John McCain’s replacement was just announced and you won’t believe who it is

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey had to pick the replacement for Senator John McCain.

Conservatives were worried he would select the late Senator’s wife Cindy.

Ducey made his selection and you won’t believe who it is.

Ducey picked former Arizona Senator John Kyl to replace McCain.

Kyl served in the Senate from to 2012 before retiring.

He is not expected to run in the special election that will be held in 2020 to fill out the remaining two years of McCain’s term.

The Daily Caller reports:

Jon Kyl, the former U.S. Senate minority whip, has been chosen to replace the late Sen. John McCain.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced on Tuesday that Kyl, 76, will return to Capitol Hill to serve in McCain’s empty Senate seat until at least the end of the year.

“There is no one in Arizona more prepared to represent our state in the U.S. Senate than Jon Kyl,” Ducey said in a statement. “He understands how the Senate functions and will make an immediate and positive impact benefiting all Arizonans. I am deeply grateful to Senator Kyl for agreeing to succeed his friend and college [sic] of so many years.”

“Every single day that Jon Kyl represents Arizona in the United States Senate is a day when our state is being well-served,” Ducey added.

There was speculation that Kyl would only serve up until 2019.

Even if Ducey lost his re-election bid, the seat would still remain in Republican hands.

That’s because the Arizona constitution mandates the Governor appoint a Senator from the same political party as the deceased Senator.

There are rumors floating that Ducey wanted to appoint a caretaker who would hold the seat until his Chief of Staff could run in 2020.

Conservatives will run a candidate of their own.

Either way, this sets up what is sure to be a premier primary contest in 2020.

Do you think this is a good appointment?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. One big trouble is that the Dims do not want to educate themselves. Most of them know very little and refuse to let any more in. They are not only content to be dim, that is what they want.

  2. Mr Tesar: I could not agree with you more!!! Thank you for stating facts as candidly as You did!!! I am fully with you AND Trump!!!

  3. You keep wtiting checks that you can’t cash. So if you know something other than what nearly 2 years of investigating hasn’t proven then tell us. If you know of something that our President has done that is
    unconstitutional then tell us, be specific. You people come on here and spew out about the fact you don’t like the President, so what. Why are you trying to convince us of anything? I didn’t hear you speeking up when it came to Obama on open mic talking to the Russians about more leeway after his second election, Obama and Israel, Obama and Cuba, Obama and truck loads of money to Iran, Obama and his red line in Syria, Obama and his unconstitutional use of executive power, Obama and his ignorance to the situation in Chicago, Obama and suing the media, Obama and lying about the corruption within his administration of leftovers we see unfolding before our very eyes. The list goes on and on. So what exactly is your point, be specific.

  4. You people just don’t get it. Trump is the President because millions of us put him there because of who he is. He is doing exactly what we elected him to do. Democrats prove every minute of every day that we made the right choice. President Trump is an asset because the Democrats make him an asset. The MSM is causing people to leave your party, they look crazy, that makes him more successful. The lefts loonesy by Democratic elites makes him seem far less devisive. So I guess we should be thanking you people because it has been a very successful two years for our dully elected President and the people who support him. You may not like him, but that won’t change those facts.


  6. Diane and Dr. J.D.: you’re doing the same thing you accuse Dan & M of doing so you’re no better! You’re dumbocraps and should not be on this site. I will claim that you raped me while I was in Dr.J.D.’s office and see you squirm out of it!

  7. You dummiecraps are all talk! No action! You’re on a par with Mad Maxine so you should go to another country and try to take that one over! Take the Clintons, Obamas, Mad Max, and all the other dummiecraps with you!

  8. Diane: You’re the part of the problem! You’re a demoncrap and you need to go to another country if you don’t like this one! We plan to keep Trump around for another six years, if not longer!

  9. Dianne. I just can’t think of any words to describe your comments. Donald Trump has done so many things for OUR country. And he keeps on doing and doing. But I can say this. My family, friends and myself would be willing to pay and help you pack so you could go to Iran or Russia. That way you could get used to living in a country that the United States of America would be like in NO time at all if another Democrat goes in as President. You don’t have to BELIEVE that; but it’s very true. My family and I pray the good LORD comes back for HIS people before OUR country goes the way the Democrats want it to go.


  10. just past 38:10.(so no ‘wasted’ time.) IF,’it’ hasn’t been
    ‘scrubbed’ by now. THINK re what was Said Within the time frame
    of EVENT. Kasich says 24 hrs, when indeed, the event took place
    Days Before. 0ne of the WORST ‘foot in mouth’ Faux Pas. i’ve
    Ever Heard.

  11. Hey Dr.JD Real “Professional Journalists” don`t make stuff up to fit an agenda. Think: CNN,MSNBC,CBS,ABC,NBC. They get caught daily and when Trump calls them out and holds their feet to the fire, all the good little Liberals whine and complain and throw themselves on the floor like petulant little children saying Trump attacked the media. Pathetic.(to borrow one of Trumps favorite words).

  12. Dan, you do know Diane/dr jd =same person.
    The ‘negative split’ personality is getting worse.
    > wow – not too good. whew.
    > a really good ‘case study’ for pre-Psych 101, for
    someone in Junior College getting ready for University.
    > Di, seriously, you need to get a ‘grip on it’.

  13. Kyle was an excellent Senator and will do a good job filling in until after the election. I’m a native Arizonan and he was always respected. Unlike McCain.

  14. i voted for him once and i will vote for him again. he’s the only one to keep his promises. the best man for the job.

  15. Diane, the instability comes from thee LEFT side of our politics. Trump was legally elected, in a legal manner. He’s already done more for the USA than either Clinton or Obama! This may come as a shock to you, but YOU are not the JUDGE of who is right or wrong! You may have your delusional ideas of what is right or wrong, but so do the other citizens of this great nation! Obama was definitely not qualified for the office, and he did a whole lot that was wrong, but you didn’t see Conservatives attempting to throw him out of office, even though he was not American born or even a qualified citizen to hold the office! America saw it’s mistake there and elected Donald J.Trump in the past election. We have definitely had some unqualified presidents in the past, but Trump was completely qualified. Try reading the Constitution, it’s short and open to anyone’s understanding!

  16. Diane, Without knowing you it is hard to imagine why you would choose a Hillary, over Trump, now that you know all the good he has done for our workers, our women, our Blacks, and our Hispanics. I voted for him because I was angry about Hillary and Bill selling 20% of our Uranium reserves and taking $148M into their “Clinton Foundation”. She cheated Bernie Sanders, by using her Foundation Funds take over the DNC and to promote her own campaign. Chelsea hired a college friend to work at the Foundation only to have the young man resign after he found out the Foundation was extracting money illegally from foreign governments and donors, which is illegal. I also can’t tolerate a secretary of State that uses private cell phones for personal and State business, and also a computer that was not protected from hackers. She is irresponsible. She works with other Dems to obstruct the Trump programs, which is actually America’s program. She would never get our GDP above 4%. If the Dems were not obstructionists, our GDP would be over 5%. Diane, you do not read enough real information from books that are factual, not fiction. You are the problem with the American voter. You just do not know the facts. Please educate yourself before voting.

  17. Dude – I would take ANYBODY you mentioned over Trump in a heartbeat. If you can’t see that Trump is mentally unstable, paranoid and unfit to hold this office, then you’re part of the problem. Obviously you’ve been brain washed by Breitbart and Faux AlmostNews or you’re just plain stupid. I’m not ruling out the latter.

  18. D.A.N what Dr JD fails to understand is that the democrat party has been hijacked by the George Soros radical globalist crowd. The were within reach of finishing off America. Trump is getting good things done. Hillary was the one whom colluded with Russia.

  19. So far none of the top people in the WH have said they did it. In fact it is now over a dozen that deny they did. Sounds like more of Ohr or Strzok’s type of doing. Gutless people hide behind the anonymous source title.

  20. All you had to do is watch the official video of the incident on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal. Not the video that Snopes shows but the whole video which shows the wet start.

  21. If there had been any, it would have leaked long ago. But there is collusion being shown daily from the Dem side and it also infects the DOJ and FBI.

  22. Dr.J.D. We know who Putin’s puppet is and she lost the election in 2016. Trump has done more to contain Russia than 0bama did in his entire 8 years of sham Presidency. They are demanding more paperwork in Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing than 0bama produced to try to prove that he was not illegally running for office. Show us his records from school.

  23. Dr JD the political landscape is harsher than it used to be or should be. I know both sides are guilty. But with all due respect, correct me if I’m wrong, it seems the left has gotten more militant. I reference many of our college campuses today. Even the professors mistreat students with conservative views. People are ran off jobs for the same reason. I have friends whom are dems. We pick at each other, but stay civil. I spent over 30 years in HVAC. A customer asked whom I supported for president. I said Bush Nothing more No political debate or discussion. She called the office and told them she didn’t want me back. And admitted it was because of my support for Bush. After that I always said I don’t discuss politics or religion on the job. I did fix her a/c when others had failed. My point is that a persons beliefs shouldn’t matter. Just vote. I came from a democrat family. My dad yelled at me when I switched. But later he switched.

  24. Dr JD Diane chimes in and calls names to people posting even when they aren’t adressing her. Moron is her favorite phrase. I was recently called a motherf–ker by a dumbass because of my cap. In public. They can shoot off their mouths as long as they don’t touch. I smiled and advised the gentleman to keep his mother off the streets. Got in my truck and drove away. He didn’t touch me so he is still walking.

  25. Diane… are you talking about waters, mueller, Obama’s, Clinton.ect.. Should I go on!!!! Unqualified amoral,petty,, has a child like attitude,is only concerned about his/herselt,and totally inept to hold any office? Most dishonest slimy swamp crap ever!!!!

  26. Give an example of ANY evidence of a Trump / Russia collusion….NONE to date

    You must have more superior knowledge than anyone in Washington

    Hopeful thinking on your part means…nothing!

  27. OoooooooooooooooooooooooH Mah Gawd! I did not know that Diane calls you names!?! Well, since you NEVER do the same thing, I just am totally convinced of the merits of your argument . . . well, except you called us “commiecrats” but that is ignorant since we are the ones that keep trying to get you to see that Trump is Putin’s Puppet and making us a tool of Putin and Russia. And what is this “boo boo” BS — that was the side kick of Yogi the Bear. So, are you saying that besides your bromance with M, you love boo boo also?

  28. Hey Rick, his name says it all. His brain was t-boned and nothing left but mush now.
    Wow, are liberals stupid ! The made up BS never ends and these idiots worship and thrive over stupidity made up garbage. They love to come into a web site like this one and let us all know just exactly how stupid they are ! WE already know !!! But they love to show off their liberal lunacy anyway. So clueless that they even think they will gain something from anyone in here with their garbage ! They only will get other liberals to believe in fantasy and make belief BS.

  29. I don’t know a thing about him. If it was to get an experienced person to replace him, who is a Republican, and possibly snub the Megan McCain,
    then I’d say for now….. job well done.
    Beats a Democrat, and less likely to take a chance on another McCain RINO that you can’t trust.
    Just that SOME people with power, you just can’t trust!

  30. I think Ducey chose a good man. He understands the workings of Washington. Which is very difficult. Some suggested Joe Apairo he also is a good man and very worthy. However
    He never was in WA DC. In that hell hole. With all the corruption and back stabbing politicians. They would eat him up for breakfast. Yeah Sherriff Joe is tough but not in the same way.

  31. Dr.J.D. – Exactly! At least someone sane can see what’s going on! These two (Dan & M) are so wrapped up in their “budding bromance” and attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with their warped views that it’s disgusting and inappropriate. I hope they can hang on to their beliefs because now a number of people have asserted that 45 is unqualified, amoral, petty, has a child-like attitude, doesn’t read, is only concerned with himself and total inept to hold this office. They are about to be surprised that he will be asked to resign and eventually be removed.

  32. Dr. Cate Wines, When searching John McCain, I had to go to the bottom of the second page I searched to find the real story. The govt. did a good job covering for him, even WIKIPEDIA said the real story was false. I have seen blogs written by people who served with him and some who served in military during the same era say the bad stuff about John McCain is absolutely true. The govt. covered it up because of his father and grandfather’s exemplary honorable service. This is so sad to hear!

  33. More and more evidence is coming forward to show Trump has been compromised by Putin: 1. Trump had the RNC platform changed to downplay criticism of Russia, 2. as soon as he took office, the Trump people started working to remove sanctions on Russia, even though Congress supported them for attacking our election, #3. Trumps kowtowing and justifying Putin at Helshinki, 4. Trump’s constant defending of Putin on numerous occasions, and just now, from a senior Trump administrator (#5): “On Russia, for instance, the president was reluctant to expel so many of Mr. Putin’s spies as punishment for the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain. He complained for weeks about senior staff members letting him get boxed into further confrontation with Russia, and he expressed frustration that the United States continued to impose sanctions on the country for its malign behavior. But his national security team knew better — such actions had to be taken, to hold Moscow accountable.” Some of you will not hear this and dismiss it as liberal lies but some of you are patriots and put the good of this country beyond party and politics.

  34. Arpaio would have been far better for Arizonans in that he knows the illegal alien and drug problems first hand. Arpaio would have protected the Arizona Ranchers and Farmers far better than Kyle who is somewhat of a RINO. He’s by far, not my favorite but he’s better than a stinking DemocRAT.

  35. Ahhhh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h, it is SO great to see the budding bromance of Dan Tyree and M ! They are so drawn to each other in attacking females and both watching the Fox propaganda machine, claiming no other person should get between them.

  36. McCain was trouble maker from day one , but as usual when you pass away everyone has good things to say about you, that amazes me, once I would like to hear the truth.

  37. Gerald Warren Mitchell, you’re right. Bet many folks aren’t aware that OUR PRESIDENT, the old meanie, sent his AF1 (the second one) to transport the entire McCain family to DC. All they did was malign him at the outrageously partisan, over the top, expensive funerals as you said that we paid for. Vicious McCain soaked us (not to say something else) even from the grave.

  38. Once upon a time my war hero. Very selfish and a hero if a god had large clay feet. Betrayed the voters though I supported him financially in his past election. Deceptive in what he promised and under delivered. John except for the grace of God which we all need you may be fortunate in the future.

  39. You can search McCain history but most of his files were BLOCKED to keep info out of public for political reasons! HE killed up to 100 people on board his carrier the Admiral DADDY moved him until it blew over then look into the Keating 5!! Then see why HIS men called him SONGBIRD in Vietnam!! Then check his SCREWING of the Apache people selling their scared site to the Catholic Church for a telescope CALL LUCIFER on said mountain!! McCain was MORE THAN SLEAZY!!! Bette Davis said about Joan Crawford that you don’t say bad things about dead people! So she just said she’s dead GOOD! I do not think McLAME is very much different than MS CRAWFORD!!! GOOD!!

  40. M stupid Diane is gullable. If the left told her to drink her own piss to make her smarter she would fill up a bucket and drink it down.

  41. Robert: I’ve never read that story. Could you direct me to a book or other written source?
    I’ve read that McCain was labeled a troublemaker by the brass at Annapolis, but not about the incident you mentioned.

  42. Dan T., I don’t know how to go about bursting super idiot Diane’s bubble but, Fox News did in-depth coverage of the Whitehouse insider resistance story. Of course Diane’s commie MSM didn’t cover the “whole” story, they never do. As usual she is so excited at a story that if like the norm will turn out to be a

  43. Dan T., I know every time there is a new SCOTUS judge nominee, provided there are more and there probably will be, it will be a nastier confirmation than the one before. I think Ginsburg for sure and I think the youngest female judge had a medical emergency not long ago, a blood clot or something. One thing death does not always happen to old people. So, you never know!

  44. The 5 funerals were over board and paid for by us tax payers due to left wing liberals making a circus out of this. Amazing how he was really a left wing liberal as shown in the end along with his family.

  45. The 5 funerals were over board and paid for by us tax payers due to left wing liberals making a circus out of this. Amazing how he was really a left wing liberal as shown in the end along with his family.

  46. M I don’t expect to agree with him all the time. I believe he will vote to uphold statute as long as it don’t clash with the constitution. Liberal judges make law from the bench. He won’t do that. I won’t question him much. He knows a lot more law and constitution than I do. And his rulings won’t always pass. 8 other justices have a say. But I’m glad for a consertive majority. Now if only one of the liberal justices will drop out. Ginsberg is older than God. Then you will see a fight.

  47. Dan – Have you seen the news coverage (probably not because Faux AlmostNews won’t cover it) about a top senior official within the Trump administration (that will be published as an Op-Ed tomorrow in the New York Times) that says he is “the resistance” INSIDE the administration? Hahahahaha It’s beginning to unravel. He said that Trump is anti-democratic, petty and ineffective and that the root of the problem is Trump amorality. He’s going down!

  48. Dan T., I am so glad, yay! There is a Dem named Whitehouse, I believe. he is obviously a long time lawyer, he was quietly playing the gotcha game too. Kavnaugh is Mr. Cool, he has done so good and is sooooo intelligent. He will be very good, I can for see conservatives may not be too happy with the way he
    votes at times but we will know that is the way he interpreted the law.

  49. M this will be another vote for Judge kavanaugh. Been watching hearings He’s doing great. Some of the libs are trying to play gotcha. Mostly the senators from conn. and Delaware. They are nastier than Feinstein. Dick Durban is living up to his name. But they can’t shake him.

  50. Dan T., We were all worried that Cindy McCain would be named to finish John McCain’s term. I heard the Governor of AZ say there was a lot to be done for the Country and AZ and there was no time
    for on the job training and Kyl was best person for the job. So she never was
    even considered. That would have been a disaster for the agenda!

  51. Glad to know that Cindy McCain is out of the national spotlight. She is not as outspoken as her daughter Meghan. I didn’t think she would be an ideal senator for the state of Arizona.

    About McCain funeral situation, this family unsurprisingly showed their true color that they are far from MAGA agenda. John McCain was indeed a true RINO. Probably the father of today RINOs: Democrats dressing in Republican suit. The ones that did nothing with the border problem for more than 30 years.

    The way the political elite group slobbering all over his funeral service, but yet forgetting his questionable past is … disgusting. They used this service to bad mouth-off Trump, the President of the United States that did great for the American people.

    It’s time to clean out the political dynasties that control the swamp. They don’t own the American people. Limit their terms. America is belonged to the American people.

    Trump, you have my vote!


  53. Yeah. This governor was using his head. The people of AZ who vote for rebuplicans deserved to have a rebulican Seanator. Flake is no Republican neither was McCain rip.

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