John Kennedy asked one question to a left-wing activist that left the Senate speechless

Democrats thought a Senate witness was going to get one over on John Kennedy.

But the colorful Louisiana Senator did something that he’d never done before.

And John Kennedy asked one question to a left-wing activist that left the Senate speechless. 

John Kennedy lowering the boom Democrat witnesses  

U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) has made a habit out of dismantling the expert witnesses that Democrats have trotted out at Senate hearings this year. 

During a climate change hearing, Kennedy humiliated a left-wing cross-country skier who didn’t know the basic facts about the earth’s atmosphere, which he later dubbed “snow bro.”

Democrats are using left-wing activists as “expert witnesses” to push their political messaging.

During a hearing of the Senate Budget Committee, Kennedy sparred with a hapless Democrat witness.

Dr. Geoffrey Supran – an alleged expert on climate change disinformation at the University of Miami – was called as a witness to attack the oil industry.

“Big oil is the new big tobacco,” Supran ranted. “As a scholar of disinformation, I do not use the word ‘lie’ lightly. But no other word adequately describes the oil industry’s brazen efforts to mislead the public about its history of misleading the public.”

Kennedy was ready to grill him on his ties to extreme environmental activist groups.

In March, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) had an event disrupted at Harvard by a Climate Defiance when their unhinged activists surrounded him and started ranting at him.

One of them called him a “sick f***.”

Manchin had to be held back by one of his aides during the exchange.

John Kennedy leaves the Senate speechless with two words

Supran retweeted the video of the Manchin confrontation on X.

“OK. Would this be the same Climate Defiance that you — I’m looking at your tweet, you — you tweeted in support of them — would this be the same Climate Defiance that called Senator Joe [Manchin], quote, ‘a sick f***?’” Kennedy asked Supran.

Supran tried to weasel his way out of the question by saying those weren’t his words.

“Oh, you often retweet stuff you don’t support. Is that what you’re telling me, doc?” Kennedy asked.

The professor was backpedaling at this point.

Kennedy brought up other examples of Climate Defiance’s awful behavior which included calling U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) a “murderer” and telling Exxon CEO Darren Woods to “eat s***.”

Supran again claimed that he wasn’t responsible for the words of other people.

“Nice group you’re hanging around with, doc. Here’s what your tweet says,” Kennedy said before reading it back to him.

“We do not do online petitions. We do not do NGO coalition letters. We do not do f***ing bus stop ads. We CHASE fossil fuel CEOs and the politicians who do their bidding. And we do not apologize,” Climate Defiance wrote.

Kennedy continued to grill him about other Climate Defiance posts that he retweeted.

“I did not say that I do not support this,” Supran stammered. “I simply did not tweet it, which as you were alleging. I’d like to make very clear that this is form of character assassination is characteristic of propaganda techniques of fossil fuel.”

“Are you going to call me a sick f***?” Kennedy asked.

Left-wing activists are in over their heads trying to deal with John Kennedy.

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