Joe Biden’s response to the coronavirus left everyone asking one tough question

Likely Democrat Party nominee Joe Biden is pivoting to the General Election.

To that end, Biden is trying to draw a contrast with President Trump on responding to the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus.

But Joe Biden’s response to the coronavirus left everyone asking one tough question.

The latest liberal outrage at President Trump was the dustup over the President calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus.”

President Trump began referring to the virus as the “Chinese virus” after China began pushing a smear campaign that the United States military created the coronavirus.

Instead of defending the honor of the men and women in uniform Biden pushed Chinese communist government propaganda by smearing the President as a racist.

“Stop the xenophobic fear-mongering. Be honest. Take responsibility. Do your job,” Biden tweeted.

The Biden campaign planted their flag on this hill when top advisor Symone Sanders appeared on Fox News and in an interview with Martha MacCallum Sanders doubled-down on Biden’s tweet claiming the President used a “racial slur” when using the phrase “Chinese virus.”

“[I]f the Trump administration is getting the number of tests out that they said are going to get out, then that is amazing. But the reality is, we have not seen the tests that the Trump administration promised in the field and we have not seen those results yet. Now, results could be coming. […] And some of what he said today was good. But the reality is, he also stood at the podium and called the coronavirus, COVID-19, what I would suggest is a racial slur,” Sanders told MacCallum.

Joe Biden refusing to use the phrase “Chinese virus” brings back bad memories of Barack Obama declining to ever use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.”

And the lesson from the Obama Presidency was that if a President is unwilling to call an enemy by its proper name that President is unwilling to put in a place a strategy to defeat that enemy.

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  1. China is a evil empire. Dems are a bunch of truly evil traitors. ol Joe is a maybe useful idiot but will most likely be disposed of before too long by the evil dems. All I want to say is F china, F the dems, and be strong Americans, keep the faith that all will work out. MAGA

  2. I would have to say creepy sleepy Joe should keep his mouth shut before he makes a fool of himself. Oh sorry he’s already done that. Hey Joe you idiot it is the Chinese virus.

  3. Can any of the trolls on here tell us why they are voting for Biden or why they think Biden will make a good president, without mentioning Trump?
    Leave Trump out of it for a moment, and just tell us why you’re voting for Biden please!

  4. Biden is a puppet of the Chinese Communists. When Trump closed air travel from China old Joe said that was a over reaction and racist. God forbid if the Democratic Party and the mass media fool the people into making Biden president. By the way who would you want in a foxhole next to you, sleepy old Joe Or President Trump?

  5. Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every policy decision that has been made in Government since his first elected office position.
    REMEMBER Joe Biden was recorded, bragging of actually doing what President Trump only considered. QUID PRO QUO is amoral and illegal. Getting a foreign Prosecutor fired for investigating his son, WHILE Vice President. And he is running for the office of President. Only in America. I think he is making a fool of himself again, personally.

  6. Joe Biden is the modern day Forrest Gump. Mentally challenged, he regurgitates what his handlers write then, if challenged, comes out with the simplest answer. To say he has the brains of a pigeon is to insult pigeons.

  7. Obama was a such damn disaster he didn’t know how to be president I didn’t vote for the prick the damn asshole Obama the disaster should he in impeachment and put and be in jailed for not giving out his Information to run and joe Biden was a diaster also a democratic is such a damn of a disaster 50 50 democrates are going to for the disaster prick he no choice of winning the republicans are going kick ass and trump is going to win I can’t wait to see the sadness of the democrates ur going down damnocrates

  8. Everything Biden said he would do was ALREADY DONE BY PRESIDENT TRUMP. He didn’t propose anything different. He would know how to react to this if the cure bit him in his ass!! Say good night Joe. We don’t want you trying to run anything.

  9. Joe, is the last person we need to be our president. He will not respect or acknowledge our military or first responders. He does not understand how closing the borders, stopped the virus from coming in. When he sends out a tweet he does not have an original thought, but a copy from someone’s earlier tweet. He is continuing to complain about Trump calling the Chinese virus, where this is the point of origin. This petty complaint in the mist of the virus continuing to spread. By the way Hunter is still a member of the board in China.

  10. here’s a different approach to the Covid virus
    Wuhan is the home of CHina’s premir bio-warfare lab. They created this monster with the intent of sewing it in the west. Well, it got away from them and it’s killing more chinese than any one else.
    No proof here, just simple math and my opinion.

  11. Do not try to use this problem as a way to take away legally owned guns (weapons) Joe that would cause a revolt you do not want.

  12. What Joe actually meant was “I’ll solve the Coriander virus by confiscating all the guns in the country except shotguns. I have two, and that’s enough for the whole country. Umm, what country is this?”

  13. Chinese Virus came from China! Its the appropriate name. Not Racist!! What if we say Mexican Restaurant or Indian Restaurant ? Is that Racist too??!! COME ON!! Stupid libs trying to throw trash at President Trump. Get Real and Help our country get through this by staying home and keeping your mouth taped shut. Libs are only trying to cause more trouble and blame on our great President.

  14. Many democrats are clueless wonders and have no great love for this country. Is Lyme disease racist also? These infections are identified by their places of origin. China is not a race it is a country. Where the heck do these democrats find their representatives? It appears they find them under rocks.

  15. The trying his best let him do his job,,! He should stay the U S P:,,! He is doing his best…Better than Obama n crazy j bien did! We need to stick together and over come this Coronavirus! Thank God for 😛 Trump:!

  16. If everyone just would listen to the president and staff it will stop the spread of the cornavirus. Right now it doesn’t matter if you like are president or not he is are leader and in command. So stop acting like ass####”# and listen to Trump and staff and we will stop spreading it to everyone. Thing about this if you get it and you mother,father,grandparents, aunts and uncles that are other could die. If you don’t care then leave our country you don’t belong here.

  17. Joe Biden is so stupid its not even worth the minute it takes to say something about him……..he does not exist

  18. In 2010, President Obama lost his Dem majority in the House partly due to his lackadaisical response to the H1N1 pandemic. In 2014, President Obama lost the Dem majority in the Senate due to his lackadaisical response to the Ebola epidemic by allowing everyone willy nilly into the United States with the Ebola virus. Who knew that north Texas had a number of Liberians living there? Now, we have Bite Me Biden wants to emulate his MASTER, President Obola!

  19. Robert, let’s do the math guy…..The Chinese hid the facts, lied about them, jailed the doctors and killed the whistle blowers about the seriousness of the breakout. Then the head of the World Health Org. made an announcement on January 14, 2020 that it was not a big deal. Trump didn’t believe them, and on January 31, 2020 he shut down all incoming from China, South Korea, Singapore et al. So where do you get the math statement from. People lie you have no brains whatsoever, just hate.

  20. Please read this as far as leadership is concerned keep our president Donald Trump president 4 more years he truly represents America and its future sleepy joe and crazy Bernie have no vision or morals. No leadership to lead this Nation under God with liberty and justice for including those in a mothers womb created by are Creator that is why also we need to reclaim the house and keep the Senate as well from falling into Democrats hands who only want power greed and total control over you and me and every American the Democrats are not pro life pro God pro American in what this nation stands for from sea to shining sea

  21. Well seems I can’t post comments on this site, I guess I should change my name to Julio so I can post my views. Didn’t think this was a fake media site guess I’m wrong.

  22. COVID-19 has similar components as SARS, also a Communist Chinese origin. I never have trusted Communists and never will.

  23. Joe Biden is the biggest hypocrite in politics when he mocked the President for calling this pandemic “Chinese Flu.” But V.P. Biden called it “Hong Kong Flu” in 1968 on the floor of the Senate as 4 million people died…I would bet he called it “Asian Flu” in 1957, too, when over 2 million died? The senile asshole keeps forgetting there is video footage of his “Hoof & Mouth” disease, or are all the Democrats pretending the “Emperor has no clothes”?

  24. OK. Let’s do the math. The Chinese irresponsibly hid the truth about Covid19 for about 2 months and did not act responsibly . Trump irresponsibly hid the truth about Covid19 for about 2 months and did not, and continues to not, act responsibly. Therefore, should we be calling Covid 19 the Chinese-Trump virus? Hmm. Just a thought.

  25. The Democrats are DONE! No solutions only gripes, whining and off the wall ridicule. Go infect or start your own country and get out of our way. Freedom loving people do not want or need you; “Get It!”.

  26. Julio Richard Laredo
    Since you seem to find it appropriate
    to trash our President and spew your lies
    and anti American rhetoric..I am sure
    you will refuse your stimulus check..
    Or perhaps you aren’t qualified to get
    .hang in there…the DemonRATS will give
    you some of that government cheese.
    You want to be an American???Demand that
    Joe Biden is tested for his mental decline
    before he is allowed to campaign one more

  27. Maybe we should start referring to the 1918 virus as Hispanic so we won’t offend the Spain by calling it the Spanish Flu. You OK with that Julio?

  28. Joe is probably being financed by the Chinese? Why else would he protect them rhetorically?

  29. Biden and his son are in bed with China.
    Americans please DEMAND that Joe Biden’s
    mental decline be investigated before he
    is allowed to campaign one more day.
    He is not capable of leading our country.
    The DemonRATS know this yet shield him
    from accountability.
    I believe the VP candidate will be chosen
    and in essence will become the President
    once Biden is forced to step down.
    This is nothing short of collusion and
    an attempt to rig the Presidential election.
    This is no longer a matter of party
    affiliation. It is a matter of being an American..and putting America and Americans
    first….BEFORE ILLEGALS….

  30. You can’t defeat an enemy without calling them by name. China is our enemy and has unleashed this virus on the world. President Trump is the only one that has the courage to call them out. He will deal with the lives and safety of Americans first then China will feel his anger and our strength.

  31. The God Damned Democrats bought and paid for this virus through Hunter Biden and George Soros.Now it’s all their’s.


  33. Oh, yeah, Biden is protecting China because his Son, Hunter Biden was making millions of dollars with China too………….as was his father, the decrepid old white haired man BIDEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It all fits…………if he speaks out against China in any way, his money would stop. Just like many others in the Democratic Party….their pockets are full of communist money.

  34. I remember when Biden first got in the race that we had to be tough on China. Because it is working with President Trump so he tried to jump on the bandwagon. He and the Obama administration did nothing to china and they just kept raping our economy. Well this is who he is a man with no gonads. China doesn’t care about it’s people or anybody else this is why the China Virus has spend around the world.

  35. This is exactly the same as Obama never referring to muslim terrorism as Islamic terrorism or radical Islamic terrorism.
    Obama refused to call it like it is. Biden is doing the same thing now with the Chinese virus.

  36. Everything is a racial slur with these idiots. Zipperhead Bio-Flu… McArthur said we would have this problem with China and new how to correct it, but like my dad use to say after he returned from the Korean War we’ve became a country of political pussies…

  37. Just a suggestion, Mr. President, please stay in front of all Americans in this time of crisis. What ever it takes, Radio, Television, Twitter. It dosen’t matter. Keep up the good work. Keep showing America you’re with us. God Bless.

  38. Does that mean the West Nile virus is/was racial slur to the people living along the Nile? People like Biden need a head adjustment with a big round adjuster. Oh and I would hope Biden wants to take me out behind the barn.

  39. Hey julio richard laredo, I am going to guess based on your comment that your IQ is below 5, so I’ll type R e a l l y S l O W. NO on knew just how bad this VIRUS was because we didn’t have access to it, it was all still in China, you know that really big country in Asia. We still don’t know that much about it but the Dr’s are learning as they go. NO Trump doesn’t have a Magic Wand like Obama thought he did. Trump and the rest of the people with some knowledge about this kind of stuff are working hard on trying to find a cure for it. m

  40. In the mid 1300s, the population of Europe was practically wiped out by the bubonic place. Where did the plague start?
    In the 1500s, Eurpope faced the “black death.” Again, millions of people died. Where did the black death start?
    In 1916, the Spanish flu was a world-wide pandemic, killing millions of people. It was CALLED the Spanish flu, but it originated somewhere else. Where did it originate?
    In 2003, a virus called “SARS” killed thousands of people. Where did SARS come from?
    In 2019, a virus originated in Wuhan, China. It is a new, or “novel” virus. It is in the family of Corona viruses, so named because it looks like a crown in cross section. Think. the Ebola virus was named after the river in Africa where it was first found. The German measles started in Germany. So what should this new virus be called?
    Yes, it is a tough question. Here is an idea: Why not name it the Wuhan Chinese virus?

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