Kamala Harris learned a tragic secret about Democrats that will change everything

After Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, nothing went as it was supposed to.

Now both sides have buyer’s remorse.

And Kamala Harris learned a tragic secret about Democrats that will change everything.

Ever since Kamala Harris took office, there has been an unending series of leaks to the media about how Democrats do not want her as the Party’s nominee in 2024.

Democrats worry that Joe Biden asking voters to re-elect him to serve as President until he is 86 years old is a bridge too far.

But top Party leaders also know that Harris is uniquely unlikeable, untalented, and really only got her position because she met the right qualifications for the Left’s identity politics.

The latest news story covering how Democrats are fretting about Harris leading the Party in 2024 appeared in the Washington Post.

In the story, the Post quoted on the record and anonymous sources who said Harris lacked the personality and political skills to win a national election.

“People are poised to pounce on anything — any misstep, any gaffe, anything she says — and so she’s probably not getting the benefit of the doubt,” Cobb County Democrat Party Chairwoman Jacquelyn Bettadapur told the Post.

Bettadapur said Harris doesn’t “know enough about what she’s doing,” before adding that “it doesn’t help that she’s not [that] adept as a communicator.”

Democrat officials in swing states criticized Harris’ political operations as inept and questioned if she possessed the qualities necessary to defeat Donald Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“Such concerns about Harris’ political strength were repeated often by more than a dozen Democratic leaders in key states interviewed for this story, some speaking on the condition of anonymity to convey candid thoughts. Harris’ tenure has been underwhelming, they said, marked by struggles as a communicator and at times near-invisibility, leaving many rank-and-file Democrats unpersuaded that she has the force, charisma and skill to mount a winning Presidential campaign,” the Post also reported.

One South Carolina Democrat strategist explained to the Post that even though they spent their entire career in service of electing a black woman President, they simply do not believe voters like Kamala Harris.

“Every fiber in my body wants her to be President; everything I’ve ever fought for is for someone like her to be President,” the strategist told the Post. “I think she’s a good person with a good heart who can lead the country. But I don’t know that the people who have to make that happen feel that way right now. I don’t know that she has what it takes to get over the hump in our present environment.”

There is much truth to that.

Fivethirtyeight.com shows Harris’ approval rating sitting at a sickly 38 percent.

Harris never created a good impression with the voters, as her Presidential campaign flamed out in an embarrassing fashion.

After surging to the top of the polls in June and July of 2019, Harris dropped out of the race by Thanksgiving after her support and fundraising bottomed out.

Harris could not present an authentic version of herself in the campaign, as she swung wildly back and forth between trying to court the Democrat Party establishment and the Bernie Sanders movement.

Harris’ bizarre personal tics, such as bursting out in her Disney villain movie cackle at inappropriate moments, struck voters as just plain weird.

Democrats hoped Biden making Harris Vice President would bestow upon her a sense of gravitas by virtue of the office in the eyes of voters.

But two years in and top Party leaders are ready to call the experiment a failure.

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