Kamala Harris shook her head in despair when she got a hold of these poll numbers

Kamala Harris picked one simple strategy during the Afghanistan debacle.

The verdict is now in on Harris’ gamble.

And Kamala Harris shook her head in despair when she got a hold of these poll numbers.

Kamala Harris entered the political witness protection program as Joe Biden’s failure in Afghanistan unraveled.

Apart from one staged photo to make it look like Joe Biden was in charge and making decisions, the American people have not seen nor heard from Kamala Harris.

Harris and her team hoped that by hiding, Joe Biden would absorb all the political heat and her standing to run in 2024 would escape undamaged.

That proved to be a fool’s errand.

A brand new Rasmussen poll found a six point drop in the number of Americans that believe Kamala Harris is qualified to serve as President.

The Blaze reports:

A Rasmussen poll released on Thursday showed that a majority of Americans, 55%, said that Harris was “not qualified” or “not at all qualified” to assume the duties of the presidency.

Alternatively, only 43% of those polled said that Harris was either “qualified” or “very qualified” to be president.

This is a 6 percentage point drop from the same poll conducted in April, where 49% of respondents said she was qualified.

Kamala Harris is learning the hard way the same lesson every Vice President learns.

And that is the fact that the President’s failures or successes are the Vice President’s failures and successes.

The debacle in Afghanistan caused Joe Biden’s approval numbers to plummet.

Even though Joe Biden is the public face of this humiliating defeat, Americans attached this embarrassment to Kamala Harris’ record and now a majority of Americans do not believe she is qualified to serve as President.

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