John Bolton’s book just crashed and burned because of this bombshell testimony

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton is out for revenge with his Trump-bashing book.

But on the day Bolton’s book leaked, he ran into one giant problem.

And Bolton’s book just crashed and burned because of this bombshell testimony.

Fake news reporters at The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal celebrated Bolton’s trashing of Trump even though they spent the previous 20 years disparaging Bolton as a warmonger.

The Amazon-owned Washington Post published one anecdote from Bolton’s book where Bolton claimed President Trump begged Chinese President Xi Jing Ping to interfere in the 2020 election by upping China’s purchase of agricultural products.

“He then, stunningly, turned the conversation to the coming U.S. presidential election, alluding to China’s economic capability to affect the ongoing campaigns, pleading with Xi to ensure he’d win,” Bolton claimed. “He stressed the importance of farmers, and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome. I would print Trump’s exact words but the government’s prepublication review process has decided otherwise.”

U.S. Trade Representative Rob Lighthizer testified under oath before the Senate that this was completely untrue.

“Absolutely untrue, never happened. I was there, I have no recollection of that ever happening. I don’t believe it’s true, I don’t believe it ever happened,” Lighthizer testified.

“Would I have recollected something as crazy as that? Of course I would,” Lighthizer added.

Attorney General William Barr previously denied Bolton’s claims when they were initially leaked in January at the tail end of the impeachment hoax.

Bolton has a severe credibility problem.

Critics contend the reason Bolton never testified in the impeachment hoax was they believe Bolton would perjure himself if he repeated any of these stories under oath.

So instead Bolton saved them for a book where he could cash in and inflict political damage on President Trump.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. John Bolton sure has made a mess of his career and legacy. Not a very bright person. Certainly not a patriot of America.

  2. There sure are some brain dead, brain washed, turkeys re-hashing the debunked BS that has been churned out by the lying MSM, ad nauseam. How stupid do you have to be to believe their fairy stories? TRUMP 2020

  3. John Bolton is a little pissant who President Trump FIRED..!! He’s a little man who has an over exaggerated opinion of himself..!! He’s a LIAR and will do anything to get people to pay him money..!!

  4. All other presidents went along with the program and allowed China to rip us off. Funny Trump has taken a lot of money from tariffs and taxes. I guess that is why China is going to help Trump win an election. Fking libtards ate delusional at best!#

  5. The country is now run by the ultra rich who own the Democrat Party and News Media. Time to burn em down if Antifa will go to work I may even start supporting them.

  6. Bolton should hang or be shot at dawn for treason. Along with his fellow compatriots the Obamas, Clintons, Biden’s etc.

  7. Until you stop misleading us by not giving the whole story about headlines, just remove me from your list. You are pathetic.

  8. John Bolton has a long history of challenged credibility. He is knowledgeable of world affairs and believes that a military solution is usually the best. President Trump’s comment regarding Bolton’s proclivities fit with the many editorials of Bolton that I have read. The US is better off with Bolton out of government and telling his lies in private.

  9. @Expat Tom You are spot on, but should have added that these moronic retired generals (I am a retired military officer, so I am not a peacenic) were mostly butt kissers who got their stars from globalist presidents and O’Bummer!

  10. I’m almost 80 and have traveled, lived, and worked in various countries (mostly in Europe). I am a registered Independent. I don’t know of any country that is better than the USA. Considering things I have seen and done, I plan to vote a straight REPUBLICAN TICKET. Considering the democrat’s skill in cheating, that may not be enough. But it’s our best weapon to fight them (and I mean anyone, liberal, conservative, green party or constitutionalist). If you are disgusted with BLM and Antifa as well as a group of angry anarchist and their “peaceful protest”, you best get out and VOTE REPUBLICAN across the board.

  11. Defense of California- There are lots of GREAT people in California. The problem is, there just isn’t enough of them.
    Regarding Bolton, when he was a the UN , I was a big fan. The problem is as the National Security Advisor he seemed to forget that he was one of many advisors and not the president. He was a draft dodger who would not fight in Vietnam but in his later years, he constantly advocated for war. He is typical of so many who will not put their butts on the line but have no problem sending men (like me) off to fight stupid wars.
    Basically, Bolton is a petulant child who is angry that he could not “boss’ his boss. Trump has had lots of people who worked for him who failed to understand who the boss is and many of those wore stars on their shoulders.

  12. Steve Startz, I am Californian, Paleo-Conservative, 66 Years Old, and a 100% Pro-Trumper! There are A LOT OF US Trumpers in California, Sir! California is only Liberal on the WEST side of the Coastal Range of Mountains! East of that(The majority of land but minority of the population) is Conservative and Republican for the most part. The people on the west side of those mountains are Libtards (Los Angeles to Crescent City) and they are the majority of the Population, so they control the vote in this State. Just because LA and SF are Libtard does not mean the rest of California is. Just so you know, The state of California has more stations carrying Rush Limbaugh on the Radio than ANY other state in the USA.

  13. I would never believe a word Bolton says if on Tuesday evening he tells me;”tomorrow is Wednesday”….

  14. Eye witnesses said Bolton is not telling the truth.
    If Bolton were telling the truth he wouldn’t have been afraid of testifying before congress.

  15. I guess that looting and violence, destruction of property and foul language/drug use is the democrats idea of healing a nation. How does that ease racial tension? Meanwhile we all stand back and scratch our heads and wonder what planet they are from. I saw a really tough looking guy push down an old woman with a walker, let the healing begin!

  16. I see a strong resemblance between John Bolton and Stormy Daniels, both professionals with delusions of grandeur

  17. This lying person should be charged. He is a want to be enough of his lies. Publisher should sue for advanced pay.

  18. I guess if the libs keep saying our President “lies” eventually their lie will be believed by TDS ‘ers…..keep saying something until it becomes truth. I love the way they keep saying he “lies” when they never tell you what he lied about. TDS’ers…..get some mental help…..

  19. Bolton is another dissatisfied and a disgruntled staff member. He is just as corrupt and crooked as of the corrupt and crooked Democrats.

    Bolton is dissatisfied with President Donald J Trump, because, President Trump didn’t go to war with Iran, and Bolton isn’t happy, because President Trump didn’t strike Iran like Bolton wanted him to do when Iran struck down an unmanned drone. Bolton was wanting President Trump to strike back at Iran. Bolton didn’t want President Trump listening to his adviser’s or to any of his General’s at that time.

    Bolton has never liked the way President Trump was managing things and Bolton didn’t like any of President Trump’s policies. Bolton though that he should be running the White House and making all of the decision’s. Bolton didn’t know how to work with President Trump and his administration, and Bolton didn’t know how to get along with President Trump either.

    Bolton is just as corrupt and crooked and deceitful and disastrous as all of the other staff member’s that have been fired. Bolton doesn’t like to follow order’s from someone higher in command than he is. He think’s that he should be the one too be making all of the decision’s instead of President Trump and his administration and President Trump’s General’s.

    Bolton is a spoiled brat PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bolton doesn’t like to take order’s from anybody else PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He believes, he should be in-charge PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Even if the President said this to the Chinese President, what personal gain is it for him? He is harassed since he took the Oval Office, deceived by the Democrats, lied about through the media, and scheme after scheme trying to take him down…with absolutely NO FINANCIAL PAY!!! He has nothing to gain except to fight for the American people….to fight for a great economy and jobs….to fight for our rights to the freedoms men fought and died for…. leaning the swamp of corruption, so tax payers do not have to pay for a corrupt government…and every person not voting for him should be ashamed…because there is no room for you in this nation under God. I for one, am grateful to the Lord for supplying our needs in this President and VP Pence. Together they make a fantastic patriotic team and the do make America great! Now..if we could get rid of the demonic obstacles in our nation…PRAYING!!
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

  21. We keep hearing the Democrats say that there is systemic racism in the country and they point at the right. Information is readily available on the internet about the longevity and control of the house and Senate by democrats. Look it up 20 of 23 in the longevity of years spent in Washington as a house senate number are Democrats. And if you look through the whole list about 70% of these people are Democrats who have had control a both houses. Look it up the numbers, names and party is there. The scary thing is Nancy pelosi 33 years and Maxine Waters 29 years Chuck Schumer approaching 40 years in both houses Dick durbin over 40 yearsthe Dingle family has controlled a house seat from Michigan for almost ninety years. The Democrats have had control of the government for the most part so are they responsible for the systemic racism in this country? please Democrats also include the times of real Rachel problems in this country prior to the 1960s. Whatever the Democrats are accusing other people of they are the ones doing it period, point blank & undisputeable!

  22. The only racists in this country are democrats that play plantation politics trying to buy black votes with other people’s money and calling it reparations. Biden told a black crowd “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me”. That is the most condescending racist thing I’ve heard in recent memory. Trump has never said anything like that or disparaged black people at all. In fact, Trump as helped the black community with more jobs. Democrats are just racist. They started off with the plantations, and the lynchings, and the KKK but democrats are still just as racist today as when they started.

  23. Hey all you Trump haters, If he is such a baffoon, a liar, and a racist, then let the voters decide at the polls in November! Why should we listen to you? Wanna know why? Because the people are sick of the real buffoons, liars and racists, I for one am sick of the hypocrisy and the lies from the left wing fake media, the late night talk shows, the Hollywood crowd and the idiots who should shut up and sing or play sports. I am proud of my president and I plan to vote for him, you can vote for that crazy ass hair sniffer if you want!

  24. As Vega Star states “As of early April, Trump has told 23.3 lies per day in 2020, a 0.5-lie increase since 2019. What’s more, Trump has averaged 23.8 lies per day since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the USA — another 0.5-lie increase. Even during a pandemic, when the public needs to trust and rely on the country’s president the most, deception remains a core part of the president’s playbook.

  25. If you believe that Bolton has a severe credibility problem, just give a thought to the credibility problem of the nation’s tinpot tyrant, brain disordered shameless buffoon and racist, least credible person on earth, jerk off serial liar and crook currently infesting the white house and who makes the case for editorial cartoonists pretty much every day. Lies spout from Drumpf’s lips like a city fire hydrant loosed in the blistering summer heat. The American public can absolutely count on Drumpf to lie (see: health care policy, personal taxes, hush money payments, Russian collusion, Russian interference, Putin convos, firing Mueller, North Korea denuclearization, Mexico border wall funding, Hurricane paths, tariffs/trade wars, Puerto Rico relief, the Bidens, and Ukraine, just to name a few). As former Florida Congressman David Jolly noted on MSNBC Friday, Trump not only lies, he’s not temperamentally fit enough to be trustworthy in a moment of true national crisis. DRAFT DODGER Drumpf isn’t just any president, the orange buffoon is an eminently untrustworthy being, who has acknowledged to advisors that he made up a fake injury to avoid military service, because he “wasn’t going to Vietnam.”

  26. Bolton didn’t testify because he didn’t want to perjure himself because he knew his book was going to be full of lies !!! Bolten is like an ingrown hemmroid ,,,, you just want him to go away .

  27. Ok time to give the libtards a break…it’s been a rough road with a bought and paid for election that didn’t work out to well for the Hildabeast. Their crying towels are worn and tattered from all the wringing out. Oh well you always have good ole Uncle Joe who supposedly is up in the polls just like Hitlary was. Sooo cry U.S. all another river of mama’s titty milk because you will lose again!!!

  28. @FedUpWithIgnorantPeople I know, right? Every lowlife in America has latched onto Trump, as if somehow, his degeneracy will validate their poor miserable failures of lives. I subscribed to a bunch of right wing websites in 2016, in hopes of understanding what exactly these people saw in Trump? It became immediately apparent that Trump appealed to their stupidity. He confirmed the nonsensical beliefs they had fostered to make themselves feel less like losers. A cult of aggrievement was quickly forged, and that continues until today as the basis for Trumpism.

  29. Sandra, no matter what, when Trump wins reelection they will blame every country they can think of. That is why not only do we need to keep the WH and Senate, we need to take back the House. And send Nancy and Adam to prison for their parts in an attempted coup.

  30. What a surprise .. there is interest here about a “CREDIBILITY PROBLEM” … then of course you will find this of interest … (and of course easy to fact-check)

    “As of early April, Trump has told 23.3 lies per day in 2020, a 0.5-lie increase since 2019. What’s more, Trump has averaged 23.8 lies per day since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the US — another 0.5-lie increase. Even during a pandemic, when the public needs to trust and rely on him the most, deception remains a core part of the president’s playbook.

    What’s unusual about Trump is not just how often he lies, but what he lies about and where he communicates his lies most often.” (from

  31. FedUpWithIgnorantPeople, are you looking in a mirror. It is you who is ignorant. If you support what is going on in the Dem run cities you should move to Venezuela. Because you would fit in perfectly. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out of the country because we don’t want to have to clean up your fecal matter.

  32. If Bolton had anything on Trump he would have testified to congress but he would rather line his pockets with lies printed in a book that morons will buy

  33. As the judge who said Bolton’s book could be released with the understanding that Bolton may end up in prison for exposing national secrets. Then you have another person who was there who said what he wrote was not true. And as a “just saying” moment if Trump was going to use China to “fix” the election and until the last few weeks did not know what Bolton had written then why did he go after China so hard over corona? Why did he ruin any chance of China fixing the election? Seems to me he would of tried to ensure China got as little blame as possible. And don’t forget how angry the democrats were over his shut down of all flights from China. Stop, think, and stop going with democratic BS or republican BS and think. If Trump was going to use China to steal the election he sure as heck would not have pissed China off like he has.

  34. Remember the Weapons of math destruction in Iraq fraud ? BOLTON’S the one that portrayed an pushed that agenda an lies onto the American people !
    Were did that go !

  35. The people of the United States will decide between President Trump and Mr. Magoo in November.

  36. I’m sure glad Bolton doesn’t give Blow jobs because if he did he probably wouldn’t get that right either. What a waste of Gods creation.

  37. watch what happens to bolton next. revenues will go to the govt coffers and bolton will likely face charges. theres another idiot looking to improve their back pocket at the expense of trumps election efforts. i bet hes great friends with romney but its just my guess! hope he get put thru the meat grinder for this!

  38. Bolton = Traitor. Definitely, will not purchase his book.

    Optimism about former leftist David Horowitz’ new book, “BLITZ,” who proclaims a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for Trump! APPLAUSE!!!♧

  39. John Bolton , you sir are a back stabbing traitor . To see you dangling from the Short end of a good Rope , would be a welcome site for sure . That goes for all of you commies . The Old Hangman awaits your arrival , for he’s got plenty of good Rope at the Gallows !!

  40. You always have to put some truth with fiction to make it sound like the truth. I’ve done it for years even with my children when they were growing up to get the truth out of them when they did something wrong. They thought you new the whole story when you only had a piece. I’m not a politician but watch them and learn. News people just as bad to tell a story and sell news. I learned about them long before President Trump. Twist, turn, leave words out, so you tune back in. I will not speak to news people because of this. Oh sure they will retract on the back page in fine print. Like a lawyer writing a contract fine print so won’t read it.

  41. FedUp…If you are fed up with ignorant people YOU should be at the top of your list. You really need to take an English course

  42. jim1937…FedUp is supporting the dems because he is very brainwashed. He has no brain to think for himself. He blindly believes their lies. If dems could figure out the truth they would no longer be dems

  43. John Bolton had a weekly appearance on a radio station I listened to and I was always impressed with his foreign policy insights and wisdom yet I think Trump made the right move to dis him or America would be in major conflicts today, he has wasted his talents by his hawkishness an it’s a good thing Trump stood firm against him I now see John as a big disappointment.

  44. FedUp…Your ignorance is profound. You have no clue of the truth. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. We know the truth that you deny. The goal of the dems is total control of every aspect of your life. TRUTH. The dems have thrown God out and follow satan and his evil.TRUTH. If the dems win the election, this country is finished. TRUTH. To deny truth is very foolish. It is you who has no brain or common sense. And you have no knowledge of who God is or the truth of His Word. Read the Bible and get educated, if that is possible. You come here and make a fool of yourself. It is the left who are spreading the propaganda and you have fallen for it. And you will not think it is so funny when it is your turn to stand before Jesus, as you have denied Him

  45. @FedUpWithIgnorantPeople If you believe your screen name, why are you supporting Joe Buffoon and the democRATS?

  46. So funny how all the Liberals want so badly to believe Bolton. The easiest way to judge his veracity is to ask yourself “Why would he not testify under oath and before Congress yet will put in a book”? And if you are to idiotic to not realise was a fear of being found guilty of perjury You should have been declared Brain Dead a long time ago! But you and I both know it is your inherent denial of anything you do not want to accept, as the true immature people you all are. Children sticking their fingers in their ears repeating no no no no no! What buffoons!

  47. I read all your ludicrous comments every night for entertainment and to get a good laugh. I had absolutely no inkling that such a high level of ignorance and backwoods mentality was a real predicament here in the United States. Where do you guys come up with this plethora of misinformation? Do you actually believe the things you write? Because anyone with a brain, common sense and a little knowledge does not!
    It’s monkey see – monkey do following of trumps cult.
    If it weren’t so humerous, it would be really sad. Stop spreading propaganda! Stupid is not a trait of the other side!

  48. JGEvans…Bolton is a vindictive liar. So that’s what you admire? I used to think he was a good man, but he has shown his true colors

  49. Marvin, It is obvious that YOU are the gullible one. You blindly believe the lies of your dem leaders without question and have no clue of the truth. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL have a brain to think for themselves and know the truth that you deny


  51. If what Bolton had to say was true he would have testified. It wasn’t so he didn’t, then wrote a book about the lies he thinks he has to tell to gain favor with the demorats.

  52. Bolton, marvin and julio are just three morons who shoot off their mouths and say nothing of any importance. They are just like the rest of the liberturds, liars and a–holes with TDS. Thank God there are just a few of them out there!!

  53. Dan… and the rest of you yahoos…. How can bolton’s book be full of lies and be full of classified material??? There’s a serious disconnect there, and if you don’t get it, please, you’re not smart enough to vote.

  54. Marvin I don’t know how long you’ve lived on earth but you haven’t learned anything. You got brainwashed by stupidity and it’s affecting your common sense, or lack of.


  56. Thank God that Bolton revealed himself for being the TRAITOR he really was and still is! I met him a couple of times in small meetings as was impressed with his affiliatIon with AEI and friends we had in common. I contacted six of these friends and after discussing about Bolton’s recent actions, we came to the conclusion that he is lowlife, a coward and someone who deserves what will be happening in his future. I am a former professor at two very prestigious universities (40 years), a Vietnam wounded veteran (Special Forces) and disgusted by this traitorous behavior from Bolton.

  57. jo bob…. what I posted is absolutely true, whether you have the cajones to admit it is another matter.

  58. All unshipped copies of the book, and all copies on bookstore shelves, need to be impounded and prepared for “pulping”.
    All copies sold online need to be recalled and any person who has ordered one online who doesn’t return the book in a pre-paid mailer needs to have their account frozen and listed as a “no-buy” account until the book is returned.
    All “no-buy” accounts need to be data based and cross referenced for any individual attempting to circumvent these measures by opening a different account.

  59. Marvin,

    We all know you’re a child molester. Just like most guys named Marvin are. You go blow Bo and pack each other’s fudge as usual. Your parents are really dissatisfied with how your pathetic life turned out living in CHAZ or CHOP

  60. Thank the Lord that Trump doesn’t have a credibility problem.
    If you believe that statement, then you are just as gullible as most Trump supporters are. Everybody stay healthy no matter your politics.

  61. BO54

    I guess the BO stands for you Bending Over to take a Kweer Richard up your backside!

    What a lying sack o Adam Schitt you are. Your mother even thinks you’re a pussy!

  62. What other country is going to be involved in helping Donald Trump win an election. China! Really. Next it will be Iran. No kidding.

  63. Bells, my eyes are wide open. Are you aware that his cabinet officials and other levels in this administration are all lobbyists and moguls who are only out for their own big bucks? They have no experience other than they are lobbyists for themselves and their clients. Are you also aware that he and his administration are refusing to tell the public where $500 BILLION in stimulus (your tax dollars) went? Transparency my a**. And you believe they have your best interests at heart?

  64. I totally agree with Ken. President Trump should get a re-start. I can hear the whining, loony left, crying already.

  65. Hey bo54 its because they are all butt hurt because they couldn’t work up to Trump’s standards. All you people are blind to the fact that our president has been brought through the ringer by these asses who try to bring him down and yet keeps performing. Meanwhile, Pelosi and her cronies didn’t work for the American people for 4 years. Open your frigging eyes.

  66. The Democrats should just stop jerking off while looking at pictures of Nancy from the early 20’s Biden still doesn’t know who she is. And Bolton? A whimp who likes Nadlet!

  67. And of course you all believe Lighthizer, although he said he “didn’t recall” hearing the comment. Here’s a question for y’all…. trump “only hires the best people,” right? So why has everyone who came away and written a book (whether they resigned or were fired, which begs the question of his hiring practices) why do they all say essentially the same thing… he’s uneducated and not fit to serve?

  68. Pelosi ,Romney, Scrachomoto, Bolton, and many more Corrupt democrats Burning up Americans time and money to get nowhere bunt in hell assholes

  69. President Trump’s problem ? He really wants to be a good guy and give people a break – and then they turn around and crap on him. People like Romney, Scrachomoto and now Bolton as well as some others tells me that integrity is such a rare commodity these days. If I had my way President Trump would get his four years back – discounting these past years entirely.

  70. Bolton is a vindictive little man who is acting like a petulant child. At one time, I had immense respect for him but now I see him in a clearer light. He is exactly the same as his “little man” friend, Romney. Both are angry that they couldn’t play a bigger role in Trump’s administration. Bolton wanted to be a trusted advisor only so long as 100% of his advice was taken and acted upon. He and Romney are both full of themselves and acting out because they no longer bask in the limelight. I have one word for them and all of the retired general officers that have opined on Trump…you are all cowardly “traitors”. .

  71. Punk lays up with Lt.Cornhole Alexander Vindman and his treasonous brother…Two Commies that wear the U.S.Army uniform.

  72. Bolton is just another self serving prick. He had an opportunity to go under oath during impeachment. But the risks of being caught in lies was too much. He can’t be prosecuted for lying in a book. If so Stephen King, Dean Koontz and other fiction writers would be in jail.

  73. Bolton is a Warmonger, always has been. This idiot as made himself rich off someone else getting killed. Iraq was a large mistake, Saddam needed his neck broke no doubt, but to spend $3 Trillion to make it happen…Not…It’s a sh_thole with parasites that will still being killing each other to the end of mankind.

  74. Steve, not Minnesota, just Minneapolis and not New York, just NYC. The rest of these states are quite normal. And parts of California are also very conservative. But Hollywood and Sf should definitely be walled off

  75. Why is it so hard for DEMOCRAT SUPPORTER to be honest? Are they in denied of the TRUTH? Anybody that love this country would want to see it STAY THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD! You may not think e every been great but you are WRONG! Tell me where do you think you can find a better country to live in? If you can then say goodbye to AMERICA! I for one am not going to sit back and watch these Democrat push everything toward CHINA! Or bring in illegal immigration to take jobs AWAY FROM AMERICA people!

  76. What’s wrong with China buying our produce anyway?
    Wouldn’t that be good for the farmers?

  77. Shows how Bolton and the dems are in the same corner desperate for power they will do and say anything to trash America. Vote Republican.

  78. True. Media will continue to keep a storm going. The insanity will not stop until this country is in shambles. The Supreme Court Decision just handed down adds sex change to abortion for Government to pay for & does make the future look too bright for a case over classified material.

  79. Bolton is a Trump hating ass hole. If what he said were true he would have been front and center at the impeachment witch-hunt. And he would have lied under oath. And he probably would have gotten caught.

  80. Trash is trash and democrats have proven themselves the biggest pile of it!
    To be and act inhuman and Un America is the very definition of democrats!
    Here we are in a pandemic and all they do is trash America
    Guess China really did buy the treasonous democrats!
    It’s time to complete our borders and we should border off California, Oregon , Washington and New York wait Minnesota too!

  81. If you ever watch Bolton on TV (Fox News) he was just a mouthy blowhard who would get upset if you disagreed with him. He is acting like a little kid. If you don’t like what I say and do then I am going to take my football and go home. He is an ass.

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