Kamala Harris said five words that will come back to haunt every Democrat

Kamala Harris, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats cringe everytime Kamala Harris opens her mouth to speak in public.

They dread having to clean up the disaster she leaves in her wake.

And now Kamala Harris said five words that will come back to haunt every Democrat.

Joe Biden is still dealing with the fallout of failing to shoot down a Communist Chinese spy balloon when it entered American air space.

Biden refused to provide real answers as to why he allowed America’s number one enemy to fly a spy balloon across the entire United States.

And Kamala Harris only added to the outrage by claiming that the spy balloon will not affect the United State’s posture towards Communist China.

“I don’t think so, no,” Harris said in an interview with POLITICO about the consequences of the spy balloon’s flight over American airspace.

Harris spoke more truth than she intended when she admitted permitting the Communist Chinese spy balloon to traverse the U.S. was “consistent” with administration policy towards the Chinese.

“Everything that has happened in the last week and a half is, we believe, very consistent with our stated approach,” Harris added.

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton slammed Harris and Joe Biden’s weakness towards Communist Chinese aggression.

“Vice President Harris’s latest remarks refusing to acknowledge that China is a threat to America is yet another example of the administration’s lack of seriousness in countering the CCP [ruling Chinese Communist Party],” Cotton posted on Communist China.

Communist China is threatening to invade Taiwan and start a war with America over dominance in Asia.

Senator Cotton also wrote that Biden allowed the spy balloon to fly over two sensitive military installations – one that is home to America’s Minutemen nuclear ICBMs and one that is the base for the nation’s stealth bomber fleet.

“The Biden administration’s continued appeasement of China is embarrassing. It was no accident the balloon that floated across the U.S. passed over military sites,” Cotton added. “We now know the first Chinese balloon had tools to collect intelligence, something it was able to do because President Biden refused to shoot it down over Alaska.”

To make matters even worse, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is planning to reschedule his meeting with his Chinese counterpart, after canceling his trip to China following the spy balloon violating American air space.

“And after making excuses for China this week, Antony Blinken is considering meeting his Chinese counterpart in Munich this weekend to try and wipe the slate clean,” Cotton continued.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris adopted a weak posture towards the spy balloon because Biden still hopes to cut a climate change deal with the Communist Chinese, which is central to Biden’s overall goal to impose the Marxist Green New Deal on America.

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