John Fetterman made one surprising announcement that raised this important question

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Rumors are swirling about Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman’s health.

His political future is up in the air.

And John Fetterman made one surprising announcement that raised this important question.

The health of Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) is one of the biggest mysteries in Washington, D.C.’s “Swamp.”

After suffering a stroke just days before his state’s primary last year, Democrats and their media allies worked overtime to cover up the real state of Fetterman’s health.

During his rare appearances on the campaign trail, it was clear that he was still suffering damage from the stroke.

After he won his election, his actions confirmed that his campaign hid how badly his stroke damaged him.

Fetterman checked into a hospital after feeling lightheaded in the fear that he may have suffered a second stroke.

And on February 16, he checked himself into the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for inpatient treatment for clinical depression.

A top aide to Fetterman revealed that he could be in the hospital for months during his treatment.

The New York Times reported that sources close to Fetterman believed that rushing back from his stroke to the grueling schedule of campaigning may have harmed his recovery.

Fetterman has kept a low profile since then as he prioritized his health during his hospitalization.

But he took everyone by surprise when he turned up as the co-sponsor on a railroad safety bill in the aftermath of a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

Since being hospitalized, Fetterman has turned up as a co-sponsor on five other Senate bills.

He also joined two other Pennsylvania members of Congress in signing a letter to the CEO of Norfolk Southern, the company whose train derailed in East Palestine, asking for help for their state.

Despite being hospitalized and receiving intensive medical treatment, Fetterman appears to be back on the job – behind the scenes.

People close to Fetterman claimed that he pushed himself too hard trying to come back from his stroke and now that he’s in hospital he’s still trying to work instead of focusing on his recovery.

Fetterman’s office claims he’s receiving daily briefings while he’s hospitalized.

After being hospitalized for depression related to his stroke, his doctors are letting his staff add to his stress while he tries to recover.

How Fetterman is able to co-sponsor bills and continue to work remotely is a mystery that remains unanswered.

The Pennsylvania Senator’s office declined to answer questions about how he was still able to perform his duties.

New York University medical professor Dr. Marc Siegel told Fox News Digital that he found it “very unusual” that Fetterman was allowed to work from the hospital while seeking treatment.

He explained it’s “very unusual that somebody that’s being admitted for severe depression would be performing their job.”

Siegel said he’s “very surprised” Fetterman’s continuing to work and he “would be very disturbed and concerned about the idea of him performing the job of Senator while receiving intensive treatment for severe depression.”

John Fetterman’s latest hospitalization will only add to the lingering questions about his health and who’s actually making decisions in the Senator’s office.

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