What they just found in Hillary’s emails could lock her up

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is never going away.

She thought she escaped accountability for her wrong doing.

But a new bombshell could have devastating consequences for Clinton.

According to interviews conducted by the FBI with CIA, officials revealed the members of the intelligence community found her email server “problematic.”

These revelations heighten the scrutiny on a draft memo former FBI Director Comey wrote where he described Clinton’s conduct as “grossly negligent.”

But that language was watered down to “extremely careless” because “grossly negligent” met the legal standard for criminal charges.

The Daily Caller reports:

“CIA officials described emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private email server as “problematic” and damaging to the agency, according to summaries of interviews they gave to the FBI last May and June.

The timing of the interviews is significant because they are within a 39 day time window in which top FBI officials, including then-director James Comey, edited language in a draft memo of a statement that was to be given at the conclusion of the Clinton email probe.

A May 2, 2016 memo sent by Comey to three top bureau officials referred to Clinton’s use of a private email server to send and receive classified information as “grossly negligent.”

But according to Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the memo was changed on or around June 10 to refer to Clinton’s actions as merely “extremely careless.”

The distinction between “grossly negligent” and “extremely careless” is significant because the former is considered a federal crime while the latter term has no legal weight.”

This new discovery adds fuel to the fire that a special counsel needs to be appointed to investigate Hillary’s scandals.

Unlike the Trump investigations that are premised on fake news and Democrat party talking points, there is actual evidence of Hillary’s wrong doing.

And James Comey was too compromised during the 2016 election to have conducted a legitimate investigation.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Well a case like this only gets one chance. And its never been heard of in history. That doesn’t mean it won’t get settled. As we all noticed their has been hefty revelations that will ultimately conclude very soon.

  2. The Obama Administration have quite a lot to answer for and I hope we see them indited & tried in a Court of Law. Hillary & Bill Clinton have much more to answer for than people will admit & should be held accountable.

  3. The Obama Administration have quite a lot to answer for and I hope we see them Indited & Tried in the Court of Law. Hillary & Bill Clinton have much more to answer for than people will admit to & should be held accountable !

  4. Does selling Uranium to Russia mean anything anymore? She should be put in front of a fireing squad, or stoned to death

  5. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons.
    In 2004, Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.
    During the congressional investigation FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”.

  6. I will believe they will investigate, indict, try and most importantly CONVICT her and the others involved in the Clinton Crime Family Organization only when it happens. They have a LONG history of dodging any and all bullets dating back to Mena, Arkansas.

  7. Yes we know this and from Comey’s speech it was clear he laid out a solid cse against her. Also we know that Lynch said, before Comey gave his infamous speech that she would go along with whatever the FBI decided. Well not the FBI’s place to decide to prosecute or not, only to investigate and present facts. This whole kabuki song and dance was out of order from the beginning to end.

    Yes she was negligent of duty and grossly so we know the punishment for that.

  8. When.NOT if Hillary is finally charged indicted and tried, so will most of those OTHERS involved in the corrupt practices, the bribes, the intelligence breaches, the callousness for the victims of Benghazi for her incapacity to do her job. All those with foreknowledge of her incapacity need to be punished and that means MOST of the last Administration and the entire DNC at the very least for their total criminality. But, we will be fortunate indeed to see it since those who make the laws in this country can break them with impunity and do, to the everlasting detriment of ALL American Citizens; even the idiots too stupid to realize the TRUTH of that fact!

      • William: I am simply a pragmatic realist who sees things as they ARE and not as others tell me they are because I was TAUGHT, not indoctrinated to be docile little automatons as the kids are today from kindergarten to college by UNION teachers. When I was a kid, unions were verboten in teaching , nursing, police and fire dept’s because they were considered indispensable to our then American way of life and a society based on Christian and traditional morality and values which is certainly NOT the case anymore. Coincidentally or not, I graduated from High School in 1963; the last AMERICAN SCHOOL YEAR TO HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO PRAY IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS THANKS TO THE LEFTIST SJC AND MADELINE MURRAY O’HAIR THROUGHOUT THE COURSE OF OUR ACADEMIC CAREERS! We have become a NATION of foreign and home grown felons and freaks with few or no values and that is the fault of the Congress and ourselves for having put such irresponsible and unaccountable trash in positions of power. It really IS that simple: unfortunately, so are those we put in those positions but their corruption knows no bounds and one day shortly, is coming a day of RECKONING, IF WE ARE TO REMAIN A FREE AND SOVEREIGN NATION AND THAT AT THIS TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY, IS ONE HELL OF A BIG IF THANKS TO THE PROGRESSIVE AND LUNATIC LEFT, AND THEIR EQUALLY INCOMPETENT RINO AIDERS AND ABETTORS!

    • and i think obama should go down with her. he knew all along about her incapacity to do the job. just as she is incapable to be president. as she goes along her merry way she doesn’t even seem to be capable of being a mother or grandmother and bill showed us(monica) that she wasnt capable of being a compitent wife.

  9. What Comey did when he dismissed the email investigation with the news conference, despite the evidence to prove there should be an indictment, is nothing new. He did it with the White Water investigation too. Back then Time quoted Comey, “far more than just aggressive lawyering or political naivete” he also said, “a highly improper pattern of deliberate misconduct.” Looks like he did it again with the email investigation and the press conference; or so he thinks. Hopefully all the crimes committed over the years will finally be served to all that deserves it, including Comey!

  10. whats with the doj ? can’t they get off their asses and do the right thing ? look into all what’s going on and go after those lying basterds ! the law is the same for ALL of us they have no special treatment

    • From what I’ve been reading Barr is on it and has appointed his own “special prosecutor” to look into other goings on. Their time will come. Maybe not as soon as we’d like. I just hope I’m alive to see the DNC and all their ilk FALL. It will be a glorious day, I’m sure.

  11. i keep hearing all this shit about hillery, but she still walks free, is it true, or is it all bull shit, i got sent to prison for smoking a joint, if all the things i here about hillery are true, & the bitch is free, i must have done a horrible thing when i smoked that joint, all this shit really piss`s me off.

    • Amazing, isn’t it? However, even if all those crimes that she supposedly committed were 100% true, these are the very closely guarded secrets of probably several Politicians, and when you take the Hildabeast down, a lot of other people will soon follow, because you KNOW she will blow the whistle on everyone else who is involved. She has the money for the best lawyers and will likely get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist….. that is, unless “The Donald” will get the ball rolling. He’s a formidable adversary, and I have a feeling she’s not resting very easy these days. In the meantime, she and Obama (and all the rest of the Liberal pukes) will keep pointing fingers at him instead.

      • I really do not understand how the guilty people in this government can just keep planning their futures as if they have done nothing when all this evidence is in the open against them.We as tax payers and citizens of this great country do not deserve this treatment.If we should one time,didn’t pay our taxes,we would certainly be held accountable and go to prison.It sure is an unfair,terrible injustice to see these criminals go untouched.Can someone explain this’s to me?

        • I’m pretty sure they have the thousands of dollars it takes to line the pockets of those who can probably save them humongous amounts of taxes owed, and do some juggling in their paper work that covers up tax evasion. Since I’m not a lawyer, I’m not sure exactly how they can do this legally, but somewhere I’m sure there’s some legalese loophole that they can use that can only be interpreted by a lawyer. The rest of us just have to pay up what we owe, or go to jail. It sucks, doesn’t it?

    • i would be really pissed off too….. and wondering like you… do you have something on hillary…. and if the answer is yes… then why in the hell is she still walking free…???? fbi….. big name… no punch…

    • Double standard for justice unfortunately. This bitchj will take a SHITLOAD of folks down with hjer if they try to imprison her, unfortunately. I regret ever voting foe silly ‘billy’ 25 years ago ’cause I like a SHITLOAD of othetr people were hornswaggled! If any of the crooked clintons ever were on fire, i’d never spit or piss on them, let ’em burn, serves ’em right.

    • Billy Miller, I agree, Lady Justice is holding a scale and has a blindfold on her eyes, which is supposed to signify that justice is delt the same to rich or poor, because the person being tried cannot be seen, but with our politicians that is BS, because the elite are treated completely different that the common man, hopefully the Republicans can right that wrong, only time will tell.

  12. i keep hearing all this shit about hillery, but she still walks free, is it true, or is it all bull shit, i got sent to prison for smoking a joint, if all the things i here about hillery are true, & the bitch is free, i must have done a horrible thing when i smoked that joint, all this shit really piss`s me off.

  13. We the people need to take our country back. It is disgraceful how our President has been treated. There are more of us than they think. This country is disgraced by people like the Clintons,Obamas etc.

  14. That bitch and her slimy family have been thumbing their noses at America for decades,they are still playing the role and they should be paying the toll!

    • Please! I have a Beautiful, loving female Labrador retriever, a wonderful companion and friend, often referred to as a bitch. To use this term in your description of Hellery is blasphemy and an insult to dog lovers everywhere..I (and my dog) demand an apology!

  15. This is not new news. All over the internet for days about Comfey’s drafts of exoneration. I post this because, though you are always
    right about each topic, you blow the story up with conspiratorial bravado. It’s a good story…you don’t need to make them explosive to get our attention. We are all on the same, right, side. My two cents.


  17. These crooks are all guilty, The FBI is as bad or worse because they have been paid off. They wont serve a day because they are all crooks, Clinton, Soterro, the lie of the century, Comey, even Sessions has dirty hands because he wont touch em. You or I would be in prison. The MSM ,fake news, has been bought off, the only person I trust is Trey Gowdy, and Trump….


    • We used to execute traitors, if it was good enough THEN, it’s good enough NOW. Personally, I’d like to see Joe Arpaio have the honor of carrying out that execution, he’s more than earned it.

    • I have a strong hunch you’d have to get in line for that gratifying bit of satisfaction… I’m pretty sure the line would stretch for miles, too.

  19. Prison is to good for the Clinton Crime Family, they have took the American Tax Payers for enough of our money. Same goes for the Obama Crime Family as well. ALL TRAITORS convicted of TREASON should be immediately EXECUTED upon CONVICTION. We tax payers should not have to pay for these criminals for the rest of their lives in prison.

  20. The swamp is more like a cancer to our freedom and it’s well embedded in the parasites of our great nation. How is it possible for public officials to accumulate hundreds of millions of wealth on a public salary !!!

  21. No Clinton will ever go to jail. Democrats and RINO’S will see to that. Our government has become so corrupt they must protect one another in order to protect them self. I doubt you could find twenty Washington politician that does not have skeletons in his or her closet.

    • It’s called a Banana Republic. Though Republic seems to be the wrong word. You are right. No one will ever see a Clinton face the same justice you and I would face. I was in the service and any classified info I was privy to and violated has Hillary did I probably would have been court marshaled and do jail time. She cannot use the excuse that she was simply careless. Doesn’t cut it. Rather one compromises classified or top secret info knowingly or not is treated the same. Hillary is guilty of gross negligence and worse than that, treason. She knowlngly allowed at least 5 foreign countries to gain access to classified and highly sensitive information. She is no different than an enemy spy. I want her and Bill and Chelsea to hang but it’s not going to happen. Sessions will do nothing and if DOJ does nothing like a special prosecutor or Grand Jury, nothing will become of it. If anything gets too close to her prosecution body bags will show up. Remember Seth Rich. He was murdered and it was not a robbery gone bad.

      • Send the job to me. I’ve got ‘una famiglia’ Carmine, Sal, Vinnie and Rocco will do a clean job with no evidence, they’ll all disappear, kinda like jimmmy Hoffa. Never found his grave have they? my Sicilian family know how to get justice molto pronto, non merde di toro, English; very quickly, no BULLS**T!

    • Never happen.. RINOs and Dems are the swamp and they will never bring the corrupt, murderess, traitorous Clintons to justice. Can you imagine how many of these corrupt politicians have been corrupted by the Clintons? Both sides of the aisle. It’s why Trump labeled it the SWAMP. McCain, McConnell, Graham, Collins, all the RINOs are as corrupt as the day is long. All are out to get Trump and will ignore the elephant in the room. HILLARY.

  22. Ronald your a Genius. My sentiments exactly. Why should we taxpayers have to pay for her looooooooong stay in prison when a quick solution would get rid of her immediately. I can’t think of any woman in history that has been as Evil and Coniving as Hillary.

    • 30 years ago it wouid be sedition at best and treason at worse. Today it’s just oops . I didn’t mean it. She has been corrupt ever since she married her corrupt philanderer husband. She stayed with him because she wanted power. She corrupt to the core. She should be hung publicly, not imprisoned.



  25. She should be charged for her emails for the Russian dossier against Pre Trump and for treason selling the American uranium to Russia

    • Yes, and they need to STOP talking about it and do something. It is totally wrong to say they don’t want to convict a fellow politician because they might be convicted. What has gone wrong with our judicial system?

  26. I get tired of these. They have more then enough to put her away. Trouble is, she’s tied to to many of them, and they will protect themselves. The only way that may change, is if Trump would clean out the Department of Joke, completely.
    Until that day, you’ll see no justice!

    • You have made a very good point, we sent Trump to clean out the swamp but instead he found an Ocean of Swamp Rats, in the Pockets of the Clinton’s and the like. Two FBI Directors we now know of let the Clinton’s off the Hook, First the Russia 20% Uranium Scandal while Mueller was the FBI Director, and then Comey was so bad he convicted her on World Wide TV and then let her off the Hook. The Corruption is in-bedded Deep within our Agency’s A Complete Clean out is extremely hard to accomplish and may be dangerous to our Country’s Safety, Trump needs Time and our Support, Most of all our Support.

  27. We cannot condone a double standard for those in public office who abuse the system. I along with the others posting a comment would be in front of a judge under the same circumstances.

  28. When it comes down to all the Evidence and we know that she is guilty, the BITCH WITCH Hillary C. will be squealing her head off and implicating many more, then we might not have a Democrat Party anymore, which would be the BEST thing that could ever be for AMERICA and our people….. Once Hillary C. the BITCH WITCH is Prosecuted, she should not just go to Prison as this will cost us Taxpayers to keep her there….. I say she should be Hung or placed in front of a Firing Squad…. A good example needs to be shown, so we do not have others to follow her Sinister ways in corruption….


  30. Coney, Lynch and their Boss Obammy should all be thrown in to cells next to Hillary’s. She like them is a crook and they all belong in Jail. Obama for his TREASON should be in Gitmo awaiting a noose or firing squad. I for one would love to have that job being the one to end that TREASONOUS SCUMBAG.

  31. What is wrong with our system? I will tell you what is wrong with our system in one word- DEMOCRATS. This Clinton woman has committed crimes and they all have been proven. Why has she not been held accountable? One word- DEMOCRATS. This is the way the Democrats want to run our country. What a shame. Prime example of just how crooked the Democrats are. Bad guys always lose. Always.

  32. Everyone in Washington DC knows what happened, but it’s easier to take down Trump now than it is to take down obama’s deep state cabal, which is spread throughout every bureau at every level, including Mike Pence.

    • At one time I had a Top Secret Security Clearance, and if I had done what she did I would be in prison, I say give her no mercy, she knows what she did, and if she didn’t, that’s not an excuse. Just because she is a millionaire, she should still get the same treatment as someone that lives from paycheck to paycheck, the Lady Liberty is shown holding a scales with a blindfold covering her eyes, which means justice is blind to what you have in your bank account, all people should be treated equal, that’s the only fair way to treat this indiscretion. Even during a trial the outcome is based on judgements settled in previous decision, don’t treat her any differently, if you do, then people in subsequent trials will expect similar treatment, and they should, if she gers away with it.

  33. The Washington “swamp” is full of a bunch of ‘do-nothings’…. about anything. All they care about is keeping their jobs, it seems.

    • I agree with Richard. We all know she is guilty and Comey let her off with Lynch and Obama telling him to. We are fed up with her getting away with all her criminal activities. I don’t care who wants her protected. We need justice. She is a vile, mean, nasty woman who needs to be arrested. Everyone knows she is guilty. Indict her now.

    • What exactly are you saying? Do you honestly LIKE that horrible bitch? She’s pure EVIL!! What has she done that is “so much”… other than criminal activities and slamming our president?

      • The only people that think Hillary has done so much are the Democrats, the only thing she is good at is lying, and not coming to someones aid when they need help (like in Bengauzi).

  34. Hillary and obama should have both been tried for treason! The democrats have protected both and they should be held accountable for taking no action as should loretta lynch! Jail them all!

    • Obama is a black Muslim. You would be racist and Islamaphobic. Also black America has there own laws. The rest of us have to obey the laws on the books. So Obama will never pay the price for his treasonous corruption. He was a failed experiment.

  35. Spending all this money & time trying to put something on President Trump when they should be putting their efforts to prosecuting Hillary & Obama for the unlawful acts they did while in office!

  36. Damned straight I agree that Comey was too compromised & oh btw…Crooked Hillary doesn’t look good in anything, but an orange “pant suit” would be a GR8 start!

  37. Comey is a joke – the FBI is a joke – they will continue to do everything they can to keep this criminal from JUSTICE – just like they have done for the past 40+ years.

  38. Hillary would look very fashionable in her new orange jumpsuit!!
    If she goes down, she will implicate others because she will not go down alone!

  39. “…grossly negligent” and “extremely careless” What are they talking about? Their description is only that…. a description. What I’d LIKE to know is what the content of those emails were! It must be pretty serious, and I think the public deserves to know ALL the details. That way, we can take action. Otherwise, all we get is the outer view. Is someone afraid of losing their job or something? Give me the nitty gritty details! I wanna see her go to prison!

    • Afraid of ‘losing their job or something’…. probably they are afraid of losing their LIFE. By the way, can someone find out the name of her plastic surgeon?

    • Actually both those terms denote criminal liability. Any Judge has to give that info to the jury. Doesn’t matter legally how they word it. The fact they changed the wording shows that they are trying to get her off the hook but she is still legally and criminally liable.

  40. The Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting on that tarmac at an Arizona airport probably was the payout of hush money to be given from the Clinton Foundation to Obama, Comey, Lynch and others. Mueller, McCade, Rosenstein are complicit in Uranium One along with Holder, Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Podesta, Obama and many others.
    Problem is, nobody goes to jail in D.C. Now we need to look into the Saudi scandal and see if Obama and gang are clean or not.

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