Kamala Harris is taking a trip that proved Democrats are in total freak out mode

Joe Biden said he wouldn’t go to Kenosha.

But after President Trump showed his leadership by visiting the riot-torn city and assuring support, Biden sheepishly announced his own trip.

Now Kamala Harris is taking a trip that shows just how much Democrats are freaking out.

Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris is planning to travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Labor Day.

This is a huge reverse-course for the campaign, who just days ago said they weren’t going to bother to send Joe Biden to the Badger State in the wake of the Jacob Blake riots.

The Biden campaign is clearly responding to his rapidly deteriorating lead in the polls.

Biden’s lead in Wisconsin has been cut by five points in the RealClearPolitics polling average in a matter of days due to backlash from Black Lives Matter rioting.

The campaign thought Joe Biden’s trip to Kenosha would stop the bleeding.

But he couldn’t get the job done.

His trip was marred with gaffes including at one point when he was taking questions from the audience, a young woman pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket to read a scripted question.

The woman said, “I’m just going to be honest Mr. Biden, I was told to go off this paper, but I can’t. You need the truth.”

Now they’re sending Kamala Harris to clean up Joe Biden’s mess.

But Harris’ appearance could be even more toxic.

In the wake of the George Floyd riots, Harris encouraged her supporters to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund – a group that used donations to bail out rioters.

Harris wants rioters back out on the streets to sow chaos.

Will Wisconsin residents who had businesses destroyed and lives upended by rioters give her a warm welcome?

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