John Kerry let the cat out of the bag on Joe Biden’s plan to impose this globalist New World Order idea

Joe Biden is claiming to be President-elect.

Biden is running around acting as if the election results are final and he can go about planning his government.

And now John Kerry let the cat out of the bag on Joe Biden’s plan to impose this globalist New World Order idea.

John Kerry was one of Joe Biden’s key allies during the Presidential campaign.

Kerry spoke to the World Economic Forum and backed their New World Order scheme to use the coronavirus pandemic to impose a “Great Reset” on the society and use climate change to reorder the planet into a socialist society.

“The notion of a reset is more important than ever before,” Kerry stated. “I personally believe . . . . we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.”

Kerry said that if Biden becomes President, he will rejoin the job-killing Paris Global Warming Accords, which will redistribute America’s wealth and jobs to the rest of the world.

“I know Joe Biden believes this. It’s not enough just to rejoin [the Paris Climate Agreement] for the United States. It’s not enough for us to do just the minimum of what [the agreement] requires,” Kerry added.

Kerry added that a potential Biden administration will use so-called “climate change” as a Trojan Horse to “reset” every aspect of American life and put it under government control.

“The Biden administration will focus on every sector of the American economy. There will be a 2035 goal to achieve net neutrality with respect to power and production . . . we’re ready to come back in and help to lead and raise the ambition in Glasgow to accelerate this incredible capacity for a transformation in the private sector,” Kerry added.

The “Great Reset” is one of the most frightening concepts to emerge in recent memory.

Global elites and other world leaders – such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – are now openly touting about how they think they can upend human civilization and eliminate capitalism and America’s system of freedom and individual liberty.

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