Kamala Harris stabbed Joe Biden in the back by supporting this ugly investigation

Events are quickly spiraling out of control.

It’s leading to some confrontations that no one saw coming.

And now Kamala Harris stabbed Joe Biden in the back by supporting this ugly investigation.

Without question, the biggest domestic political crisis for the Biden administration revolves around the failure at the southern border.

The border exploded into a bigger issue when 15,000 Haitian illegal aliens marched into Del Rio, Texas and constructed a shanty town refugee camp under a bridge.

Tens of thousands of more illegal aliens still threaten to pour into the country.

The corporate media tried to distract from this failure by spreading misinformation on social media that Border Patrol agents on horseback whipped illegal aliens in an effort to deny them entry into the country.

This was a lie.

The pictures of Border Patrol agents on horseback showed them holding reins, which riders need to steer and control their horse.

Instead of defending the Border Patrol, Vice President Harris leaned into the online misinformation and attacked the agents as potential abusers.

“What I saw depicted about those individuals on horseback treating human beings the way they were, was horrible,” Harris stated. “And I fully support what is happening right now, which is a thorough investigation into exactly what is going on there. But human beings should never be treated that way. And I’m deeply troubled about it. And I’ll also be talking to Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas about it today.”

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are dropping because he is losing support from the center.

Kamala Harris could have defended the Border Patrol and debunked the viral lies being spread by the press.

Instead, Harris leaned into the lies about Border Patrol agents menacing illegal aliens with whips and she’s supporting an investigation into the incident.

Harris is playing to the crowd that already supports Biden instead of worrying about the Americans souring on his leadership.

Of course, Harris’s support for a “thorough investigation” has many howling because Joe Biden named Harris the administration’s lead on the Border crisis months ago. So the fact is, the whole thing happened under her watch.

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