Judge took the FBI to task and the Deep State is in hot water

The FBI’s abuse of power in spying on Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign is still rocketing through Washington.

And things are about to get a whole lot worse for the anti-Trump conspirators.

A judge took the FBI to task and now everyone involved is in hot water.

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox and Friends and discussed the recent development that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz was going to investigate possible FISA abuses in the DOJ and FBI when they obtained a warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Napolitano said he expected the IG to discover a “treasure trove” of wrongdoing.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said an investigation into the FBI and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court will yield a “treasure trove” of abuses, Thursday on “Fox & Friends.”

“The FBI was never perfect. Made up of human beings that have political aspirations and political ideas. But when it was confined just to law enforcement, it knew how to do its job. After 9/11, when the FBI was moved into intelligence-gathering as well as law enforcement, the abuses began to ramp up,” Napolitano said. “It’s not just Andrew McCabe. By the time McCabe got there, the concept of — You want a warrant? Go to FISA. They issue any warrant you want. That attitude among FBI and intelligence officials in the NSA was so rampant they all did it. Hence the FISA court awarding 99.9 percent of all warrants requested…

… “I’ve never heard of a ratio, a number that high. 99.9 percent. Because FISA meets in secret. It kept lowering the standards. And FBI people who knew, they couldn’t get a warrant from a judge like me where the standard is probable cause of crime. Go to FISA where the standard is probable cause of talking to a foreign person,” he concluded, adding:

I believe that the inspector general will find a treasure trove, not just McCabe and company, but that is the most extreme violation we know of because the target, the victim is the president of the United States. Though he was a candidate and then president-elect at the time. But he will find a treasure trove of abuses. Going to FISA, getting warrants, when the law did not justify it.”

Donald Trump has called this scandal worse than Watergate.

And it looks like the American people may finally get the truth.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. He is a disgruntled popinjay camera hog judge terribly disappointed he did not get a SCOTUS position.
    WOW! What a big mistake that would have been!

  2. They also have Rosenstein/Mueller’s accidental erasing all the evidence on their gross misuse of using the power of their positions to throw the election to Insider Hillary after Strzok, Page & others cell phones were turned in.
    Anyone believes that was an accident, I have an ocean front lot in Phoenix, Arizona for sale for only $10,000 complete with freiendly trained dolphins!

  3. ps. Greg. Could be – docs ‘burned’ at Clinton estate & we’ll never know. & Bogus. Soo, Any Speculation Is Moot. whew.

  4. Sessions it’s just running out the clock in all this stuff so no one is charged. Trump needs to fire sessions and put in a viscous bulldog prosecutor for AG.



  7. Brother I agree. I truely believe Obama done so much damage while he was in office I just dont think Pres. Trump will ever be able to drain the swamp of the likes of Muller ,Holder Rice, Comey .And even Sessions seems more worried about the DOJ than doing the right thing and appointing another special councel to get to the bottom of this mess.I fear this will go on till people get so sick of hearing it the Dems will get buy with even more.

  8. “Napolitano said he expected the IG to discover a “treasure trove” of wrongdoing.” So what? The whole stinking government is corrupt from the president down to the local dog catcher. Nothing’s going to happen other than a redistribution of taxpayer money to those “investigating” the crimes. How many millions have been spent on the “collusion with Russia” investigation–now in its 21st month without even a shred of evidence being discovered? Very lucrative for the investigators; not so much for the taxpayers.

  9. Bob S, we seem to be the only ones that know who the “Ring Leader” is???
    Remember, Soros worked for Hitler, he helped round up the Jews, and he is a Jew!

  10. Everyone in the government (politicians) is corrupt! Even president Trump has his problems (who doesn’t?) But he is still our president, even JFK wasn’t perfect but nobody raised a big fuss about that! They need to leave Mr. Trump alone!

  11. What federal court ruling is Judge Andrew Napolitano referring? None. Oh, is he a federal judge? No. Did he ever serve on the FISA court? No. Did he ever review an application by the Department of Justice for a FISA court order? No. His opinion on this issue has no expertise underlying it. He is just a talking head.

  12. I have a friend who went into the FBI after the close of WWII straight from Berkeley Law. He was offered up by J. Edgar to the CIA when they wanted to start building intelligence networks [his forte against the Mafia] among the Vietcong. He finished his governmental career as Congressional Investigator. His comments over the years have been incredibly insightful and occasionally prescient. About 10 years ago he told me that all branches of the Federal were now without sufficient integrity to justify their salaries.

    “Even your beloved FBI”, I asked.

    “Even my beloved FBI,” he responded

    At a little over 70-years-old, I find myself a child in the wilderness. I’ve never seen anything like this in America. I have a firmer grip on my Bible and my guns.

  13. Just look at what Hitler did in 20 years. Not the message but how the message is sold. Geberals (propanganda minister) was a master, he could sell eye glasses to a blind man.

  14. She panicked because all the money from foreign heads had promises attached for when she became president. She is still making speaking engagements (albeit the fees are becoming miniscule) so as to repay the money and still live where they cannot afford to. I live for the day they may be foreclosed on, but someone they have a hammer over will bail them out. Anyway, that is why she couldn’t hold back that exclamation. I may be remembering wrong, but I think her words were “we are all dead!!” Either way, she let the cat out of the bag.

  15. Thanks heaps. I would rather use a website than tweets as some things have a little longer explanation.

  16. I agree. I’m tired of hearing about how the deep state is in trouble when no one is being arrested and charged.

  17. The Clintons, during their multi-million dollar per day money laundering/drug smuggling operation via the airport with no terminal in Arkansas involved many. So many that virtually all of both parties (the establishment) are corrupted. They are not going to let either Clinton be charged because they know the Clintons will leak their crimes to the press. With the hammer the Clintons have over everyone’s heads that is how so many people associated with them over the decades have died in plane crashes, auto crashes, and run over by trains and committed suicide, according to the coroner in their pockets. Some of the suicides shot themselves multiple times but no firearm was found at the scene….still ruled suicide. No one questioned the ruling, because they knew they would also commit suicide. Sessions will not appoint a special council because he knows he will suddenly feel the need to commit suicide, also, or he will be a victim of a botched robbery.

  18. True Believer…go to the white house website. You can email the President. I’ve done it 3 times and so has my husband.

  19. How many times have we heard these things before? If I start seeing current and former high ranking officials(Not scapegoats)in orange jump suits and handcuffs, I will believe something is being done.

  20. Remember when America was on the look-out for Osama Bin Laden? Remember reports said he has ‘look-alikes’ everywhere so he wouldn’t ever get caught? I bet that one of them, is Barack Hussein Obama, or maybe worse, he really IS that osama bin laden and that he really didn’t die and his body was ‘lost at sea’. It was just another look-alike that was killed. They are about the same age, and probably from same area, etc. So, maybe that is the real secret…. DNA should be taken. However, it makes sense as look at that Iran deal Obama did? That would be something Bin Laden would do to ruin the U.S. or take it over for their caliphate, another Muslim corrupted nation. Look at how disrespectful obozo was to women but more importantly, disrespected the U.S.A.

  21. I gave Sessions time to show us he’d do the right thing. He’s part of the corrupt obstuctionists. Sessions must go !
    A lot of the commments speak about sealed documents. Hmmm. I wonder if documents BURNED in the fire at the Clinton estate in NY about a month ago.

  22. The problem is with Michael Horowitz investigation is that he can’t prosecute anyone. And all of the seventh floor of the FBI and all of top people in the DOJ need to be prosecuted and put in jail. And Sessions needs to be replaced.

  23. I like the judge and believe he’s spot on. However we are dealing with the gov’t here so all bets are off. Look what the FBI, Obama, Clinton, on & on have done and nothing has happened, sooooooooooo don’t hold your breath for something honest to come out of the gov’t.

  24. All of these Trump haters will stick together mostly because they are all involved in crime against America. How ever if one would talk most would be running like rabbits to the border and the one who talked would be dead.

  25. David is 100% right on. I don’t believe anything will happen. The “deep state” is loaded with career crooks who have been in their bureaucratic (that is unelected) jobs for my whole working lifetime. (I’m 71).
    YOu would have to fire the top 10 layers of management in EVERY gov’t bureau.
    Look at the Veterans Administration for an example. The top dog has been replaced again. I can tell you NOTHING is going to happen. I’ve been paying for my combat injuries for 50 years now!! and I know others who are the same or are DEAD. What needs to happen to clean up this ONE outfit (the V A) is you need to go to eVERY location and FIRE the top 10 layers of managemment. Likewise for their rating bureau.!!

  26. Maybe this is an indication of just how extensive the “Deep State” goes….not a good sign if this is the case.

  27. I’ll bet money that nobody goes to jail, never seen so much ass dragging in my entire life ! All of the illegal activity that runs rampid in city, state, & federal government IS now the new norm & totally acceptible. If I am wrong about this, why are people like Obama & Hillary still breathing the free air ? Treason is a very serious charge & should be applied to anyone that is involved in treasonous crimes, such as the 2 traitors mentioned above. All I know is this all has gone way too far, & we better get serious about punishing those responsible.

  28. Robert your right he just arrested whistle blower of deep state and so means hes no good sneak cant believe here still around seems they just dragging feet big time and swear we just being intertained while finish touches of Americas down fall agenda 21 and slave the rest

  29. “Go to FISA where the standard is probable cause of talking to a foreign person…”

    Does this mean everyone who calls customer service qualifies for a FISA warrant?

  30. Everyone in Washington DC knows what is going on and what the FBI and DOJ and CIA and obama and Hilliar did, but they all think that it’s easier to remove Trump from office than to prosecute a former first lady and two former presidents. And once Trump is removed, there is no reason to investigate anyone in the obama clinton cabal. Business as usual, take down America.

  31. The Obama/Clinton Progressive cartel outdid Tammany Hall – and did it on a national scale. If Hillary had been elected, she would have appointed heads of investigative agencies, the DOJ and federal judges. The coup would have succeeded. And it may yet succeed, particularly if elected Republicans fail to fulfill campaign pledges and investigations into the cartel’s activities continue to be thwarted.

  32. The President can access any file. Especially to revisit security clearance. The President needs to quit letting these corrupt POS tell him BS. Kick their asses, have then arrested and start some jail time.

  33. Obama had to have help from both the FBI and CIA. They helped him coverup his real citizenship. Why do you think all of theses corrupt POS from the FBI, CIA and DOJ are trying so hard to put out the President? Because President Trump will find the answers. These stupid deep state a$$holes didn’t bother to coverup a lot of their abuses, since Killery was going to win the election. They have tried to devise every way to stop MY President Trump, with their lying, corrupt practices, abuse of power and false charges of which they themselves are guilty, Hitlery made a statement after she blew up when being interviewed by Matt Lauer. She was screaming at her staff ans said, “If Trump wins all our heads will roll!”

  34. Have asked Pres. Trump to unseal Obama’s records and McCain’s as well. Please if a multitude of people tweet this to Pres. Trump, maybe, just maybe, we will find the truth about both or should I say, prove what we already know but let the world also know.

  35. It would be great if Napolitano still presides the court room, but he’s retired, isn’t he? There is a need of an example of punishing these corrupters. The American people need to understand that it’s not okay.

    Obama … got away with his fake citizenship. The liberals helped him. Disgusting.

  36. Of course this scandal is bigger than Watergate when Nixon was impeached and had to leave office. It’s bigger than Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal when Clinton was impeached. Barry whoever the hell he is – is the most corrupt president ever – NOT the most transparent as he promised. But, then again Muslims lie to Infidels. I still think the biggest scandal will be when Barry is proven to be an illegal president. Regardless of what his birth certificate says or how many can be produced – When Stanley Ann Dunham moved them to Indonesia and she became an Indonesian citizen – Barry – as a minor/dependent by default also became an Indonesian citizen. When Stanley Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro and Soetoro legally adopted Barry – Barry in the eyes of the world became Barack Soetoro and even further more an Indonesian citizen. Has anyone ever seen or produced anything to show where that was ever LEGALLY changed again? Hint: it’s not in those records he was so desperate to seal. With all of the corruption being exposed regarding Barry’s presidency – I think it is way past time to order those records unsealed as a matter of national security.

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