Kamala Harris made one slip up that confirmed everyone’s worst fear about Joe Biden

Polls show the race in key battleground states is tightening.

That’s bad news for Democrats.

And to make matters worse, Kamala Harris made one slip up that confirmed everyone’s worst fear about Joe Biden.

Joe Biden describes himself as a transitional candidate.

Given his age and growing senility, many Americans suspect as President, Biden would be nothing more than a figurehead so the socialist Left can push their agenda forward using a non-offensive figure like Biden to sell it to the public.

On social media, Trump went a step further and predicted that shortly after the election Biden would step down and Kamala Harris would assume the Presidency and carry out the Left’s bidding.

“His handlers and the Fake News Media are doing everything possible to get him through the Election. Then he will resign, or whatever, and we are stuck with a super liberal whack job that NOBODY wanted!” the President wrote on social media.

Trump’s critics predictably accused the President of spreading conspiracy theories and “misinformation.”

But shortly after the President’s Tweets, Kamala Harris proved Trump correct.

During a virtual campaign event, Harris described a “Harris administration together with Joe Biden” would implement the Left’s agenda.

Joe Biden’s physical and mental decline is obvious to all every time he steps out onto the campaign trail.

That’s why his handlers stashed him away in his Delaware basement for so long.

But Kamala Harris let the secret out that even if Biden wins the election he will not be the real President.

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