Joe Biden’s campaign was thrown into turmoil by the last place he ever expected

Joe Biden’s White House bid is in crisis.

Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations are proving more credible by the day.

And now Joe Biden’s campaign was thrown into turmoil by the last place he ever expected.

Joe Biden’s skated by on Tara Reade’s credible allegations of sexual assault because no fake news reporter has asked him directly about Reade’s accusations.

But now that corroborating witnesses have stepped forward to back up Reade’s account the pressure is building.

The Amazon-owned Washington Post editorial board wrote a piece that only added fuel to the fire.

In the piece, the Post editorial board insisted Biden needed to address the allegations and the first thing Biden could do is authorize the release of his Senate papers, which are under lock and key at University of Delaware.

Reade said she filed a complaint and a search of these records could corroborate the account.

“One place to start is the records covering Mr. Biden’s 36-year Senate career, donated to the University of Delaware in 2012 and slated for release to the public two years after Mr. Biden ‘retires from public life.’ These could contain confirmation of any complaint Ms. Reade made, either through official congressional channels or to the three other employees she claims she informed not specifically of the alleged assault but more generally of harassment. They could also contain nothing of the sort. Insisting on an inventory doesn’t mean one believes Ms. Reade or doesn’t believe her. It signals only a desire for the public to know all that’s able to be known, which ought to be in everyone’s interest,” the Post wrote.

Finally, the Post noted that Biden himself needed to present his side of the story.

So far, Biden only denied Reade’s allegations through a spokeswoman.

“Another place to look is at the source: the candidate himself. Mr. Biden may have little to say besides what his campaign has already said — that he did not do this, and that this is not something he ever would do. Yet the way to signal he takes Ms. Reade’s case seriously, and the cases of women like her seriously, is to go before the media and the public ready to listen and to reply,” the Post added.

The Post’s editorial is a sure sign that Reade’s allegations have the serious potential to destroy Biden’s campaign.

Fake news reporters know how damaging this story can be for Biden and they want to try and nip it in the bud if they can and turn into a he said/she said affair.

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