Kamala Harris is looking at one scandal causing her career to crumble before her eyes

Kamala Harris expects to be President one day.

Those dreams are crashing and burning fast.

And that’s because Kamala Harris is looking at one scandal causing her career to crumble before her eyes.

Kamala Harris’ disastrous turn as Joe Biden’s border czar continues to get worse.

Axios reported the administration released 50,000 illegal aliens into the country without a court date.

The government did provide the illegal aliens with a date to return to an ICE facility, but historically just 13 percent show up.

Texas Congressman Tony Gonzalez blasted Kamala Harris and Joe Biden for their negligence calling both “AWOL” for allowing this catastrophe to unfold.

“Things are as bad as it has ever been,” Gonzalez told the hosts of “Fox and Friends.” “It hasn’t gotten better. It has only gotten worse. And sadly, Texans feel as if we’re alone, and we see it. We’re doing everything we possibly can to fight against this immigration crisis. But the ‘big guy’ is AWOL. Kamala Harris is AWOL. The federal government is nowhere to be found. Texans are having to take care of Texans as we fight through this pandemic.”

Gonzalez continued on, explaining that the situation was so dire that his county needed extra body bags to deal with deaths on the border from the illegal alien surge.

“A couple of months ago, my county judges were asking for more body bags,” Gonzales added. “I had to work with the Texas Division of Emergency Management to get them more body bags. And now, guess what? They are asking for even more body bags.”

Polls show Joe Biden gets his lowest marks from the public on the issues of the border and stopping illegal immigration.

Kamala Harris’ failure as border czar to manage this crisis is setting up a political pitfall for the entire Democrat Party.

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