John McCain is neck deep in one career ending scandal

John McCain has made a career out of betraying conservatives.

Now it’s caught up with him.

He’s in hot water over a scandal that could be the last mistake of his senate career.

McCain’s role in the fake news Trump-Russia dossier is still clouded in mystery.

It was reported that upon hearing of the document, McCain dispatched a trusted aide to London to personally retrieve a copy.

He then handed it over to former FBI Director James Comey.

Since it was revealed that the document was fake news paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee, the temperature around the scandal is rising and McCain is coming under fire.

But he is ducking questions to try and cover up his guilt. Breitbart reports:

“Sen. John McCain has still not responded to questions raised in light of the disclosure last Tuesday that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) helped fund research utilized in the infamous, largely discredited 35-page dossier on President Donald Trump.

In December, it was McCain who notoriously passed the controversial dossier produced by the Washington firm Fusion GPS to then FBI Director James Comey, whose agency reportedly utilized the dossier as a partial basis for its probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

McCain’s office did not respond to repeated Breitbart News phone and email requests over the course of last week and this week seeking comment on whether the Arizona senator was aware that the material he passed to the FBI was paid for by the DNC and Clinton’s campaign.

McCain’s office also did not respond to requests for information on how he first obtained the dossier, which is filled with discredited charges.

A spokesperson for McCain confirmed by telephone that the Breitbart News requests were received.”

Should McCain be forced to resign if he knew the document was a product created by the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton campaign and he colluded with the opposing party against Donald Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Everyone making comments needs to stand REPUBLICAN UNITED!!! Help get all REPUBLICANS TO VOTE!!! We need the REPUBLICANS TO HOLD THE MAJORITY VOTE! We need the WALL, we need a strong REPUBLIC to accomplish Trumps work. If you care about our Country then get out and spread the word about voting today. Start complaining to your newspapers and news outlets that you want to hear positive information about TRUMP. Let them know we will not stand for anymore bashing of TRUMP. THIS IS HOW WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The right way!!!!
    No more accepting nonsense about impeachment, no more bashing Trump, stand up, stand strong and make a difference to the USA!!!!!
    TRUMPET 2020????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????USA!!!! Trumps way! MAGA!!!!

  2. McCain is a leftist coward, he would NEVER TAKE THE HONORABLE WAY OUT AND RESIGN! We need to charge him with treason, remove him from office, try him. and if convicted execute him!

  3. Don’t blame his health for his judgment. He has been a TRAITOR all his life and thinks only of himself. He is the bottom of the barrel in the human race. He definitely not a hero. President Trump was right again. He earned his name as Songbird and lives up to it to this day. He should go home and stay out of government. I have no sympathy for this creature at all. He deserves what he earned and that is JAIL.

  4. McCain needs to be removed from office, charged with treason, if found guilty immediately and publicly executed!

  5. McCain doesn’t need to be interviewed – he needs to be charged and tried. No Congressional Hearing will accomplish anything. They are a waste of time and taxpayer money. It’s time for Sessions to do his job and start charging these corrupt, colluding politicians. Hopefully, when Trump gets back from his Asian trip he will confront Sessions to either do his job or resign or be fired!!!


  7. McCain traded military secrets for medical care. He made radio broadcasts urging US Pilots to return to their carriers. He did a “Hot start” on his jet as a joke on the deck of the USS Oriskany that caused a fire that killed 132 sailors. McCain weighed more when he was released as POW than the day he was captured. He saw to it that normalized trade and diplomatic relations were restored to Hanoi in 1993. He had a North Vietnamese mistress while a prisoner and she bore him a son. Now he betrays
    President Trump and the Republicans. He has only one operating mode:TREASON

  8. As a fellow veteran John McCain is a disgrace to America. President Trump is right “McCain is No Hero he was captured that does not make him a hero. Many heroes died there and some came home McCain was not one of them.. Its a fact many fellow POWs that were there DID NOT TRUST HIM. and many of us know why.. and he is still up to his old tricks. I guess its true you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  9. First of all, Senate ethics is an oxymoron. Secondly, they don’t call it the world’s most exclusive cub for nothin; they protect each other and they all know each other’s dirty laundry.

  10. Even if McCain is exposed as the liar he has always been, his co-collaberator Mark Salter should be examined and reveal when he made his last trip to the U.K. and if he had a tea party with Mike steele.

  11. The danger to America, is not it’s Congress or Senate and definitely not John Mc Cain, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with a Senate seat. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Mc Cain Senator than to restore the common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their Senator. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Senator Mc Cain, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the Prince of Fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their PRINCE. The Republic can survive a John Mc Cain who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools as those that made John Mc Cain their Senator. NOTE: I used Vaclav Klaus’s, (former Premier of the Czech Republic) public statement inserting John Mc Cain’s name instead of Obama’s who it was originally written for and used. I could not have articulated this statement any better. We the people need to scrutinize and vet our public servants much better and form a committee to follow them. If they turn from the people, defeat them at the polls. IT IS TIME FOR TERM LIMITS!

  12. That old effer will not die soon. He will hang on & on & on. The media will make continue use him a heroic foil against the President. His final role will be “Useful Idiot” just like Jane Fonda – Ironic.

  13. The swamp will not go down without a fight – as we are seeing. It’s going to be a long battle. We must not get discouraged in the face of the daily propaganda onslaught.

  14. McCain I love that picture , it’s like OH MY I GOT CAUGHT MAYBE THEY DIDN”T HEAR I WAS A WAR HERO AND AN IMMUE TO THIS . they are all in this together and McCain should be taken out of his government job and jailed as should the Clintons and Obamas

  15. Get rid of the scurmin bastard, the phony traitor. He lied about nam as a prisoner when he helped the enemy. The only prisoner that came out fat and sassy.

  16. The blighted canary should be brought up on charges, OR SUED, for slander and defamation of character and KICKED UNCEREMONIOUSLY OUT OF THE US SENATE with a total LOSS OF BENEFITS!

  17. McCrazy “IS THE SWAMP”!!!! He needs to get railroaded out of town like he’s tried to do to OUR PRESIDENT! He is nothing but a bitter old man who has absolutely no business in Washington!! If the people in Arizona want him so bad then elect him to a state office and let him f@ck just your state and leave the rest of us alone!!

  18. McCain has always been a traitor, he has been a regular benefactor of foreign money. He’s always been a follower of the Lucifer gang the Democrats. Just see what he did to his first wife and leaving her for a wealthy younger woman. What a gentleman!!!! Never paid a penny for medical needs after her accident. McCain is a hypocrite.

  19. I don’t think that his cancer surgery went well…McCain needs to step down and stay away from politics…I feel, that Soros is paying him more money…McCain is definitely a Democrat, not a Republican…

  20. I respect John McCain for his service to our country, his capture during the Vietnam War and I do consider him a hero to our country. I am also saddened that during that during the campaign negative things that were said about his service to our country. However, the campaign is over, we have a President that clearly won by a landslide to move on. To move forward with the conservative agenda. I am a Single Deplorable Woman, worked 46 years, proudly voted for Trump and will again vote for Trump. We voted for change, drain the swamp, replace Obamacare, Immagration, Build the Wall, and lower taxes. Sadly, McCain needs to put his differences aside and clearly be a Conservative that he is and “WORK” with our President the way he worked with Obama.

  21. Yes I think he should resign and I don’t believe his health is in good shape. He does not back HIS Commander and Chief on anything. He claims to be a Republician but he acts more like a democrat. I also feel he is a bitter person because he did not become President.

  22. yes I think he should resign as he does not back HIS Commander and Chief on anything that comes across to him. He claims to be a Republican but he sure does not act like one. Also I think his health may interfer with his judgement. I also think he is bitter that he did not become President

  23. maccain is traitor to this country and the men and women that served their country with honor. they should put him, obumer, the clintons and all those other demoRATS that are a disgrace to this country and the office they hold put them all in orange jumpsuites. he’s as dirty as obumer and the clintons. he should be forced to resign and lose his pension and all benefits he will get

  24. I always suspected he was a turncoat. He is a Dem in wolves clothing and should be ashamed of himself. A great way to end his career. Also nay I add as a POW did you notice he was the only one who came back weighing the same as he was caught and healthy. It was because of his father he got preferential treatment. He was not a HERO

  25. Forced to resign HELL! He should be removed from office, charged with treason aND IF FOUND GUILTY IMMEDIATELY AND PUBLICLY executed!

  26. McCain is a Democrat and traitor and should leave the Republican Party! Physically he is sick and needs to get out of office completely while he still has “any” legacy left!

  27. McCain’s propensity to conduct secret grudges and vendettas is way overdue in needing to be halted – and this time with a fitting felony that will forever stamp him as the traitor that he has been.

    I don’t want to hear about his great dad or grand dad and their service to the nation, let that be theirs alone and untarnished. John McCain is a TURD and a turncoat and must face up to his own deeds which go back a long ways. Remove him from the Senate and indict him.

  28. McCain should be tried for treason and hung from the highest building in DC., together with Hitlery and the just as EVIL oBUMmer.
    He has betrayed the people, he caused the deaths of many soldiers, etc…
    He must be a pitiful bloke with the remaining days of his life. The cancer bringing him to his deathbed and all the truth coming out… Was it worth the price for fame and power? I think not…

  29. Yes! If he went along with the Democrats on this! He needs to be ousted from the Republican Party! I smell a rat somewhere and it looks like McCain.

  30. America wants McCain arrested now and put in the infirmary of some lousy VA hospiral until his trial is over of he dies.

  31. Just scribble good-bye on a sheet of toilet paper and send it to him, before you use it or not, either way will do.

  32. There is no “if” about his intentions. He obtained an delivered those lies to Comey IN ORDER to do as much damage as possible to President Trump. All that shows what a sneak he is: a person of the lowest measurable character. Fits right in with the accusations from his NAM days.

  33. President Trump was right about everything from the get-go. That is why so many guilty dim-rats and RINOs hate him. He has them all pegged and they feel threatened as a result. As well they should.

  34. From what I have read about his qualifications, tests and attitude during his training, he would not even be in the Navy if his father and grandfather were not admirals. Too bad they did not recognize the problems and save the nation and their own family the disgrace he eventually has become.

  35. Hopefully the voters in Arizona will finally stop believing in his phony war hero status. He should have been courts-marshalled for violating the Code of Conduct while a prisoner in Hanoi and collaborating with the enemy. His nickname while a prisoner in Hanoi was Songbird. SOB deserves to be in prison.

  36. McCain on the Armed Service committee chairman. McCain has never had the Military service men and woman at heart,,he has kept the Military from getting pay raises for many years now. I think the win of Trump and the lose for him 08 has changed his mind and he out to get revienge.Need too retired. He get Military retire pay and senate retire pay. That enought


  38. You should really go back and check out his military career ,not good I can say this as a 26 year vet it’s all there.

  39. He is part of the “swamp” & should be drained & put out on his ass!!
    He sure is “NOT” a Republican!!!

  40. Karma has finally bit this RINO and traitor on the ass! It is about time; he paid the freight for his treachery.

  41. Forced to resign? How about wearing orange jumpsuits for the rest of his life?

    I’d call him an effin’ weasel, but to not want to tarnish a wonderful animal by doing so.


  42. McCain did suffer physically from his experience in Vietnam and his father was an honored Admiral during WWII so I will not castigate the individual. However, I will say that Republicans in Arizona need to address this situation at the ballot box if not sooner. Either McCain was never a Republican, or he has changed his thinking while pretending to be a Republican, or due to a combination of age and illness he is no longer thinking straight. His personal animosity toward the one politician in Washington elected by ALL the people of the United States is no longer and never was tolerable. However, there is no need to castigate the individual when the answer is at the ballot box. Let us remember that the voters placed him in this position and it is they who need to address it.

  43. McCain should get the hell out of politics. His reputation gets worse everyday. By the looks of him he doesn’t have much time left, he should be spending it with his family.

  44. He should not join any party. He should just disappear. He is a disgrace not a war hero and a threat to President Trump, who was right about him from the get-go. A loser!

  45. President Trump has it right. McCain’s military record is appalling & many who were in captivity in North Viet Nam say he was collaborating with the enemy. He did exactly what the charges are in this matter, & all he wanted was something he could try to hang on Trump. He is a despicable excuse for a human being, & should be kicked out of office.

  46. He should resign anyway as he is useless with his stance on issues as of late. He will no longer be of use to his constituents and the people who elected him, whom he has betrayed. He needs to resign and go relax for rest of his life which is left and get out of politics semi gracefully now. He served his country in past with integrity but has now been haywire in last few yrs. Get out now John while the getting is good. Suggest a recall petition be started in Arizona to put him out. I think it would happen now if started.

  47. You are so correct about McCain.
    He was a traitor as a POW, giving up critical information that got many US servicemen killed, not to mention the USS Forrestal. He was treated by the North Vietnamese with kit gloves because they knew what ranks his father and granddaddy were, and they played on that.
    The injuries he sustained were not from torture as he claimed. It was strictly from the crash from being shot down.
    Too bad the crash didn’t finish the job.

  48. could not agree more Drifter22 lets hope his brain finally rots away and he pass’s on thats the best that could happen unless he finally retires or is voted out.

  49. We have already lost it because he is voting with the Democrats. This guy needs to leave. His hate for Trump will make him go against anything the President wants to do. I have always had a bad feeling about him, even when people were talking about what a hero he was. Just another lying sneaky politician from the swamp.

  50. Yes he should but people will not be that hard on him. The very best thing that could happen is he is recalled in next years election and removed from the office. END OF STATEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. The “Maverick”, (a joke in of itself), has been “fooling all of the people all of the time” for 36+ years and getting away with it hiding behind his war hero status. He is in and of the DC swamp which must be drained!

  52. The SOB needs to be impeached and lose ALL his benefits and retirement!! The AMERICAN TAXPAYER should NOT have to support the lying; cheating SOB for the rest of his life!!

  53. n Why is it anyone that gets involved with Soros turns EVIL just like him. Yes McCain needs to go NOW! We want term limits, so we will still have control over our country. I always thought they were doing the best for us and now I understand that we have to get involved.

  54. “McShame”, the Uncle Fester demented looking and thinking Manchurian candidate and Godless, Satan worshipping NWO-elitist NWO-elitist ghoul had ought to be shipped back to Viet Nam, PRE-CAGED to save them the trouble! I am a Viet Nam vet too! The link below will hopefully awaken some of the sheeple, mostly those suicidal idiots on the bereft Left!
    For the life of me, I do not understand how the sheeple can be so blasé as they loose their freedom and country to the democ-RATS who have become the Communist Party USA/ NWO-elitists that are responsible for ALL of these FALSE FLAGS being engineered by them to enslave “US” – keep ignoring the obvious until it is too late, go watch some NFL football!

  55. If mclame went to the trouble of getting that dossier to blackball Trump, what wouldn’t he go to get re-elected as often as he allegedly did?

  56. Do we have another republican to
    replace him?

    We don’t want to lose the senate to
    spite our face.

    We should kick him out as soon as
    possible if we another candidate.

    McCain use to be very conservative until lately.
    I don’t think he ever got over losing his
    bid to Become Pesident.

  57. It is undeniable that John McCain is now worthless to the GOP. We will have to mark him as a Democrat when it comes to the Senate vote. We can’t rely on him anymore. I don’t know if by law, the people of Arizona can step up for a recall to remove him, can’t they? I can’t stand John McCain. Grrrr!

  58. John McCain should have been in trouble since he caused the USS Forrestal fire which killed several sailors [I took it personal as the majority of those men were my fellow Aviation Ordnance men]. My Division on my ship [USS Randolph] became the temporary home of a couple of the “short-timers” before they separated from active. The POWs that were imprisoned with McCain can tell you all about what a “hero” he wasn’t…but his records are sealed…anybody just the least bit curious about that? Daddy and Gram pa were Admirals and John carries water for the globalists…how about that, mystery solved. He carries the water because, more than likely, threat of exposure keeps him in line with the One Worlders and Trump’s got his number, that’s why he’s working against his presidency. If exposed…it would taint the whole idea of his being a hero and also show the ones perpetrating his being one as a massive scam. McCain is playing ball with those who created his wonderful persona.

  59. That was the simple truth. He SHOULD be scared of what will happen to him in the Hell he is destined for by all of his actions while a part of the mortal coil of existence — certainly he will NOT join with God!

  60. He is a scam artist and a disgrace to honest Americans for lying and misleading us. He’s about as low as the kneeling NFL players. Arizona needs to get him out now.

  61. It has long been obvious that McCain was a RINO. When you tie that to his questionable activities while a POW, is comes clear that he should have long ago been seen as an enemy of the GOP. Now, you can see his daughter on the left wing propaganda show, The View. The family tradition goes on.

  62. Should John McCain be forced to resigned? Yes.
    Will John McCain be forced to resign? No
    Why won’t he be forced to resign? Because he is John McCain “the great war hero”. He is above it all. No one has the guts to force him to do anything.

  63. The Rhino cartel is using McCain to promote their agenda. The dimwit is on his way out and I mean way out anyway. Make no sense to kick a dead horse so McCain is used as a patsy. Idiot.

  64. Also, he should have his “Pension” confiscated and used to pay down the National Debt, then face a firing squad! He has been a traitor since and during the Vietnam War!

  65. Should have been forced to resign a long time ago this is not the first time he has screwed the president and the republicans! He is still bitter that nobody wanted him for president! He has Trump Derangement Syndrome!! Send him over with the failing Dems! They are all crooked and corrupt should be great together

  66. McCain will not go quietly into that good night. He has a vendetta against Trump and will continue it as long as he can. He is still upset because Trump said he was not a hero.

  67. I believe he is a democrat in disguise. He is shameful. The president is right that the real hero’s are the one who didn’t come back. McCain has been riding this war heros bit long enough. He needs to go! He is evil like Obama and Hilary!

  68. I’ve always believed that John McCann bade a better prisoner than he ever did representing the Republican Party. The only person he ever represented was himself. I’d be pleased to see him go and even might send him a congratulatory card commemorating his leaving!

  69. Mccain is just like all those sobs traitors of this country, and should be arrested, tried for treason, and hung,,, by the neck until dead,,just like all trailers in the past were done.

  70. How Could I forget the LARDASS HILLARY THE LAIR…Blamed the (4) Four Dead on a video and lied, Lied, Lied……Put her next to Obama….Double Swiss…

  71. This prowd POW committed what amounts to election tampering and treason against the USA. And colluded with a foreign government to influence our presidential election. It’s seem so very c

  72. Hi Brenda….John Kerry, John McCain, and Hanoi Jane (Fonda) all are “TRAITORS” and should be hung from the highest tree on the Capital Lawn….But Obama is a “TREASONOUS TRAITOR” and should be placed in front of a firing squad and shot till he looks like “SWISS CHEESE”.

  73. McCain cannot be trusted. He is said to have betrayed his comrades in Vietnam prison camp and that is said to be why he survived all those years in the prison. He betrays his party constantly.
    I, personally, think that lately he is suffering from brain damage from the cancer and is becoming mentally incompetent.

  74. by by McCain you have ruined the country enough and now its time to RESIGN and leave yo are a double crosser and not an American . did the time in VIET NAM brain wash you ?

  75. Another Vietnam Vet 1970-1972. HE IS A POS! God Bless our president and Country
    McCain needs to take a knee with the rest of the losers!


  77. McCain should resign and join the party that he really supports, the democrats. He doesn’t even qualify to be a RINO or an independent, too far left.

  78. FINALLY JOHN MCCAIN HAS BEEN CAUGHT betraying our president is this called treason wow and with brain cancer this is the legacy he will be remembered by as a TRATIOR, TREASON AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT

  79. He should have been charged with murder way back on the aircraft carrier. Then we wouldn’t be having to deal with this two-faced backstabber now.

  80. Sen. John McCain has got caught COLLUDING with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party on the dirty lying Dossier. He knows that he is guilty, dodging questions, and subpoena in the latest Dossier Lawsuit. You must go “Song Bird”, your part of the Swamp, but not to be for long.

  81. Absolutely agree. He has been a traitor to our country for decades and votes against what is needed for improvements to Americans just because he hates our president. Just proves he is still a traitor and cannot be trusted.

  82. McCain has put the last nail in his coffin. He has betrayed his state and country for the last time. I hope there is still some justice left in our country {but I’m worried}

  83. He needs to get out of the Senate immediately and be replaced. He is using his prisoner of war to stay in office and that is getting to be old.

  84. he is not a war hero / he is a war trader / should be tried for treason / to bad we can’t get a testimony from his father the admiral who classified all his records while on the ship where he killed all those people and is called the song bird while being a prisoner. lets unclassify his records from the military . and get the truth

  85. Looks like DADDY can’t get him out of this one. Maybe Hanoi Jane will come to the rescue. They both need a new country to live in. They sure a hell don’t love this one.

  86. Will Sen. John “Songbird” McCain’s career end as his total lack of character is exposed, or his brain cancer consumes him – its a race to see which will be the cause of his final act!

  87. Just waiting for McCain to say there are more than one John McCain’s living in the US so it might of been one of them instead. Oops, now a lot of Demoncraps will use that dodge.

  88. ~ Get That TRAITOR out of office now , He has done nothing but ….. “BAD”….Since he has been in office. He is a EVIL TROLL and should be removed …IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!!

  89. John McCain is the perfect example of why term limits are necessary on both sides. Schumer,Pelosi et all, have to go quickly.

  90. Although Sen McCain is a war hero, he is also a discredit yo the Republican party. He is a liberal through and through and should resign or be impeached if that’d possible of a Senator.

  91. its sad but he is part of the swamp and should have been retired long ago.
    feel sorry for the man who gave his for the USA but now he needs to go home and sit in the sun.

  92. where is the senate ethics committee on this?……doing as in accomplishing nothing as are most congressional committees. mccain should be sanctioned and put out to pasture immediately.

  93. Very, Very Well Said! It is SO Great not being alone in my/our clear stand “For President Trump” and Against Cowardly Backstabbers within our own Party! It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the Idiots who Live on the Far Left Side of our Country with all of their Anti-Patriotic Beliefs & Hatred without having to deal with Cowards & Defectors on our side. Thank You Carla.

  94. If John McCain had anything to do with getting this dossier with the intention of hurting President Trump, he should be arrested & tried for a treasoneis act. I can’t believe the Conservatives kept voting him back in when he betrayed them over & over

    He should be removed from his office, not allowed to just retire & collect a pension & all the benefits. Those should be stripped from him & he should not be allowed to work on a government job (Federal, State & County).

  95. Remove McCain, he’s just another one of those RINO that thinks he is above the Law…. President Trump needs to Fire him and have him brought up on charges for TREASON…..

  96. Keep draining the “Swamp” Mr. President Trump. As a Disabled Military Veteran, hearing that McCain’s “Grandstanding” and “Holier Than Thou Because I Squealed Like A Pig” because that’s the “Honorable Thing To Do & Everybody Else Did Too” Military Smear, find this to be VERY GOOD NEWS. Like I’ve always said “One A Traitor, Always A Traitor! No doubt McCain was REALLY standing Proudly in Solidarity with Berghdolph (Sp?) too. Thank God For President Trump! You made your own Bed McCain, Now LIE in it!

  97. Starting with the Vietnam Nam war, I wish someone would come.forward and tell the truth about him while he was a POW.he is still betraying the American people every chance he gets.

  98. The HELL with Resignation, just FIRE HIM, get rid of him….or better still give him a choice he cannot refuse…. Either get out or face a Firing Squad…
    No other options, PERIOD !

  99. How dare McCain not answer questions when he is the one that always demands questions be answered. He just demanded question be answered regarding Africa and why we are there and the men that were killed. Time to live up to his own demands on others. He believes he has the right to know all of what goes on around the world, yet hides his own involvement. McCain is no HERO, never was never will be, he is a disgrace to the republican party and to all Americans. Kick his ass to the curb!

  100. To resign will be up to the Arizona voters and I hope they request his resignation just based on other facts. Obamacare vote for one as we still have to live under that horrendous theft of money law.How’s that insurance hike? McCain and Hillary are tied together at the hip as McCain alluded during the Presidential race. What’s McCain’s position on taxes? No? NeverTrump has got to go. Arizona, step up and help your fellow countrymen and get McCain out. McCain, never saw a war he didn’t like.

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