Joe Biden’s scheme to defeat Ron DeSantis just backfired in this major way

Joe Biden and the Democrats view Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a major 2024 threat.

Biden put the plan in motion to try and stop DeSantis.

But Joe Biden’s scheme to defeat Ron DeSantis just backfired in this major way.

Hurricane Ian barreled at Florida, ready to hit the west coast of the state with a devastating impact.

Ian reached Category Four status with winds of up to 155 miles per hour.

But in the run up to the storm hitting Florida, Joe Biden curiously refused to call Governor Ron DeSantis.

Biden appeared to be setting a trap.

By not communicating with DeSantis, Biden laid the ground for the press to smear him as incompetent if anything in the response went wrong just like the press did to President Bush after Hurricane Katrina.

That plan backfired, as it instantly became clear that Biden acted partisan and petty in a political attempt to hurt a potential 2024 rival.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced Biden called DeSantis ahead of the storm.

That night on Sean Hannity’s program, DeSantis addressed the call with Biden and took the high road.

“You had a conversation with the President today,” Hannity began. “Earlier in the day, there had been talk that the President spoke with mayors but not you. But apparently, the President reached out to you tonight. Can you tell us about that conversation and – in the aftermath of the storm – what support Floridians can expect from the federal government?”

DeSantis explained that natural disasters were no place for partisan politics and that he would gladly work with the administration on recovery from the massive storm.

“Well, Sean, what I said today is my phone line is open when people’s lives and their property are at risk like this,” DeSantis stated. “We all need to work together regardless of Party lines. The Biden administration has approved our request for a pre-landfall declaration and did that very quickly. So we’re thankful for that.”
“There’s going to be more requests, particularly for individual assistance, for Floridians that may have been displaced,” DeSantis concluded. “And it’s my sense that the administration wants to help. I think he realizes that this is a really significant storm and there’s a lot of people that – we’re working with the locals. We work very well with them. Of course, at the state level, but we really need everyone working together to make sure people have their needs tended to.”

Many Americans were appalled by the fact that Biden schemed to use a devastating storm to try and kneecap a potential Republican Presidential candidate.

It was so obvious and so low that not even Biden’s enablers in the media could cover up for it and the President was forced to retreat.

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