Kamala Harris is refusing to do one job because of how it will hurt Nancy Pelosi

Kamala Harris has been in hiding.

There is a reason for that.

And Kamala Harris is refusing to do one job because of how it will hurt Nancy Pelosi.

It’s been over 60 days since Joe Biden put Kamala Harris in charge of solving the border crisis.

During that time, Kamala Harris refused to visit the border or hold a news conference on her role or any possible solutions.

“Tuesday was the 63rd day that Vice President Kamala Harris – manager of the administration’s response to the crisis – has neither traveled to U.S. border communities nor held a news conference about her border-related duties,” Fox News reported.

Critics contend Harris is staying away from any border related activities so as not to force her allies in the corporate-controlled media to cover the deteriorating situation at the border as well as the fact that the Biden administration has no plan to solve the crisis.

In the month of April, ICE only performed 3,000 deportations, which was the lowest number ever recorded.

That same month the Border Patrol intercepted 178,000 illegal aliens attempting to enter the country.

This was the greatest number of border apprehensions in 20 years.

If Harris held a press conference or visited the border the corporate-controlled media would have no choice but to report these facts.

And it would raise the salience of the immigration issue for Americans.

That’s bad news for Democrats.

All available public polling data shows that immigration is Joe Biden’s worst issue.

If Kamala Harris began making the border a more important issue – especially when Republicans contend the administration’s plan is open borders – it could severely damage Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats prospects to hang on to their slim majority in the House of Representatives.

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