Kamala Harris made the one announcement that no one saw coming

California Senator Kamala Harris entered the presidential race as one of the most talked about contenders.

But month after month she saw her campaign bombarded with bad news.

And now Kamala Harris made the one announcement that no one saw coming.

Just weeks after declaring that her campaign was going all-in on the February 3 Iowa Caucuses, Kamala Harris announced she was dropping out of the race.

Harris polled in the top tier of candidates earlier in the summer, but Harris twisted herself into a pretzel over her support for a government-run healthcare scheme, causing her polling and fundraising numbers to plummet.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Harris took stock of her campaign’s financial situation and decided there was no path forward.

She announced her decision in an email to supporters.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) ended her bid for the White House on Tuesday amid dropping poll numbers and reports of turmoil in her campaign.
“I’ve taken stock and looked at this from every angle, and over the last few days have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life. My campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial resources we need to continue,” Harris said in a statement. “I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete.”
“In good faith, I can’t tell you, my supporters and volunteers, that I have a path forward if I don’t believe I do,” the California Democrat concluded.
The development comes after Harris canceled a Tuesday fundraiser at the Paul Weiss law firm in New York City over what her campaign described as a “personal matter,” reports CNBC. The event, which was expected to draw Wall Street investors Marc Lasry and Blair Effron, had not been rescheduled by the campaign.

Many pundits thought Harris could resurrect the Obama coalition and defeat Donald Trump because of her race and gender.

But at the end of the day, Democrats’ hatred of the President seems to have them abandoning identity politics and looking toward who could best take on Trump.

And Kamala Harris did not meet that test.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Nice one truthy. You’re beginning to sound like Biden I knew that you were smoking something stronger than Virginia Slims

  2. I hope Biden the retard gets the nomination. Trump would beat him like a drum. The stupid old bastard talked about kids rubbing the hair on his legs when he was a lifeguard. Next he will be saying that they jerked him off. He probably lost his lifeguard job because of a blue kid.

  3. ” But at the end of the day, Democrats’ hatred of the President seems to have them abandoning identity politics and looking toward who could best take on Trump.
    And Kamala Harris did not meet that test.”

    Tell Me…Which DemonRAT IS Eligible ???

  4. I think its going to be Biden, even though the guy doesn’t know where he is half the time and says the most bazaar things sometimes, he’s the best the democrats can come up with.

  5. Rob, you sure are right about evidence not mattering to dems, They have no morals. Laws mean nothing to them. YES, they only want power. Their goal is to have total control of our government and every aspect of our lives. They are very dangerous to our freedom and must be stopped. Thankfully, they cannot win, as the God they deny will send them to Hell with their master satan

  6. Juilo u are TFS too be President of USA maybe Cuba get lost
    Kamala should never have tried she was too dumb to even know that

  7. Wow is that not great news; so do not let the door hit her in the butt on the way out. Now if we could just get the rest of those Demo’s to drop out then perhaps we can save our Nation from becoming another Cuba or WORSE !!!!!

  8. So, it looks like Kamala Harris has found out that she couldn’t sleep her way into the White House like she slept her way into politics!

  9. Actually, Trump will be impeached by the Dem Party-controlled House. The House has
    no specific evidence of ANY wrongdoing of ANY type. Their main impeachment item is
    Obstruction-that Trump will not provide freely to them, all internal personal and private correspondence, his voluminous businesses tax records, which the Supreme Court has ruled time and again he is not required to, (Liberal lower courts continue to defy and keep making rulings opposing those of Supreme Court), etc. The Dems have been on a fruitless fishing expedition looking for anything to kick Trump out of office. Evidence DOES not matter to Demoocrats. Power does. Thus, Trump will be impeached, and then acquited by the Senate.

  10. julio…you just keep coming here and showing your ignorance. Pres. Trump WILL NOT be impeached!!!! Why?? BECAUSE HE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG!!! I have asked you to name ONE THING that he has done that deserves impeachment and you cannot do it!!! Your sick hate is not a reason for impeachment.

  11. Same ole long mouth whining trump-butt-bumps waiting for trump to run into the arms of farting-putin. These brown nose racist idiots were born losers. hahahaahah

  12. The last darky we had as president tried to kill our country. He just hated our liberties. And we really don’t need one that squats to piss.

  13. Julio-ridiculous
    Mueller Report – cleared Trump 100%
    Ukrainian Report – Cleared Trump 100%
    Democrats have zero, nothing nada except illegal raids on Trump’s lawyer’s offices.
    Violating his rights, etc. Time for jail for dems

  14. The race for president will be a tough one at best and it will be extremely hard to go against Trump.History shows if you lose your bid during the main election for president as a democrat you won’t be backed again. It was smart for her to get out after getting some name recognition so she can run again when she is not running against an incumbent

  15. What do U mean no 1 saw coming? I saw her no personality/no agenda/race/gender crying campaign from the GETGO!
    Apparently so did many others of all races!

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