Kamala Harris got called out for a huge failure from one place she never expected

Kamala Harris added another huge headache to Joe Biden’s growing list of problems.

It could not come at a worse time.

And Kamala Harris got called out for a huge failure from one place she never expected.

Joe Biden’s border crisis escalated as 15,000 Haitian illegal aliens marched over the southern border and huddled under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

Reporters described the scene as looking like a third world refugee camp.

This past March, Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his administration’s representative tasked with taming the surge of illegal aliens pouring over the border.

MSNBC’s left-wing activist Stephania Ruhle – of all people – called out Harris for failing at her job of communicating an effective policy to end the surge of illegal aliens entering the country.

“How about the message from our vice president? Where is she?” Ruhle fumed. “She was supposed to be in charge of all of these migration issues, going to those Northern Triangle countries — that’s obviously not Haiti — that was one of her first international trips with the message ‘Do not come here illegally.’ People aren’t listening. What is she saying now?”

MSNBC reporter Julia Ainsley was forced to admit that Harris’ diplomatic efforts with Mexico to curtail the flood of illegal aliens marching through Mexico on the way to the United States failed.

“Well, we haven’t heard a lot from the vice president. Of course, you point out she was focused on those Northern Triangle countries. A lot of her work was in Guatemala working with that government. A lot of the diplomacy, which was what the vice president was focused on, was with Mexico. And essentially what we’re seeing now is a breakdown of that work with Mexico,” Ainsley responded.

Biden – and Harris’ – failure to stem the tide of illegal aliens flooding the country is one of the main drivers of Biden’s falling poll numbers.

And even the pro-Democrat Party cheerleaders on MSNBC are starting to worry about the long term political effects and wondering why more isn’t being done to correct the situation.

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