Kamala Harris is in hot water after she made this colossal blunder

Kamala Harris has been an epic disaster as Vice President.

But the worst could be yet to come.

And Kamala Harris is in hot water after she made this colossal blunder.

Gas prices have skyrocketed under Joe Biden to the point where the country could be entering an energy crisis.

With his regime’s war on American oil, pipelines and drilling have been shut down.

Politicians have demonized oil companies for “price gouging” and threatened them with crippling regulations.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has only made the situation worse.

With Russian oil imports banned, drivers are set up for major pains at the pumps.

Of course, Democrats learned from Barack Obama to never let a crisis go to waste.

They’re trying to ram through as much of the environmental wacko Green New Deal as they can.

As part of this green scheme, the Biden regime has been pushing electrical vehicles.

They’ve poured billions of dollars into forcing Americans to go electric.

The sky-high gas prices are the perfect opportunity for them to capitalize on.

Kamala Harris was dispatched to sell the public on electric vehicles as the future.

At an event announcing the regime was shoveling $1.5 billion into barely-functioning electric buses for public transportation, she delivered one of her most incoherent, bizarre rants yet.

Talking as if she was reading to a classroom full of elementary school students, Harris offered her vision of the future.

“Imagine a future: the freight trucks that deliver bread and milk to our grocery store shelves and the buses that take children to school and parents to work. Imagine all the heavy-duty vehicles that keep our supply lines strong and allow our economy to grow. Imagine that they produced zero emissions. Well, you all imagined it,” Harris said.

“That’s why we’re here today. Because we have the ability to see what can be unburdened by what has been and then to make the possible actually happen,” she concluded.

Harris neglected to mention gas prices during the event.

This is why she has the worst approval ratings of any modern Vice President in history.

This bizarre rant in the midst of an unprecedented rise in gas prices is awful political judgment.

Terrible political instincts and communication have Democrats rumored to be looking for a way to get rid of Harris in 2024.

But Harris wasn’t the only regime official to embarrass themselves at the event.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told Americans that if gas prices are too high, they should just buy an electric car.

If you can even find one available, the average price for an electric car is about $55,000.

Democrats have become the Party of coastal elites.

They’ve completely lost touch with everyday Americans.

Kamala’s priority for those crushed by high gas prices is a fantasy in the future of electric trucks.

With Kamala’s tone-deaf move, this could be more fuel to the fire for Democrats looking to get her off the 2024 ticket.

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