Joe Biden’s reaction to a massive defeat in court will leave you speechless

Americans could not believe what they were seeing.

The public is furious.

And Joe Biden’s reaction to a massive defeat in court will leave you speechless.

On Saturday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an emergency stay blocking Joe Biden’s unconstitutional federal vaccine mandate from going into effect.

Biden initially set a deadline of January 4 for companies with more than one hundred workers to comply with his authoritarian vaccine mandate.

But judges on the Fifth Circuit temporarily halted the tyrannical vaccine mandate.

That did not matter to Joe Biden.

The lawless rogue in the Oval Office sent word through his spokeswoman that Biden intended to ignore the court order and plow ahead with an illegal mandate.

“People should not wait,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated. “They should continue to move forward and make sure they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.”

So-called “journalists” in the corporate media spent four years falsely claiming Donald Trump destroyed American norms, undermined the rule of law, and threatened democracy.

Once again, it was the Democrats that were guilty of every authoritarian act they accused Trump of committing.

America exists as a democracy where the citizens exercise a system of self-government because of the rule of law and system of checks and balances laid out in the Constitution.

The judicial branch is a check on the executive and legislative branches of government.

When the courts have their say, the losing party agrees to abide by the decision.

If Joe Biden does not like the court’s ruling against his illegal vaccine mandate, he is free to press Congress to change the law.

But for America to exist as a functioning democracy and republican form of government, Biden needs to obey the law and follow the court’s decision.

If Joe Biden decides he can ignore lawful orders by judges, then America is now an autocracy ruled by a dictator.

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