John McCain’s secret role in the Russia investigation just came back to bite him

John McCain’s role in the Russia investigation has largely flown under the radar.

He participated in one of the great betrayals of Donald Trump.

But now everyone is asking questions about one big mystery.

It was reported that McCain sent a trusted advisor to London to meet with Christopher Steele and obtain a copy of the dossier.

McCain then handed the document to FBI Director James Comey.

Breitbart’s Aaron Klein asks why this was necessary.

Comey – after all – already had the dossier and used it as the basis to obtain a FISA warrant against Carter Page.

Klein writes:

“Comey also utilized the dossier, according to the memo, even though senior FBI officials were aware at the time that the document, authored by ex-British spy Christopher Steele, was produced by the controversial Fusion GPS firm and was funded by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) via the Perkins Coie law firm.

The questions about McCain’s involvement follow an admission last month by the founders of Fusion GPS that they helped Steele share the document with the Arizona senator utilizing a surrogate after the November 2016 presidential election. McCain in turn reportedly provided the dossier to the FBI in December 2016.

The timeline revealed in the memo shows that by the time McCain delivered the dossier to the FBI leadership in December 2016, the agency had not only already launched an investigation into Trump’s campaign partially utilizing the dossier but Comey himself had two months earlier signed an application using the dossier to obtain a FISA warrant on Page.

It is therefore not clear why Fusion GPS would seek out McCain to deliver to the FBI a document already being utilized by the agency to launch a probe into Trump’s campaign and obtain a FISA warrant after Steele himself provided the dossier to the FBI in July 2016.”

So why did Fusion GPS use McCain?

Did they now know the FBI utilized the dossier?

Did they think laundering the information through McCain would make the FBI not think the document was partisan opposition research?

These are questions that all demand an answer.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


      • I agree with Bob and Raymond. How about this you are paid I think $174K per year. You lose $1 in pay for every dollar you receive from another source. After you leave congress you cannot go to work are receive money for any thing that you voted on 10 years. Congress has to live bu the same rules as WE the PEOPLE. No special Gov health insurance that the taxpayers pay 75% of the premiums, has no deductible and 100% drug coverage. This the people would like to have that plan? Also term limits two are three 4 year terms for senate and house. None of these off year elections everyone runs at the same time with the president. The people need a way to recall a Rep are senator at anytime if they don’t like them

        They will say if this is done you will not get qualified people to run. When you are at the bottom of the barrel there is only one way and that is up.

      • John McCain I use to love and respect you!
        PLEASE! SHUT your Pie-Hole and take care of yourself!
        The DEMIs used you like toilet paper getting you to deliver that
        False Russian Dossier! It will ruined in part your legacy!

        Then you squirmed about your regret for selecting Sarah Palin as your VP!
        You chose her and she did the BEST she could!It was your choice and No one forced you to call on her.
        SO! Shame on you McCain!
        You are not a real Maverick!
        You turned into a Sissy Mary! It is a shame!
        I have lost respect for you!

      • John McCain, they used you like toilet tissue!!!
        They fooled you into presenting the False Russian Dossier and then quickly
        used it to spy on Candidate Trump!


        • McCain knew what he was doing He was right in there with them he knew exactly what was going on and what they were gonna do with it. he was no Republican and was no dam war hero either. He was the songbird rat Piece of shit.that hated Trump

  1. They figured that McCain giving it to the FBI would take the place of actually verifying the Dossier was even remotely true. Which we know it is NOT and that McCain is a FRAUD. He and Flake should do Anerica a GREAT FAVOR and leave office NEVER to EVER return.

    • McCain is as corrupt as any of the Obama administration officials involved in the scandal and should be investigated right along with all involved.

      • If you remember, the “canary” once claimed he “made every effort to reach across the aisle”- – he went further than that when he voted WITH the democrats, a majority of the time. In all truth, he is NOT a republican, much less “conservative” and NEVER was.

    • Mike as much as I would like to see that happen the only way he can be removed by is by an election it looks like we are stuck with this this POS until 2022. Recall is not an option i think. That is unless his cancer takes him before that. life expectancy for the cancer is approx 15mo after it is discovered. This is the same cancer that Ted Kennedy had

  2. I wish someone is able to open the sealed records on Mc Cain as an POW in Viet Nam, only then would the truth be told about him being a TRAITOR as he conspired against them by colluding with the enemy for favors. He should have been put in jail a long time ago.

    • There were videos of fellow officers that were in the Hanoi Hilton with McCain. They gave him the worrisome nickname of “songbird”. Wonder why? His official military documents and those of his BBF, John Kerry, would be interesting.

  3. John Mc Cain is a pitiful excuse for a man who can`t even go out in style. A true RINO who`s time is almost up and that will be one less swamp rat to get rid of.

    • Let us not forget that McCain was a “song-bird” while a Vietnamese POW and pretended to be a “war hero” when he returned home. He has apparently been a “turncoat” from day one. His supposed injuries likely were more likely from his shoulder straps after crashing his plane than torture.

  4. We voted for McCain. It won’t happen again. WE have lost all faith in him. He has been
    a thorn in Trump’s side. Everything Trump has been for McCain is against. McCain
    does everything he can to keep from supporting President Trump. McCain needs to go.
    He is not helping the country. All this applies to him. Effie

  5. We voted for McCain. It won’t happen again. WE have lost all faith in him. He has been
    a thorn in Trump’s side. Everything Trump has been for McCain is against. McCain
    does everything he can to keep from supporting President Trump. McCain needs to go.
    He is not helping the country. Effie

  6. McCain needs to be relevant, even if he jeopardizes the reputation he believes he has. He thinks of himself as having “the last word” in everything involving the government. His retirement is long overdue, and he is a fine example of why term limits are so necessary. The problem about that is that how can we get a Congress to vote itself term limits, instead of standing for reelection for more terms?

      • I wish that was true and AZ could get rid of this ass. It will take a constitutional amendment maybe the COTS would address that if they get enough states to have one. Congress sure as hell will do nothing.

        The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years. [U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 3, clause 1]

        • They are no longer chosen by the state legislature, though I wish they were.
          Now they are democratically elected. I can’t remember when or why it was changed, but I seem to remember it had something to do with weakening the power of individual states or states rights.

          • For 125 years senators were chosen by state legislator’s in 1913 the 17th amendment was ratified.When the state legislators chose the senators they had to represent the wishes of the state not DC lobbyist are they would be gone. It also made it hard for lobbyist having senators beholden to the state legislator which means if they wanted something they had to go to individual states and lobby not the one stop Walamrt in DC

          • Thanks for the info. It was so far back in my memory I couldn’t dredge it up.
            This screw-up should be repealed.
            It put an actual brake on populism running the government. Since they were answerable to the state they didn’t have to waste their time collecting money and campaigning.
            They would have much more time to devote to budgetary matters as was their intended role in the government.(not legislation)
            The only role they originally had in legislation was to either fund a bill and set the amount of funding or to not fund a bill at all.
            I don’t believe McCain would have been appointed because he would not fight for his state while in the senate.

  7. McCain should be investigated along with the other scum at the FBI. Using McCain was just another way to try and make the Dossier believable and dumb ass thought this would be a way to get back at trump. lets bring McCain in before the House Intel committee and see what he knows. Lets also subpoena all his correspondence during this time. When it comes to low life McCain may be 1st

    • my ‘sparrows’ are aloof in comm’s (per feeding) haha, but ‘they’ Are coming around in communications !!! ‘sparrows/mourning doves + are kinda ‘dense’ compared to ‘chickadees’ etc. in human relations. lol.

      • Will zee since you thought it would be fine to attack me klsparrow not sure how I should respond but I will start with he words you are one dumb ass POS. That being the nicest thing I can say n about you. Bottom line is you are a left wing McCain supporting turd. It will be a great day with this POS is put 6ft in the ground. Please comment back getting in a back in forth with a ass is makes my day.

        • Mr. Ken, i didn’t have you personnaly in mind- sparrow made me think of all the sparrows in my yard… no harm intended. It has taken over a yr. for them to become friendly …when i hit send, i thought
          0u – & prob misinterpreted, but couldn’t take it back … you are not dense… Am not a McCain supporter for sure & not a Lib … & that’s about it …

      • I set a reply but if i misinterpreted what you said about Sparrow’s ( klsparrow)I apologize if you are saying that I (klsparrow)am dense then let what I said stand in the previous post stand.

          • Wow, Mr. Ken – this site Totally screwed up my reply w/ Junko… I SAID:
            i luv ALL birds, Hawks etc. they ‘FLY’ …
            this post by renewedright makes it look lika i said
            bad … Not true_ am done. & will not repeat. So basically disregard comment above EXCEPT for “Peace bro”

  8. >This is amazing/ someone(s) re ‘transfer of info’ thru renewright whatever … this excerpt taken from previous blog ie. McCains remarks re FISA …Now, looky Headliner Today !!!
    >Courtesy of ‘bessie’ “It was MCCAIN who took that salacious UNverified Steele Dossier to the FBI and stirred the pot of DISunity and DIScord!”
    >>> Correct! &&& no ‘spotlite ‘ on McCain ??? why? how so__ For
    ‘his’ ACTION … > N0 M0RE ‘ Run Forrest Run’ … the ‘Canary’ Totally NEEDS to be ‘called out’!!! re this by a Some Committee…

    > Let ‘Hawks & Eagles’ FLY HIGH & L0W ___

    • I apologize for the attack when you get older things may not be as clear. People that don’t agree with you love to attack you for what you said. When they do that to me they had better be prepared for a nasty back and forth not for a day but weeks if that what it takes. I am retired and have nothing but time on my hand. McCain was not the only one who was in Vietnam. What pisses me off is on our wall we have the memory of a marine who was part of our family that gave it all trying to get supplies to a unit that was under fire in 1966 Again sorry for being an ass

      • Hey, thanks for reply. saying “Sorry” is very powerful. My note was unclear …now, when i feed the birds & ‘Sparrows’ & Hawk, i
        will think of you & your Marine & say a special prayer…

  9. McCain, back in the 70’s, showed his true colors, when he avoided going to prison, weaseling his way out, by giving up his fellow senators, who were part of the KEATING FIVE. The Silver State scandal, still follows the Manchurian Candidate and cringes every time his fellow politicians bring it up. McCain is nothing more than a bucket of warm spit.

  10. I am so tired of hearing about John McCain! He has proven time and again that he is a vindictive and grouchy “old man.” I believe, based on his reported actions, that he cannot believe nor can his over sized ego handle the fact that the American people elected Donald Trump President but rejected him when he ran for the Presidency. To me John McCain is a PRIME example why we need term limits for Congressional Representatives and Senators!

    • The opposition used McCain as nothing more than a tool, to insure dissemination of the Dossier. John McCain is little more than a tool. He was used with very little coaxing. He didn’t really care what was in the dossier, as long as it was able to be used against Trump. He did no vetting of the document. He is either very vindictive and mean or he is dumb, stupid and lazy. In either case, he has shown his true colors…

      • Exactly! The people in Arizona (legitimate voters that is) need to get over feeling sorry for this slug who sold out his fellow prisoners in Vietnam and vote for a person of true character. He and Flake are joined at the hip.

  11. Too bad North Korea didn’t keep him as a guest. But forget McCain. Our Congress is in the process of handing American Citizens a financial death sentence. Too long our mealy mouthed politicians pf both parties have gotten elected by promising “benefits” they could not pay for. History: Germany in the 1920’s.


  13. Dig deeper into McCain’s past and see how “honorable” this individual really is. Go back to his POW days and start from there. A Republican he is NOT!

  14. As soon as term limits(8 years) are put in place we can see who is interested in serving their country or just serving themselves. With no retirement and no benefits after leaving office should not take long to weed them out. Taxpayers would save Trillons of dollars.

    • GREAT IDEA!!! Especially no retirement and benefits – they already made sure they would be well off. But I seriously doubt they would EVER vote themselves term limits. But there’s always hope!

      • They won’t vote their selves term limits. However,if 1 million people sign a petion for term limits lt can be put in the general election and the People can vote on it.

  15. John McCain is a total embarrassment to the state of Arizona and I can see now to America as well. There is absolutely no excuse for his actions.

    Although I voted for him for president in 2008 (considering his opponent I considered I had no choice). However, when the Arizona republican party backed him in 2010 for reelection I left the republican party and became an independent. However, how he got reelected in 16 I can not understand at all. I can only explain it with apathy and name recognition because he has not been good for Arizona for over 20 years. Who does not remember he was a co-author of NDAA which may be the worst thing for America that ever passed congress. He also supported amnesty without closing the border. More then twice. He said he got it, when it comes to building a wall, but has proven since he does not get it even now.
    I wish no ill will on him however, if he were to resign it would be good for Arizona and America. If he loved his country that is exactly what he would do.

    • Same boat, Arizona Don, but remained faithful to the GOP…cannot vote Independent in AZ primaries. McCain in AZ has always been the lesser of two evils…and the better of two when he ran for POTUS with Sarah Palin. What CHOICE? But if you do NOT vote, your complaints fall on deaf ears. So here we are. Wishing no ill will…hoping for rank&file up&comers just waiting in the wings to be bright stars for AZ, the GOP, and the US🇺🇸A. Thank GOD flaky Flake from Snowflake saw the writing on the wall after only one term! Now we wait for McCain to RESIGN so Gov. Doug Ducey (R) can appoint an apt replacement.

    • One word I believe explains it, “Progressive” Who in the world would want to stop progress. But what progress is to me and to someone else maybe very different to another. We need to ask what this progress is that they promote. There is the Progressive Deep State that seems to be against everything that represents traditional America. They are against our Constitutional Republic, our Rule of Law, and our Christian moral, ethical values. Then there is the people that want to follow the Constitution as written and have limited government etc. The traditional democratic and republican party no longer exist. It has now become two different ideologies at war with each other. We find the real enemy is already walking the halls of government.

  16. John McCain is a traitor to this country. He is not a patriot as he has claimed. Like the Dems, he would rather see President Trump fail than our country succeed. Way past the time for him to retire and stop self enriching. He should stay home and take care of his health.

  17. b/s mccain sleeps with the democrats , they cond him into doing it , so they couldn’t be blamed for it ,it would look more lagit if a republican did it , all these traytors are working together, i could care less i only have a few years left , you idiots will have to put up with it the rest of your lives

  18. I believe with John McCain I is a personal vendetta, fueled by his failure to be elected, that Trump dared to comment on his military, and pure jealousy that he considers himself better than Trump.

    • John McCain is jealous of our president because President Trump won the election in 2016 and John McCain lost in 2008. The American people have spoken and McCain shuold shut up because it makes him look like a sore loser.

  19. I believe with John McCain I is a personal vendetta, fueled by his failure to be elected, that Trump dared to comment on his military, and pure jealousy that he considers himself better than Trump. His is a Super Ego and a loser….and yes, a Daddy and Grand Daddy Admirals to assure “safe landing” for him instead of a Courts Martial.

  20. Let’s go over this one more time.
    McCain is a traitor to both his country and to the principles of his party as well as conservatism.
    It is apparently in his nature to betray anyone who trusts him.
    I wish he had declared himself a democrat. He would have been a great asset to the Republican party.

  21. Has anyone put this together yet. Orhe and his wife worked for GPS to work on that document. was produced by the controversial Fusion GPS firm and was funded by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) via the Perkins Coie law firm. This is called Pay for play which is against the law!!!

    • McLame was “used” as the bagman for Liberals; i.e., he gave validity to the bogus “dossier” when he sent one of his henchmen to pick it up, then handed it over to crooks in the hierarchy of the FBI . . . . which became the “evidence” for their FISA Warrant.

      McLame was “used”, once again, by the Left!

    • I agree wholeheartedly…
      Oh, what’s that name that they call fake republicans? Oh yea…RHINOS!
      I can name that tune in three (3) notes…POS

  22. McCain using the name of GOP affiliation may lead the American people to think that the dossier wasn’t entirely a Democrat tactic. He is a liberal by heart. A RINO. That’s it.

    Both both Arizona US Senators are RINOs. McCain and Flake. Terrible.

    • And I have to live with those sombitch RINOs. 2018 Midterms will alleviate flaky Flake from Snowflake. McCain’s death sentence brain cancer will take care of itself…already shuffled around via wheelchair. Then Gov. Doug Ducey (R) will appoint his replacement…hopefully sooner rather than later.

    • And we in New Jersey are cursed with a crooked trio: Menendez, Booker and Murphy. Menendez should have been convicted; clearly he is guilty of bribery. Booker went after a female head of DHS like a ranting, raving maniac that he is. He aspires to run for POTUS and will do anything to achieve that goal despite being totally unqualified. But Obama did it and so he thinks he can do it. Murphy wants to turn our state into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants thus endangering his legal constituents, and legalizing pot which will lead to more addicts in our system.

  23. There is NOTHING that I wouldn’t believe about McCain!! He shamed his fellow military POW’s, and has slid by long enough!!!

    • I wonder if the Russians “brainwashed” him into be coming a “Manchuria Candidate” back in “Hanoi Hilton” or his “brain cancer “is a result of his stay as “guest” of North Vietnamese government

  24. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D- Calif) said Thursday that a “bad cold” possibly attributed to her decision not to tell Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles E. Grassley about the release of Glenn Simpson’s testimony on Jan. 10,2018. I wonder how much longer it will be before McCain whips the brain tumor card out?

    • I respectfully disagree, a military firing squad! I will gladly volunteer and supply my own 30-06 and ammunition. As most any veteran would. I took the oath to defend my country, and always will. We never said “for as long as I am on active duty”. Veterans are the “Militia” of the USA, and always will be. Whenever needed I would volunteer gladly, no matter I’m in my 70’s.

    • He was a judas to his fellow captives at the Hanoi Hilton too, so why not be a judas to all Americans, he is still aiding the enemy! He should be recalled and permanently retired!

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