John Cornyn just made a confession that will make every Trump supporter sick to their stomach

Anti-gun RINO Senator John Cornyn led the GOP surrender on Second Amendment rights.

But there is more bad news on the way.

And now John Cornyn just made a confession that will make every Trump supporter sick to their stomach.

John Cornyn signed on to a gun grab that will ban and confiscate firearms from the American people.

Cornyn’s gun control bill includes red flag confiscation laws, which Democrats plan to use to target conservatives as “dangerous” if they post pictures of their firearms collection on social media or express political views leftists don’t like.

The gun grab will also allow the government to ban guns from anyone who once went on a bad date or got into an argument with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Finally, the government permanently bans anyone from owning firearms – no matter what age they are – for events that happened in their childhood.

Democrats celebrated this Republican surrender on gun rights.

Anti-gun Democrat Senator Chris Murphy – who wants to ban and confiscate every single firearm in America – predicted that Republicans voting for this gun control package would lead to more gun grabs now that Democrats know GOP Senators won’t fight to defend the Second Amendment.

“My theory has always been that once Republicans voted for gun safety measures they would find out that the sky doesn’t fall,” Murphy told reporters. “We’ll have to see how this plays out for the Republicans. I think Republicans who vote for this will find a lot of new support back home that they didn’t previously count on, and I think they will find that the groups who were against this can’t really do much damage.”

Conservatives have long feared the “slippery slope” argument, warning that if Democrats pushed through even minor gun control, then massive gun bans and confiscation would soon follow.

John Cornyn confirmed that is exactly what will happen.

Cornyn told POLITICO that he will support more gun control and banning and confiscating more firearms from law-abiding American citizens after the legislation he just supported predictably fails to stop mass shootings.

“Cornyn didn’t rule out the possibility of revisiting the issue if circumstances require it. And Senators in both parties suggested that additional Congressional action will likely depend on the circumstances surrounding future tragedies,” POLITICO reported.

John Cornyn’s gun control betrayal is just the beginning.

Cornyn is telling Americans that more expansive gun bans and confiscations are on the way.

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