Kamala Harris blew a gasket after one embarrassing truth about her was exposed

Kamala Harris has been a bumbling disaster as Vice President.

Her blunders are putting her political future in doubt.

And Kamala Harris blew a gasket after one embarrassing truth about her record was exposed.

Vice President Kamala Harris was hyped up by the corporate-controlled media as the female version of former President Barack Obama.

Her much-ballyhooed 2020 Presidential campaign crashed and burned before a single vote was cast in a Democrat Primary.

After receiving a political lifeline from President Joe Biden to become his Vice President, it’s been all downhill for Harris.

Her stint as Vice President has been marked with repeated gaffes and botching the few jobs assigned to her like “Border Czar.”

Harris’ staff has been stampeding from her office with constant departures and behind the scenes griping about her job performance.

Her chief of staff, communications director, press secretary, and other top aides have hit the road during her first 18 months as Vice President.

An upcoming book from best-selling author Chris Whipple is pulling back the curtain on the Biden regime.

Whipple’s book, The Fight of His Life, is an insider account of the tumultuous first two years of the Biden regime.

In the book, Whipple reveals that Harris’ problems as Vice President are because she’s “impossible to manage” due to “deep, deep insecurity.”

Harris torments her staff with “really unnecessary gamesmanship,” which a former aide attributed to her deep-seated insecurity.

The anonymous staffer cited in the book worked for Harris for years and claimed she “refused to do the kind of preparation that you need to do before going public on a hardcore policy matter.”

Harris has humiliated herself at public events with verbal gaffes and missing basic policy points.

“And then she became incensed and outraged when things wouldn’t go the way she thought they were supposed to,” the staffer added. “There was a lot of magical thinking.”

Mistreatment of her staff goes back to Harris’ days as Attorney General of California, her first major political office.

Harris refused to answer a question from Whipple for his book about the “turmoil and morale problems among your staff going back to your time as California Attorney General.”

Gil Duran, a former Harris aide, said that her staff as California Attorney General often dealt “with her dysfunction.”

Duran, who has been critical of Harris since she became Vice President, said in the book that she’s “impossible to manage.”

“The amount of stress she created by constantly being impossible to manage and taking out all her stresses on staff — usually women, or people who were not in great positions of authority — was just kind of unbearable,” Duran said.

He threw in the towel on working for Harris in less than six months.

Biden described Harris in the book as a “work in progress.”

Kamala Harris’ longstanding problems dealing with her staff will complicate her future Presidential ambitions.

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