ruling” class and inevitably, death at the hands of a totalitarian “government”. But you can’t fix stupid and morons will always be morons.

  55. sea combo fuere su pendejo…I see Free Health Care & free paychecks hasn’t helped Laredo from being a worthless beaner…LOL…

  56. Iq minus 99 you and retard joe belong in a rest home. Right Julio? I’m sure that there would be room for you too.

  57. MY STY,

    How are things at your pig pen…mmmm…I mean home?

    It is like trolling for idiots here…good thing there is not a bag limit.

    I have a hard time making friends here so I misstated my IQ hoping to be more accepted. It should be IQ 99 percentile. An IQ of 156 is still in the 99th percentile. Correct? CORRECT!

  58. Biden SUPPORTER! Really? You got nothing but make up lies! Sorry you are uneducated on how the country run! Best you prove your point and show it to us! I know you can’t! Because you don’t know what you are talking about! Democrat has been doing this for years! Long before Trump became PRESIDENT! So you okay with giving an illegal immigration your Social security money? Free Health care they did not earn? Fool like you just love to lies and run their mouth! Just for your information pass over your payroll check to the first illegal you see. Then the us how it feels to lose your mind! Open border will drive the income down, guess you don’t know that? It will happen if Democrat get control. Because business will hired CHEAP LABOR! OR MOVE TO CHINA were these Democrat have INVEST in China economy. But not AMERICA economy! It your choice! LOSE your future by voting for Biden or Sander!

  59. IQ99, you’ve just proved that your pathetic IQ is fact. Not sure I’d boast it out loud in cyberspace if I were you.

  60. Unhinged horse’s ass would be IQ 00…Go open an Cracker Jack box, may find some brain cells & please share them with Old Corn POP before someone kicks his ass…

  61. Uncle Hoppy…kind of like ‘bait & switch’…that will put hitlary in the pilot’s seat, because they know she CAN’T run on her own & win. It was made EXTREMELY CLEAR THAT AMERICANS DIDN’T WANT HER TWICE BEFORE. Why do the dems think she is electable now??? She lost by such a HUGE margin just 3 & 1/2 years ago & has blamed EVERYONE BUT HERSELF…even her own party, I haven’t heard that the neighbor’s cat had anything to do with it… YET.
    But they’d have to ‘sneak’ her in tö win.

  62. How dare you! Joe Biden’s comment comes no where near to matching all the trash, derogatory comments and lies that spill forward out of Donald Trumps mouth. He says things that warrant his removal from office🤨. Now he wants to mess with the most vulnerable segment of society(the elderly and sick) by taking or reducing their benefits – Truly Evil👹. He’s the opposite of Robin Hood “Taking from the poor and giving to the rich” with the tax cuts he given to the wealthy while reducing or eliminating benefits for the elderly and sick. He may have half of the country on his side – but if you look at the big picture – according to the majority of surveys 70% of other countries disapprove or hate him – You could say that “He’s The Most Disliked or Hated Person In the World” That’s who we have running our country😡👎🏼😔.

  63. Even reading that BS makes me feel dumber. Trump and the great dumbing of America. Stay DUMB folks, your messiah trumpty dumpty likes you STUPID.

  64. I think what is far more scary than Joe Bidens behavior is that people are still supporting him at all both establishment and rank and file. Apparently there is a plan afoot to have whoever he picks as a Vice President be the real President in hopes that he will beat Trump which is highly unlikely. I can’t imagine voting for someone to be responsible for nuclear weapons with his temperament running out Country. The man obviously has a serious mental issue and he should be Red Flagged.

  65. I’m calling BS on this article. I saw the video and Biden’s campaign is not in trouble.
    Democrats don’t care about Biden swearing or his continuous lying, or his dementia.
    They will vote for Biden no matter what because this election is not Trump vs Biden, but Trump vs anti-Trump. Biden is a chronic liar and he would take guns away given the chance because he’s said it many times.

  66. I recognize the dementia qualities which Biden is displaying having gone thru the stages with my Mom’s illness.

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