Kamala Harris is in big trouble after a racist remark

Kamala Harris is running for President in 2020.

So that means she needs to appeal to the unhinged leftwing base.

And that caused Harris to step over the line with this racist remark that has everyone thinking she blew her chances.

Harris was questioning Ronald Vitiello – President Trump’s nominee to head up ICE – about comments he made saying the Democrats were Klan-lite.

Vitiello apologized for the comments, but Harris pressed her advantage and ended up making a big mistake.

Harris compared ICE – the agency that keeps Americans safe from illegal aliens – to the Klu Klux Klan.

She asked Vitiello if he understood how some people saw ICE as similar to the Klan because some left-wingers believe ICE uses fear and violence to target racial minorities.

Breitbart reports:

“And are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and discretion at ICE is being used to enforce the law and do you see any parallels?”

“I do not see any parallels,” Vitiello responded, to which Harris said she was talking about perceptions.

“How can you be the head of an agency and be unaware of how your agency is perceived by certain communities?” Harris asked.

“There’s a lot of perceptions in the media and in the public that are incorrect about the agency,” Vitiello said.

To win the Democrat nomination in 2020 you have to take stands that position you as admitting that any immigration enforcement is white supremacy.

But that position is a killer in the general election.

Donald Trump won the 2016 election on the immigration issue and he would love to run against an open borders Democrat in 2020.



    • Mrs Harris should remember she as American much less a policel person she has same responsibility to inforce the law and protect the security of this nation and though our constitution which all who works for or is involves in any office of this greet nation. We take oth to uphold and defend the constitution so help me God . We can not pick and choice the laws we agree to inforce and fellow. We need elected officials to under stand the oth they take to protect this nation and let’s people. Our elected official do not even consider their american responsibility as citizens.

    • First let me make it clear that Kamala Harris is not Black. She had a long with Willie Brown. She seems to love big black dicks and got paid in lieu for all the sex she gave them. At no time is she Black. Chew on this for awhile.

      • Alexander Gonero, I read somewhere that Kamala Harris’s mother was from India and her father was from an island in the Caribbean. Most of those people migrated to the Caribbean from Africa. I have been there and those people are really dark/black skinned. So Kamala is as black as BHO was. People of mixed black blood have always been called black people or Mulatto if their skin is really light. I think it is safe to say she is half black at any rate. Being white, I am certainly no expert!

  1. This is the crap that the Democrated party loves. They all need to be wrapped up in chicken wire and hung on Trump’s new border wall to decay. They are worthless human beings to the core.After what they all did to Kavanauh you better be real scared of where this country is headed!

    • kamala harris, jut another mulatto brain warped liberal thieving black liar. Move on, nothing much more to be asaaid i=on the subject.

      • William, I am more concerned about Kamala Harris than any of the up and coming Dem libs! I think she is potentially a dangerous foe because, she is a “brown” woman, she is the worse or as bad as the worse racist, she is deeply involved in #MeToo feminist movement, she is very well educated and bright.
        It plays against her that she is so fanatical and such a narsasist that she drives people nuts. She also has the worse speaking voice in the world. We can only hope she damaged herself with the Justice Kavanaugh hearing and will continue to alienate people with her fanaticism.

          • Only Republicans are persecuted, regardless of gender, race, color or education. Whoever screams loudest and is mir absurd than the next person wins in this upside down USA

  2. I did not realize that informing illegals of the repercussions of violating immigration laws was racist or perceived as racist by some racial groups she must mean Latinos of which many legal ones aid and abet those here illegally and of which many are illegal aliens themself, as far as I am concerned those who conspire to commit an illegal act are guilty of a crime themself and need to be charged, that includes the entire Democratic party and those criminal federal judges.

  3. Who is going to remember all the racist crap she says now in the next 18 months? I’m sure that she will have some fresh foot in mouth comments between now and then. Hope it will be low level enough for her supporters to dump her then.

  4. Harris isa daur, depressing, doomsday advocate. She never smiles and speaks in a monotone voice. She needs to project a more clownish demeanor if she ever wants to defeat the head clown, Joe Biden ! Just having clownish and untenable positions on political issues won’t be enough !

  5. She thinks her looks and wit will play well in the primaries. She forgets the outside of Commiefornia average Joe and Betty don’t like her. I live in Commiefornia and she doesn’t represent me or my views.

  6. What she is running for is the democrat nomination in the primaries. She has to survive that before she can actually be a presidential candidate. And the primaries promise to be full of clowns vying to become ringmaster.

  7. R/R, pls check on whether Harris is even eligible to become President!! She was born in the USA, but of people that were NOT naturalized citizens, yet. Her mother arrived from India in 1959 and she was born in 1964. At least by today’s standards one cannot be naturalized that quickly. Her father was from the Caribbean basin, though I’m not sure which nationality. Renewedright, CHECK THIS OUT and either make an issue over it and/or notify me as to my error

    • FIRST and FOREMOST: everyone needs to STOP USING THE WORD, R-A-C-I-S-T AS THOUGH IT IS A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY death. It is not illegal nor a crime. That word has power ONLY IF YOU GIVE IT POWER.

      • Mellie, Would you please explain that to Democrats? That is their favorite accusation to use on Republicans. Like many other topics they think if they say it enough it will magically become true and we will all be damned to hades! I am so happy that the midterms brought the truth totally out in the sunshine, the Democrats are the “real” racists.
        (More commie teaching-accuse your enemy of the wrongs you are doing. Lord knows, they do!) But, you are correct, it is not a crime and far
        Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

      • If you don’t agree with everything a black person says you are a racist,whatever’s happened to freedom of speech and oplnion.people are loosening there jobs for what they say.mayby it’s time FOR NAAWP.

    • You mean drug dealers, rapists, murders, and terrorists, you know a good part of those who comprise the components of toxic waste in those streams oozing towards the United States.

  8. Kamala Harris is IN LOVE WITH HERSELF and VERY COCKY. She likes to badger people into agreeing with her as evidenced by her questioning of Judge Kavannaugh as well as others she has had on a witness stand from various federal agencies. Harris is the last person that I would vote for to be President.

    • She’s ineligible for president, though the MSM doesn’t say anything. They’re trying to pull another BHO “fake” presidency…

  9. “To win the Democrat nomination in 2020 you have to take stands that position you as admitting that any immigration enforcement is white supremacy.” Can anyone provide any evidence that that’s not true? So, Harris is just doing what she thinks she has to do to win the Democrat Presidential nomination. So, do you have to be a racist to be a Democrat, now, or just play the race card if you want to be a Democrat leader? Either way, the evidence is increasing that it’s the Democrats that are the real racists!

    • The problem with people doing what they think they need to do to win is “THERE’S NO INTEGRITY.” Kamala Harris has painted herself as a person who stands behind her color as a Candidate instead of being a person of conviction and character. Black people can and are also racist.

      • Obama gave black people a bad name if the next President represents everybody instead of there own interest this would be great but good luck if you are black.

  10. A step too far if she was an American. But she’s not. She’s an anti-American communist running in the People’s Democratic Party. She’ll be just fine. In fact better than fine. Of course to win the nomination she’ll have to defeat Hillbag. Good luck with that.

  11. KH has been way of of line before but this time she took it a step way too far out there and she really blew it.(JUST LIKE HER HORRIBLE BIASED QUESTIONING AND STATEMENTS ABOUT KAVANAUGH) Keep your stupid and crazy opinions to yourself because it will get you no where but out of politics. WHICH BY THE WAY WOULD BE GREAT NEWS!!

  12. If one simply substitutes “Black” for White, they will see how the Party of the Left is pushing vicious racism as one of its main planks–Imagine if the Republicans openly stated Blacks are not welcome! Ironically, the republicans do NOT have to take any position on race, they promote FREE ENTERPRISE, hard work, effort, and respect for the law, issues which ultimately favor INDIVIDUALS who make the commitment, REGARDLESS of Gender, Race, Ethnicity or Social Status–Those INDIVIDUALS do NOT wait for the party to do things for them, they go and do it! The POL absolutely despises BLACKS and HISPANICS who are successful without reliance on their “formulas” of welfare and victimization!

  13. Karma will be that one day she suffers the fate of and illegal alien doing harm to her or someone she cares about. I would have to be a family member because she doesn’t care about American citizens.

        • An Asian-Indian woman who may not have had citizenship yet in 1964 (birth-year of Harris). And her father was a Caribbean Island citizen who was also not naturalized yet. This is the same dilemma as Nicki Haley faces if she were to run for president….INELIGIBILITY

          • John Flynn, I researched several articles on the requirements for a person to be President of US because there are so many unknowns and people I hoped would not be eligible, all persons must be 35 years or older to be President, please check me on any search engine.
            1. Any person born on US soil or US territory. Parents NOT required to be citizens of US, and can be here legally or illegally. (Kamala Harris) (Baa Humbug)
            2. Any person born on foreign soil and one or both parents are US citizens (T. Cruz)

            TO RECAP:
            Anyone, born anywhere in the world to American citizens is eligible.
            Anyone born on US soil or US territory whose parents are not citizens and are here legally or illegally IS eligible.

            Sorry, “google” and verify.

    • McCain was a natural born citizen. You do not have to be born on US soil to be one. Both of his parents were US citizens and were in Panama at the government’s bidding. That makes him a US National and as soon as he touched US soil, he became a US Citizen. No requirement for him to take a citizenship oath or be naturalized. Congress so ruled that he was a natural born citizen under the Constitution.

      Now if you want to debate whether he was a RINO or not, that is up for discussion.

      • If your parents are legal United States and have sworn an oath to uphold the laws of the United States Constitution no matter where they are at the time of your birth you are an United States citizens well, Anchor babies was an illegal act as in the stipulations are not in accordance with any of the stipulations of our immigration laws.

    • If our duly elected President is successful in having that anti-Constitutional Anchor baby law abolished anyone whose parents were not naturalized citizens may not only be subject to deportation their right to run for the presidency will be null and void.

      It seems unfair that those who were not born here but later became a citizen cannot become POTUS but trash born here of non legal citizens can.

      I am just quoting the individual going by the name “M”, I would have responded to their comment but the reply option is not available, go figure.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie, I am the “M” who wrote the comment. I agree with you completely. It is not fair and I hope DJT is able to “fix” that. It is wrong on so many levels!

        P.S. I wrote a detailed comment and Google deleted it as is very common for them to do!
        Google steps on my First Amendment rights often!

      • Constitution defines the requirements of a presidential candidate. It lays out specifics. It is not ambiguous. If it is to be changed it cannot be done by a simple congressional law. It must be a constitutional amendment.

  14. If he is ever questioned by her again, there is one thing he could do that would be a total smackdown. There is a formal, studio portrait of SENATOR Robert Byrd wearing his full KKK regalia. Set that portrait on his table, facing her, and say “do not EVER smear my agency by equating us with Democrats! I will not tolerate that gross insult!”

    • Someone should tell this ignorant woman, that the KKK was her party. They look at the south & see them as ‘red’ states now, assuming they were the Party of the KKK, when actually the south rejected the dimms.racism & fled to the republican party after they (the dimms.) refused to sign JKF’s {Johnson presented it} Civil Rights Acts of 1964/65. Republicans were the ones who signed this act into law. One of these acts gave African Americans the right to vote. Our Education system really must suck today. Hey, democrats, you are the party of the KKK. Own it.

  15. This Kamala, not the Ugandan Giant, will never be nominated, let along be elected. She’d burnishing her cred to make it big time on the lecture circuit and get those cushy, six figure, do nothing consultant positions. That will ensure her 1% status while the rest of AA grovel for those San Fran Nan ‘crumbs’ in the hood. From JJ and Sharpies race hustling, to Barry O and now the next generation of shake down artists.

  16. He should have reminded Karmella the Democrats were the founding fathers of the KKK. Dems were slave owners and no Republicans owned slaves; a claim made by Dinesh DeSuosa and so far undisproved by the Democ-Rats.

    • The parties have switched since way back when – – the South was represented by Dixiecrats, the Republicans were from the NORTH. Now the Northeast is controlled by Democrats and the South and KKK people have become Republicans. You are playing a semantics game to misrepresent the Truth.

      • The KKK and neo-Nazis were the southerners who chanted “Heil Trump” and insults about Jews. The KKK considers Trump THEIR president and that Trump is a white supremacist racist.

        • Well the RACIST LEFT is showing it COLOR in this vicious senator from the LALA state! The land of LIENSTEIN and Fairy Tale Brown she was an attorney general that ran for senate promising to clean up drug trade, illegal immigration, and crime wow then she has the audacity to say that a lawful government agency is perceived as the KKK. Sorry JD your no doctor and you and karmella belong together two RACIST in a pod!!

          • Janet Thomas, That would be phony fake pseudo Doc you are a damned lying bastard.
            I will believe that is a doctor when I see the degree!
            And, where did all that elitist talking down to and attempt to be reserved and digified go? The “real” crude dude liberal rose to the top like cream on milk! JD, screwed up and outed himself. Thank you very much JD!

        • KKK was ‘military arm’ of ‘Dems’, way back when.
          someone here (initial ‘j’) needs historical research.
          Damn, get ‘it’ together would ya, Alright Already.
          You getting worse, jd.

      • Not another ignorant person. The Democrats are the same racist people they have always been. There has been no switching. The Republican party of today is the same Republican party when Abe Lincoln organized it. After WWII the southern people starting moving from the rural areas to the cities. Through the GI bill they bought homes & opened business & LEFT the racist democrat party. Just because you see that the south votes ‘red’ these days, is because they left the democrat party. Dimms need to own their racism.

  17. So lets get this straight. Vitiello can say the Democrats are Klan-lite, and you guys have no problem with it. But let Harris simply ask Vitiello if he realizes that some people perceive of ICE as behaving similar to the Klan (note she did NOT say she believed it), and you guys go crackers.

    • The intro “Breitbart reports:” says it all. 😂😓 That lets the reader know: Time to open that mind and get ready for some fairness and real truth!🤪😓 Well put, simple and clear, Eric Granberg.

    • But Eric, to be fair they “go crackers” over far less. They wake up each day to verbally abuse someone. . .the only question is whom.

      • Dr. J.D., funny. We have to wake up everyday to call you out on your lies. The parties switched places. What a totally ignorant person you must be. No parties witched. The republican party is the same party that it was when Abe Lincoln organized it. Remember ‘the party of Lincoln.’ You dimms need to own your racism, your Jim Crowe Laws & the organizers of the KKK & your lynchings. History is a pesky little thing, it can’t be altered. Read it.

    • Eric Granberg, I happen to be a cracker and I never “go” crackers!
      Re: Kamala Harris and her “perceive” question, makes no difference what she said, we know her and have a very good “perception” of what she meant. She is a typical brown liberal woman who is a racist and saying anything she thinks will win her the 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination. She has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. She is way too far out there, even for the Dem leadership, much less the American people.

  18. The only people who “feel fear and intimidation” from ICE are the illegals and the criminal element and well they should!

    • Hopefully, but there are so many dummies who are looking for handouts they will vote for whoever offers it to them. Lot of illegals are in that camp. They really don’t care what becomes of America much past their next welfare check.

  19. Kamala Harris is nothing but a paid baiter. She constantly asks leading questions and doesn’t let the person answer unless she gets the answer she’s looking for. She’s rude, inconsiderate, and full of garbage fed to her by her party. Why in god’s name would we even trust anything she says?

    • Wallace B. Christina – I have said almost the exact same thing verbatim! I have watched a lot of hearings and confirmations and she’s is like that to everyone she questions that are not liberals. She soft steps the liberals.

      • She’s condescending bitch. Some of the people posting above can not see how condescending she is. It’s the same with Jim Acosta. ‘Look, I’m better than you, so I can treat you anyway I want.’ It’s the same concept that a ‘rapist’ would use. It’s called Control & Dominance.
        Kamala Harris was implying that ICE were the KKK, which they aren’t, her party were.

      • Apparently she did. Willie Brown the ugly black mayor, speaker of the house and womanizer. Kamala also hates our citizens, hates our country, represents illegals
        , she was elected to represent Californians but she is more interested in illegals and open borders then she can go represent the sht hole countries. She belongs there.She is not one of us. She is a mad woman like Tokyo Rose. Her middle name is racism. She is a vagina head all the way.

    • Harris is trying to use the same pablum (baby food)approach on the national stage that she used to schmooze the Libturds in the Bay Area. It won’t work unless everyone is stupid enough to pay any attention. She thinks she is a natural to slide into national politics. She was trying to step on the neck of ICE without any comprehension she is dealing with smart people who won’t just lay down and let her get away with that childish, buffoonish approach. She is truly a fool and should be treated as such.

  20. You can be in the private sector, actor, comedian, or any other occupation; and you are a conservative; you would have been black listed, fired, career ruined, etc… but when you are a democrat and make a statement like that, you just stay where the hell you are. She should be THROWN OUT of Congress IMMEDIATELY…….She is no good for the government or the American people. Once you are elected, whether you are democrat or republican, YOU WORK FOR ALL OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS. This is what is NOT happening in the democratic party.

  21. “Kammy” just cannot shut up… she thinks she is making statements that are utterly “profound” — yet she is NOT the great spokesperson, interrogator, or pace-setting party leader that she thinks — GET OVER YOURSELF, GIRL … You are NOT ON YOUR BEST DAY PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL … You are just representative of the Democratic females we are fored to listen to … Pelosi, Feinstein, Warren, Mad Maxine, the newby, and that nutcase in Hawaii (whose name I don’t even want to remember) … what a CREW !

  22. She is a deer caught in the headlights, “Duh, what do I do next”. She is someone to be despised and do not throw her a lifeline. She and those that she represents are anti-Americans and enemies of those that hold onto principles that are uplifting, good and wholesome.

  23. With the declining of Schumer – Pelosi – Warren – Waters and Feinstein – the very people the “New” democrat party wants to rid themselves of – all they have to offer is people like Mr. Potatohead – I mean “Sparticus” 😉 Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? It does not seem like they are off to a very good start.

    • BS. When the Democratic leaders stood up the the KKK starting with the Kennedy’s, the Dixiecrats and KKK became part of the GOP. The KKK sees Trump as one of them.

      • JD, You are full of it, lies that is. Stop trying to rewrite history. These people may not be a fake Dr. like you are but, they see through your puny attempts to change history.
        What’s with this “mean” you going on? You have lost it and are writing on the same level of crap as Ric B and Scott27 and the rest of the rude crude libs.

    • Correct Joe. Dems Were the Klan & the Klan Were Dems.
      jd, you need Serious historical research.Get off this
      site for a few minutes & educate Yourself.

  24. God loves all no matter who you are. I see hate in every statement and comment made. Jesus paid for everything on the cross with unconditional love for all. If you would accept His love, and then shared it with everyone you come in contact with, hate would be toast. love jim

    • Jim I agree. The power of Jesus can fix all things. But the most important is to save all whom believe ON him from a literal burning hell.

    • They say, “Jesus” just might love the KKK more then everyone else, because they keep Him, the father of light, supplied with fresh still warm & dripping, filthy, stinking, ugly, black souls daily! I can’t confirm or deny what I’ve heard, its up to you to decide, so go and decide!

    • JESUS LOVES ALL, BUT, ALL do not come to HIM!! GOD only listens to the prayers of those that know HIM, and have a relationship with HIM!! HE ONLY HEARS FROM HIS CHILDREN!! Not ALL people are GOD’s children!!! ONLY THE ONES THAT HAVE GIVEN THEIR HEARTS AND LIVES TO HIM, are the ones HE KNOWS!!!

    • Bill, I have to agree with you. Most people In America Love God, but you have to remember Some People are Atheists and will say anything to get you to agree with them. That’s why some People will act the way they do, and have no respect to what they say and denounce GOD.
      BOBBY ~!~

  25. how the hell did this witch ever get elected to the senate what a disgusting piece of garbage this woman is.She should be impeached.

    • Her base is anti-America just like she is. The Democrats are radicals who intend to bring down America for the New World Order. That is the true reason they are trying to disarm Americans. They kill more babies than any school shooting ever has or ever could, even if you add them all up together. Their supporters have killed more conservatives than anyone else ever has and they harass Americans on a routine bases. Yet Democrats continually fight to disarm law abiding citizens. It is passed time people started doing the math. Democrats cannot win unless we are disarmed or replaced. The Democrats are the enemies of America. They are flooding us with foreign indigents to replace Americans. There is no difference between a foreign alien invader and the invaders of old, other than honestly. These new invaders come demanding they be let in, demanding they have rights they do not, demanding we food, cloth, and house them and their spawn, they steal what is refused them, and they cost our healthcare system alone 18.5 BILLION DOLLARS YEARLY. They steal our job, drive down wages, and never go off welfare. Some are raping and murdering our citizens. You tell me what separates these thug invaders from those of old time, when we would have killed them outright? All I can see is we have become weak and our leaders pathetic traitors who failed to do their only job. To protect Americans. Frankly I see little that Congress has succeed at. Over time they have morphed into enemies themselves.

      • You have clearly stated what is going on and how these democraps are not representing the people but onpy trying to stay in power to enrich themselves by laundering our tax dollars into their pockets.

    • Provisional Ballots, Arizona-California-Florida or any state Eric Holder has been to to ensure Democrat Wins. If a Republican is winning, then guess what election Officials like Mrs. Snipes can pull 85,000 votes out of Thin Air even after the election is over. In the past it always the Republican that suppose to rescind. If the Democrat still losses Federal Judges gives them more time to come up with more Provisional Ballots or a lost box of absentee votes which contains only Democrat ballots!!!

  26. The latest comment made by CA. Sen.Kamala Harris in comparing ICE with the KKK, most clearly reveals of the down-low-dirty stupidity and of the deeply harbored hate .. the racism and the bigotry not so subtly hidden but, of what’s really contained in most of the sick minds of many of them ( African-American ?)radical liberal-progressive-democrats .. them “uppity negroes” whose one main desire is and, or, has always been to “fundamentally transform” our Country. In case that you – out there – are not aware of the identity of some of them venomous rats,them haters and pigs that I’m referring to, the list of some names include the obamas .. both michelle and ‘barry’; pigs like louis farrahkan, eric holder, maxine waters, cummins, al sharpton and some others so called ‘revereds’ .. all of these who hate all of what We .. the people, inherited from he founders. All of these have one thing in common .. they really hate our Contitution. All of these deceitful treasonous cowards and plenty of (Caucasians ?)”others” .. they’re the immediate enemy from within and represent a real and immediate threat .. not only to our National security but to our freedoms just a well. Since long time ago .. we’ve been warned of them deceivers.

    • Kamala Harris, If History tells us one thing and that is the Democrat Party created Racism for the Democrat Party are the Founders of the KKK to control the Negroes the Republican Party Freed. Mixed Black and Whites, like Kamala are more Racist than all!! She has forgotten it was the Democrat Party who founded the KKK and she has roots to the KKK herself! She has forgotten Hundreds of thousand of Whites died during the Civil War just to make salves free. The Republican Party has done more to help the Black Man than the Democrat Party who only gives you lip service for a vote. Explain, that one KAMALA!!!! That’s right a Provisional Ballot box put you in Office!!

      • Well said. Kamala H should resign . She is a Mentally Deficient misfit that has grossly discarded the USA Constitution that she swore UNDER OATH to UPHOLD and DEFEND. The Democratic Party ELITES have attacked the Constitution constantly to suit their POWER hungry status while TOTALLY ignoring the LEGAL American USA Citizens. Its is amazing how many voters vote for these misfits .

  27. Hey Kamala Harris: Did you also know that the phrase you used, saying that ICE is the same as the KKK is totally WRONG. If you remember your history, you will see that the DEMOCRATIC party actually started the KKK. Look it up! I think you should change your stance, as you have embarrassed yourself enough already.

  28. She’s not in trouble, on the contrary, she is probably the front-runner. The only ones paying attention are the radical left and why that is OK, they are the only ones paying attention. On the Right, you have the usual suspects. The ones sitting on there hands doing nothing but complaining. If Conservatives are going to keep the Country from becoming Europe we will have to match the Left’s intensity. Right now, we don’t have the energy to turn the channel.

  29. Harris is a racist and power “ho”. All she has to offer is a whining dissension, unsubstantiated,judgmental attitude, an unearned sense of moral superiority, and perpetual look of disdain for for those with whom she disagrees. She is very easy to be pissgusted with. LOL

  30. Non-sense…Harris can do NO wrong for two reasons…one she is a democrat and a women of color democrat…! And two the democrat party owns the news media, a news media that will bury all Harris’s faults and lie about her accomplishments, of which she has none!

  31. Whose perception, yours. That was a very dumbassed thing for somebody who seems to want to run for president to do. How the hell can he worry about stupid people, and mostly those who don’t live in the country or are here illegally, “perceive” his agency? It’s like the dip sh–s that call police in this country, Nazis. When I heard that I know I’m hearing semi-literate clods who know absolutely nothing about history. People so dense they shouldn’t ever by voting to chose a dog catcher much less a president.

    • Kamala is “Unworthy”? Let’s all remember she worked her way to the Senate by turning tricks in D.C. with her sister’s, Hillary RODENT Clinton and Machelle Obama. Well, what the hell, everyone has the right to earn a little cash on the side or on their “Backside”, don’t they?

      • Bill, stop this slanderous rant. There are enough true bad things to say about this woman. You can’t comment on a persons race being mixed. Are you kidding. None of us except perhaps some Native Americans are a pure race. You should confine your comments to true and helpful words. Name calling is simply childish and accusing these women of prostitution is ludicrous. She is terrible but you sound worse. Use your powers for good instead of evil.

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