John McCain was just outed for his role in this secret plot against Trump

The swamp used the Russia collusion narrative to try and nullify the results of the 2016 election.

But no one knew how deep the scheme ran.

Now John McCain has just been revealed as the inside man in a massive conspiracy against Trump.

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson – which commissioned Christopher Steele to put together the fake news dossier – testified behind closed doors to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

California Democrat Dianne Feinstein leaked his testimony which contained several bombshells.

One concerned John McCain.

Simpson testified that McCain was the key man in getting the dossier in front of the FBI.

Breitbart reports:

“The founders of the controversial opposition research firm Fusion GPS admitted that they helped the researcher hired to compile the infamous, largely discredited 35-page dossier on President Donald Trump to share the document with Sen. John McCain.

The goal of providing the dossier to McCain, the Fusion GPS founders explained, was to pass the information contained in the questionable document to the U.S. intelligence community under the Obama administration.

The disclosure raises questions about whether McCain knew that the information he delivered to the intelligence community was actually an opposition document reportedly funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

McCain’s office did not reply yesterday to a Breitbart News request for comment on the matter.

Last December, it was revealed that it was McCain who notoriously passed the controversial dossier documents produced by the Washington opposition research firm Fusion GPS to then FBI Director James Comey, whose agency reportedly utilized the dossier as a basis for its probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.”

McCain was used by Fusion GPS – which was hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee – to spread fake news and undermine the President of the United States.

It was an unthinkable act of betrayal.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Secret plot! Judas couldn’t have been no more obvious if he would have came into D.C. packing a bag of silver saying he was going to name his son Benedict Arnold. Go back, read on the little silver spoon con artist successful and skillful rise and I’ll show you someone who had no talent and was propped up by daddy and wife his whole frigging adult life. If there is one thing America can do right is elevate our nothings to being God like or were trying to get them into Saint Hood. Take JFK and McCain. A lot of similarities, I mean a lot and especially to come up in the U.S. when few Irishman had money and power as their families did. Both shot down pilots. Coincidence! One became President off of daddy’s bootlegging organized crime money and the other just misplaced sympathy. If military men don’t believe you served with honor, the rest of the world including the media and politicians doesn’t matter. Receiving aid from the enemy! Most wars that gets you killed. They didn’t call it the Hanoi Hilton for nothing. Ask Paris Hilton’s father and grandfather. So, McCain in a plot, please he turned coat long before that under NAFTA when that helped make his wife million$ off the back of Mexicans. See this is why we want open borders, right?. The ones who are deciding it for us have corporate donation money at stake, profits from foreign investments in cheaper labor markets as well as to much money being made in the country with illicit drugs. What stop the drug and prescription pill epidemic if everything is going great for you as a higher level politician. I live in Eastern Kentucky. If you take out all of our welfare people, our prescription drug distributing doctors and pill dealers, our treatment facilities and our illicit drug trade, he’ll Mitch McConnell wouldn’t have 25,000 tax paying voters in the whole eastern half of the state. So, conspiracy I don’t know. Just being a plain old pice of shut coward, I’ll buy that for McCain.

  2. John McCain was the problem. He wasn’t easy to work with. He compromised his ethics every year to stay in office. That’s called a career politician. He was an Obama buddy, just like George Jr is and will remain and opportunistic capitalist who did t care about either side. May they all suffer a horrible and painful death for what they have done to my country.

  3. Too bad McCain had a tumorbut i heard he was really put down….The media sends so many rumors that you never can tell whats true & not…it was said that he had done treasonist things…

    • Trump has a lot of good people praying for him and our country.
      The wall will get build and the Illegals deported.
      We are blessed to be under God’s agenda.
      Happy birthday President Trump.

    • As a disabled Vietnam vet myself, mcshame was a traitor to his own people! Just like geo soreass sold out his own jewish bros and sisters, mcshame got special treatment for giving the vietnamese vital info. And his little scenario onboard ship caused many to die – burned to death. If I could afford to find the bastard’s gravesite I’d go there and piss all over it.. 😗😒😥😰😞

      • They sure covered that one up didn’t they, that fly by killed 142 sailors and that’s how he got the T Rex arms not from torture, he became a trader the day they through in the hut.

  4. Get rid of this smuck John McCain. He’s been living the good life of a hero, what a joke, the only reason he wasn’t court martialed was that his Father and Grandfather, were both Admirals in the Navy. This guy is a fraud, and an obstructionist, I hope he croaks sooner than later. This guy should have been ousted from the congress, and jailed long ago.

    • John, McCain has been dead for some time now. He is paying for what he did in H_ _L. But I can promise you that the DEMonCRATS will use him as their scapegoat. He will make a perfect one since he can’t tell on them.

    • His family has betrayed America,they are voting for Biden, not surprised, turning left democrats and showing their True color’s, it’s not red White and blue republican.shame on them, God’s watching.


  6. So just why is the media NOT picking up on McCain’s musical career as a “song-bird” for Hanoi. I first learned of his dishonorable behavior from a trusted friend whose father was a “black” operator and pilot in the Viet War. His comment was that the facts of his treason were well known to those in the “black opps” community “in-country”. It would appear that his behavior is for some reason “off-limits” to the media and the party establishments of both the Democrats and Republicans. How about a little truth, people!

      • A real shame that McCain let himself be made a real fool by the Dem/Commie gang-financed by Crooked Hilary- who are so mad they have been trying to impeach Trump since he began to look like he would win– just because he messed up their plan to turn America into a 1 party ( communist party)system copied after Russia. After all Stalin said-Tell a big enough LIE often enough and 20% of the usefull idiots will believe it & overthrow any democracy, & that’s what the Dem/Communist party is trying to do!!!

        • Yes .mcain. never has a republican ! He was a fake republican ! We remember the 12″ that vote for demorats ! Now we have Romney the loser jealous little chicken with mercenary Paul Ryan and the lidership of spinless mcconnel the 12″ traitors!…mcconell the one that’s flip flap and stabling in the back of the people ! He just worried about his seat!not to the vote and people choice! Do your job don’t be a the people who voted in this passive party!

  7. ok – i got Solution for McCain, here goes > put him in w/ Wild Horses & see how he ‘fares’ haha haaaa … the Horses will tell you E’thing you need to know about a person &&& WILL Teach person RESPECT … i suspect, they would ‘Stomp’ him – sorry to say … read posts re ‘horse-face’ etc.

    • Or let ‘Dogs’ judge him & any0ne else… oh yes, ‘the Birds’- pick out eyeballs – brains not tastee … this would take heat off of ppl judgement … geez – this sounds Romanesque ??? whatever.


  9. Opinions are like assholes…everybody has one. And when you look in the mirror, DO smile…because that is the God within YOU smiling back! OR not. Casting stones makes no one any better than those who actually DO engage in the practice of barbaric ritualistic stoning! We ARE one nation under a GOOD God…a FORGIVING God. Time we all take a breath, give it a rest, and reflect this fine Sunday! THANK YOU!

    • Well Pammy Jay I guess your another doorstep liberal,Try telling that to the poor folks in Texas during a church sermon who some have lost entire family’s, Yes our God is a forgiving God,but if you call yourself a Christiane did you forget there is a place for those that kill, No Tammy it’s people like you that let this barbaric ritualistic stoning continue because you don’t seriously want to punish those that break the laws of our country. However you are correct, Opinions are like assholes…everybody has one. Yes lets all take a breath and let our nation continue to collapse,so i suggest you take moment out to really reflect this fine Sunday,so when you look into a mirror don’t smile because when people give up and stop fighting your enemies will take over. Just take a god look at our government today. God Bless America, and God Bless our troops.THANK YOU!

      • Blow it out your shorts, Rich PEE! How DARE you! I forget NOTHING nor am I a doorstep ANYTHING! It’s people like YOU who wipe your shoes all over MODERATE Conservative viewpoints! I am not the PROBLEM but strive to be part of the SOLUTION! There IS a place for those who kill…but it is not OUR place to PUT them there…OUTSIDE of the RULE OF LAW! I can only WISH we suffered not the radical liberal 9th Circuit comprised of Federal judges who fail to FOLLOW the Constitutional rule of law but make it up as they go! I am INCENSED that radical liberal Democrats try their damndest to gather up all us ‘basket of DEPLORABLES’ and send us packing in THEIR helluva handbasket! I AM a PROUD PATRIOT and YOU, Rich PEE, just pissed on the wrong BITCH! MAGA! AMERICA FIRST! PERIOD.

        • Well you just admitted that you are a moderate conservative, ( I was right, a door step liberal)you know what they say about those in the middle of the fence. I guess your part of the Megan Kelly group. Anyway God Bless you, and I wish you well. Goodbye.

          • Those in the middle strive to keep the scales balanced between the FAR right and the FAR left. Those in the middle do not sit the fence and do nothing but are capable of seeing both sides of an issue, of maintaining good reasoning, and welcoming honest intelligent debate. Those in the middle strive to bring the far ENDS together in harmony, not continuing discord. The MIDDLE is an admirable position in which to be. Those in the middle ARE the peacemakers. Sadly, Rich P…we agree to disagree so…bless and wellness back! Ciao. 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸 AMERICA🇺🇸FIRST

          • And P.S. I have zero regard on every level for the likes of Megan Kelly. She’s just a pretty-faced bimbo on a channel I refuse to watch. Fox News is my 24/7 drug of choice.

          • Megan Kelly ‘cooked her goose’ w/ 1st question opening Presidential Debates in 2016 – my jaw dropped … she paid highly to ask 1st question & ‘set the tone’ … Now lookie where she’s at … oops Megan, you dumbus_

  10. If McCain is such a treasonous traitor to this country, does it not follow that those fine people in Arizona who voted their ‘conscience’ are treasonous traitors, as well? This discussion is getting WAY out of hand! Move along, little dogies!

    • Perhaps all those fine voters had no idea that “Songbird” McCain, a traitor back in Vietnam, had no idea he is such a POS! Think before you suck up to a RINO!

      • And sometimes, Paul, it boils down to voting for the lesser of two evils…as we have seen time and time again. Not the flip of a coin but seriously weighing the odds. And it’s people who DON’T vote who have no call to complain. We do our best as we see it at the time, yes?

      • McCain was not one conservatives could trust. He turned his back on us all the time. He was no war hero and he was a two faced lier. He was nothing more than a rhino.

  11. Please ‘scroll’ thru All posts here = some V. Telling Info…
    > Seditious MSM too ‘yellow’/ brain-soul washed, Avoiding and/or Not Capable < informing citizenry… 'WE' Will Never< Give Up & Will Win< Against All 0dds__
    No 'Matter' What it takes…

  12. McCain Is a ‘pity’ Indeed … No pleasure in this remark …
    > Step Down – that’s All. Enough IS Enough. USA is at ‘stake’
    here, not to mention All ‘other countries’ on Planet…

    • You’re not being censored, zee! Even I, on occasion, don’t see MY replies! Happens when our networks go off-line, m’thinks.

  13. John McCain, bless his heart, was offered the Hanoi Hilton release but refused to leave his men behind. For that act alone, my utmost respect. But his ideology evolved thru the years to the far-left of the right…perhaps, changing with the times? Who can know? My dear mother passed in 2003…same damn glioblastoma…so I know the trials and tribulations he now faces…with hopes that he not draw the conservative side further left from its moderate middle. I would like to see him step aside but…his decision for various and sundry reasons. Old soldiers never die, don’t’cha’know? It won’t be long, folks. Be kind…wish him Godspeed. He DID give his life to this country and its people…as did his father and grandfather before him. John McCain deserves that much respect. And as the proud daughter of an old soldier, I salute him…whether I agree with him or not. Thanks for sharing my sense of empathy in this trying time.

    • Pammy Jay, I believe you are not aware that McCain was NOT a hero at all. What he just did now with the dossier is the same thing he did at the Hanoi Hilton. e was and still is handing information over to the enemy

      • I am always open, Marlene, to standing corrected. And if nothing else, McCain should have exercised better judgment and saavy before hitting the FBI with that bogus dossier. Can’t blame it on the dog>homework or the sniffles>Feinstein but a very aggressive brain tumor.

        • Marlene is right. Do a little homework and you will find the tumor had less to do with it than his normal practices. McCain should be in jail for many of his past transgressions. This is just one more. Too bad Sessions doesn;t have the cajones to do the right thing and lock him up now.

          • AG Sessions NEEDS More ppl to get jobbee done…he cannot do it Alone & NEEDS PLENTY back -up … Since ‘we’ have been controlled by Establishment for how long, 100 yrs + ?

    • He has betrayed the President and the Country. He deserves nothing. I am a veteran myself and the whole truth about McCain and NAM hasn’t been told. He is owe nothing

      • I am a retired Navy Chief (E7) and am also a 100% combat disabled Vietnam vet. John McCain is responsible for 160 plus sailors loosing their lives due to his hotdogging on the flight deck and causing a missile to go off. He is no Hero, and during captivity gave away military secrets and classified information to the enemy, hence the name “SongBird” McCain is a piece of shit lowlife who deserves the death sentence for his crimes. Not a Hero!

      • Bingo. You are judged on your actions. No excuse. Look at # 43. If it wasn’t for him & his piss poor job, Yard Ape Obama would have never been elected. But not to worry, he also will be held accountable.

    • Uh-Oh PJ… be aware of McCain “hotdogging” on Ship & his Admiral
      Father. Waay Before Hanoi Hilton …P0TUS ‘knows’ – that’s why he said what he said re McCain__ 0u.

  14. McCain WAS a war “hero” but now he is a zero. Can’t wait for him to be gone. He is now a traitor to his country, the president and the party. Good riddance, John, you_____ !

  15. What else is new, this guy should have been gone long time ago, I just don’t understand how the people in Arizona can keep on electing this guy ,specifically when the Arizonians hospitalization went up 110%, when you lie about our president of the united states and try to remove him form office and the president isn’t guilty of any crime , I call that treason, and he or she should be in a orange jump suit, sorry I forgot they’re above the law. God help our constitution.

  16. UNTIL “MUELLER” IS FIRED; this will go nowhere; He is the left’s bargaining chip. Get rid of the {horse faced} political hack, and let the left make their zany accusations and be done with it. The real criminals are hiding behind the trumped up fake dossier and WE ALL KNOW the democraps created this as their “plan B”, it has been recorded.

    • You said horse face, that make me laugh because my brother dated a woman back in the 1969 that had a long face and she nickname her horse’s face and we all call her that for so long that I forgot her real name. You are right about him. thanks

    • Hey you ppl -quit it re ‘horse-face’ stuff…Have been involved in Equine training – All their faces / eyes & Sensitivities ARE
      Truly Remarkable & brought man along for many yrs, Before autos… geez.

        • Yeee haaaa … 🙂 I also was involved w/ Equine Therapy helping Autistic, Down-syndrome, & Cerebral Palsy Children -a wowza Exp for Sure … i was ‘the Handler’ of a BIG European Trotting Mare, the woman instructor was from Germany … ok -enuff of that ___

          • I sense feelings of pride and accomplishment! Well-placed, zee, and most deserved! PROUD OF YOU! Nobody ELSE will beat your drums so…keep up the rhythm!

          • PJ – my expose’ was meant for Horses -Equines ! & not about what i did – just kinda blabbed it out. haaa.

  17. McCain is a angry man who did not get to move into the Oval Office so he got even with the people by using the Nero’s “NO” sign on the medical plan and now this? Not sharing it with the President Trump before he gave it to the FBI speaks velum’s of his character.. …not that of a hero.

  18. I’ve been using the word T-R-E-A-S-O-N about Barrak Obama for the last 10 years. What is TAKING America so long to DO something about him? Richard Nixon approved just one (1) physical break-in of Democratic Hdqtrs, and we CRUCIFIED HIM — but My GOD, folks, Obama has performed literally THOUSANDS of treasonous acts for 10 successive YEARS against all of us – the people of this country – and what??? We just do NOTHING???? Are we all just supposed to forget about it and reward him with our tax dollars for his PENSION, LAVISH LIVING QUARTERS, SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION and CONTINUOUS AIR TIME? What the hell is WRONG with us anyway? WAKE UP, AMERICA. Nikita Khruschev said if Russia couldn’t bury us, we would bury ourselves. MAN, was he ever RIGHT. Every American patriot is going to have to weigh in on and insist on penalizing TRAITORS (and I mean NOW), or this country is, frankly, doomed. Obama, Clintons, and all the others must face their crimes, and it’s up to every American to KEEP FIGHTING and insist on it.

    • You are so right, and i knew what he was before he ever was elected the first time. We watched the movie about his life, the man is EVIL. He isn’t an American citizen because when he came to the mainland he came as an Indonesian citizen, so he could get a free education. His grandmother got him his SS#, because that is where she worked in Hawaii, a man from that died and she never turned his paperwork in. He came a lot closer to taking this country down than most even think. He really wanted to be a dictator.


  20. John McCain needs to STAY HOME and stop hurting our beloved country. Though his capture was made light of, his conspiracies and treasonous acts against the Office of the President and its present leader need to be SHUT DOWN. His revenge has become an additional sickness in an already cancer-ridden brain, both of which are terrible facts especially for his post-grieving family. Something needs to be done about JOHN McCAIN and his destructive behavior.

  21. What do you mean — just revealed– it was made public he was involved in the dossier BS months ago. He has been a “never-Trumper’ from day one and he should be sent packing with ZERO benefits and ZERO pension. atraitor deserves nothing but a firing squad. It is past time we get back to giving these scumbags what they deserve.

  22. McCain should have been out a long time ago. He is nothing but a traitor liberal with a republican tag!! He doesn’t care about America and freedom!!

  23. Don’t exonerate him because he is sick, his actions against America and Americans happened before his publicized illness. It’s time to own up to his transgressions against our country.

  24. It saddens me that a former Navy officer would let his personal feeling towards another person on his team influence him to forward false documents to try an discredit him. One thing the Navy taught me was to work with your fellow shipmate no matter whether you liked them or not for the better of the team. If this is true fact I have lost respect for Mr McCain.

    • This has been known for over a year, it happened in July of 2016. Fusion GPS was still adding to it at that time. It’s kind of obvious that McCain’s submission was a trial run. After FBI(Comey)review, more information was added in order to achieve a document presentable to a FISA court, in order to execute surveillance on the Trump campaign. It was all lies and they all knew it.

      • re >McCains “submission” = ‘military Mind Control programs’…
        mmm mmm mmmm. & Comey WAS Entirely 0UT of ‘it’ on July 4th Hearings (c-span)re Hillary… he couldn’t look up at the sky enough, then requested a ‘pee-pee break’… could not believe my ‘eyes/ears’ & felt sick to my stomach as in – this is what we got? … & caught the whole thang by chance … wow_

  25. And you have to wonder (I don’t) all about the “Song Bird of Hanoi” saga and whether or not he was a traitor then ….and now? A US Senator, a Republican now a RINO with a cowardly behind the scenes act?

    • McCain was a Democrat before he switched over to the Republican side. I really think he became a Republican to take up a Republican seat but vote like a Democrat. He is a betrayer of the American people, of the Republican party, of the President …. he is sneaky and shifty. I can’t wait for Arizona to wake up and vote him out!!

      • Google this FAKE hero, he almost sunk a aircraft carrier when he pulled a hot shot trick. Finished next to last in his flight school, crashed 3 planes and everyone feels sorry because his arms are messed up from torcher in Viet Nam WRONG he broke his shoulders bailing out of his jet. I’m a vet and would love to meet this impostor face to face. read all about him on the internet . . . if your stomach can handle it.

        • Dave you’re dead on brother. He and his father both killed and wounded many a u s sailor fooling around on aircraft carriers with airplanes. Safest place for both McCain scumbags is in a foreign prison.

        • >>>To dave soto, THANK YOU < For Your Service, & i mean it ♥.
          My Father / USAF WWII_ that's all.
          ps. rite Dave S. – " IF your stomach can handle it " __
          0u -oh G_D …

        • I am also a vet, retired Navy Chief (E7) and 100% combat disabled Vietnam vet. McCain is a traitor who should have been stood in front of a firing squad for his treasonous behavior. He was never a “Hero”, and gave away military secrets and classified information to the enemy. Songbird, piece of shit.

  26. He & Chillary should spend the rest of their days wearing orange jumpsuits. If necessary, he can be in the prison infirmary.


  27. I do not like to speak badly of the sick. However, I think John McCain could not accept his loss to Donald Trump and this was his chance to get back at him. Pure evil.

    • I say this with a very sad and heavy heart. John McCain is a Vietnam War hero. But since the day of his release from the Hanoi Hilton this “chip monk” looking MSM headline/video camera hogging has been nothing but a weweasally “Maverick”. As bad as Barack Obama was as President, McCain would have been far worse.

      • John McCain is not a hero, never was and never will be. In his illustrious US Navy career, he managed to kill 134 US Navy sailors and injure over 200 more aboard the carrier USS Forrestal, during the Vietnam war. He tried to pull a hot start stunt, to scare the deck crew, that caused a power surge in his A-4 aircraft. The surge caused a Zuni rocket to fire, and it struck other aircraft on deck. When it was all said and done, there was over 100 million dollars damaged to the Forrestal, and it was out of commission for the rest of the war. Daddy saved his behind and the only action taken was his reassignment to another carrier. The mission he was shot down in is also surrounded in controversy. During the mission brief the aviators were told to expect up to 50% aircraft lose. McCain was flying off mission when he was shot down, hiding like a coward, when his luck ran out. Anti-aircraft missiles were fired from the location he was flying over, that had previously been deemed missile free. Then his capture, what a traitor, the enemy quickly named him the songbird of the Hanoi Hilton. The Navy had to change all communication protocols between aircraft and ships, the enemy had the codes. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

  28. Songbird is what the North Vietnamese called McCain. He has to give a full account of his behavior as a North Vietnamese prisoner right from his first words to the Vietnamese that his father was a U.S. navy admiral.

  29. From day one, I knew McScum had something to do with the dossier…McScum is a disgusting traitor….nothing about this jerk is a hero.

  30. The Canary Poops Again – – time to trim his feathers, throw him out of the Senate, send him home in disgrace, OR TRY HIM FOR TREASON; the latter is long overdue! He knows he is dying of brain cancer, so he no longer cares if his crimes and motives are known the world over. And it shows, doesn’t it?

    • He has brain cancer. But I guess respect is not the norm of this site.

      If you are not embarrassed by POTUS and his actions, you agree with him. Your support tells readers more about your beliefs and your respect of others.

      • What does brain cancer have to do with having respect? The actions that McCain took were prior to his cancer. There are many fine, honest people who get cancer (of many kinds) that did not do the traitorous things that John McCain did. A cancer diagnosis does not relieve a person of the things of his past. A cancer diagnosis does not make a person a hero….actions do that.
        Participating in the lie of the dossier is disgraceful….as many other things that McCain has done in his past are!

  31. Old Songbird is a vindictive burned out old RINO. He will take revenge on anyone he thinks kept him from being President, just like the Hildebeast. He is sick and probably due to the nature of his illness mentally impaired and needs to retire now.

  32. Your headline is perjorative at best. The actual text shows McCain who I don’t like, may have been as much of a pawn in this scheme as an “insider”. You say it was McCain scheming against the President, but at most it was McCain scheming against candidate trump at a time before he was the republican nominee. Are you trying to create distrust among republicans?

  33. I have always had my doubt’s about McCain. I don’t know why but something about him was wrong. I also believe in term limits so criminals like this don’t get dug in to where it’s hard to get rid of them.

      • That’s right, and it’s the right thing to do. Power corrupts all who wield it. Time should be limited to those we elect to do so. This is how the swamp came to be, and the only way it can be purged. The 5 richest counties in the country surround DC, and are filled with lobbyists. These lobbyists won’t even talk to a first term-er. Obama was paid 400 thousand a year for 8 years, or 3.2 million. He entered DC with a net worth of 200 thousand, and left with over 100 million. His beach front estate in Hawaii is worth 24 million, and there’s no mortgage.

        • &&& ‘0’bomb does not want to go to Hawaii anymore !!!, cuz he is chickenshitt like FB zuckerberg per Mr. Kim’s BS ‘threats’..
          ha ha haaa. > Cowards on All fronts < …

  34. From “Maverick” to jackass in one fell swoop. McCain’s “best before” date expired a decade ago. I hold him at least partially responsible for the Obama years.

  35. Sen. McCain is a never Trumper, but put that aside. He is patriot and did what he should have done with the dossier. It had implications, which have been shown to be false. It was not John’s job to make that determination. It is the job of the DOJ, which is where he delivered it to. I have a lot problems with what John McCain has done over the past eight years, this is not one of them.

      • Not as I recall. I have been reading the “news” for months now and been wondering when someone will go back through the “news” and stumble over the “news” a year or so ago when it was revealed that McCain passed a significant sized bundle of information which demeaned President Trump to the FBI. Since then there has been continuous query as to how it got to Comey. Then, after some emails were released it was discovered within them that it was passed on by McCain. Sheesh!!!!! is about all I can muster to say at this time about the investigative powers within the mainstream media as well as the FBI.

    • your an idiot mc cain wanted this to happen and he made it happen mc cain shoul be charged for treason along with obumer and killary

      • Is it treason to release the truth? Or is it treason only when you do not agree with the facts.

        The Dossier, the Wolf book, and comments about his behavior in the White House are proving to be true. Even limiting facts to what is on video is appalling.

        The comments on this site are beginning to be unpatriotic. Our Constitution is supreme to Trump but that is not reflected here. People are what they do. What is history is fact. Interpretation of history reveals the bias of the interpreter, but the facts are not changeable.

        • The dossier is nothing but lies and McCain knew it. His action of giving it to the FBI was vindictive, and I’m sure he presented it to them as absolute truth.

        • Any0ne can write History – good, bad, or ugly w/ facts? Photos/ audio recordings BEF0RE the help … (too mech tech ‘alteration’ now ) . anyway _
          > Another day -another subject matter, Dee, but we have been
          Historically LIED to 0ver 2000 Yrs !!! ok ?

    • This Man has been a Traitor to his Party because of his Hatred for Trump, he has been the Lead Person for Our Veterans for Many years and has done nearly Nothing for them as we all have witnessed over the years, He has been a Complete Disappointment for Everyone who voted for him, This by far was done for only one reason Hatred Nothing More, and never for our Country as you would try to imply. He knew very Well who paid for this fake non-sense, Trumps Opposition Hillary, and the DNC for that alone he should have known to stay away from it, because if they had something he would know they would use it to their Advantage, so they used him as a Republican Senator to lend Credibility to a Fake scam on Trump and he had to know it, his Voting Record since then lends even more Credibility that he has been in Collusion with the Democrats, therefor a Traitor, nothing more and nothing less.

  36. I believe McCain was bent from the time he was taken prisoner in Viet Nam. He was a spoiled brat before then. McCain is a user.

    • Every word of this is the truth, MCcain is a traitor to his Coundry and his outfit overseas and the people he worked with and other prisoners. He would have still been in prison if not for Nixon pardoned him and made him get by with another crime. I wonder how his other prisoners feel about that. He needs to be put out out of congress and put in prison. Sgt. U.S.M.C.

      • McCain was never a hero.He and Hanoi Jane Fonda make a good pair,Also all of
        the things that he and Lindsey Graham have cossied up to, they both need the
        BOOT. I’m sorry that either of them represent me.

    • He’s been a RINO forever, so how does that surprise anyone outside of Arizona. Arizona has elected McCain to represent them forever, and unless everyone in Arizona has taken complete leave of their senses, I can’t understand why, he was accused of being a snitch while he was a POW, and even if you can’t believe that, for the whole eight years he has been in Obama’s hip pocket. He’s a traitor to America, and the only people that can’t see that, must be related to him, and I’m not to certain that even they can’t see through the fact that he went along with everything that Obama wanted.

    • Why? He has always been the same, and always lied about it. Expect truth from him NOW? That would just be silly. He was NEVER anything short of a self-serving jackass and a traitor.

  37. Everyone with HALF A BRAIN, Knows McStain is a Criminal and should not only be outed, but ousted from the US Senate. I mean isn’t he dead yet? Time for these OLD one way thinking Politicians to GO. Just get out. As far as I’m concerned, McStain is an American Traitor, right up there with Barry O’Nigga! McStain Needs to go!

    • McCain has been and always will be a TRAITOR to the United States and the Constitution thereof. Just because He wraps himself in the uniform of American Military does NOT make him a “War Hero”. . . actions specifically conditioned into his being by years of Russian brain-washing and mind control techniques while “imprisoned” in the Hanoi Hilton. . .never spending more than a few moments in the torturous death camps populated by bamboo cages built in the community cesspool in the jungles of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Special treatment of “officers”, aka, spoiled assed rich kids is a common treatment under the Geneva convention. . .kill the poor people’s children but don’t dare to ruffle the hair of the sons of the uber-rich. I believe in term limits. . .One term in public office, followed immediately with one lifetime term on death row for their treasons, high crimes and misdemeanors, and THEFT OF TAX DOLLARS.

  38. We need term limits and no congressmen or senator can hold a job as a consultant or a lobbyist in Washington after retirement. we need to clear the

  39. BRAVO to all who support TERM LIMITS, a great need alongwith all congress members should be subject to the same benefit limits as the rest of us. Stop ripping off the American public, enough is enough!!
    As for McCain it’s time to oust him, Having served in the military during Korea I’ve always believed he was a self serving POW, not the hero most think he was. 2018 TRUMP- clean the swamp!!

  40. Come on, nothing will happen to McCain he can claim the cancer made him do it. Just like Feinstein that leaked the Fusion transcript to the public blames her lack of judgement on a bad cold.

  41. We listened yesterday as Diane Feinstein blamed a bad cold for her confusion and bad decisions. McCain should have resigned when he was diagnosed with that tumor – yet he has considered himself capable to continue governing and more importantly _ for him – to do his best to derail President Trump. Now that he has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar – how much do you want to bet he whips that tumor card out and plays it to the hilt? He will suddenly become mentally and physically unable to attend any hearings on this.

  42. McCain is a bitter old man with no moral compass who lost his chance at fame and glory , now he takes his bitterness out on the American People

    • McCain is a sorry piece if work anyway. It’s hard tio believe that he didn’t know what was in that dossier. He has turned into a backstabbing piece of crap and should be forced to retire without pay.

  43. Unfortunately for the 1% the President tells it like it is! Goooo Trump PS I put in to go to Vietnam USAF 1970. My orders where Redlined twice.I didn’t like two faced Jane then or now.As for Mccain,he should stop relying on his Fake laurels.Get a real job.

  44. He was brain washed in Vietnam. Hat off to doing his military job, but after tne North Vietnamese got done with him his mind belonged to him. I went through the POW training in the 60’0. Those guys did’t play, so McCain can’t be all to blame, but he should not have held office.

  45. The Donald said it all during the campaign for President. He was berated for his remarks about McCain. Now, the truth surfaces!!

  46. He is in God’s hands. THE Lord will take care of him. And the rath and judgement will be much much worse then prison could ever be.

      • I think the destruction of California is absolutely God’s work as well
        Look whose houses this latest mud slide got. A Pervert and a racist Ellen & Oprah. I am not a religious fanatic or even an Evangelical and it strikes me that way

  47. Time for McCain to surrender to his cancer. Otherwise, he should be locked up until his cancer kills him.
    Either way he is a prisoner once again, but this time we should all keep an eye for he has proven to be a traitor in Vietnam and now in the good ole USA.

  48. Why is it that if you are a Democrat or a Rino serving in the House or Senate you can never be found guilty of any of your crimes or if you are found guilty, you never receive punishment anyway? If you are just an American citizen and do anything considered to be unjust, you will probably get the book thrown at you! A definite double standard, you think?

  49. I would call this treason he has always been against Trump . is it because he has the Hillary syndrome ? yes the same, I lost so I must continue to feel bad and go against the President ( WHICH BY THE WAY IS GOING AGAINST THE COUNTRY ) to shame for our so called hero ! look into what he did while he was a pow what he did to other pows ?

      • 100 % right! time to pay the piper.Why can he not be ousted?? How can he govern with a brain tumor?? He is like most of the Politicians became a Millionaire in office He has been known as a scumb bag for years and still he still has the Job?!It is unbelievable!!!get him out of there any way possible. NOW!

  50. The Politicians involved with all our corruption in government (The Swamp) should all be in prison. If the good politicians both parties don’t support our President Donald Trump who is working hard to Make America Great, they are the swamp and should be investigated, if guilty they should been jail what they are doing is worse than steeling.

  51. It has been clear from the beginning that McCain is a FAKE Republican. He lost his election bid!
    We voted for President Trump to change things. McCain is a Traitor!

    • It was during the 2000 election cycle that I became aware that FOX commentators were NOT Constitutional conservatives. O’Really, KRove, Krapper, et al, ALL sang the same song concerning TRUE conservatives. Remember? They kept saying the others can NOT get elected BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO CONSERVATIVE. Remember? They were instrumental in turning off conservative voters and giving us McCrud. I told anyone who would listen that McCrud as GOP candidate would guarantee the election of Obozo. Then McCrud – intending no doubt to insult us – named Sarah as running mate. Surprise! Sarah fired up us conservatives. We were willing to vote McCrud into office in hopes he would die and Sarah would replace him. But then the same FOX commentators viciously attacked Sarah. When THAT didn’t work, McCrud went off somewhere instead and GAVE the election to demoncraps.

      Then, in 2004 cycle, that same bunch gave us the Mitt by singing that same old song. That guaranteed the re-election of Obozo. However, the Tea Party was growing and some TRUE conservatives got elected. We began to realize FOX commentators were deceiving us. 2016 cycle they did their dangest to give us 1st Krispy Kritter, 2nd Marco, 3rd JEB, 4th Marco, 5th Kasich, 6th JEB, etc etc. Any of them would guarantee Hildebeast would now be POTUS.

      • Davnkatz, you are spot on! The news media is full of corruption and operatives of the Deep State ( our biggest domestic enemy) I don’t trust ANY of news media and especially TV news!

  52. I honestly believe that his brain tumor has affected him mentally and also the fact that he has been in his position much too long. TERM Limitation is greatly required and not to be a career.

    • I totally agree. Once a traitor, always a traitor. John M should be taken out of government so this country once again be GREAT!!!!

  53. oh yous just figured it out , mccain belongs in a padded cell with hillary , pelosi , shummer and the rest of the democrats, if they would do their jobs by the oath they take , they wouldn’t have anything to do , they could spend the next 100 years getting rid of all the laws that don’t work and they don’t enforce , and make life simple and fun again , all their b/s just makes life misserable for everyone , i don’t blame people for losing it , i blame government , because they stick their noses where they don’t belong ,just like this opioid addiction , rehabs ain’t the answer , arrest the gangs , and dealers , make doctors accountable and stop letting big pharma get away with pushing their garbage ,the crap they come out with have more side effects then what there suppose to help you with,

    • hey bagster53 -‘Grubb’s Pharmacy’ in DC IS where ‘they’ politicians Go =
      N0 prob for ‘access’/ & quite handy … that’s rite___ look it up.

  54. He certainly needs to resign today he as most politicians are more concerned about their personal agenda and not the hard working tax payers that elected them.
    I truly believe that there are more crooks per capita in Washington than anywhere else in the US
    God bless America 👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻

  55. Is he not dead yet ? How much longer does he have ? This is just a way of what goes around will eventually come back around

  56. NEVER LIKED McCan he’s just as bad as obomo,hellary, Coney, mukler, they should all be arrested already. Stop the shit talking and do something The American people are sick of hearing about all this shit and nothing being dkne

  57. McCain is a footsoldier in the effort to remove Trump from office. Go for the head of the snake, Barack Hussein Obama. Without the approval of the great Barack Hussein Obama, none of this would have been possible.

  58. The SWAMP is growing.. lock them up. 2018 will be a good year to DRAIN the SWAMP.. traitors all the same.. save taxpayers money and put them in front of a firing squad..they have been ripping off American citizens long enough..

    • I can’t help but wonder whose names are in the sealed indictments and who will be taking a special plane ride in a one way trip to GITMO from FLL Exectutive air field

    • Yes he should be locked up along with Demcraps Big AssO’s: D Feinstein, Killery and Obozo! Feinstein who is the leaker on the Senate Judiciary Committee who outed a fellow member!. What a disgrace the Senate has become!

    • mccain has done the unspeakable traitors woes.
      Right to the end, he has done nothing good
      I can think of, except let down every American.
      The shady side of government only exists within
      the democratic party. mccain doesn’t deserve a
      Capital letter in his name.

    • Not only is he a traitor and a liar, he is responsible for the deaths of 167 Navy sailors. If he were not dying himself, I would suggest he face a firing squad.


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