John Kerry made one bold promise that left Democrats shaking their heads in disgust

Photo by U.S. Department of State via Wikimedia

John Kerry is like a cold sore that just won’t go away for conservatives.

Now he’s becoming a problem for his party.

And that’s because John Kerry made one bold promise that left Democrats shaking their heads in disgust.

President Joe Biden resurrected John Kerry’s political career when he named him Special Presidential Envoy for Climate to lead his regime’s global plan to combat climate change.

Kerry stepped in it when he vowed that the US would pay “millions” of dollars of taxpayer money into a United Nations slush fund to poor countries for climate reparations.

He spoke at the Bloomberg News Economy Forum in Singapore where he announced that America would pay into the new Loss and Damage Fund at the United Nations’ upcoming annual climate change conference in Dubai.

The Loss and Damage Fund is a plan to transfer vast amounts of money from the US and other wealthy nations to poor countries to compensate them for the damage caused by climate change.

Environmental activists blame the US and other wealthy countries for creating a disproportionate amount of global carbon emissions.

They conveniently ignore the fact that China is the biggest polluter in the world.

China isn’t expected to contribute to the fund because of the country’s status as a “developing nation,” which exempts them.

The exact details of the fund will be hashed out at the upcoming climate change conference.

Poor countries and environmental activists have demanded that the U.S. contribute over $100 billion a year to the fund.

The promise to fund the Loss and Damage fund meant that Kerry was caught red-handed lying under oath to Congress this summer.

The climate envoy told Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) on the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s oversight subcommittee that “under no circumstances” would the U.S. pay for climate reparations to poor countries.

Environmental activists were dismayed that Kerry only promised to pay millions into the fund.

ActionAid USA director of policy and campaigns Brandon Wu told Bloomberg News that Kerry’s offer was “almost an insult.”

“Several million dollars is better than nothing, but it’s an order of magnitude short of being truly meaningful,” Wu said.

Wu wants the US to pay $70 billion a year into the fund by 2030.

Power the Future communications director Larry Behrens said “These climate reparations are nothing more than a global shakedown orchestrated by those who live under the fallacy that money changes weather.”

“It’s no surprise to watch climate zealots fight over who holds the checkbook because grifting taxpayer dollars is the foundation of sand on which the green agenda thrives,” Behrens told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Leftist politicians like Joe Biden and John Kerry have thrown open the cash vault for their climate failures here at home, and they shouldn’t be shocked that the rest of the world wants their cut too.”

The country is going broke with record amounts of debt and John Kerry is eager to funnel more taxpayer money to foreign countries.