Kamala Harris is taking one trip that has Joe Biden very nervous

Presidents and Vice Presidents usually experience tension in their relationship.

But it never takes place at the start.

And right now Kamala Harris is taking one trip that has Joe Biden very nervous.

During the campaign, Joe Biden proclaimed himself a transitional figure who would hand the reins off to the next generation of Democrats.

Everyone assumed that meant Biden would not run for a second term.

However, in his only solo press conference as President Biden stated he planned on running for re-election in 2024.

Someone forgot to tell Kamala Harris who is carrying on a schedule that looks like the working assumption is Biden is not running for President three and a half years from now.

Harris’s spokeswoman confirmed that Harris will visit New Hampshire to sell the administration’s nearly two trillion dollar blue state bailout bill.

New Hampshire is home to one of the top Senate races in 2022.

Republican Governor Chris Sununu is expected to challenge Democrat Maggie Hassan.

And that could be the cover story for why Harris is visiting New Hampshire.

And while Democrats may rearrange their 2024 primary schedule, New Hampshire will still fall somewhere early on the calendar and it will be a swing state in the General Election.

Harris is building her base of support in key swing states ahead of the 2024 election not knowing if Joe Biden is running for re-election.

Sometimes aspiring politicians force the occupant of the seat they desire to step aside by making it clear they are running for the job.

The veteran incumbent may not think they can withstand their challenge and step aside.

In this case, Kamala Harris may be trying to force Joe Biden’s hand by making it clear she will not wait until 2028 for it to be her turn.

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