Kamala Harris got one piece of advice that enraged Democrats

Kamala Harris’ political career is imploding before her very eyes.

Polls show just 28 percent of Americans approve of Harris.

And now Kamala Harris got one piece of advice that enraged Democrats.

Barely a day goes by without some outlet publishing a story outlining Vice President Kamala Harris’ failings.

After Biden made Harris his border czar, Harris ignored the crisis, resulting in a record 1.7 million illegal aliens invading America in fiscal year 2021.

Other bombshell stories also revealed that Harris presided over a toxic work environment, as numerous top level staffers fled her office and leaked to the press that Harris was essentially nothing but a bully.

The latest negative news cycle for Harris revolved around Never-Trump Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan authoring a column declaring Harris politically “dead” and damning her with faint praise by claiming that being written off was the best path to recovery since no one expected much from a political corpse.

“The good thing about having been killed is nobody expects anything from you because you’re dead,” Noonan wrote. “Expectations are low. Ms. Harris can use the time of her deadness to focus on why she’s failing.”

Noonan also wrote that people who interact with Harris come away unimpressed, often shaking their heads in frustration over how terrible she is at politics.

Harris’ political ineptitude should not surprise anyone – Noonan wrote – because Harris ended her 2020 campaign in disgrace by not even making it to the first vote in Iowa.

“She loves the politics of politics too much, and not the meaning. When people meet with her they come away saying that what she cares about is the politics of the issue, not the issue itself. But even as she’s obsessed with the game of national politics she’s not so far particularly good at it. When she sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, she spectacularly flamed out,” Noonan wrote.

This led to a predictable round of attacks on Noonan by Democrats claiming any criticism of Harris was racist and sexist.

Of course, there is still a decent chance Kamala Harris will be the Democrats nominee for President in 2024.

But if Democrats are counting on using her race and gender as their best argument for Harris to be President, then they may have to prepare for a replay of the 2016 campaign.

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