Kamala Harris is in the middle of a secret negotiation that left Chuck Schumer smiling

Democrats are scheming to chart a course to pass one of the most radical pieces of legislation in American history.

Until now, many thought the bill was dead.

And Kamala Harris is in the middle of a secret negotiation that left Chuck Schumer smiling.

Democrats want to pass a federal power grab over election procedures.

The legislation would force every state to adopt universal mail-in voting and ballot harvesting while crippling the ability to enforce voter ID laws.

Democrats do not have 50 votes to break a filibuster and pass the bill, but in an interview with NPR, Kamala Harris revealed she is working behind the scenes to pressure reluctant Democrats.

“Here is what I will say, I believe that of all of the issues that the United States Congress can take up, the right to vote is the right that unlocks all the other rights. And for that reason, it should be one of its highest priorities. The members of the Senate are going to have to address this. We are going to continue to work to find a path forward no matter how difficult. Obviously, it’s going to require all the Democrats in the Senate to agree with that approach,” Harris began.

But Harris did admit that she broached the subject with Democrats like Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema or creating a “carve out” in the filibuster to pass this one bill with just 51 votes.

“I’m not going to kind of negotiate. Sorry, I don’t mean this in any offense, but I’m not going to negotiate this way. But I’m certainly having conversations with folks,” Harris stated.

Republicans contend this bill would fundamentally change America by turning it into a one-party state where only Democrats can win elections.

That’s why Harris is still scrapping and clawing to put together 50 votes to gut or eliminate the filibuster to pass this legislation.

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