Joe Biden’s jaw hit the floor when a Republican-led state made this shocking move

Joe Biden has completely botched everything as President.

Red states are being forced to clean up his mess.

And Joe Biden’s jaw hit the floor when a Republican-led state made this shocking move.

Joe Biden’s fanatical commitment to open borders has unleashed the worst illegal immigration catastrophe in the nation’s history.

On Biden’s first day in office, he shut down construction on the wall and rolled back President Trump’s successful border-security policies.

The result has been a disaster, with record levels of illegal aliens and deadly drugs like fentanyl flooding across the border.

Arizona’s border has been one of the hardest hit areas under Biden’s crisis.

Biden’s own Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security even admitted to Border Patrol agents in Yuma, Arizona that the situation may be the worst it’s ever been.

Now, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich made a game-changing announcement.

Brnovich issued a legal opinion that the Biden Border crisis constitutes an invasion under the U.S. Constitution.

According to Brnovich, an invasion isn’t limited to foreign countries, but can also include “hostile non-state actors” such as cartels and gangs.

“No State should be put in the position that Arizona and other border states have been put in through the federal government’s recent actions,” Brnovich began.

“The violence and lawlessness at the border caused by transnational cartels and gangs satisfies the definition of an ‘invasion’ under the U.S. Constitution, and Arizona therefore has the power to defend itself from this invasion under the Governor’s authority as Commander-in-Chief,” Brnovich continued.

“The on-the-ground violence and lawlessness at Arizona’s border caused by cartels and gangs is extensive, well-documented, and persistent. It can satisfy the definition of “actually invaded” and “invasion” under the U.S. Constitution,” he added.

By offering this legal opinion, it gives the ability for the Arizona Governor to authorize the state’s police and National Guard to deport illegal aliens back to Mexico.

Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey has used the National Guard for border security, but illegal aliens are currently turned over to federal authorities.

There’s no word whether or not he’ll act on Brnovich’s ruling.

With the Biden regime asleep at the wheel on the border, states are left to fend for themselves on border security.

States like Arizona and Texas have deployed its National Guard and state law enforcement to the border.

Republicans like Brnovich have been aggressively suing the regime to force them to enforce immigration law.

But as the crisis gets worse, Red states will have to get even more creative to defend their borders.

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