Judge Jeanine Pirro left jaws on the ground when she revealed this secret plot to destroy America

Democrats refuse to accept the results of the 2020 election.

The Left is willing to cross a line no one thought was possible in order to get their way.

And Judge Jeanine Pirro just left jaws on the ground when she revealed this secret plot to destroy America.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Judge Jeanine Pirro warned that the Left has a plan to remake America.

The popular Fox News host explained how liberals are waging all-out war on not just Donald Trump, but the entire Bill of Rights as well.

The Daily Caller reports:

“You can see everything is upside down: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, law and order, respect for authority,” said Pirro.

She went on to say that she’s worried about the “anger” coming from the left and what she sees as an effort to silence conservatives.

I love a two party system, I love that we can debate, and that we can differ, but this is different. They want to shut us down, they hate our president. When you think about all the times they’ve talked about blowing up the White House, killing the president — this is lunacy.

From college campuses to social media platforms, liberals demand those in charge silence conservative voices.

Campus liberals routinely protest and threaten violence to force universities and college Republican clubs to cancel planned speeches by conservative speakers.

Social media companies routinely ban Trump supporters and suppress the reach of their posts in order to appease online liberal rage mobs.

Democrats now also routinely admit they are socialists that want to ban and confiscate firearms as well as open the borders to allow millions of illegal aliens to flood the country.

This is – as Judge Jeanine points out – nothing less than a well organized plan to remake America into a socialist country.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I would bet that your country is gladly accepting billions in aid from us Americans, while trying to blame Trump for all the problems you have created for yourselves. Perhaps you should focus on that, and stay out of our business.

  2. Gary yes it is strange , Goerge Soros , I wouldn’t doubt if he isn’t behind all the Republicans retiring early or simply just quiting , but no matter , I’m keeping my guns and I suggest every true American best arm themselves just encase , it’s better to be prepared , than not , because once the ” S ” does hit the fan , well it will be to late for those who don’t , crazy to have to think this way , but our so called liberal friends are not trustworthy by a long shot , God Bless America

  3. There is no plot. Only Spiteful Spoiled American BRATS starting with the baby boomer generation and every generation since then till now who have entitlement wrapped in fragile sensibilities. This is what AMERICA has PRODUCED…GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT….You reap what you sow America, you made this bed now sleep in it

  4. Liberals are stupid!. do away with internal combustion engines, no plowing, planting, harvesting, or big trucks to haul it to the market. In 10 days after that last truck, they will have eaten all their dogs and cats. In 10-14 days after that, they will be eating each other. They have no idea the infrastructure necessary to produce and distribute food. There would be famine. All over the US producing 15% of the worlds pollution. We are not responsible for, and nor can we prevent pollution produced by the rest of the world. So in their minds, killing Americans makes up for that.
    the Earth’s axis has shifted, thus the weather changes. We can’t change that. The Democrats in the education system have effectively convinced many young people of all of this garbage. So now they think they are saving the planet by demanding all the stupid restrictions on things we can not control. How are we going to stop a hurricane, a blizzard?

  5. I think they are being coerced to quit. Blackmail. there are a lot of them. Either that or being paid big money to quit. What ever, too many to be a coincidence.

  6. What you said is true. But, the main reason they throw hate, insults and vitriol at the President is really because of one reason and one reason only…Hillary lost.

  7. I think putting them all together on their own island would be good, see how long it takes them to turn on each other. We could even install hidden cameras and make a reality show of it.

  8. THE TRUTH IS THE DEMENTED DIMWIT OBSTRUCTIONIST DEMONCRATS, hate President Trump for trying to keep every campaign promise that he made to The American people. Uncalled for by any demoncrat politician.

  9. They are in a hurry now because so many are waking up to their plan.That’s why the biggest push to disarm and flood Europe and US with illegals.

  10. The enemy foreign and domestic has gotten very hungry to see their global domination dream too soon. Had they waited for time to remove those of us who recall our oath they would have had an easy time. looking forward to being by your side.

  11. Fernando…Pres. Trump is not a racist, but YOU are. And Obama is very racist and hates whites, but that is fine with you.

  12. Fernando…It is YOU who has been brainwashed but your sick lib leaders. You blindly believe their lies without question. Your racism and ignorance is profound. The dem party has thrown God out and satan has taken over. They cannot win. When Jesus returns He will send satan and all of his followers to eternal torture and we will be free of them. Say goodbye. God wins. And God created and loves ALL races and he forbids your sick hatred.

  13. Scott…it is YOU who lies. You have no clue. Pres. Trump has NOTHING at all in comparison with Hitler. Your ignorance is profound. One has NOTHING to do with the other. WAKE UP, you fool.

  14. Scott…It is YOU who has no clue about this country or our history. You have no concept of the truth. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! diane is right. Trump has done FAR MORE for this country than Obama, the muslim traitor, ever did. It is YOU who needs to think for yourself instead of blindly believing the lib propaganda.

  15. Bela – what about election night on O’s first win, when Michelle said: ” For the first time in my life, I am proud to be an American”…. My jaw dropped and I knew the O’s were not “for” America. They had NO business in the WH. ZERO.

  16. ps. Will P. Try to be ‘careful’ re Certain Words.
    I Cannot tell U what they are. But ‘google’ WILL &
    ‘Censors’. RR IS under google In the ‘scrutiny’.
    > I Have Adjusted posts MANY Times, & Finally Get Thru.
    Sometimes i just ‘blow it 0ff’, For Another Day.
    > KEEP TRYING ___ ok? 0K !!!

  17. F9. What Do You Mean. “What” ??
    > Hard to ‘digest’ info ???

    > To Will P. = i know about blocked posts’
    Try To Eliminate ‘google’ Trigger words
    That RR Is Vulnerable To.

  18. REPOST To Scott. & ‘Top billing’ .

    SEPTEMBER 5, 2019 AT 7:33 PM
    Scott. You ARE Totally ‘twisting’ & ‘supporting’
    What hitler DID re ‘the Press’.
    The PRESS WAS ‘telling the TRUTH. Hitler SAID NO.
    Then ‘free edu. Then ‘free HealthCare. THEN PPL
    ‘FELL’ for the ‘promise CrAAP. THEN WW11.

  19. From that, it can be determined that even the braindead can put a few letters together to form short or nonsense words and type them on a keyboard in some dark corner of their poor mama’s basement.

  20. I have very strong feelings for the nation of Israel also. I have respect for the office of POTUS and believe that Pres. Trump is doing a very good job under extremely trying circumstances and the unrelenting attacks on the traditions and very foundations of this nation are difficult to fathom and would drive a lesser man than Donald J Trump into a catatonic state or learn to govern like Bill DeBlasio… that is not govern at all.

  21. Dan Tyree , he/she Fernando is more like it , damn rump ranger , you can tell we’ve got them worried , because all they got is wise ass and narrow minded remarks , that have nothing to do with anything except racism and rapist , which the DemonRats lead in both catogerys by far n away , in other words , they’re simply full of Crap

  22. Zee , RR there Nazis , I just try to post , telling them how they seem to be , they didn’t like it I saw , lol , up there’s , no sweat off my back !!

  23. Sexual assault? Hey, bill Clinton raped women. And don’t spout off about religion to us. Real Christians doesn’t vote for baby killers and queer lovers. I know your game. Trying to get us to support a party of God haters. Having accepted Jesus Christ many years ago, I’m as sure for heaven as If I’m already there. No matter what I do, don’t do,say or think. I couldn’t go to Hell even if I sat down and planned the trip.

  24. Obviously, Diane, you don’t know crap about history, this country, or what is happening in the world today. Stop believing the nonsense you’re being told and think for yourself. Are you capable of that? There is stuff going on in this administration that should alarm the hell out of you if you are indeed a true believer in this nation and it’s history. I’m sorry you choose to look the other way.

  25. You’re disgraceful to your gender, to your country and to all humanity to support a serial sexual assaulter, and an evil egomaniac and mobster. You must belong to the Satanic Church because no true Christian could be for a President who is so monstrous, greedy and sadistic to refugees and their children. You must be proud Jan of America’s Hitler.

  26. Sasha I never served,but as a citizen it’s my duty to protect the constitution. That’s why we have a 2nd amendment. It’s not just for hunting and self defense. We lose that we have nothing.

  27. all who post about Democrats.
    It’s a report about an election in 2020.
    It is 2019!!!!!
    It’s a hypothetical report you know where the bathroom is at???
    you been there before.

  28. Its mostly the “never Trumpers” in CONgress that are retiring. If they are replaced by Tea Party types, so much the better.

  29. Vincent the next civil war will not be like the one our ancestors fought. You need to think Serbia, Rwanda or Syria x ten no place will be safe.

  30. Dan you will not flip CA look that used to be the bastion of conservatism however we nailed the lid on the coffin when we passed Prop 184. That is what turned CA blue.

  31. They used to call them moderate Republicans remember what was a block of Republicans called after the civil war. Do you know?

  32. IF, you don’t get ‘it’. Ask me.
    Will try explain, if rr let’s me thru.
    1 hint: mucho ‘protection’ IN A Major Univ.
    NOT In the E. Coast 0r CA. . Capish,no?

  33. ok rr. you win. block 3x. crucial info.
    Tried to eliminate ‘trigger google words’.
    In Way short. ‘o’s Real daughter? Ahem cough-cough.
    (kinda 0ff topic , but not really, IN ‘the
    big Pic’. ) Enrolled at U of MI. . WOW!
    >You All ‘figure ‘ the Rest of This 0ut’.

  34. Scott. You ARE Totally ‘twisting’ & ‘supporting’
    What hitler DID re ‘the Press’.
    The PRESS WAS ‘telling the TRUTH. Hitler SAID NO.
    Then ‘free edu. Then ‘free HealthCare. THEN PPL
    ‘FELL’ for the ‘promise CrAAP. THEN WW11.

  35. And I would consider you and these others to stop and think about what’s a stake. It’s just not as you’ve been led to believe. This administration is shredding the Constitution nearly every day while providing shiny things for you to focus on elsewhere.

  36. So you want to practice the second amendment on him that sounds ominous. Although I agree he posts stupid stuff not a reason to want to second amend him.

  37. As an old disabled Vet I still recall my oath and will fight to keep it. The part many seem to forget is ” against all enemy foreign and domestic. To those in Congress…maybe you should read the Constitution and try our motto of against…

  38. Why are all of these conservative quitting in congress, do you think maybe George Soras is paying them to quit, 15 to 25 every election cycle seems odd to me. You never here of demorat quitting isn’t that strange?

  39. We all better be reading the UN’s agenda 21 This is all about total global control and the elimination of 90% of the worlds population so the ruling Elites can have everything they want without resistance from the bulk of us who believe in “We the people”


  41. I bet you guys don’t remember or don’t know what Obama said on one of his campaign speech 18 months before he get elected to be the president. I was driving my truck at late evening and I heard Barack speak : I have been in all 57 states. As far as I know the United States have 50 states. Maybe he was talking about 57 Muslim States. By the way his first name BARACK is APPRICOT in the Hungarian language. That mean he is a FRUIT

  42. The best place to deport all democrats to is Russia. Putin will show them, in a heart beat, what they are so stupidly yearning for. Besides that would put all the worlds fools in one target area.

  43. When I separated from the US Navy, nobody relieved me of the oath to “defend the Constitution”. I am still bound. I will not surrender my country. I am an immigrant, American by choice. Non futuis nobiscum. Let’s go to the polls, and MURDER THEIR DREAMS !

  44. I and mine, will fight to save our country! The Democrats and their cronies want to leave US helpless to defend ourselves against their attacks and their assault on America. It would not surprise me to hear that the Democrats want to allow “illegals” to carry firearms!

  45. Lots of strong willed and patriotic people over here, so refreshing and appreciated. With all the crap I hear around the planet,It’s nice to know all of U R around!!NAV. Vet and thank U for all your comments. ????????????????????????

  46. I tried to post again to no avail. I guess what I say is truth. Trump loves Israel so he is blessed. For the Lord said to Israel. I shall bless those who bless you and curse those that curse you

  47. They cannot stop Trump. Trump loves Israel. For the Lord said to Israel. I shall bless those who bless you and curse those that curse you.

  48. Hitler’s supporters, too, were convinced it was someone else. Why are you folks so afraid of truth, decency, class, and intellect? And I’ve likely done more research in a week than you’ve done your entire life.

  49. They will not post my reply to you scott27. Just do some research
    Hitler’s ghost is alive and well within the Democrat party


  51. You are right George. The problem is the young are no longer taught right from wrong, they take care of themselves and nothing else is important. They don’t know their past so they keep repeating it and us who do know and can make a difference do nothing. Demand that schools start teaching real history and leave out how to become a Muslim and how to put on a condom. Teach them to respect life and how to be a strong American. Teach them to stand on their own two feet and not attack and steal from people who do get jobs and go to work every day to take care of their familes. Teach men that when they become fathers they are responsibel for the care of the children.

  52. REDMEN is a racist??? Donald Trump’s is a racist!!!
    What is the difference???
    REDMEN is no the town IDIOT ????????

  53. fernando asencio. if you seriously want racist redman for president. you are more screwed up in the head than he is,and the biggest faker of all was Hussein Obama

  54. George, May god bless you. But America is free and will remain so ????…is in real trouble. I hope you are right, but I think the virus is more wide spread than most American know.

    America has cancer.

  55. Bruce… Adolph Hitler demonized the press as “enemies of the people”, dehumanized an entire race and religion, lied consistently, and worked his supporters into a frenzy. Those are facts. So, let’s see, your dear leader repeatedly calls the media enemies of the people, has dehumanized Mexican and Muslim people based on their skin and religion, lies daily, and I watched one of his rallies overlaid by a Hitler rally…. it was frightening how much alike they were. The democrats may have some odd ideas occasionally, but let’s be honest about who has a Hitler agenda.

  56. and it went into full force when they elected the illegal kenyan pervert and his man beast of a wife , they made millions selling out the poor and middle class , and lied about making the rich pay their fare share , they only want you to pay more

  57. All these comments and analyses are interesting. What really counts occurs at the voting booth. We need to get ALL Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians to vote out as many leftists as possible.

  58. Abc is right on-target with this brief comment. The Green New Deal is just so much greenie fascism. It is a virtual makeover of the original Hitler agenda. The climate change agenda amounts to population reduction. It has nothing to do with environmental protection. It’s all a welfare program for the uber- rich.

  59. Abc is right on-target with this brief comment. The Green New Deal is just so much greenie fascism. It is a virtual makeover of the original Hitler agenda. The climate change agenda amounts to population reduction. It has nothing to do with environmental protection. It’s all a welfare program for the uber- rich.

  60. The Left is all about Gay/LGBT BS and as long as you agree with men laying down with other men or marring men or the same with woman with woman then you must have some sense.

    Insanity is rampant and whatever the cause it stops or is in the process of being stopped with President Trump and all of the People behind him. People are sick and tired of being classified as ignorant if they do not agree with it is OK for everything, even Decadence. Corruption, Deceit, Complicity, Collusion, all usually on the Left, as Democrats just want the Money and want all the People to be Subservient to the Boss, whomever it may be.

    America is a Free Country and will Remain So, and all those who have a problem or issue with that are Free to Leave and go live in a Shack somewhere.

  61. That is because the left does not like to be exposed. They love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil as the Bible clearly says. Dem’s are satanic indeed.

  62. There is much censorship going on. Whenever I offer a valid criticism on a Leftist Radical Article, and/or a approving comment on President Trump, they disappear from sight and I can never find them again. In fact, since I anticipate this censorship, I fully expect my comment to disappear.


  64. All of dems policies are the same as Hitler’s rise to power. Hilliary was to finish what Obama was doing. Green new deal??? What was the green old deal? It was Hitler’s green movement. Look up all Hitler’s policies and compare to the democrats.

  65. Dems hate everything this country stands for and they are very dangerous. They can’t stand it that our founding fathers were Christians who left us a nation based on their Christian values. Dems have thrown God out and satan controls their sick party. They have nothing but hate, lies, and ignorance. Ben Franklin said that we have a Republic if we can keep it. Dems have no intention of keeping it. But they cannot win. Since they belong to satan they will lose for eternity. When Jesus returns, He will send satan and all of his followers to eternal torture and we will never have to deal with them again.

  66. Greenman, you have no clue about the truth. YOU are a liar!!!! NOT ONE thing you said about her is true. But just keep spewing your hate.

  67. Will Penny l think rr could be part of the swamp. That’s why I’ve cautioned people to stay away from anything that could be taken as threatening posts. When I say I’ll defend myself from the antifa crowd that’s not a threat, that’s a promise.

  68. STOP replying to REDMAN…..you can tell he is an idiot (oops DID I HURT FEELINGS REDMAN?) if I did, go find you a liberal therapist and cry on their shoulder…..If you quit responding to the man he will loose interest in posting….

  69. hey, Greenman: gather your lefty looney friends and go find another country, or better yet, another planet. But do not dare take with you any ideas, literature, inventions, or discoveries that came from this culture that you despise.

  70. Because that’s where he belonged and I’d she’s a hell’ve lot smarter than you’ll ever know , if your calling her evil , go look in the mirror on the wall , before talking about anyone else

  71. Dan I agree with you 100% , I get the ejection button also , whose in charge here really , the Redman says anything he pleases , which is just racist stupidity to say the least , Renewed Right what’s with that crap any way

  72. Fox Mobster Pirro is an evil lunatic, loud mouthed liar. How could someone with her temperament ever been picked for being a judge, but still couldn’t keep her husband out of prison.

  73. I fully agree with you Judge P. all the wannabe Presidents on the left bank, are what I call W#ATERMELONS Environmental Green on the outside but Commie red mush on the inside! This can apply to many of the Dems!

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