John Fetterman asked one question that had Democrats hitting the panic button

Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman isn’t firing on all cylinders.

Now his long-awaited return to the Senate is giving Democrats heartburn.

And John Fetterman asked one question that had Democrats hitting the panic button.

Something is clearly off with Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) after he suffered a stroke last May.

Democrats and their media allies managed to keep him hidden away during his election last year.

But a shocking debate performance in the closing weeks before the election confirmed that Fetterman wasn’t quite right after his stroke.

Shortly after entering the Senate, Fetterman spent two months in a hospital receiving treatment for depression he suffered during his recovery.

Now Fetterman is back in the Senate but he added to the growing questions about his fitness to hold office during a Senate Banking Committee hearing.

Gregory Becker, the former CEO of Silicon Valley Bank, testified before the committee after the stunning collapse of his bank.

Fetterman used his time during the hearing to go on an incoherent rant while a stunned Becker watched in silence.

“Is it staggering. Isn’t it staggering responsibility, that the head of a bank could literally, could literally crash our economy. It’s astonishing,” Fetterman said. “That’s like if you have, I mean like and they also realize that, that now they have, it’s in, they guaranteed a guaranteed way to be saved by . . . [unintelligible] . . . how?”

Fetterman’s cognitive decline is so severe that he can’t string together a sentence let alone a coherent thought.

The Pennsylvania Democrats, a Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) devotee, attempted to call for greater regulations on banks.

“Isn’t it appropriate that the, those kinds of, this kind of control should be stricter . . . to prevent this kind of thing from going?” Fetterman rambled. “Or should we go on and just keep bailing and sailing whoever banks regardless of how . . . their . . . their conduct is?”

Fetterman paused, waiting for someone to respond to his incoherent rant before launching into an unrelated attack on Republicans.

He told the former Silicon Valley Bank CEO he would give him an “example” and then proceeded to slam Republicans for trying to attach work requirements to food stamps.

The idea that anyone would have to work to get food stamps was wrong according to Fetterman.

“Shouldn’t you have a working requirement after we sail your bank billions of your bank?” Fetterman incoherently inquired.

Fetterman proved that he’s not capable of representing the citizens of Pennsylvania in the Senate with his shocking performance in the hearing.

The Left immediately tried to do damage control after Fetterman’s jumbled ramblings.

Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein altered quotes from Fetterman to make it seem if everything was okay with the Senator.

The statement was rewritten and passed off as a direct quote by Fetterman.

Fetterman’s Chief of Staff laughably praised his boss’s performance and a spokesman chided Republicans for attacking a stroke victim.

But John Fetterman once again proved that he’s clearly not up to the task of being a U.S. senator.

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