Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton got caught doing something that will make Democrats squirm

Whenever Bill Clinton’s name pops up in the headlines, scandal is usually not too far behind.

And it typically involves a woman.

But Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton got caught doing something that will have Democrats shocked.

Kamala Harris was the subject of mockery on social media after it was revealed that Harris would appear with former President Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative to discuss the “impact of COVID-19 on women” and “empowering women and girls” in America and around the world.

Bill Clinton has been facing multiple credible allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape for years.

Clinton has also yet to give an honest accounting of his relationship with deceased alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Critics mocked Harris for appearing on stage with the last person on earth qualified to discuss empowering women and girls around the world.

Much of the scandal and controversy that haunted Bill Clinton throughout his political career stemmed from allegations that Clinton used his position of power to prey on young women.

Kamala Harris was never known to have the strongest political instincts or skills.

Harris dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race in 2019, months before the first vote and with around zero support in the polls.

This appearance with Bill Clinton at an event that only serves to highlight Clinton’s scandals and alleged mistreatment of women will only fuel the narrative that Harris is politically tone deaf.

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