Joe Manchin just revealed to CNN the real reason Democrats will lose the 2022 elections

Democrats held out hope that they had one last chance to hang on to power this November.

But Democrats got some bad news.

And Joe Manchin just revealed to CNN the real reason Democrats will lose the 2022 elections.

Democrats hoped the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade would spur their voters to turn out en masse to protect abortion-on-demand in America.

Joe Biden tried to kickstart that campaign of fear in remarks at the White House, where he falsely claimed Republicans would try to segregate classrooms based on the precedent of overturning Roe v. Wade.

But none other than West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin threw a big old bucket of water on that plan.

Manchin told CNN’s Manu Raj that inflation – and not abortion – would be the number-one issue driving voters to the polls this November.

“Inflation is the number one driving factor, I believe, in my state. Right now, it’s hurting everybody, not just at the pump, but at the grocery store, at the drugstore, at the pharmaceutical, everything they do,” Manchin stated.

CNN’s own polling showed why Joe Biden is so desperate to change the subject.

The latest CNN poll found just 41 percent of Americans approved of Joe Biden’s job as President.

Biden’s approval numbers for individual issues were even worse.

Just 34 percent of Americans approved of Joe Biden’s handling of the economy.

Only 19 percent of Americans reported economic conditions improving on Joe Biden’s watch.

And a whopping 77 percent of Americans found the economy in poor condition.

These are devastating numbers for Democrats, as 50 percent of Americans listed the economy as their number-one issue in November.

While this poll was taken before the Supreme Court leak, abortion was nowhere to be found on the list of issues voters considered most important in guiding their voting decision this fall.

Joe Manchin’s suggestion that inflation would play the decisive role in November is backed up by the polling numbers.

And that is bad news for Democrats.

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