Kamala Harris doesn’t want anyone to know the truth about this embarrassing video

Kamala Harris’ time as an executive officer has been defined by one misstep after another.

It’s almost too much for many Democrats.

And now Kamala Harris doesn’t want anyone to know the truth about this embarrassing video.

Kamala Harris became the butt of social media jokes after Americans got a look at the first episode of a YouTube series the White House produced entitled “Get Curious with Kamala Harris.”

The video featured an overly animated Harris trying to excite a room full of children about the wonders of space.

Critics lampooned the show as something out of the farcical HBO comedy VEEP.

You can see the video at the bottom of this article.

Harris’ on-camera performance was not the only embarrassing detail about the story.

Biden administration officials used taxpayer money to hire child actors to appear with Harris.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The first installment of Vice President Kamala Harris’s YouTube Originals space series featured child actors who auditioned for their roles in the project.

Trevor Bernardino, a 13-year-old actor from Carmel, California, and one of five teenagers featured in the video, was asked to submit a monologue discussing something he is passionate about and three questions for a world leader, according to an interview with KSBW TV. Trevor then interviewed with the production director.

Bernardino was joined by Derrick Brooks II, another child actor, Emily Kim, likewise a child actor, Zhoriel Tapo, a child actor and aspiring journalist who has interviewed former first lady Michelle Obama, and Sydney Schmooke.

When Kamala Harris ran for President, her support tanked because voters viewed Harris as an inauthentic fraud.

Harris staging a video that comes across as bad political satire in a room full of child actors will not help Harris with the perception of inauthenticity when she mounts a 2024 or 2028 presidential campaign.

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