John Kerry held a closed door meeting that has everyone thinking treason

The Deep State’s conspiracy against Donald Trump is now out in the open.

John Kerry was revealed to have held a closed door meeting with foreign leaders.

And now everyone is screaming treason.

As Secretary of State, John Kerry negotiated the disastrous Iran deal.

Iran gained the ability to one day obtain a nuclear weapon and received hundreds of millions of dollars.

The United States got nothing.

Trump is on the verge of withdrawing the United States from the deal and John Kerry secretly met with the leaders of foreign nations, including those of Iran, to try and save it.

The Boston Globe reports:

John Kerry’s bid to save one of his most significant accomplishments as secretary of state took him to New York on a Sunday afternoon two weeks ago, where, more than a year after he left office, he engaged in some unusual shadow diplomacy with a top-ranking Iranian official.

He sat down at the United Nations with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to discuss ways of preserving the pact limiting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It was the second time in about two months that the two had met to strategize over salvaging a deal they spent years negotiating during the Obama administration, according to a person briefed on the meetings.

With the Iran deal facing its gravest threat since it was signed in 2015, Kerry has been on an aggressive yet stealthy mission to preserve it, using his deep lists of contacts gleaned during his time as the top US diplomat to try to apply pressure on the Trump administration from the outside. President Trump, who has consistently criticized the pact and campaigned in 2016 on scuttling it, faces a May 12 deadline to decide whether to continue abiding by its terms.

Critics howled this is treason.

American only has one President at a time.

John Kerry has no authority to collude with foreign leaders to make policy.

When incoming national security advisor Michael Flynn discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador, acting deputy attorney general Sally Yates – an Obama holdover – ordered FBI agents to storm in Flynn’s office and question him using the obscure 1799 Logan Act – which has never been used successful to prosecute an American – to question him.

Trump supporters are wondering why Kerry isn’t being given the same treatment for his back stabbing maneuvers.

Do you think John Kerry should be tried under the Logan Act?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Kerry needs to keep his nose out of President Donald Trumps affairs with different countries when it comes to dealing with Iran Nuclear Deal. Kerry and Obama’s administration is what led to this deal, along with Hilliary Clinton being involved.

    Let President Trump deal with cleaning up Obama’s administration’s mess, because he will get everything fixed where things will work-out for all countries that is involved.

    Kerry and Obama, and Clinton, and all of Obama’s administration needs to be locked-up and put in prison for their misdeeds.

    President Trump is going to listen to his advisers on cleaning up Obama’s mess.

  2. YES Kerry should be charged for the Logan Act & Treason he has NO business meeting w/ Foreign Leaders. He is a civilian, if we let people do things like this, they could bring us to a war for other troubles for our Country.
    Kerry knows better & should be prosecuted. He cannot run around Rogue making deals for our Country, when he has NO power to do so.

    I don’t understand why he has not be put in jail by now.

  3. Interesting comments,especially about Kerry and McCain. Also for David if your so well educated why are you not listed as a FSA. IT is not a difficult skill, even Humma hired one and planted in Congress and he was arrested trying to leave back to his home country on a expired visa. As for Kerry, many Navy vets that served with him have spoken,even his commander. On McCain he was a POW that did suffer, however he was shot down because of his choice not to follow orders and training. The real HERO pilot in that conflict was Daniel C. James which the Raciest Democrats refuse to even talk about. For the uniformed: Chappy was first Air Ace, highly respected by all in his many commands and a wonderful person. Also why I say raciest demo’s is Chappy was also first Negro General in U.S.A.F.

  4. Before I moved to Florida 18 years ago I lived in massachusetts.It is so damn liberal that it is scary,glad I am down here.I don’t want to see him put in prison,I would rather have Lantern Jaw put before a firing squad and shot for treason and that’s what it is.I am so glad that I went independent because I was a democrat during JFK’s term in Office.That was when they were considered center left compared to far left(Libtards or snowflakes) now.I went independent and when Trump was running I had became a Republican and so happy I did.Go Mr. President.

  5. Where the hell is Sessions? Regardless of what the results are Kerry should be sent a warrant using the Logan Act as he definitely put him self in the box trying to help Iran to save his useless deal that was not ratified by Congress because he and Oblaimer skirted them to forge an unlawful deal. The more Session sits on his ass and waits on this unlawful act as well as others, the more it looks like a double standard using the law.

  6. David Pratt have fun with this one!. Wow weeeeeee hoopieeeee. Finally we have somethings going on and found. The further we check, the further things we find and take care of. God Bless you Pres. Trump.
    Trump Just Ended Obama’s Vacation Scam And Sent Him A Bill You Have To See To Believe | Maine Republic Email Alert (Paste in your browser as I couldn’t get it to turn blue.)


    • Rite Chuck, “Should have Never Been” – Buttt, he Was! & 2 ungodly terms at that. Just Awful – the ‘damage’, not only to USA but worldwide w/ hillary help IE, AKA ‘the Irreversible Trojan Horse’.
      > POTUS is ‘helping A LOT’ but then, who steps up to the plate After him. You know what, MR. Kim Would Do Great ‘draining the Swamp’ here. ‘did i say that’? haaa.

    • You are correct, the illegal should be tried for treason as well as those who ALLOWED the illegal to be installed in OUR Whitehouse. Piglosi for sure should be tried for treason because she never vetted obama, she was following soros orders. Thank GOD for President Trump! McCain is a dirty, vindictive old man. He handed obama the presidency and holds a grudge against President Trump for actually WINNING the election. McCain even blames his pick for VP, Sarah Palin for his loss. HE LOST just as the beast did. Now he is trying his best to screw up things for President Trump…mccain, kerry, the illegal…all, will feel the sword of justice…

  8. The Treaty was his initial Act of TREASON and now these meetings are above and beyond TREASON. EXECUTE HIM NOW! He is just a TRAITOR!

  9. Actually I believe the problem is you aren’t looking any further than CNN. Kerry is a traitor and a coward and you are just not even paying attention. All you are doing is regurgitating what the libtards are telling you, no thoughts of your own. If you had a thought you would understand that once a coward and traitor always a coward and traitor just like the Fonda bitch.Joe

    • Yes, both of these traitors portraits are displayed for all to see in the Communist Vietnam War Museum. They never stopped hating their own country and the only group who recognizes them are the Hollyweird who host the largest group of pediphiles in the country.Kerry should be jailed or if he is out of the country ordered to stay out or face criminal charges.

  10. pratt, upon viewing comments, appears to be a ‘troll mole’/ & perhaps paid opposition. (paid opp Does exist.) Hey pratt, have a Passport??? Use it. & RIP.

  11. We have 2 spud face Potato heads. Mueller/Kerry look alikes . gak.
    > I like potatoes, eat a lot (organic of course) BUT I CUT ‘the
    EYES’ 0UT. lol.

    • Joe, there is nothing “fake” about CNN. They are a reputable news organization, which unlike the clowns over at Fox “News”, will do all they can to verify their sources. I realize that tRump is working hard to discredit our important news organizations, but we need to ensure that he doesn’t succeed with his B.S.

      • WHAT drugs are YOU doing??? Can I have some?? Please. Oh my God, a TRUE believer, one who TRULY believes that cnn, msnbc, cbs, abc, & ALL the other FAKE news outlets are ‘actually’ reporting the “news”!!! To actually be this close to one of you is kind of CREEPY, to tell the truth. What kind of human being actually believes lies SO easily?? 🤣🤣🤔🤔

  12. WRONG!!!! To suggest that Kerry was wrong in having meetings with foreign leaders regarding the Iran deal is treasonous is incorrect. Prior officials have actually done it for years. In fact, Kissenger has been doing it for years, and as Kerry pointed out, was meeting with the parties involved during the deal-making.

    Folks, we can disagree with whether the Iran deal was good or bad, but to suggest that Kerry was acting in a treasonous manner is simply incorrect.

    Remember also, that only 1 in 4 Americans approve of Trump’s action in abandoning the deal. Here is why (as quoted from this article:

    “Reducing the number of its centrifuges by two-thirds (centrifuges are tube-shaped machines used to enrich uranium, the material necessary for nuclear power); slashing its stockpile of enriched uranium by 98%; and capping uranium enrichment at 3.67% — enough to continue powering parts of the country’s energy needs, but not enough to build a nuclear bomb.

    In addition, Iran was required to limit uranium research and development, and allow inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) certain access to its nuclear facilities.”

    Folks, let’s face it: Cadet Bonespurs only objected to it because it was a major accomplishment by the Obama administration. The result is that now he has offended our allies and increased the tension in the world. In addition, he played right into the hands of Putin, who gleefully celebrates whenever he sees bickering in the Western alliance. The Dotard-in-Chief may have played to his base (most of whom lack a college education), but in so doing, he has offended the bulk of American voters and created another embarrassment for us abroad.

    • Don’t know where you get your information but it must be from a very liberal site. Anyway, to set you straight Israel found out what was really going on number 1, #2 Iran visited many countries here in our back yard to make deals with them such a Venezuela to continue what they couldn’t because of people watching them and 3rd, this deal was never ratified by Congress so it wasn’t a treaty to begin with. The only thing it did was allow Zero to give them cash using the excuse that the US had no banking relationships to transfer the money legally (traceable). He thought he would never get caught. One of these days, we will know how much he, and the Kerry’s made out of that deal! so please go peddle your horse manure somewhere else. The only reason France and Germany liked the deal is because they were trading with them and now they won’t be able to because of the sanctions.

      • Forgot, there are many banks in Iran that we have SWIFT relationships with that the money could have transferred by.

        • Kerry if was repub would already be charged and in jail. Yes, Kerry in my opinion committed treasoon. Hsy jerk, ur not anything anymore, u r a has been.

    • David I assume you have a college education and if that is so I am really glad that neither my husband nor I have one because they taught you to be an idiot and work for someone else. Not many inventions came from college educated people because you are taught to have a closed mind. My husband and I have owned, operated and sold many businesses and neither of us have a college education. One of our businesses was a computer business back in the 60’s and my husband wrote software for the mining industry. We have been retired for the last 25 years/ What have you done that is so great!

      • True Believer, I am not surprised that you don’t have a college education. I can see that the vast majority of right-wingnuts on this forum don’t have one. In fact, that is almost a qualification for being part of the Dotard’s base.

        As for myself, I do have a college education, rose up through the ranks in the software industry where I became an IT manager for a major corp. I also started a business buying rental properties that I manage. Works very well for me.

        I try to avoid putting people down because I disagree with them, T.B., although it is a bit hard to follow that policy on this site. You say I have a “closed mind” for pointing out that Kissenger was doing the same thing as Kerry: trying to influence foreign policy once out of office. That isn’t my opinion, T.B. It is something that is simply a fact. If you want to discuss facts, I am open. But there is no sense putting down people without facts to support your point of view. The opinions you stated in an earlier posting seem to be from the nonsense spouted forth on Fox “News” and other wacko right-wingnut websites (many of which are operated by Russian trolls, by the way). Those views that you present are simply not based on reality… in spite of the passion for which you believe them.

        It is hard for me to tell a person that they are being brainwashed by those sources. Nobody wants to admit that their entire view of current events is badly perverted. All I can say is to check this out:

        Just click the green button. You will either “get it” or you won’t. I hope you will get it. Even if you don’t change your own perspective on events, I hope it will at least give you a better idea of where people like me are really coming from. And no, we aren’t part of any “deep state”, nor do we support such a nonsensical idea.


        • How ‘would’ you know if anyone (here)has College/University Degrees. That IS an Ignorant Assumption. Your ‘college’? dinky college – taught you well? If so, why Are you here??? Go do your jobbee.

        • David….I would be happy to debate you any time and also compare education and IQ. The fact that you think CNN is credible proves your lack of intelligence. If you compare the education level of Republicans to Democrats you will find the Democrats are sorely lacking. You seem to be a good example of that.

    • Hey Pratt, just b/cuz ‘they’ (NWO) Gang continue ‘underhanded meetings’ Doesn’t Make ‘it’ Right. > & Certainly Does Not Protect
      USA as Sovereign Country. Do you live here b/cuz you ‘scared’ to live Somewhere Else, where they would do the ‘nasty’ to you. Pratt, you
      Need More Respect for the Country in which you live.

  13. Kerry just got his and Iran legs cut from under them. A beautiful move by My President. Kerry should still be prosecuted for the multiple times he met with Iran and having no authority to do so.

    The Logan act was made for a reason. It needs to be used. If the President doesn’t start to convict these criminals. then he appears weak and believes there are two sets of laws. One for “We the People” and the ones for the corrupt elites. He also needs to punch Mueller in his “Lurch” face

    • Then you had better convict Kissinger while you are at it, godsservant, because he was doing the same thing that Kerry was doing. Kerry didn’t seem too bent out of shape when he pointed that out on the news last night, but I’m sure it must have been an aggravation to have Kissinger meeting with the same people behind-the-scenes while negotiations were in progress.

      • WHAT drugs are YOU doing??? Can I have some?? Please. Oh my God, a TRUE believer, one who TRULY believes that cnn, msnbc, cbs, abc, & ALL the other FAKE news outlets are ‘actually’ reporting the “news”!!! To actually be this close to one of you is kind of CREEPY, to tell the truth. What kind of human being actually believes lies SO easily?? 🤣🤣🤔🤔

  14. Kerry is a NVA hero, he is on their honor roll and his picture hangs alongside jane fonda in the NVA war museum, he threw away the medals of someone else during his political climb in the DNCommunist Party, remarried a Heinz family drunk to boost his income, is totally un-american and has a aka of flip flop…It is well within his purview to try and protect the treason he as SS perped on this nation as a member of the Barry Sotero criminal staff, his back door pandering to keep this farce treaty alive is in his own best interest and you can bet the mullahs in Iran are willing to enhance his bank account if he can make treason work….This treacherous globalist communist should be in GITMO with all his cohorts of the DNCommunist party….

    • AMEN !! I agree totally. He has no right to go there to negotiate anything, as he was NOT appointed by our President to do anything. He should answer to this illegal conference with a country who is so full of hate against the USA.
      He should get over the fact he lost his chance to be in a position to do this despicable act of treason.
      I honor Sen Kerry’s service and sacrifice, but totally disagree with his disgraceful act of defiance against our President and our country.
      These people in charge of Iran are never going to change. They are liars and murderers of his own people who don’t go along with his policies.

    • Kerry is a good man. You really need to verify those negative stories about him, though. You will find they are full of holes, ONTIME.

  15. I’m wondering who put him up to this. I doubt Kerry thought this up himself. Do you think Obama is behind this? I do!

    • Besides practicing CYA, Iran has a lot to lose if this non treaty goes south….they will be willing to put a lot of loot in the JFK treason bank account to keep their joke alive….

  16. A mr. kerry, should be careful shooting his mouth off. Enough
    in his background for ‘prosecution’. WHEN Ample Prudent
    Jurisdiction ‘steps up to the Plate’= kerry, mueller et al
    ‘Crumbles< like a 'Piece of Stale Bread' .

  17. Kerry needs to be arrested as soon as he sets foot back in the country for violation of the Logan Act. He has no authority to act on behalf of the U.S. Government and is clearly in violation of said act.

    • Where is he (kerry) Now ??? Out of USA??? If so, that is one way for
      a ‘chicken schnitt’ to Avoid ‘certain things’. a True Treasonous,
      Traitor COWARD. & E’0ne Else who ‘floats around’ in ‘other Countries’.

    • Agreed, Kerry should be arrested and tried for Treason and Sedition under the LOGAN ACT.
      The same should happen to Obumer when he does the same thing with Foreign Leaders.

    • Wrong, Gideon. Unfortunately, even Henry Kissinger was doing the same thing: he was busy meeting with the same leaders behind Kerry’s back while the negotiations were being carried out. Kerry was interviewed last night about that, smiled about it, and pointed out that it is common for prior officials to do that. He seemed to handle it gracefully.

  18. kerry like all the rest of his “friends” billary and obummer should be in JAIL it is ILLEGAL for him to talk to other governments. But we know democraps don’t go to jail because the “PRESS” loves them

  19. I totally agree with all of you but ‘NOTHING WILL EVER BE DONE’. We, true Americans, are all under attack from the evil one ‘SOROS’ and his many minions who work for him. Might as well just get use to it. We are all ‘DOOMED’!!!

    • Come 0n Dawn, “Keep the Faith” !!! Don’t Give In – ‘We’ Cannot, Must NOT ‘give in’. Stay Strong & Brave.

    • Dawn,there is no reason to give up. All we have to do is replace the Rinos in both houses with enough Real Republicans so that President Trump can appoint an Attorney General with the guts to do his job. That’s when the Obamma, Kerry, Clintons and the rest of the treasonous thieves will be brought to justice. Jeff Sessions is not the one to get it done.

    • Dawn, I think you should find out a bit more about Soros before you put him down. He has written a lot of articles on how we can protect our democracy and the warning signs we need to heed when it is being threatened. He’s a good man who has done a lot of work promoting our country’s values around the world. You have to be careful what you read about him, though: there are a lot of Russian toll websites that work 24/7 to smear him and a bunch of the right-wingnut radioheads seem to have bought into the bunk.

      • I really don’t know where you get your news but Mr. Soros is an evil man. What about what he did to the Jews in Hungary, what about what he did to the Bank of England, you must agree then with BLM and their rioting in the streets. Sorry but I just don’t agree. Why do 2 countries want him extradited so they can punish him for war crimes. But I don’t worry about what you think as the one that really matters is our Lord, Jesus the Christ and what is written in the Book of Life. Thanks goodness because that I have control over, not the world.


    • where Is Ms Ketchup? Still alive???
      Kerry has enough to be ‘incriminated’
      WHEN Prudent Jurisdiction ‘steps up to
      the Plate’. 3 so far. We’ll get there.

        • ‘she’ Is v. old -way past ‘g’ raisins. Adrenochrome??? look up this ‘horror treatment’. per PPH. i dunno, per se’ – but aware of the ‘terrible Truth, nasty’.& am so Sorry for sure. thnx joanna for comment. ‘spud face’ – 2 of them. gak. It’s Real.
          When you see that, look’a like’- called a ‘doppleganger’.> in higher dimensions. Capish .

        • Joanna, the yikesmeister horror, look-alike – doppleganger, well, actually
          they ‘could’ be clones. Serious. Not kidding. Ex: ‘many’
          Elvis look alikes To This Day. Usurped genesIN Labs have
          been existent for a long time & 0ngoing.

  21. No this isn’t the first time that Kerry has committed treason, for he was one of those that helped the illegal alien Obama escape his deportation after his visa ran out and even help him get into the DNC, while he was the Chairman, so he has been behind the Deep State treason from way back. Kerry has spent much of his time in the mid-east, especially around the Iranian area he was responsible for the Iran deal in the first place, while he was Secretary of State as he worked it out to get the 444 hostages that they took and from then on continued to take hostages in 1981 and again in 2016, each time negotiating for consideration every time they did. The last time Obama took $400m from the Welfare fund, laundered it through Switzerland and gave it to Iran for the 4 hostages they took.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but a country that has been taking hostages and ransoming them back for nearly 30 years, is not a friendly country and in fact should be considered a hostile. Kerry trying to pass this deal again when he has no power to do so is treason and even if he started it in the first place he should be considered a traitor for continuing his blatant acts of, if he wants to remain a traitor than he should go to live there or we can find a place in GTMZO for him.

    • This is the modis operendi of the muslims. Remember the Barbary Pirates. That is what they did and that is why President Jefferson put a stop to it by putting Marines on US Navy ships (the leather necks). Thanks for the info about Obama’s deportation. Didn’t know that.


    • If we pray hard enough maybe they would take Kerry hostage. Trump would not pay a nickle for his freedom and should be impeach if he does. He has not been a for the USA since the Vietnam War which he sided with the Fonda nightmare and run down our military forces piece of s*** KERRY
      After all it was his doing in the first place and talked Obama dodo into making the deal, without congress approval. Obama will go down in history as the worst president but our teachers of subject 1st thru 12th grade will teach it as fiction as well as the college professors. They quit teaching and started brainwashing our children and young adults.

  22. yes he should be tried for he is committing a crime against this country for he is not under obama nor trump either maybe i should do what he is doing would they try me myself? more than likely so i say he is no better than anyone in the united states now for he is not in office and should be punished

  23. Maybe John Kerry should just be tried and convicted of treason and then dragged out and shot. That would end that.

  24. Kerry has committed treason. Clearly Obama and Iranian Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s advisor, along with George Soros,
    are behind this. I believe the Obama administration people are busy trying to stop President Trump from his successes. Obama will not let Trump deminish Obama’s own success in “buying” the Iran Deal with pallets of cold hard cash.
    This cash bought the Iranians war material to be used against whomever they wanted. Really bad deal for the US. We got nothing out of this…… except…… a big taxpayer LOSS.

    • You need to learn the real facts about the “cash” given to Iran with this deal. It was Iran’s money that the US Government confiscated years ago — not US taxpayers’ money. Corporate media constantly lies about this. Check it out.

      • Agreed that it was Iran’s money, but the Iran deal was not done in good faith by Obama administration and now we have lost leverage we had with Iran’s nuclear capability for now and in future.

      • It was not Iran’s money. It was money pilfered from theAmerican savings and loans institutions during the Carter administration to buy back the American hostages.

  25. He should have been thrown in jail a long time ago with all of his Vietnam BS during the war. He was a traitor and coward then and still is today. I believe the recent activities deserve prison. Normally traitors were executed, but in this case, make him pay the price in prison. Maybe he can be put in the same cell with Obama. There should be no hesitation. He should be arrested today and tried tomorrow.

  26. No. Try him as an outright traitor. Punish him for his treason. He’s always been anti-American. He’s a Democrat, but then I repeat myself.

  27. Absolutely devious/traitorous! Our last regime may turn out to be more corrupt then anyone knew! Kerry should be held accountable as all his coharts that have broken the law-undermind our system of laws/president!

  28. Try John Kerry the traitor for treason. Kerry has always been known to be not very bright as stated publicly by some high officials..had a history of being 100% against any American sanctions for the Middle East….and being 100% dedicated to Obama got him to be chosen as Secretary of State for the Iran Treaty. Put Kerry behind bars for life.

  29. Kerry is breaking the Law. I agree with the above folks. I suggest everyone do a computer search for “Project Invisable” – George Soros and “Organizing for Action” – Barack Obama. Both are SUBVERSIVE!!!!!

  30. No double standards for the democrats! Collusion is happening right in front of the entire Congress and all of Washington D.C. and they are trying to sale the collusion story about Trump! What a bunch of losers! Put that whole miserable mess of democrats in prison and pitch the key. Obama, Kerry, Hillary, Gates, Holder,Lynch and Soros too! Just to name a few well deserving losers.

      • Kerry is, was and always will be a traitor. He along with John McCain, Obama, Soros, Clinton and all their minions should be tried, convicted and spend the rest of their lives at GITMO being water boarded. U.S.N.Air Vietnam Veteran

    • Bonnie, I totally agree. That bunch should be put away for treason. Yet they still go after the President with false charges. Throw Mueller in with that bunch.

    • yes kerry comtted the LOGAN ACT VIOLATED THE LAW, he is a private citizen like us with no authority to meet with any leaders, yes indict him if not other will follow him

  31. Have to wonder if there is a connection to Obama and his personal advisor, whom still lives with the Obama’s in Washington. We all remember Valerie Jarrett, who is Iranian, and well known for pushing for Iranian interest while serving as Ob’s personal confident + advisor. Kerry’s actions are clearly part of the Clinton/Demo/ Deep State strategy.Would anyone be surprised if OB was involved with Kerry’s actions?

  32. I can just picture Kerry over there patting those creepy terrorists on the head and telling them “Don’t worry, we will be back in by 2020; and, we’ll get you back on track by then.” Hang him from the nearest lamp post.

  33. Kerry is a traitor, along with Obama and Clinton…they are all in it together. One goes down, they all go down. It’s a house of cards. They can take Mueller with them. I never realized the seriousness of the deep state. It’s frightening what they were doing to sell us out. I hope and pray the Trump organization brings them all down, one-by-one. Starting with Clinton and the missing emails. Ask yourself why they let her get away with being indicted. Think back to the Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac? There was, and still is, a deep conspiracy that includes Obama…I am convinced.

    • You do know that Mr. George Soros owns all of them? He raised Barry Soretoro to be POTUS, how else would all his records be sealed? His college paid for, Michael’s sex change operation, the trip to the middle east when he didn’t have money for cigarettes. The trip to Africa to buy the girls. Hillary getting millions from Soros, $1.7 BILLION from the UAW, and other “Gifts”? Even Kasich got over $600,000 to take Trump down. Comey’s wife got $675,000 from Soros!
      FOLLOW THE MONEY! It all leads to Soros.

  34. Kerry is stepping over the line and he knows nobody is going to do a damned thing to stop him! It is known what Kerry IS doing so stop the bullshit! The U.S. didn’t get anything from the Iran deal but what did Kerry get out of the Iran deal? Why else would he be risking prosecution and/or treason charges? President Trump, be careful, Kerry isn’t up to anything good.

    • Kerry and McCain were TRAITORS over in VIETNAM when they were POW’s. Singing song John’s. So Yeah they are both TRAITORS, and I believe thattoday they both are the same TRAITORS of YESTERYEARS…

  35. Just NOW? Kerry’s been a treasonous SoB for decades. Leftists must water the Tree of Liberty with their blood.

    • ABSOLUTELY!!! The entire Deep State needs to be indicted, thrown in prison, and those guilty of treason – executed!

  36. Short and to the point…. John kerry should be charged with meeting behind closed doors meeting with Iran or any oth by other government. Like it or not, we have one President. I’m speaking as an old soldier… our elected officials keep making excuses. Stand for truth, Freedom isn’t free if we continue down this the right thing, right reason for the right results.. . Kerry and others trying to down this Constitution. Stand for something or we will implode as a Nation

  37. Ketchup man is a born liar. From purple heart (wrote his own narrative), as a senator,candidate for president, and finally his last roll as international ass kisser for Obummer.

  38. John Kerry is the perfect example of the life long politician . If anyone thinks America has its best working to protect us the Iranian deal is the golden turd. Remember the Iranians during Mr Kerrie’s time boarded and took over a naval vessel at gun point as well as other provocative acts of aggression with no push back. Most Americans were wondering why the Iranians could get to push us around . Now thinks to Israel we have proof the Iranians have lied all along and have made a fool of both Kerry and Obama. Jail Kerry and prosecute him.

    • Yeah that John McCain is dying wish it was a couple of months ago as far as the rest of them nothing will happen because the Republican senators are all chicken shits because they may lose money and their jobs

  39. Part of the megalomania of the Left is that their belief that THEY could never be wrong and in their minds, it is necessary to “save the US and the World.”

    Actually, they had their chance. It is OVER. It is definitely illegal for a citizen to try to “negotiate” with a foreign leader on behalf of the State Department.

    If they want to go to a party….fine. But having meetings with foreign diplomats is definitely OFF the table. This is a prosecutable offence.

    Obama is no longer president.

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • laws only seem to apply to republicans democrats have another set of laws.. it is a tragic disaster for our country..where is the truth sure got lost in the dust…

      • I am waiting for mr ” run off at the mouth ” Trump to do something. He has the power and the right to have all of them arrested and held for trial on the charge of treason yet he sits on his hands and dose nothing. Do what you promised to do D.T. and protect this country. Remember you took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. START DEFENDING !!!

    • Why did Repubs vote him Sec of State? Amazing how deep this treasonous swamp really is. We almost lost our Country in their sell-off of Our Lord GOD, Country, and Soul. 🇺🇸🙏✝️God Save us from our domestic treasonous Enemies within. Please keep us Awake&Strong.🇺🇸

  40. Absolutely, John Kerry should be tried AND convicted under the LOGAN Act. He had no authority or right to meet with any of the foreign leaders. He should not be undermining the will of the current President or the People who put him there. IF we wanted another Obama we would have elected Hillary. BUT we didn’t want another manipulator in the White House. We wanted someone who actually cares about America, and we found him in President Trump!!!

    • I agree. What Kerry his doing is undermining President Trump and his administration. Who does he think he is? How and why is the Trump administration letting him getaway with this and what hasn’t President Trump called him to the Oval Office with his administration present and told him to cease and desist? Then why hasn’t Homeland Security called him in for questioning? I’m just so fed up with all the games of the Democrats I could just scream!

      • Robert: I will make a citizen’s arrest upon John Kerry, trust me, let’s get an arrest warrant.

  41. Yes, try him for violation of the Logan act. That piece of crap Barack Obama too. He’s been up to the same treasonous activities. I.e. , his trip east going to all those foreign countries ahead of President Trumps trip to meet with foreign leaders in the same mid east and eastern countries. They’re both criminals who should be under lock and key for their attack on America and our constitution. Obama being sworn into office took the oath to uphold the U.S. constitution. He did everything but that. Just look at his record. Clinton sold America’s uranium to Russia with Muellers help and Obama’s help. Is that not the highest form of treason? Now this crooked cop, Mueller, is in investigating our duly elected President illegally for alleged Russia collusion to interfere in the election. An illegal investigation based on false information provided to a corrupt fisa court judge to get a subpoena and warrant for their investigation. Lock up comey and Clinton too. Remove Sessions, Wray, Rosenstein. Fire ohr, strock and all the other crooked cops in our fbi and DOJ. And any other of our law enforcement agencies. Drain the swamp. Put Larry Klayman in charge of Trumps legal team to protect him from this crooked, criminal investigation being done by Mueller and his crooked henchmen.

    • Absolutely he is not Secretary of State no more so why is he sticking his nose in the countries business when he isn’t even Secretary of State no more why hasn’t someone sent him a subpoena to appear he needs to be arrested or told mind your own business you were Secretary of State not no more so mind your own business

  42. Isn’t this a violation of the “Logan Act”? He is NOT and elected official, interfering in the government that he is no longer a part of! HE HAS NO REASON TO BE THERE! So lets read between the lines. He and Barry paid this Rogue Government off in a Pallet full on money! CASH YOU SHOULD ALL REMEMBER! The Democraps are broke, and it is very hard to trace cash payments! Both he and all the other higher ups in the Democrapic party, including the DNC shown have their accounts investigated! IMMEDIATELY!

  43. John (the gigolo) Kerry has committed treason before, by meeting in France with the Viet Cong after he came home from Viet Nam. Nothing was done then! Now he is at it again and he should be charged this time with treason for sure. It’s time these people are stopped once and for all. He is after all a traitor from way back!

  44. If I were Trump, I would go on Nation television and make the world aware that neither John Kerry, nor Barack Obama, nor Hillary Clinton, nor George Soros, nor any other person or persons outside of this administration’s State Department have any authority to negotiate with anyone, and nothing they promise will be upheld by America. And I would haul Kerry in and let him know in no uncertain terms he is to cease and desist from conducting backdoor illegal diplomacy or face charges of treason and a firing squad.

  45. This stuff is really getting irritating. Why won’t Trump et al get Kerry out of there? I guess Kerry has the right to meet with them but he is basically consulting with them. Maybe they are paying him a huge fee or something.

  46. George Soros, Hussine Obama and John Kerry should be hanged for Treason. All o the top FBI SHOULD NE FIRED. PLEASE RECIND THE IRAN DEAL OR Onsmas big MISTAKE!!

  47. Of course, everyone on the left seems to get the Hillary treatment. The system only seems to go after those associated with President Trump. Unless the system starts to adjust to promote a fair legal system for all, we the people may need to have a revolution to get rid of the trash in Washington, D.C. Either make the legal system work the way it is suppose to, or throw it out and have a revolution where we the people will get the justice we deserve. Which is it going to be?


    • I agree with you Ginger, Unfourtunantly we are past the point of no return, I like the way you think, we need to “CUT OUR LOSSES AND THROW OUT ALL THESE “STANKY POLITICIANS WHO ONLY HAVE THERE SELF INTEREST AT HEART!!! , FUK “ALL” THESE TREASIONISTS!!!!!

    • I am FED UP with all these lying miserable failures who can’t stand the fact Trump got elected. They knew they would be exposed when he said “drain the swamp”. Thank GOD for President Trump and for EVERYONE that voted for him. John McCain dying or not, still has sour grapes for losing his race. President Trump’s base has to stay focused and stand with him. We blindsided the Dems by electing him. Let’s keep on blindsiding them. MAGA

  48. His only success seems to be at being a traitor. Israel is a prime example. But don’t forget, his boss B. Obama and G. Soros are just as guilty. None of them have American’s best interest at heart. A tangled web they weave.

  49. It is a sad day but it has been predicted in the Bible. Those that think they are better then the rest of us will find out what it means, that the first will be last and the last will be first. Redemption lithe near. Pack up, look up. we will soon be leaving this despots behind

  50. YES, pull his passport and try him for treason. the big question is why we should not do the same with Obama. He is NO LONGER president and his shadowing Trump on foreign trips is greatly impacting Trump in his duties. At the least we can pull secret service protection and any transportations aid. After the presidency most presidents retire and stop fundraising.

    • I’ve read where they both had told foreign leaders that Trump would not be President for much longer! What the hell do they know unless they are planning to get rid of him?

    • John Kerry is a traitor. He was a traitor when he came back from the Vietnam War and testified against the sailors that were with him in his phony lie about attacking the Vietnamese. He condemned our brave men in the Vietnam War when testifying before Congress. Once again, Kerry and Obama sold our country down the river with this Iranian agreement so Iran could build a nuclear device. Now he is out of office, and against the Logan Act, is negotiating with the Iranians to keep his treasonous pact with the Iranians in place. TRAITOR KERRY-NOW AND FOREVER.

  51. LURCH needs to be locked up and/or be served the punishment ALL TRAITORS earn. He knows what that is. Remember?… he served in Viet Nam HA HA HA!! (Hid in the RICE PADDIES with other low life cowards AND POOR LOCALS and made up LIES LIES LIES and continues as we speak.

  52. Who in the hell does John Kerry think he is? Why has the Logan Act not been brought up and Mr. Kerry (et al) stand trial to discover how these vermin are still allowed the freedom to roam not only OUR country but the world as well. Also George Soros and associates are spending untold millions on an attempt to bring down not only President Trump but also our country. WHEN will we be able to expect the trials of these traitors to begin? If not soon, then WHEN?

    • I guess that I am ignorant of the facts regarding this, but it seems to me that John Kerry is doing the same rotten thing that the BIG ZERO did for the first year of President Trumps term in office,,,,,,Mainly chasing around the far east and trying to continue as Secretary of State, which he did nearly a rotten of a job that Crooked Hilly did,,,,He just didn’t get 4 American Government persons killed like Crooked Hilly did. I don’t understand how the meetings are being arranged for John Kerry to meet all of these dignitaries from the foreign countries since he has NO RIGHT nor ANY Authority to discuss the status of ANYTHING with ANYONE, be they dignitaries or FLUNKIES!!! Between Kerry and Crooked Hilly, I am not sure who is the most inept and who is the most dishonest????!!!!! I take that back,,,,,Kerry didn’t sell off 20% of America’s Uranium. There were, however, 9 signatures necessary to finalize the Uranium deal,,,from Horrendous Holder, Crooked Hilly, and at least 7 other “HIGH-RANKING American officials that are traitors that need to get Prison time for the ILLEGALITY of that situation. Do NOT lose sight of what happened to the sailor that took a couple of pictures to show what kind of equipment he had been trained to utilize,,,,What he suffered should be brought down on ALL INDIVIDUALS that were involved in the Uranium debaucle that was done during the BIG ZERO regime,,,,the only difference being that he did not sell any uranium to a foreign government and accept Millions in payoff money that was “SLID into the CLINTON FOUNDATIO.” Just how CROOKED are the Clintons, the Obama’s, the Holder who is an attorney that should have KNOWN BETTER!!! The Sailor was DISHONORABLE DISCHARGED FROM HIS NAVAL CAREER< LOST ALL BENEFITS< and GOD ONLY KNOWS what a strain it put on his family and loved ones. I personally SALUTE that sailor, and hope that all of his long and well earned benefits have been returned to him, along with a HUGE monetary award,,,,,,The things that the Clinton's and all the???????? activities that they have been involved in since he lived in the tree and crapped on the front lawn at the campus……He has never stopped "CRAPPING" on American soil and women since then. How he and his INEPT wife have remained out of prison never ceases to amaze me. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS?????

  53. I did not like John Kerry then and I like him even less now. How can he stand to look in the mirror everyday? I don’t know, from his looks maybe he don’t. He is not an American citizen. He is a traitor and should be handled as such. What a sorry excuse for a man. Maybe Trump is not perfect but at least he stands up for what he believes and is not afraid to show it. Trump gets my vote.

  54. johm Kerry is a traitor for sure while in Vietnam on a u boat afellow sailor was killed because refused to fire because he was a conscinous objector he hasn’t changed lepards don’t lose there spots let him fry with all th eother treasomous people le my climton both of them and certaimly obuma

    • john bergdahl kerry, i hope he included men in his boater staff in this meeting. love to hear them all sing publicly about taking back any decorations or other lies he spewed about his b. s. while serving. he is, was a phony as many will confess. couldn’t even handle the state dept. his service was a joke.

    • YES, pull his passport and try him for treason. the big question is why we should not do the same with Obama. He is NO LONGER president and his shadowing Trump on foreign trips is greatly impacting Trump in his duties. At the least we can pull secret service protection and any transportations aid. After the presidency most presidents retire and stop fundraising.

  55. millions of dollars b/s , oboma gave them billions of dollars in the dead of the night , trying to hide it from us,and of course the media didn’t report it ,afyer they gave the kenyan freak the nobel pos prize who would want it any more

    • You are not mistaken. And our ‘first woman President’, Valerie Jarret, was born in Iran….Obama never made a move without her approval and no one got to Obama except through her. Obama was installed to establish the Caliphate…probably in Jerusalem or D.C. We were effectively overthrown when Obama stepped into the White House and they don’t mean to step aside. President Trump can take this country back if we stand behind him.

    • I agree. The one issue no one seems to realize is everyone who serves in Congress gets a pass on criminal activity. Therefore Kerry knows he can do whatever he wants because he is in that elite club remember Hillary and others who have skated.

    • It is a sad day but it has been predicted in the Bible. Those that think they are better then the rest of us will find out what it means, that the first will be last and the last will be first. Redemption lithe near. Pack up, look up. we will soon be leaving this despots behind

      • You are so correct Fred and most of the people don’t have a clue, only a remnant. Just like the days of Noah. I can hear the scratching on the ark as the waters rose. Too late. Could happen as soon as Sept 19th and if not, we will have to wait another whole year.

  56. Arresting him and setting a trial date would start others in the deep state to think about running, hiding or squealing like like a pig to save their sorry asses.
    Sure seems worth the shot to me.

  57. The “LOGAN ACT” works , but sure wish he had of been sent back to NAM so he could have been executed for the bad things he said against the Vets that were still there fighting the enemies .. He is as sorry as can be and should be prosecuted for trying to turn other countries against our GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA .

    • Totally agree with you, Kerry should be jailed for what he did, he does not represent this country. Why are letting these people get away with this?

  58. Not only should Kerry be tried under the Logan Act, he should also be made to give up his three Purple Hearts that he never missed a day of work for in Vietnam.

  59. John Kerry is a criminal Democrat and needs to be behind bars for life. He can never be trusted in anything and another one that’s has did nothing for America stinking lazy bastard.

    • Robert You could not put it any better. Kerry has a face that looks like Muller, they are 2 of the snakes trying to bring down President Trump but it will not work.”We the people are on to them, and Kerry should have been left by his boat in Vietnam, the Country would be better off today.

      • He threw America under the bus during his swift boat days. Nothing’s changed he’s still the same commie traitor.

    • The group of them all should go to jail after facing Treason charges.Enough is Enough folks, I’m tired of them still playing their games that hurts America

  60. John McCain encouraged the GOP to approve his old friend to become the Secretary of State.

    Politics …

  61. Pray hard for Trump.I do nor believe he knew how deep the swamp was as infested as it is. do not loose sight of the big money behind this and you all know of whom I speak.
    Trump has brought God Bless America back home where it belonges

    • I agree and I am praying for Mr. Trump, his family and his administration. I am also praying for all who are
      Working against him to be brought to just.

  62. Yes-Kerry should be tried under the Logan Act.When are we going to start trying all of the criminals? What is Jeff Sessions doing?

  63. Yes! He is more than “colluding” with our enemies (Friends don’t run around screaming Death to America!) he is planning to sell us down the river again.

  64. Yes, Kerry should be tried under the Logan Act. I totally agree with Michael, they all should be behind bars and the key thrown away.

    • I do not understand why the media and GOP do not point out that Kerry negotiated the Iran deal with his step-daughter’s husband. There was a picture of Kerry and the step-daughter’s wedding party going around the internet after the wedding.
      Kerry needs to be tried for treason, as so should BHO for his many anti-American deeds.

      • son in law an iranian by way, i’m sure he picked up some change as did the rest obama, kerry, clinton. if anyone should be behind bars, it’s kerry. get the real story from men he served with in viet nam. never went on a mission, he’s never written a book has he?? i served my four but never hid from any duty when called on. this guy should be hauled in for treason.

        • Roger, I Sir would like to think you for your Service to our Country.It is men like you and me who made it what it is today. From another VET. USAF 55-62 and a proud one.

    • Kerry is a criminal and weasel. My dad who served twice in Vietnam said there was such a misappropriation of funds by not getting to our military was criminal. Kerry is a con, should be in jail, eliminate him from the swamp.

      • Ben, from one Vietnam vet who did two tours in Nam, I salute your Father and please tell him, “Welcome Home Brother”, for me. Thank him for his service to this once great country.

  65. When I heard this I was ready to vomit. What is wrong with this country that anyone can negotiate with countries that doesn’t have the authority. Just like when Obama went to all of those foreign countries ahead of Pres. Trump. I not only am for a lose of words but don’t have any suggestions either of what to do. Only thing I can think of is take away their passports. They are always trying to throw a monkey wrench into every thing that Pres. Trump is trying to do for the good of our country. Maybe the Iranians haven’t paid off Perry and Obama for the cash that they received and they want to collect before Pres. Trump shuts the deal down.

    • YES,Joe,I agree that all of the illegal activities should stop, unfortunately, THE DEEP STATE is still running things to ruin President Donald J Trump!

  66. Former John Kerry, needs to keep his nose out of President Donald J Trumps business with dealing with the Iran deal. I’m trusting President Donald J Trump and his administration with fixing this bad deal and the whole bad situation with Iran. John Kerry is no longer working in the White House along with all of the other crooked and hateful Democrats. John Kerry should be investigated and prosecuted for his treason towards the United States of America and all of the Americans.

    • John Kerry is a disgrace to America and has been since the Vietnam war. He was a liar then and is a bigger liar today. The Iran Deal is all smoke and mirrors and gives away everything to Iran and leave crumbs for the West.

    • Barbra I am with you KERRY is nothing but a P.O.S. where would he be if he didn’t MARRY INTO MONEY??? You did get one thing wrong. It’s not democrat it’s DEMOCRAP. Because that’s all they speak

      • My apologies to miscalling him Democrat. I agree, he is a P. O. S., just like all of the DEMOCRAPS! They all need to be replaced and then they need to be prosecuted for attacking President Donald J Trump and his administration.

  67. Wake up, people. This is all theater for the masses, a loosely scripted performance designed to be a distraction from the true, hidden, agenda.

  68. Kerry ass should be behind a set of BARS that asswhole is no better then anybody else he’s stabbing backs ,sounds like the Clintons and Obama are working again that’s 2 more that earned their way 2 the same kind of rooms made of BARS My OPINION THE CLINTONS AND OBAMA’S and KERRY are a disgrace to this COUNTRY SHOULD BE HUNG IN THE PUBLIC TO SHOW THE REST OF THISE ASSWHOLES THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THRU WITH THOSE DI$KHEADS BULLSHIT

  69. Come and get it!!

    Just an old TEXAS saying when threatened by SANTA ANA that citizens must give up a cannon and personal defense weapons.

    That cannon created a nation united.

  70. Without proper request from congress or the President, why is John Kerry talking politics with foreign countries and undermining our Government? This is absolutely treason and Kerry and Obama should be imprisoned. Obama, get a grip. You are no longer potus. Kerry, go home and cry in your beer, you are no longer needed for anything you traitor.

  71. I don’t understand WHY these crooks and silly ass idiots that have investigations going against them all have not been eliminated off the streets yet. Put them in jail where they all belong, there is more than enough charges and evidence to put them away for life. Let’s get it done and stop this BS from continuing and let President Trump complete the clean up of the disasters in this country.

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