Kamala Harris held one private meeting that every Democrat lived to regret

Kamala Harris proved to be a disaster of a running mate selection.

Joe Biden knows this, which is why Harris rarely ventures out on the campaign trail on her own.

When she does, it is bad news for the Left. And now Kamala Harris held one private meeting that every Democrat lived to regret.

Kamala Harris recently held a private meeting with accused rapist Jacob Blake.

Democrats are trying to recast Blake as a civil rights hero after Blake was paralyzed when police shot him seven times during a violent confrontation.

Blake’s attorney Benjamin Crump released a statement claiming Harris told Blake she was proud of him and called the meeting “inspirational and uplifting.”

This meeting did nothing to dispel the notion Biden and Harris will be puppets of the radical Left if they take office.

Police shot Jacob Blake after they responded to a 9-1-1 call that Blake was trespassing at the house of a woman who accused Blake of “digitally raping her.”

Blake allegedly fought with police and wielded a knife before being shot.

The criminal complaint against Blake was later released, which revealed that the woman previously accused Blake of breaking into her house and penetrating her vagina with his fingers while she lay in bed.

This is who Kamala Harris is now proud to be inspired by.

And it only adds weight to President Trump’s argument that Biden and Harris will not be able to stand up to the extremists on the Left.

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