Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal went from bad to worse because of this jaw-dropping announcement

Democrats and the Fake News Media spent weeks trying to cover up the growing scandal surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden’s shady dealings in Ukraine.

Those efforts failed in spectacular fashion.

And Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal went from bad to worse because of this jaw-dropping announcement.

Joe Biden and his Presidential campaign desperately tried to censor any news about Hunter Biden’s shady $50,000 payment from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma while his father served as Vice President for Barack Obama.

The Biden campaign failed to force Facebook to censor a Trump campaign ad about the subject, and they threatened his Democrat rivals not to bring up the subject during Tuesday’s Presidential debate.

But one Democrat didn’t pay the Biden campaign’s warnings any mind.

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard blasted Biden during an interview on TheHill.TV’s “The Rising.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Biden has come under fire over allegations that he pressured Ukrainian officials to fire its top prosecutor who was looking into a Ukrainian gas company that Biden’s son Hunter Biden sat on the board of. The Hill’s Krystal Ball asked the Hawaii representative if she would allow the vice president’s son to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company if she were president, and the presidential candidate suggested she would not allow this.

“I think that would be a poor decision to make,” Gabbard said.

Co-host Saagar Enjeti also noted Friday that many Democratic presidential candidates “have been very reluctant to call this out as evidence of corruption” and asked Gabbard if the allegations against Joe Biden indicate corruption. (RELATED: Ukraine’s Top Prosecutor Says He Will Review Case Linked To Hunter Biden)
“I think the perception is certainly a concern,” Gabbard said. “I think we have to look at how we can root out the corruption of the abuse of power and influence within our government, and I think that there’s a lot of examples of it.”

Gabbard is scheduled to appear at the debate on Tuesday, but she is considering boycotting the event because the Fake News Media and the Democrat Party are trying to rig the primary.

Should she attend, her swipe at Joe and Hunter Biden’s moral compass will surely be a topic of discussion.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Let me see IF I got this right….Trump asks the Ukrainian president to look into the Ukrainian involvement in the 2016 election (Russian Collusion Scandal that the democrats/Muleface have been investigating for over 2 1/2 years at taxpayer’s expense “to get to the bottom of this”) and is accused of “treason” by trying to affect the outcome the 2020 election…ALL the while Joe Biden is on tape threatening the president to fire the investigator looking into his son’s gas company by cutting off his 1 billion dollar aid….IS that not the SAME crime????

    • Yes- Biden. Obama, & the Clintons – the democrats – are the real, original collusionists. Donald Trump is the real, original whistle blower, and the demoncraps are aptly nick-named. Its up to the people to get us out of this – yet another leftist mess. Any questions?

  2. I’ve lived with this quote posted in my home for 38+ years. I find it fits the dems/libs very well and could possibly get them cured of TDS.

    “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” – Herbert Spencer

    • Well Sandra, it took me a while, but actually, my suspicions began in Vietnam in the 60’s. It just got to the point where I have been convinced, EVERY POLITICIAN IS CROOKED ! It’s just that the ones who we think are not – they just haven’t been caught yet. Let the traitor jew soreass show up tho and THEY’LL ALL hold their pockets open wide! ????????????????????????????

    • Actually Sandra, that is a good quote but clearly more applicable to Trump supporters – – to have contempt having not investigated the legions of research on climate change; to have contempt for higher education even when they did not go; to have contempt for polling research when numerous polls say the same thing.

      To cure that, we should for example support the investigations of both the Bidens and Trump’s people (Barr, Pompeo, Giuliani) and Trump and whomever is guilty as shown beyond a reasonable doubt, that person or persons should be sent to prison for serious crimes. Perhaps even in the same cell. That’s fair — – don’t you agree?

      • I do support the investigation of Trumps people, Barr, Pompeo and Giuliani and whoever else and i’m a conservative. You know the one way to the right of Republicans and one that McCain and Bush’s were never let of. Now, back to Thomas G and whoever else has this lack of thinking all situations through. Thomas G, if Biden and Biden Jr did do this corruption and it was found now, how do you approach investigating it? Who asks for approval to investigate? The State Dept? Do you ask A stranger to investigate? How about an angel? My sarcastic point i’m trying to make is that the Democrats have no argument when the people who are the only authority to investigate are investigating it. Barr, Pompeo and Giuliani. Who do we send, illegals who just crossed the border. The FBI? Sure since they ha e no authority. It’s a double tongue smokescreen and most Americans are to stupid to catch on. If not those men and the President directing it then no one else has the authority especially in Ukraine. They can commit no crime and if suggested we America have no jurisdiction there anyway. But Biden convicted by the court of public opinion is about all he can get which is harsh enough. You can’t believe some of the angels that stories can be spun. You have to look through the bullshit.

        • Total nonsense Roger. The info coming out now from the National Security Council and Judicial Watch concerning the Ukraine Affair shows that that you are not as informed as you thought you were. Some collusion is real but it was democrats doing it. Trump was actually the original whistle blower but now he is being assailed for it. Nothing he said or did is illegal testifies the senior director of the our National Security Council – Tim Morrison. Trump is the real victim here, and we must not let that happen.

      • Wrong Thomas.
        We have contempt for weak arguments, flawed chemistry and altered data being used to ‘convince’ us of something

        • Exactly Tracker , remember Al Gore said , we all need to start riding bicycles , right Al , as you flying around jet setting , getting massages hahaha , may I add at the tax payers expence , yeah Al tell us about this massage deal bro , heated pools in his houses . You liberals are full of Bull Crap , climate change my ass . Now about that massage Al and by the way Al , are you riding a bicycle yet ? That’s exactly what we thought , No your not and that makes you a liar and a cheat , along with the rest of the liberal SIMPLETONS !!

      • Absolutely not – Yes we investigete the info on the so-called ‘climate crisis’. But we also do something you evidently don’t do, which is investigate the evidence from hundreds of brilliant scientists who reject the theory for good reason. Its just another global government initiative son. Get away from there.

    • And look at all the contempt that gets churned out here. Name calling, “get over Hilary losing” (so outdated), etc., etc…just angry ranting. Very little verified information is given. Only opinions showing one’s prejudice to the point of conspiracies by some. Sad! As the Pied Piper, with his daily accusing others of his own “sins” as he leads this country over the edge.

      • Uropinion, Hey “racist”, that was quite a list of bad accusations you typed out there. Would take a terribly flawed individual to commit these heinous things so……why don’t you stop writing and doing these terrible things?
        You can be a part of the solution instead a part of the problem, Right?

      • “Just angry ranting”? – well what about you? Hillary keeps calling her political opponents in the US “Russian Assets” If she can’t get over it, how can we? She has to find a Russian answer to her political defeat, so the inevitable reply becomes – get over it, you lost, period.

      • Lets talk about how democrats have physically assaulted Trump supporters. The kid that had a drink poured on his head, republicans being chased out of restaurants, refused service, some liberal activist beating a drum in DC and the fake news reports the kid started it. Maxine Waters telling people from the start to “get up on people” in grocery stores etc., ANTIFA liberals beating up a gay conservative reporter. So you need not look to far when being a hypocrite.

        • Crystal Bradford, That was very good, you just wrote the facts and truth, thank you!
          Pssssst, I heard Democrats can’t handle the truth……just saying!

  3. Forget for a moment any individual… I’d simply like an investigation into a number of politicians in both parties to see how they made millions while holding a job that simply doesn’t provide that type of income. That, and that alone, would begin clearing the swamp (that includes career politicians of both parties)… and once the first dozen or so have been exposed, begin investigations of another dozen… and on and on, until the general public beings to understand how we’ve all been scammed.

  4. We, the “PEOPLE” both Republicans, Independents, and Democrats “HAVE” to re-elect Trump and put control of Senat and House in the REPUBLICAN control. Just IMAGINE how much FURTHER we would be TODAY, if we had a WORKING HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES!

      • No, they are too busy LAUGHING!! All the evidence coming out day by day on Trump makes it clear they plotted this crime, axed officials who might stand in their way, and deliberately used pressure (admitted by Mulvaney) to give Trump what he wants for his personal use. Have you seen the numbers in regards to how many Democrats, how many Independents, women, minorities, young people strongly disapprove of Trump?!?!

        You see, it was one thing in 2016 when people knew little about Trump’s track record since he had never been in office. But Trump now is becoming more known, and as such, more STRONGLY DISLIKED. The guy would need a pork chop hung around his neck to even get a friendly dog to play with him . . . . he is a sleezebag.

        • Sure, Roger, other them a few million ex-Democrats, minorities that have joined #walkaway and Blexit the majority of independents that support him, etc.
          Actually, I think Trump should thank Pelosi and the ‘squad’ for all of their hard work to assure his reelection, they have done him more good than the campaign ads.

        • Sure there are many people who do not like Trump. Have you watched Trumps rallies? 24,000 inside 25,000 outside. There is not one boring, lying democrat that get even get half that.
          You call Trump a sleezebag?Who were the Clinton’s friends? Jeffery Epstien pedophile, Harvey Weinstein serial sexual assaulter, Ed Buck gay donor and now murderer, Bill Clinton himself is a rapist and how many people have been murdered by the Clinton’s before they were to testify against them. It is quite staggering the numbers. Wait till the crimes against children that the FBI documented about Hillary comes out. The same FBI that wanted her to win.

  5. I say Geriatric Joe and that brain dead son of his need 2B investigated!!
    It’s time these DC. Scumbags were held accountable 4 their thievery at the expense of the American people!!!!
    It’s way past time 2 drain the SWAMP!!!!????????????????????????

  6. PROJECTION. You don’t know squat about history. You are the same spineless puke that called a Vietnam Vet a traitor, yet you want our troops in other countries fighting their wars. Go volunteer at a VA hospital and look at what OUR soldiers have had to endure fighting for the freedoms of others in countries that have fought for centuries!!!!! You are a low life POS that should never open your stupid ignorant mouth about ANYTHING!

    • That Vietnam vet was a traitor. Just ask his fellow POWs, that didnt get to live inside with him. Mcshitstain is an embarrassment to the country. Ask the 200 plus soldiers on deck when he jokingly did a hot start of his jet, and burnt them to a crisp. And worse, you scumbags hated Mcshitstain until he went after Trump, the greatest President ever seen. He will be re elected, and you will be screaming at the sky. But this time, we will be in charge of every branch. And the indictments will be thick. We will clean the country of commies like you, and MAGA. That’s why your hero’s want to get rid of Rikers. They think if they get rid of them all, we wont prosecute all of the traitors. But I hear Gitm holds a lot of scum. So be prepared, cuz its coming. PS. Like my screen name?

  7. Now it seems that Chelsea Clinton has positions on the boards of major corporations of which she certainly is not qualified to hold.

    • Anyone that believes that a child that graduates high school, the college, is intelligent and experienced enough to hold a management position on the board of a company, is less intelligent than their kid. Most have never even worked at a job. They don’t have a clue about working, don’t know anything about the company. I watched these “Degree holders” operate during the “Chrysler Bailout”. They fired anyone over age 55 that was salaried. Then let much of middle management go. When they were done there stood the hourly workers, with no manager to tell them what to do. Executives had no experience operating daily functions. Look at Chrysler now, With only a handful of factories left. Hamtramck,MI, Warren, MI, Jeep plant in Toledo, Ohio. Much of their assembly is done in Saltillo, Mexico. All vans and the 300 in Ontario, Canada.

      • Owned by Fiat, nothing more need be said about the competence of their top management, Fiat/Chrysler/Renault is already in the grave just waiting on the dirt being thrown in.

        • Your statement is also true of the three major news media companies. During the mid 60’s CBS, NBS and ABC were all independent news organizations. They stood as independent operations, media empires in their own right. Now they have to be a part of some Media conglomerate to make payroll and keep as a “going concern”. So your statement shows the weakness of young elitist offspring of the ruling class for actual managing talent.

        • “40-some odd years ago” Trump was over 30 years old, dim-wit. Pampered”? He is in fact an exceptionally talented American entrepreneur, worth billions. Want to try that big mouth? No – then shut up!

          • ganavar, Alright! You were all over Jack in you reply to him! 🙂

            As far as DJT being a pampered child, as a child his dad put him to work doing nasty grunge labor. He worked the absolute worst jobs on the job sites. So, a pampered child, President Trump doesn’t qualify for!

      • Are you talking about QUID PRO JOE, (who is a russian and communist chinese asset) or Chelsea Clinton who is wealthy due to the illegal graft by her “parents”??

    • The whole damned Democrat National Committee Party is rotten to the core. Joe Biden and his ‘cocaine-snorting’ son Hunter (yes, he was once stopped for speeding and erratic driving; he was as high as a summer kite) on his way to Las Vegas from LA. The highway cops found a large sum of money, crack and ‘ganja’-smoking bongs, and other suspicious items in his car. But he was given a pass because of his ‘name’ and relation to his crypto-racist, crooked,idiotic, condescending father Joe Biden (this sick dude is also a sex-perv always coppin’ a feel around women). Who in hell would vote for this corrupt, racist, demented old fool? Does anyone remember ‘stupid’ Joe denigrating black folks at an NAACP Convention by saying: “dey ‘gone’ put you in chains!”…meaning Mr. Trump and the Republican party during the 2016 campaign for the presidency? That demented, corrupt, phony Hillary did the same at a black church! When will Blacks, Latinos and Asians realize the racist Democrat Party uses them, including women, to stay in power?! The Democrats fought Abe Lincoln and his Republicans to keep the black folks enslaved; that’s why Abe Lincoln was by Boothe in that DC theatre! If our children learned, at an early age, about the real American history the Democrats would never be in power again! In fact, LBJ promised his ‘anti-civil rights Democrats’ that if they helped him enact the Civil Rights Act, he would have the “n….as voting Democrat for the next fifty years.” And what happened? Exactly as the racist LBJ said. They built ‘housing projects’ in the northern cities to entice the blacks to leave their farms and homes in the south and go north for subsidized housing, welfare, and food stamps; and the Democrats housed them in those horrible prison-like multi-floor buildings to prime the future generations of Black and Latino children for jail! Yes, the racist Democrats transformed the prisons ‘system’ into a profitable industrial complex fed by the cheap labor provided by the incarcerated Blacks and Latinos; and Whites as well! And the courts boosted the number of ‘public defenders’ (often very incompetent lawyers) assigned to defend economically-deprived prisoners! American jails are not about rehabilitation, they are labor camps! Put the Democrats out of business!

      • In the summer time of leave a puddle of dragnet water you bride and mosquitos and they spread germs.This what the democrats do with the poor minorities put them in projects, where brief where it bites crime.These poor people have a poor chance in succeeding in life.The policy of the democrats put them in a high rise give them a check and forget about them. That is a quote from the first Gov.Cuomo peace to his soul.

      • A very good statement. Americans need to know about the Bidens, the Clinton’s, Obama, and the Ukraine. It turns out that Trump was merely the Whistle blower concerning grand collusion by the demonic rats, and is now being fingered for wrong-doing by some registered democrat whistle-blower. They should make a movie.

  8. Why is it it is just fine for the children of members of the Democratic party to use their parents political clout to get high positions with corporations and certainly inappropriately have positions on the boards of foreign corporations where if it was a close family member of a member of the Republican party being granted special favors and having their politician parent, uncle, or aunt abusing their authority the Communist party and their mouthpiece purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing LSM commentators would be condemning them.

    • Republican families control corporations so their families, and elected members’ families have far more members in corporate power, and board, read about the truth some day Vandertie, you sound smart enough to be able read past grade school.

      • Any company that puts the kids of politicians in a board position is doomed.
        I’ve yet to meet a college grad that had “Work Experience” or knew anything about the company I worked at. They are usually not punctual, late arriving, early to leave. Lunch? They expect to be “At the restaurant” by noon, and home at five. Spend more time on their phone than working. You can have them, I don’t want them.

    • I heard an interesting quip on Patriot radio the other day: “The Trump family earned their money well before getting into politics. The Biden’s earned their millions after getting into politics.” The Biden’s certainly didn’t earn their fortune by being savvy business people. Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM!

      • Not really. All these sheeple care about, is how much free stuff dey bee gittin. Longs as dem freebies keep on comin, we is gonna be dair.

    • That’s right. And that’s why we Republicans want to “Drain the Swamp”. And that’s why the demoncraps are so unhinged – for they are the swamp creatures who live there. “WE WANT OUR FREE STUFF NOW!”, they chant. Its the democrat way. There’s really been no other since they were slavers.

  9. Only if I have the time and interest and above all the Thesurus you fools are using- yes you Joe and Ms.Gabbard just speak in terms that all people understand . If you want to tell the whole truth then just spit it out!

    • Rosie’s they cant tell the truth. They would end up in jail. There are a lot of multi millionaire Congress people, but they do not make that much of a salary. You are all on the take working for big companies and biionaires.

      • Have you forgotten that Obama & Hillary were training, funding & arming the rebel terrorists who morphed into ISIS or ISIL? After they morphed into ISIS there is a video of Obama stating they had ramped up training more rebel terrorists & also adter they morphed they were still airdropping supplies & weapons to ISIS, but cried accidental poor aiming when called out. Think funding those terrorist & still visiting them into 2019 was one of the things no name was convicted for, along with treason & human trafficking!

        • You are filled with conspiracy theories Wonderless Woman, you probably think that Sandy Hook didn’t occur. Almost all these mass murderers are right wingers like you. Some have been wearing MAGGOT hats

          • Time for trolls to go find a liberal site. With obvious corruption on Biden’s actions you want to sweep that under the carpet. The lump under that carpet is beginning to look like Mt. Everest

          • Why don’t you research and look at the political affiliations of these shooters, most are democrats. If you would quit watching propaganda news you would not be so pathetically ignorant. You are the perfect example of a useful idiot, look that up troll. It amazes me how stupid most democrats are!

          • Marlene and Crystal are two more brainwashed and/or evil liars. From Tim McVeigh and Nichols, Oklahoma City bombers that killed over 260 people and injured even more, the abortion bombers, the church and mosque buildings, the school shootings are all crazed right wingers, and for them not to know that shows the brainwashing Trump and Fox New and Limbaugh have wreaked on the weak minds of the United States.

          • Racist, you are a perfect example of what your own queen, Hillary, said in an interview not that long ago.
            “Most Democrats are stupid, and easily led. That’s the easy part.”

          • Will Triebel, Dems are such predictable creatures/vermin! One thing you can count on, they can’t construct and put two sentences together without lying! Example, that troll “racist” named Racists for Trump stated some mass shooters wore MAGA hats which, is a boldface lie! Never happened, racist lied again!

        • Wonder woman true..racists for Trump your name is just ignorant in itself, conspiracy theories?? Ha how about all your collusion delusions?????????? And all they do is bring out more dirt on a dirty Demokkkrat????????????

          • And NOT one wore a MAGA hat, that was Jussie Smollett’s paid hit guys because he is another lying hypocrite democrat.

  10. My, my – here is the ranting of democrats and the media about withdrawing a few hundred US troops from Syria, yet I would hazard a guess the majority do not know the boundaries of the nation of Syria.Or that the Kurds have been conducting terrorism against Turkey for a hundred years.
    The US has been fighting and sadly killed in fighting Alqaeda and ISIS/ISIL in the middle east, but here is Israel has been paying and arming Alqaeda +ISIS fighters to fight against the gov’t of Syria!

    • Don’t make excuses for Trump’s bribes. He is bed with all the dictators of the world who shower him with money, you cannot believe that bullshit forever.

      • Why don’t you research and look at the political affiliations of these shooters, most are democrats. If you would quit watching propaganda news you would not be so pathetically ignorant. You are the perfect example of a useful idiot, look that up troll. It amazes me how stupid most democrats are!

        • Crystal, your lying and ignorance are disgraceful, I read far more than you, are more educated than you, and have more common sense than you, You are just another white trash Trump idolizer, the type that thinks Trump is god-like and he is truly satanic.

          • How do you know I’m white? You have no idea about anything, you prove to be as stupid as thinking you know about me as politics, history, civics, economics, etc. Pathetic and pitiful to be you.

          • Rosario Cosentino, “Racist” is all that you accuse it of but mostly, it is just a big fat liar and a legend in its own mind!

        • Racist you are the stupid one you are dedicated to stupidity you call the president United States a criminal but yet they can’t get anything on him lmao???????????????? all it does is shine the spotlight on another dirty Demokkkrat ???????? ???????? ???? pop your popcorn the show will begin shortly

          • Poor degenerate imbecile Racist calls me white trash and the bigot NAZI has no idea what I am. Typical low IQ statement from a punk teenager. If he isn’t a teenager he really is a pathetic troll that has no life outside of trolling because he has no friends of any kind and thinks he is a big shot because he hides behind a computer. Claims he is so smart but makes baseless ridiculous ludicrous statements.

      • Racist for Trump , go pack sand you fool . Soros must have you bent over a stump , pumping you full of nazisum . The only bull shit here , is what’s coming out of your mouth each n everyday . Racist for Soros , not for Trump , that’s ur new handle you Nazis simpleton !!

        • Soros has no power penniless, the Koch brothers alone have much more and so do all the oil companies and other large corporations, you are dimmer than a dead light bulb.

          • Where in your befuddled mind did you get the idea that Soros was penniless? Try looking up his net worth.

          • You are totally stupid at this point Racist. Your comments are so profoundly insane. This is from liberal GOOGLE:
            George Soros
            DescriptionGeorge Soros, Hon FBA is a Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist. As of February 2018, he had a net worth of $8 billion, having donated more than $32 billion to his philanthropic agency, Open Society Foundations. Wikipedia
            Born: August 12, 1930 (age 89 years), Budapest, Hungary
            Citizenship: Hungary, United States
            Net worth: 8.3 billion USD (2019)
            Spouse: Tamiko Bolton (m. 2013), Susan Weber (m. 1983–2005), Annaliese Witschak (m. 1960–1983)
            Children: Alexander Soros, Jonathan Soros, Andrea Soros, Robert Soros, Gregory Sorosse.

          • Rosario Cosentino, Old “racist” troll lied twice in that one teeny tiny comment. It said Soros was broke, which you already corrected. Lie #2, it referred to the Koch brothers, one of the Koch brothers has expired.
            Show me a Dem troll and I will show you a vermin not capable of writing a comment with accuracy and fact based information!

      • And still, we are gonna vote him in again. Then, when we get the rule changed, well vote him for a third and fourth term. Then his son, the Don jr.. son, and so on. King Trump…let’s call it the Trumpian Dynasty. Dont that sound great. Then, well kick out every single illegal alien, except the ones we need to clean toilets. Of course. And a few of the good looking senioritas. Mmm. Ya. That’s gonna be fun times. Well have a crocodile and piranha infested river on the south border, and a betting parlor to bet on how many kills per day the crocs get. We cant wait. And best part, we get all these ideas from you idiots. So please, keep them coming.

  11. Fine, go look into the Bidens. But, while Trump is lying and saying “there was no quid quo pro,” (and there did not need to be, since the law says all you have to do is to ask or solicit campaign help from a foreign entity), here is what his chief of staff admitted today: “Mulvaney brashly admits quid pro quo over Ukraine aid as key details emerge. 10/17/19. White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney made a stunning admission Thursday by confirming that President Donald Trump froze nearly $400 million in US security aid to Ukraine in part to pressure that country into investigating Democrats.”

      • TeeHee Lots of luck to those 2 republican senators at getting demented liar Schitf off the investigative committee & they will need a miracle at getting him to tell the truth by putting him under oath!
        You can lock a thief & stop him from stealing. but you can’t lock liar up & stop him from lying – nor will putting him under oath!
        The fact he is still head of an Intelligence Committee doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the ones who put him there. but it says a lot about how desperate they are to take President Trump down before we can take them down & they are giving us more evidence to use against them with all the BS, lies, propaganda & inuendos! LOL

        • W, Trump should never have been elected, he asked for Russian help and he got it 5 hours later with the Clinton email dumps. Did you notice nothing important came out of all those email dumps? Trump had 3 millions fewer votes, the Republicans and Russians fixed the election, the Republicans by voter suppression and rigging the machines and the Russians by infiltrating Reddit, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

          • Racist.. you are an idiot obviously dedicated tostupidity and here you are spewing lies, Russian started meddling for Hillary Clinton under Obama’s knowledge before Trump even announced his candidacy.. IDIOT

          • Why haven’t the commissars called you to testify, since your so smart? And, I cant wait to have President Trump for another 16 years. Oh, the greatness. Maybe some can rub off on you?

          • You are a typical delusional wishful thinking democrap. Hillary is now accusing a fellow democrat Tulsi Gabbard of a Russian agent.Hillary is the most corrupt treasonous person in our country. Trump never asked Russia for anything, that would be the democrats asking Ukraine for help, Italy, Australia, and England to spy on Trump. AG Barr has Mifsud phones and in them are direct connection to the communist Brennen who along with all the corrupt criminal dems during the Obama regime try to sabotage Trump so Hillary would win and ALL their treasonous acts would go undetected. But Trump won and you crooked idols will be put to death or jailed and WE THE PATRIOTS CAN’T WAIT.

          • No Racist , it wasn’t three million fewer votes , because those 3 million votes Killary got were dead people and that don’t count right , but you entitled ones say it is so , well , I think not . Your full of monkey crap and still swinging around up in them trees with the Apes , in fact the chimps n apes are smarter than you Simpletons by far and away !!

    • Oh you sad racist democrats. You are laughable. You have no idea what you are talking about. Your double standard on every issue is practically retart level.

      You want proof of just how racist the people you vote for are. Wahington state governor (democrat) put a referendum on the November ballot for washington state to hire solely on the basis of minority race. Racism is racism and this is the ultimate institutional racism. So assholes where’s that white privilege aye?

      I hate democrats.

      • Apparently you have not kept up with liar Adam Schitf’s efforts to put words into the mouths of subpoenaed witnesses, but being no more successful than he was at lying & misquoting President Trump’s telephone conversation with UK’s Zelensky! Are you really that dense?
        Volker said the UK was totally unaware of the aid being withheld at the time & never mentioned it until they read it in Politico much later@ He had rapport with the UK that they would have asked him about it if they had known about it earlier. More MERITS for OUR OUTSIDER Trump & more DEMERITS for your lying deep state establishment Adam Schitf!

        • Facts, shmacts. You cant bring facts to a conversation with a lib. It doesn’t work. They only go with feewings.

    • You MORONIC IDIOT Trump was trying to get information on the 2016 election and the democrat funded FAKE RUSSIAN HOAX that started in the UKRAINE…read the transcript where he mentions Cloud Strike (You know the company that investigated the Killery server and declared that the Russians Hacked it)…AFTER ALL the Democrats in the house have been trying to “investigate it for almost 3 years with their cover master Muleface…OR have you liberals have that short of a memory span?

      • NOTHING fool has been disproven from the Steele dossier, some things have been proven like Russian invasion of our election system. Doesn’t that bother you they invaded our country? Also proven was Trump’s business dealings in Moscow with Putin and that tower.

        • Oh honey nothing has been proven true from the Steele dossier are it’s all been proven to be fake and fraud.. lies never become truths ..racist you are the definition of an idiot.. your IQ is apparently negative. you obtain your stupidity from CNN obviously because it is definitely not knowledge, it is stupidity, sheep, you sit around and wait for CNN to tell you what to be upset about next because you obviously believe their lies and opinions they never produce facts anymore

      • True , what it has uncovered is Joey and Sons corruption , now there all lying thru there teeth to hide this . Once you are a liar , your going to be making up one lie after another , to cover up the last lie you just told . Duh but the entitled ones are excused , well , Hell No There Not , hold them to the fire till they come clean . Then we can Hang all of them , for treasonous crimes against God n Country !!

    • He was not soliciting campaign held as Creepy Joe was never a threat to Trump as an opponent & never will be. Stand with President Trump that he has the task of ending corruption when ever & where ever it is found & your Creepy lied as usual & denied doing anything wrong – guess his dementia made him forget about his recorded bragging about his quid pro quo of telling the former UK ruler if the government investigator working on the case wasn’t fired before he left there 6 hours later he didn’t get the money! LOL – If he and son were doing nothing wrong, why was he so hep on making sure the investigation ended???
      Law, order & justice are returning to the government & the protective circling wagons that protected these criminals are fast becoming history!
      That is what is scaring the HELLo out of the criminals & looks like the HOUSE deep state etablishment congressional members are rattled enough to dare try the frame up that Mueller – the king of the frame ups – didn’t dare to try – so Rosenstein & Mueller passed the torch of treason onto the HOUSE, when they lost their blocking & obstructing positions in the DOJ.

    • If Trump is guilty than Obama, Biden, Clinton’s should be hung for treason. Why do you democrats justify the crimes of the democrats. 33,000 emails deleted after a subpoena from Congress, billions paid to Iran from Obama, Clinton Foundation fraud (the donations fell by more than 50% after she lost the election from countries), approving the Uranium 1 deal to Russia whom democrats claim to be our mortal enemy, Biden’s son walking away with millions from countries he is dealing with, not to mention Pelosi’s, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney’s son, Chelsea Clinton on boards as well.
      What about Adam Schiff idiots asking for dirt on Trump, there is DOCUMENTED PROOF of the democrats working with Ukraine, the dossier was FAKE. Research you blithering idiots on the left, get your head out of your azzes.

    • Tim Morrison, the Senior Director of the National Security Council, has now testified in writing, that he listened to the entire Ukraine phone call live, and there was and is nothing illegal expressed in it by our President. PERIOD.’Judicial Watch’ a legal watch dog orgaanizatin, has testified similarly – there is indeed evidence of illegal collusion they say, but it is all democrats – Bidens, Obama, and Clintons. Hunter Biden received #50,000 a MONTH for doing nothing but sitting on a board for which he had no training orcredentials. Just trading on his name as a son of a former American Vice President. $50,000 a month! Get off Trump’s back, he did nothing but blow the whistle.

  12. Trump is the criminal, what are you crazy right wingers trying to brainwash out of your head? Quid Pro Quo for Guiliano and Donnie-O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the two mobsters of NYC who have taken over the country but are going down if justice prevails. Shame on you right wingers around the United States especially throughout the South and Midwest for trusting two NYC scam artists

    • R for T, there should be shame not when people get hoodwinked once (like the fraud of Trump “University”) but when they CONTINUALLY deny the truth when the evidence is presented right in front of them. Today, 10/17) Chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admitted there was “quid Pro Quo” by a stunning admission Thursday by confirming that President Donald Trump froze nearly $400 million in US security aid to Ukraine in part to pressure that country into investigating Democrats.

      SECOND, in yet ANOTHER violation of the emoluments clause, Trump’s people (directed by Trump) is choosing to funnel more millions of dollars into his pockets by holding the G-7 summit at his failing (loss $70 million since 2015) Doral Golf Club rather than at Camp David. He is doing this in June, where they have the least revenue coming in. It is unconstitutional. Trump will not stop violating the law!

      • Poor dockers jack dick: you are such a pathetic excuse for a sub human sheeple. You read about the corruption of obama, biden, hilary, bill, wiener, and on and on. Democrat after democrat. Yet you cling long a tiny turd on your ass to fake stories about the president.

        You belong to a party of racism and bigotry. You yourself are a huge racist. You have no value to society. The general.prefference is for you to do that which kills most people in violent crimes. Blunt force trauma yourself. Please help out society and run as fast as you can put your head down and hit a cement wall.

        • Learn how to spell Laugh you ignorant bastard. If a workforce is 100 white then sometimes actions have to be taken to hire non-white people fool. We have had enough of your white privilege bullshit because thugs like you are inferior to most other whites and most blacks and Hispanics and practically all Asians and Jews.

        • You are on Trump’s side and the KKK, Nazis, alt right, mass murderers, 100’s of Aryan groups, Commies from Russia are all supporting and some saluting. You sure know how to be with the losers asshole.

    • Sorry shit head democrat but you are wrong and you are a racist. You feel free to say any kind of crap you want to about trump becuase he is white. You would only say positive things about Obama becuase he is black. You are a racist. You should be thrown in prison for excessive racism you bigoted piece of shit.

    • We are sorry that Trump did not use the EXACT same threat that your man Bite me Biden did when he threatened to withhold 1 billion dollars in aid if they did not fire the investigator that was looking into the gas company that his son was “given” a board seat because his last name was Biden.

    • You are the perfect example of useful idiot. Look up Saul Alinsky who both Obama and Hillary call a mentor. Read Rules for Radicals which he wrote, research how the Communist Manifesto states how to make a democracy communist. Democrats openly are following every step. You idiots that call yourself democrats, are their sheep, you don’t research but lap up everything they tell you. These democrats PROJECT the crimes and lies onto the truth tellers, just like the Communist Manifesto teaches. Below is what Saul Alinsky wrote, sounds like every democrat running for president.
      1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

      2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

      3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

      4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

      5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

      6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

      7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

      8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

      • Crystal is correct , I’m 79 yrs old and continue to see quite a bit of the 8 items listed above.
        Money can be a fine tool or corrupt as in the 8 items above.

      • That is all Republican lies
        1 Healthcare should be a right not just for the rich
        2 The Republicans get the massive tax cuts, break the unions and outsource the jobs.
        3 Republicans have increased the debt much more than Democrats, Reagan tripled the debt, and they all gave massive tax cuts to the wealthy, Ragan, Bush W, and Trump. That is there excuse to cut environmental and other programs to help the country and the majority of people
        4 People like you don’t deserve to have all those weapons, all the mass murderers are gun nuts, vitually all right wingers
        5 When businesses leave cities there are no jobs. people are desperate, donate more all you fake Christians
        6 With Betsy Devos as Education head the country has someone who has no experience in public education, she can not talk or think logically and gets booed for her lack of care for education
        7 Separation of church and state fool Crystal
        8 It’s the wealthy that are creating class warfare with their uncontrollable greed, just like Trump and other billionaires, nothing is ever too much

        So Crystal, you know basically, just a little, but to be a dangerous person in this country, people like you, ignorant right wing thugs.

        • Oh get a job “Racists”… Then get a little insurance. We’ve all done it and its not that hard. You’re just another liberal addicted to ‘free stuff’ that others have to pay for. If that’s all you have to offer to our country, drop dead.



    • Quid pro quo was Biden as vice president and it’s all on recording there was no recording of quid pro quo with Trump, delusional fool

    • Shut up and examine the newest information coming from the Director of the National Security Council. All collusion and money making was by democrats, not Trump, who merely recommended an investigation. Which is what he ought to have dome. No evidence of any illegal misdeeds by our President.

  13. Barisma or any other company can hire whatever loser they want so them hiring Hunter Biden is not the issue. The question is, did Vice President Joe Biden use his political position to put pressure on them to do that. And, did Joe Biden use his control of the foreign aid to get a prosecutor fired? If Joe is guilty of these then he should be charged. This whole issue about Trump’s telephone conversation with the Ukraine leader was to draw attention away from Biden.

    • Sam R, I and millions agree, the Ukraine SHAM SCAM HOAX is just a smokescreen to cover Biden’s behind. The Dems knew Biden’s corruption was coming down the pike and since he was low IQ enough to put it on video for all the world to see, the Dems needed to come up with a huge lie to throw out for the MSM to grab like a pack of dogs! And, away we go, again!
      The Democrats and MSM will do anything, to anyone, anytime, to protect their choices, and to promote their goals and agenda!
      Fortunately everyone is finally realizing, “hey, I have seen this movie before, just more Dem lies with the ultimate end game of getting rid of President Trump”!

      • Real M, you asked about examples of Trump lining his pockets with taxpayer money, and today another large one surfaced: in yet ANOTHER violation of the emoluments clause, Trump’s people (directed by Trump) is choosing to funnel more millions of dollars into his pockets by holding the G-7 summit at his failing (loss $70 million since 2015) Doral Golf Club rather than at Camp David. He is doing this in June, where they have the least revenue coming in. It is unconstitutional. Trump will not stop violating this emoluments law! Trump’s Chief of staff claims Trump will do this “at cost” but first of all, his golf course low time is in June and so it will fill tons of rooms at Doral when they would be empty/ Second, holding that there will give Trump MILLIONS of dollars of publicity – – just like he gets for all his sessions at all his properties.

    • Yes, the Bidens are criminals and should be prosecuted, but why on earth aren’t they doing something about it all. I am sick and tired of those idiotic Democrats getting by with Murder and someone like our great being accused to things he isn’t guilty of and putting him under all kinds of pressure because the Democrats do not want OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP AS THEIR PRESIDENT. WELLL, GUESS WHAT, HE WILL BE HERE FOR 2020 ALSO AND THE NEXT 4 YEARS, SO SMILE DEMOCRITS AS WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. SMILE AWHILE AND GIVE YOUR FACES A REST.

        • While the GOP claims to promote “taking responsibility,” you see people like Trump and his followers not taking responsibility and focusing on pointing fingers in other directions. Several times I said – – I will support investigation both the Bidens and Trump and his people, and if evidence is found that is beyond a reasonable doubt, lock they both up!! I have not found one person on this Patriot Pulsa site that agrees to that.

          You see many of them immediately concluding and announcing the Bidens are guilty but none saying that about Trump. They always blame others, not themselves.

          • Marlene, “Racist” is a black troll who is a LOT worse racist than any white racist on these sites!
            I have never seen a more miserable unhappy mentally poisoned person in so much pain anywhere and am surprised it has not removed its head from its body via a very large caliber bullet! Poor thing is like a viper, full of venom and striking out in all directions! It will never find relief from what ails it by spewing hate loathing profane vulgarity and name calling!
            Nobody cares what it writes as it has no credibility so, no one’s mind is ever changed!

        • Give examples “Racists for Trump”. Explain how Hispanics and blacks are gaining in favor of Trump? Explain how Candice Owens is called a racist by democrats for supporting Trump and shes black. You throw that term around so much it’s MEANINGLESS!!! Everyone, everything is racist in democrat standards, but yet not a damn thing is done when the Gov. of Virginia is in black face, wheres the outrage then hypocrites. He is still in office. Prime Minister Trudeau, has numerous pictures in black face just a few years ago and Obama just endorsed him. LOLOLOL Talk about hypocrisy, democrats are a pathetic joke.

          • Go back to your crystal ball and conjure up more excuses for our Mobster-in-Chief. The VA governor and Trudeau should resign and Trump should for far worse reasons.

          • Marlene and Crystal, You ladies are doing a wonderful job with your comments!
            How great is it to have Candace Owens stand with us in our fight for truth, justice, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, patriotism and the American way of life? God bless Candace and every other minority who is proving what a pack of liars and traitors aka the Democrat party are. They are trying to change America into a globalist, mindless country of sheep that follows a commie ruled planet with two classes of people, the elite rich ruling class and the poor destitute class who are controlled and ruled by the rich governing elite! That is what the Dems are fighting for. The Dem party members are not even aware they will be looked upon and treated exactly the way we are if they are successful with their goals!
            What in hades are they thinking?

        • Racist you are the stupid one you are dedicated to stupidity you call the president United States a criminal but yet they can’t get anything on him lmao???????????????? all it does is shine the spotlight on another dirty Demokkkrat ???????? ???????? ???? pop your popcorn the show will begin shortly

          • ganavar, “Amen” is a troll which, I am sure you have already figured out!
            There are many “troll names” on these sites but, actually there are only a few trolls writing under many different names. If you are aware of how human habits and compulsions work and be conscience of what you are reading you can guess which troll names are really being written by one person. I am not 100% accurate but, most of them are very easily determined!
            You are writing good comments, thanks! Happy hunting!

      • I would think that the transcripts of Trump’s phone call to Zelensky where Trump solicited help from a foreign government proves his guilt! I would think the White House efforts to bury the evidence on the most secret computer files (rather than where they belong) would show Trump’s guilt and knew it was illegal.

        • And the answer is a resounding YES. Biden told Ukraine to fire the prosecutor that was investigating Hunter Biden’s free money source (Burisma), or face a severe reduction in foreign aid.

        • Amen, As usual for you Dems, you comment is full of untruths! There has been not one witness appearing before the committee who has stated DJT committed a crime in the phone conversation. The worst thing said is it looked bad politically and was deeply troubling in their “opinion”. Some of these people have publicly stated they heard no crime committed. Adam Schit does his little cherry picked one liners and phrases in an attempt to make DJT look guilty and it has worked on people like you, obviously!
          Also, if you will bother to check you will find Barak Obama moved files to that same computer from time to time. I understand it is a more secure computer!
          Just remember “Amen”, right is right and wrong is wrong! This is all going to blow up in your faces and end badly for the Dems. Even if you impeach in the House, he will be acquitted in the Senate. He will continue to serve and be reelected in 2020, People don’t like it when you impeach a successful President and the Dems will lose all power in 2020 and beyond. What you Dems are doing is not worth it!
          Research the Bill Clinton impeachment and see how badly the Republicans got beat in the next election. I lived it!

  14. Hey did you all notice that all the Republicans that were worth something went in today and the rest are going to be in the 2nd runoff. If there was a democrat on my ballot, I did not vote for any of them. Those days are over for me. I have seen enough, heard enough, got wish washed enough, so no more Democrits on my ballot. When I came to all the Democrats, I skipped them. No way will I ever vote for a Democrit again. I am as serious as a heart attack.

    • Lou Beyl, Wr are very honored and happy you are voting Republican! If you have not already switched to the Republican party, please do so and encourage your family and friends to join us also! We want and need all the good conservatives we can get to save America! 🙂

    • Well congratulations Beyl. I’m proud of you I truly am and I consider you a great ally I truly do. But remember remember this always the media will always lie they have been doing it for years look at the commercials that they try selling our children that’s one and to always watch your 6 if you were never in the military that aint watch your back. Because now that you’re going against the establishment they will censor everything you do trust me I’ve been in the military for 17 years and I know what I’m talking about 3 more and I can retire but I been an advocate for the Republican party for a very long time and I have never in my life been more proud of this president and any other president except Ronald Reagan he was he was the man. But anyways good luck my friend have a wonderful future I consider you now a friend an asset and an ally congratulations and welcome aboard no more bull crapp media Trump 2020

    • Poor dockers jack dick: you are such a pathetic excuse for a sub human sheeple. You read about the corruption of obama, biden, hilary, bill, wiener, and on and on. Democrat after democrat. Yet you cling long a tiny turd on your ass to fake stories about the president.

      You belong to a party of racism and bigotry. You yourself are a huge racist. You have no value to society. The general.prefference is for you to do that which kills most people in violent crimes. Blunt force trauma yourself. Please help out society and run as fast as you can put your head down and hit a cement wall.

  15. This so-called President Barack Obama and his so-called VP Joe Biden was the most corrupt administration ever in the United States History of Presidents both of them were evil and Anti-America, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Christian and Anti-God. Do you think that Barack Obama was his real name? Well, think again because Barack Obama was not his real name. His real name was and is Harry Satoro. The Fraud Presidency from 2008 to 2016 and these Democrats new it and they were all behind it all.

  16. In the interest of maintaining Joe Biden as a viable candidate, which he likely is not anyway, Democrats are likely to ask Gabbard to stay away. The take-no-prisoners, candid style of Traci Gabbard is anathema to the Democrats underhanded, obstructive style.

  17. The fact that the MSM manages the news and what gets out about whom and when has been going on for three years and I am still astonished!
    The news is supposed to be just that, “the news”! When the MSM is finished with editing facts, making up lies, telling haltruths, taking phrases and sentences out of context, etc., the factual news is erased and reads the way the MSM has decided it should in order to achieve “their” goals and agenda. They actually choose the Dem candidate for President and they will cover for that person’s crimes and scandals, doing whatever it takes to insure that chosen person wins the primary race!
    Yes, the news has become something else and, Democrat propaganda machine is a good way to describe it! The news is literally a part of the Democrat party. MSM is a 24/7 political ad promoting the Dems. They don’t present themselves as what they truly are, they don’t have to, it is common knowledge! MSM is the Democrat party and we should expect nothing else from them!

    • It is not common knowledge except for right wingers who made the story up. Take Fox, owned by a rich right winger conservative, Murdoch. Many of the stations, like Sinclair network is owned by rich conservatives. Media is being taken over by the ultra rich and corporations, whose stock is owned by the rich. It is not the working, middle or upper middle class that owns these networks – – it is often rich billionaires that do not support liberal causes. The evidence does not support what you are saying . . . so where is the evidence of the left-wing bias of the news – – besides you just FEEL that it is that way?!?

      Another factor that goes against your idea is how competitive the business is, and when one say station in a major urban area messes up, makes an error, leaves things out, the other stations will bring this up to get greater shares in the time slots.

      • JD, The CNN “boss” was recorded telling the journalists what to do and how to do it. A whistleblower outed him. “Boss” told them, the impeachment was THE main story every day!
        I don’t believe you are not aware of that. You are denying the MSM news is managed, it IS common knowledge, the MSM is biased, reports false stories using “un-named sources, does not report positive reports on Trump accomplishments, 92% of reports on Trump are negative and, that is enough about that!

      • The evidence of the left wing bias of the news is everywhere, every time they open their mouths. Are you nuts. Its not even controversial. News analysts point out that leading up to the election, 90% of news broadcasts concerning Trump were negative – and they were mostly op-ed pieces (Opinion). There is no doubt that the so-called lame-stream news is terribly biased.

      • That’s a snarky thing to say, Pastor! Which is it – – Joe loves and makes a lot of money in politics or he hates a lot of money in this capitalistic system?? And, for you to make it clear you are a pastor, a man of God, what about a great American president who said “with malice towards none, with charity towards all”?

  18. “Allegations that he (Biden)pressured Ukrainian officials to fire its top prosecutor”? Seriously! How can it be an “allegation” when Biden is on record bragging about it?

    • 2warAbnVet: No kidding. Bad enough he did the deed, but then to admit it, brag and laugh about it ? Unreal. In some of his campaigns speeches I have watched out of curiosity he is short a few bricks in what he comes out with. I think they all have been so cockeyed sure of getting away with stuff, they all think they are untouchable or will never be held accountable which was true before Trump came on the scene. Why do you think they had it in for Trump before he was even elected? They can’t control him like they did everyone else. Trump is his own man, takes no crap from anyone, tells it like it is and best Pres we have ever had in my eyes, besides Kennedy who raised the issue of secret societies and was assassinated over it.

      • Idiots have been known to admit criminal conduct right on national television. I was left speechless, my jaw was on the ground and I was red with rage when Mick Mulvaney admitted to quid pro quo and advised the American people to “get over it”. Trump should be impeached and removed just for having this colossal moron in his cabinet.

  19. MJ, do you really think all minorities are aligned with democrats? That seems like out of touch thinking. Why would they be? Shouldn’t people look at who is doing the most for them and vote accordingly? A political party does not own any segment of the population. That is straight out of post-Civil War when carpetbaggers coopted former slaves. I used to be an independent but the behavior of democrats in the lead-up to, during and after the election — pretty much to this day — is so blatantly stupid, I will vote a straight Republican ticket for the rest of my life. BTW — I do not agree with name calling. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  20. I am a Vietnam vet, 75 yrs old. I gave 6 yrs of my life for this country. If any of you libtard bastards don’t particularly like it here, don’t let the door slam against your fat ass as you leave!! ????????????????????????

    • You’re a traitor regardless Dennewitz or insane for supporting another traitor, a serial sexual assaulter, a mobster, a scam artist, a liar, a thief, an insulter, a lazy obese draft dodger, our Scumbag-in-Chief. You are our Scumbag Cultist.

      • huh! Please rewrite your comment. We can’t understand: “but here is Israel has been paying and arming Alqaeda +ISIS fighters to fight against the gov’t of Syria!”

      • How dare you worthless POS call a veteran a traitor! You liberals are disgusting scum that lie steal, cheat, etc. Bill Clinton was a serial rapist you stupid pathetic fool. How many people have ended up DEAD before testifying against Clinton? You make me sick with you stupidity and baseless lies that you have no proof and can’t back up. Why are you here? Go back to your mom and dads basement snowflake and watch some more propaganda news. You are worthless!

        • Crystal. as a person, your thoughts are bizarre when you cannot admit that that Trump is America’s anti-Christ. Everything he does is hurting the country, helping his financial his empire and insulting countless groups, and alienating and sabotaging our allies. You are dangerous because you a little, damn little but basically it is clear you are not in touch with reality by supporting the Mobster-in-Chief, and also clear you know nothing of current events and history. My advice is get the f off the sites, I don;t like to see and ignorant woman so hateful.

          • You cannot prove 1 damn thing you spew, your are a USEFUL IDIOT OF THE Saul Alinsky who both Obama and Hillary claimed to be a mentor. You have no idea what the truth is, So jobs are hurting our county? LOL you must seriously live off your parents. Insulting what groups? Give facts. Sabatoging our allies, how? #1 China is not an ally and fair trade helps Americans after DEMOCRATS gave them great deals that hurt us. Like I said you cannot back up anything you say with facts, but you are great at projection.

        • Crystal Bradford, That was very good! You use good high caliber ammo in “our” fight for truth, justice, fairness and too many things to spell out right now! Thank you for your comments!

  21. The favorite tool for Demoncraps is projection. It is pretty obvious now that everything they have blamed the president for, they are in fact, the guilty ones. Sorry, we don’t believe a word you say anymore.

      • Bob, Didn’t Tillerson call Mr Trump an effing moron before he was fired? As far as being angry over money, Wasn’t Tillerson the CEO of Exxon? I’m sure that old Rex had a good bit of change to fall back on.

        • Jonathan our country is doing great being led by an “effing moron “ Do you think that the fools running on the commiecrat side would be better? What’s in their agenda that you like? I keep reading posts about Trump being this or that, but let’s talk about policy. Do you really want illegal immigrants to be given free health care while most Americans work our asses off to provide for our families? Or anyone walking into our country without being vetted? Or the destruction of our gun rights? And there’s many more issues to consider.

          • Dan, with all due respect, I don’t care for Mr Trump’s policy or his behavior as President. I don’t think that innocent children should be separated from their parents and locked in cages. Is it really necessary for an ordinary citizen to purchase an automatic weapon ? Dan, you gotta admit that there are a lot more lunatics walking the streets than when we were coming up. And those lunatics can easily obtain automatic weapons. I’m not crazy about the President taking sides with brutal dictators on the world stage. Don’t care much for Trump ordering Cohen to pay hush money to silence Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougall. Statements such as “the Kurds didn’t help us at Normandy” and therefore letting them be slaughtered is borderline insane. I could go on and on but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

          • Racists for Trump, “Racist”, Now now, there you go again! Did somebody hurt your feelings, make you angry, push your buttons? It’s okay just be nice, Dan Tyree is a American patriot, he really is a good guy!

        • You are absolutely right that Tillerson called Trump an effin’ Moron way before he was fired and Tillerson took a cut in pay to take that job. Tillerson explained it more fully in later interview on NPR – – he said that Trump would have ideas on what he wanted done and how he wanted it done, and Tillerson told him over and over that “I understand what you want done, Mr. President, but we cannot do it that way because it is against the law.” Trump eventually got frustrated with anyone who want let him act as the dictator.

          And Tillerson was not the first nor the last to call Trump an “idiot” or a “moron.” Consider Trump’s flawed decision-making in regards to the Kurds – – our ally in the fight against ISIS. He has a phone call on Sunday, and decides to take our troops out of the way and let Turkey attack and kill the Kurds. But Trump takes NO STEPS to protect our own soldiers that are still there – -and so many had to leave immediately, turning over our equipment, munitions, and bases to others. Trump then lies (10-15) at a rally and says
          “we have no (USA)_ troops in Syria – – when we have 1000 troops who were being shelled by artillery of Assad. Trump . . . .. IS. . . . LOOSING IT!

    • MY IQ is 146, what the “F” is yours? 13?
      Donald Trump is very intelligent. Much more so than Obama, Hillary, and P-low-C’s combined. What has Hillary accomplished? Obama? Doubled the Debt. P-low-C? Zip point zero! TWO TOO bad I can’t “block you”!
      By the way, what’s the value of “PI”?

      • Trump has not fulfilled his campaign promise to cut the debt. Instead, he’s done the opposite. Trump’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget projects the debt would increase $5 trillion during his first term. That’s as much as Obama added while fighting a recession.

        • That’s why we need to give the man 4 more years…after the sorry state that was left to him, I believe he needs 2 extra years to get ‘er done. So much obstruction and loafing on the Dem’s part – on purpose!! The Dem. Party is a joke!

          • Another dumb Polack. Obama saved us from the Trump meltdown, don’t you remember how scared people were of another Great Depression?

        • BABS: You should do more research on the money POTUS is bringing back into the US by his trade deals now with various countries before commenting for you are way, way off base here. He has spent money too but needed to build up our military which was severely lacking and very low in standards compared to other nations’. THEN we had all the hurricanes too had to fork out for like Puerto Rico who got 90 million alone in relief not withstanding funds to Louisiana, and other southern states hit as well by hurricanes. Obama hell, he spent more than 2 million just taking his whole FAMILY on a trip to Hawaii. Look it all up on the net if disagreed. It is there. Stopping illegal immigration alone is saving taxpayers money BIG TIME in all areas, and Trump does not even take a presidential income,he donates it. Do you know of any other president who has done this? I I don’t. Maybe too if the democrats would stop wasting millions of our tax dollars on their asinine witch hunts and investigations, we’d save even more, ya think?

          • Sue, you know nothing, and I mean nothing of current events of history. Your writing is horrible, and is evidence you possibly never read a book in your life besides a kid’s book. At least if you read Bambi, you might have a bit of compassion in your life, because you are a heartless bitch.

          • Racists for Trump, “Racist” why are you so mean and angry? Make your point with civility. You are going to give the Democrat party a worse name than it already has! Aren’t you weary of people screaming at each other with words written on a screen?
            Settle before you have an aneurysm!

      • Check the facts Jonathan. Us citizens cannot purchase automatic weapons, without first obtaining a license from the ATF. And a trust has to be set up. Just to name a few. Oh, you mean AR15 rifles and such. A very small minority misuse them. I’ll never disclose whether or not I own one, but if I do I’ll damned sure keep it. And so would millions of others. If they get away with banning those, they won’t stop there. I one of the people that would join with others in anarchy. I do agree with strong background checks as long as it doesn’t turn into registration.

    • No wway, ames Barry. You need to stop making those ugly remarks about my great president. All will come back to bite you in the butt.

    • Barry: If Trump is a moron as you say, then he has an IQ much higher than yours. Where does that leave you ? Would you be called MOROFF instead ?

      • Steve, you are confusing what Trump has said with the Truth. Trump also said he had a genuine Trump “university” with credentialed faculty, but it was all a scam, and he had to pay people back. Trump claimed he was a great student at Wharton, but records showed he was in the bottom half of his class and his professor told many people that “Donald Trump was the dumbest G.D. student I had in 30 years!” Trump is a miserable learner, says many of his classmates, because he was arrogant and refuses to listen. Trump does not read, has an attention span of MAYBE 30 minutes (according to his biographer), and has to have the intell reports “dumbed down” for him.

    • James F. Barry, as I recall, Mr. Trump said Rex Tillerson “is as dumb as a box of rocks”. After that type statement, I would expect Mr. Tillerson to strike back in like manner. I suspect Tillerson is suffering from corporate group think, which can make an otherwise capable, intelligent person overly cautious, to the point of seeming “dumb as a box of rocks”. My take on this is both are intelligent, but have vastly different styles. One IS POTUS, the other WAS SOS, but was sent packing. Hard feelings often result from this type interaction. Not hard to understand.

    • James I guess you will be one of idiots that vote for the democratic/communist candidates that will make them super rich and morons like you thinking you are getting everything free but will be eating out of garbage cans You really can’t fix STUPID!!!

      • Holy shit James.You are either deaf and blind, or just a brainwashed dolt. Biden is on video bragging about threatening the Ukranian president.. My God… how dumb are you? lol

        • Bob, Yes, the hammer is finally coming down with Judical Watch ‘s TOM Fitton and his legal team’s endeavors to go after these corrupt bas..rds. It’s been a long time in the waiting with a lot of hrs, money, BLOCKAGES they have had to counter and time, but well spent to finally expose it and hold these people accountable. THEY have only scratched the surface so widespread the corruption is but doing one heck of job. I’ll say that.

    • No . . . actually, the Billion China gave him is buying companies in the USA that hold Patents and Intellectual Property (IP) Rights on devices and software that is in United States Military use.

      Once China becomes a large stockholder (40-60%) they will be able to dictate who in on the Board and what IP is shared with our enemy; i.e., China.

      So, BiteMe, his crack-smoking-son and many other Dems are actually selling our nation out and the punishment for Treason is terminal.

      • Trunp is selling out the country to the highest bidders, Putin and all his evil pals and the Chinese, he is the Mobster-in-Chief, how do you not get that, I guess you are stupid or brainwashed or evil, there are no other possibilities Richie Rich

    • Sorry, but $50,000 a month doesn’t add up to that. $50,000 times 12 is $600,000 a year. Five years is $3 Million. That’s crazy enough based on his being discharged from the Navy for doing drugs, and having ZERO experience in the job. I try to be fair, even for a useless drug addict.

    • Bama Bill, you are so right about Hunter being discharged from Navy for doing drugs and having zero experience in the oil, gas company. Can’t tell me daddy, creepy JOE didn’t use his influence to land this job for his son and waste, no less our tax paying dollars in the process too. BTW what has Joe Biden ever accomplished in the 30-40 years he has been in political positions compared to POTUS who has done more for our country ever during the short time he has been in office? I can’t think of anything, can you? I can just picture if Biden were elected, him infuriating world leaders for smelling their wives hair or being touchy feelye with their kids. THAT SURE would go over good wouldn’t it ?

    • Underwood you should be under ground with your stupidity and hatred. It is clearly Trump that is the traitor and scam artist, what is wrong with you?

      • Tell him Truckman. Time for someone to set the record straight. Both Bidens are a disgrace to our country. These Democrits are a disgrace to our country. Wish I could brush them all away to another country.

    • What’s the matter with GM workers and Carrier. Are you expecting more American taxpayer money? Government Motors should have been allowed to fall. It would have been best for the American taxpayers and it would have been better for the American auto industry. Corvette would have been picked up or even become its own business. Either way, it would have been better off. This is why it’s supposed to be a free enterprise. Not bailed out by American taxpayer money. Now since they did it for GM they should do it for every business that is on the brink of collapse. Does anyone see just how bad the bailout was? And it is looking like the mismanagement at GM that got it into trouble in the first place is quickly headed in the same direction. What? are we taxpayers going to be held up again and again just because the democrats like Chevrolet’s? Start liking FORDS. They know how to run a big company and build good cars and trucks.

      • Right on. I used to always prefer GM to Ford but that changed with the management begged for and tgot the government handout because of their own failures. The government is also guilty in this. The management then and now should be held responsible if they fail, so be it, Try doing a better job or doing things different if they can’t turn things around then get rid of this management.

      • We need to add the fact that GM took the money from the government went to china and built plants. Yes, this is what saved GM. China at the time was the fasts growing population buying cars. This is a fact! That the American tax dollars being used in China saved there BUTTs!!

        • What Obama did;nt say was that “The U.S. government lost $11.2 billion on its bailout of General Motors, according to a 2014 government report. The government invested about $50 billion to bail out GM as a result of the company’s 2009 bankruptcy, and at one time held a 61 percent equity stake in the Detroit-based automaker”. FROM THE GOVERNMENT REPORT IN 2014 UNDER OBAMA!!!!!! Wrong again “Racists for Trump AKA USEFUL IDIOT!

      • That’s not true Bobi girl. You’re just another white trash woman who knows nothing of current events, history or class.

    • Julio, typical democratic slug! Can’t admit Biden is a corrupt liberal scum bag, so he just changes the subject to take a jab at PRESIDENT TRUMP whom the American citizens elected. Get over it you liberal idiot!

      • Trump is a criminal in all ways Wilcox, just suck it up and admit you voted for him because you are a racist, but it wasn’t worth ruining the country like the Mobster-in-Chief is doing.

        • Racist, I have never seen you in such a rage and your racism is totally out of control!
          You are a troll but, don’t concern yourself about it, I will spread the word you are to be ignorsd!

        • WhaTs wrong Racist , you must of swallowed to much crap , coming from the Liberal Crap Factory . It’s turned ur grey matter the color brown and it’s giving you mental issues as we see .

        • Oh shut up RFT. Your all wild accusations and no proof – or even decent evidence. I think you want the Hufington Post, where the social nedia babblers sound a lot like you. Why don’t you git?

          • ganavar, “Racist” is a angry black troll who is one of the more miserable unhappy racists on these sites. “Racist” only knows how to regurgitate hate against DJT, Republicans and the white race so, we really should ignore and pretend he/she doesn’t exist!

  22. Joe’s shaking like a leaf on a tree in a strong autumn wind . He’s guilty and also guilty of being enormously Stupid . All of you communist liberals are going down with the Ship of No Return , strait down to Old Davey’s Locker !!

    • How do you think we are going down do you plan on trying to put us down. Just remember there is one thing you can’t change and that’s demographics and sooner than later the population flips and the white man becomes the minority. But you know that that’s why you on the red team are so fired up. Last stand of the WASP in the USA.

      • MJ of course I don’t know your race, and don’t care. But your stupid comment was bigoted as hell. You come across like Al Sharpton. That dumbass sounds off about not trusting whitey, and that there’s a Klansman behind every tree. People like you do more to hurt race relations.

          • Bobi the idiots can’t win on the issues. The only thing left for them to do is try to shame us. More people of color are already seeing what the left is all about. The commiecrats doesn’t want racial harmony.

        • MJ said something very important and accurate, while you went off on a tangent, Dan, about Al Sharpton . . . it was not really what MJ was saying. As far back at the 1980s, the demographics showed whites becoming the minority sometime around 2028. It may vary slightly, but minorities were having more kids than white families were. Even if we kept immigration the same, it would not change the trend . . . part of it seems to be about two career adults that do not have the time for big families.

          If you look at the numbers, with the age of GOP and mostly being run by white males, the future does not look good for the GOP. This is more so since Trump took power, insulting Hispanics and other minorities. Trump has alienated the largest voting block – – women – – since 2/3rds of the women do not support Trump. Perhaps some of you are aware of this and realize with only 9% support from Af-Americans, and 25% from Hispanics, and only 1 in 3 females – – – AND little support among the young, you will be losing more and more elections unless you rig the elections.

      • Watch what you wish for , you just might be on the receiving end Bro . Don’t be thinking and making wise ass remarks about being taken down . History repeats it’s self over and over , you could end up on the wrong side of the tracks . Heading strait down to Hell’s Gate . Fitting that would be for all you liberal SIMPLETONS . Right where you belong dancing on the grill at Hell’s Kitchen , with the old Devil poking all of you with his firey Pitchfork , as he’s smiling writing on the menu board . The Special is , Liberal Crispy Critters , by the baker’s dozen , which is 13 souls for the price of 12 . Get’em while they last !!

  23. So what is the Difference between Ukraine joe Biden/hunter and Clinton and Pelosi and Comey and Lynch and holder and Brennan and Crapper and Schiffte for brains and Nadler and Cummings ???? NONE they along with Obama are all CROOKED deep state ENEMIES of OUR COUNTRY …. and MOST members of CONGREESS also need some SEVERE investigations of their “HABITS: for WEALTH!!!!

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