Kamala Harris is scrambling to hide her horrifying ties to Black Lives Matter violence

Most of 2020 was scarred by Black Lives Matter violence.

Over $2 billion in damage came of their riots, with at least 30 deaths being tied to them.

And Kamala Harris is scrambling to hide her horrifying ties to Black Lives Matter violence.

After the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter initiated a nationwide assault on cities.

Their riots rocked almost every major city in America, with scenes of buildings burning becoming commonplace in the summer of 2020.

While these riots were going on, the Left and their allies in the Fake News Media were excusing them, and oftentimes encouraging more violence.

Not only were they encouraging the riots, many on the Left were promoting bail funds to release rioters from jail.

The most notable of these bail funds was from the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which said that they would “pay criminal bail and immigration bonds for those who cannot otherwise afford to.”

Dozens of Hollywood stars and left-wing politicians promoted the fund, which caused it to raise tens of millions of dollars.

Among them is Kamala Harris.

Harris encouraged her followers to “chip in” to “help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

Of course, Minnesota was where the most violence occurred, with Minneapolis being the site of George Floyd’s death.

Her post certainly helped the group, which only raised around $100,000 in all of 2018.

The bail fund was then used to bail out violent rioters, including one man who allegedly shot at police officers during riots in Minnesota.

And now the Minnesota Freedom Fund is trying to cover up exactly who they bailed out, publicly refusing to reveal exactly who they bailed out.

Just the News reached out to the fund, who were told that they could find records of who they bailed out through the “Hennepin and Ramsey County jail rosters.”

But the news outlet attempted to find the records, instead finding that they are not easily accessible.

Minnesota reporter Tom Lyden of KMSP also attempted to find a list of those bailed out by the fund.

Instead, he found that the records are “difficult to find and it is not available online.”

The fact that the Minnesota Freedom Fund isn’t willing to reveal exactly who they bailed out proves that they are likely hiding something.

And with people like Kamala Harris promoting it, it is clear they don’t want the information to harm their political prospects.