Joe Biden’s top ally made a shocking admission about elections

President Trump is refusing to concede the 2020 elections while his campaign files lawsuits in a number of states.

Meanwhile the Fake News Media claims there is no such thing as voter fraud in America.

But Joe Biden’s top ally made a shocking admission about elections.

As part of Joe Biden’s effort to claim the mantle of President-elect, Biden is carrying on as if he is President.

Biden tapped long time aide Ron Klain as his chief of staff.

Klain previously served as Biden’s chief of staff when Biden served as Vice President and also as the Obama administration’s Ebola Czar during the Obama administration’s much criticized response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

Accused sexual predator Kevin Spacey also portrayed Klain in the HBO movie Recount, which centered on Klain’s role in trying to steal the Presidency from George W. Bush back in the 2000 Presidential election.

After Biden named Klain as his chief of staff, attention quickly focused on a 2014 tweet from Klain responding to a story in Vox explaining that 68 percent of Americans think elections are rigged.

Klain responded “That’s because they are.”

There was no other context or follow-up Tweet by Klain claiming he was joking.

Klain’s Tweet drew scrutiny because Fake News Media reporters claimed Donald Trump attacked democracy by claiming elections were rigged.

A member of Biden’s press team named Bill Russo even accused Facebook of “shredding the fabric of our democracy” for not censoring posts showing video of alleged voter fraud.

But Biden’s top aide readily admitted on social media that all elections are rigged.

That led many to wonder if Klain thought all elections were rigged, did he also believe the 2020 election was rigged?

If Biden’s chief of staff believes all elections are rigged, then why are Democrats protesting Donald Trump’s effort to make sure every legal vote counts?

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