John McCain committed his ultimate act of betrayal

Explosive revelations brought to light how the Obama administration collected the communications of Trump transition officials and committed crimes by leaking the information.


  1. McCain,you were never a hero. Why don’t you admit I t songbird, you sung like abird and caused deaths among prisoners and how about the 138 deaths you caused on the ship showboating. You never apologized and wentfurtherdown from there

  2. I don’t believe it the election are so corrupt. California same problem. Can’t get rid of these people they do a bad job and we still have them.

  3. Go home traitor to your constituents and the people of the United Statrs.
    Sorry you had a health problem. You will receive care us little people you hurt would not get.
    How do you sleep at night, drugs!!!!!
    Your poor people you are suppose to be representing. I bet they would like their votes back.
    Hate is not healthy and that’s what you are full of.
    Only little people hold grudges, you are hurting yourself. Put country first. You have ruined your legacy. You will be remembered as a jealous, little spoiled rotten man,

  4. McCain should be put out to pature with the Mummy Pelosi, Chuky Shumer ,and lets not forget the queen of the swamp rat`s Hillary Clinton.

  5. John McCain is a selfish man out for himself, not what’s best for Arizona and the rest of the country.
    I feel sorry for his daughter that was on Fox.
    He needs to resign. He can gracefully do that by saying he has a health issue. Do not respect him now even though he did spend years in prison for being caught by our enemies.
    He has ruined all of that respect so many had for him.

  6. Why would a man rush to Washington to vote to back his party on an issue, then sabotage his party when the issue was about to be resolved? I believe the answer is simple: REVENGE. John McCain has always been for John McCain. I believe he hates President Trump for things said in the campaign, and, as a closet democrat, for the policies the President advances. In his world, what is most important, the Nation or John McCain? His actions show his preference. He has destroyed any reason for having the least amount of regard for this man.

  7. And being from Arizona and a full military family (son just retired USMC 24 yrs)plus a Veterans Advocate for 30 years, we can’t figure how he won this years election as nobody’s taking credit. The way he stayed mum until his vote put him in another 6 (long) years then unleashed clear favoritism for the Obama ‘shadow’ government sworn to bring President Trump down is near treasonous. McCain is a disgrace just from the perspective of no improvements made to our Veterans hospital in Phoenix, where he lives. He is STUCK on Russia while all military has known N. Korea is the primary concern for years. Each time he opens his mouth on TV he presents us with clear and present danger of not passing Term Limits!

  8. I just found out that Sustern was on MSNBC…It figures. The whole time she and Kelly were on Fox, I said then they were ignorant liberals…the way she humiliated Rick Santorum TWICE…she should have been fired then. McCain should stay with her and get a job there. He’s a moron of the first class…there were thousands of other men who were imprisoned in Vietnam – but none disgraced the hero yoke like a–hole McCain.

  9. McCain is a traitor to his own party, he can’t even claim to be a maverick any longer, my distrust of McCain started when he ran for President of the United States, his running mate Sarah Palin was being trashed by the media and all he did was stand by and watch, come to her defense, not John McCain, he was nowhere to be found, that in itself showed his character, McCain is not the representative he used to be, and it is time for him to retire his old _ _ _ out. Let someone come in and stand for the Republicans instead of stabbing them in the back, which is exactly what he has been doing. OUT WITH YOU McCain.

  10. Remember this is a man who dumped his first wife and 4 kids who waited 6 years for his return.I was at the apport when they flew him home to San Diego, we knew the family. He’s always been about himself,his Daddy was an Admiral and he wouldnt have been selected except for his bing captured. His life as a captive was horrid,he did try to communicate and encourage others in the camp. Water under the bridge now,he’s jealous of Trump and as he did with his first family will throw Trumo under the bus his ego couldnt take the comments by Trump,Trump had his number.

  11. Supposedly a war hero?????? who really knows and now a national disgrace as GOP traitor. He is so focused on Russia as our real enemy that he can’t see the forest for the trees and ignores our real enemies…..Obama, the Clintons and radical Islam. I would suppose if he can ever get his nose out of Obama’s ass he might realize what is has done.

  12. You are a utter disgrace Johnnie Boy!
    Please resigned since you are no good anymore!
    Now a very BIG RINO!!!

  13. Mr. McCain, since you refuse to leave Comgress, would you please at the very least, leave the Republican Party. You are leaving s very bad stain on us.

  14. Once again, McCain proves himself a proven Demorat. What a disgrace to the vets who served. Arizona needs to recall him.

  15. John McCain is a disgrace. He should be recalled. I am a combat Vet and I say that McCain is un-American. His sacrifice as a POW does not square with what he is doing to our Country at this crucial time.

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