Kamala Harris suffered a devastating setback that has everyone asking one question about her future

Kamala Harris is stuck in an endless cycle of negative headlines.

Now panic is starting to set in.

And Kamala Harris suffered a devastating setback that has everyone asking one question about her future.

This past week saw POLITICO and CNN publish stories filled with leaks from Democrats and Biden’s handlers about how Harris failed to put together a competent team, bombed on the national stage, and that Democrats would line up to challenge her in the 2024 Presidential primary in the likely event that Biden does not seek re-election.

These stories came on the heels of a series of reports this past summer about how Harris oversaw a toxic working environment that drove out staffers.

Now Harris is facing another negative news cycle that will reinforce all the leaks and backbiting as Harris’ communications chief Ashley Etienne announced she resigned from the administration.

“Vice President Kamala Harris’s communications chief Ashley Etienne is leaving the White House. A veteran of the Barack Obama administration and a former senior adviser to both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, Etienne transitioned to Harris’s team in the weeks following the 2020 election. When Etienne joined the Vice President’s office she told me she would stay for the first year, but still her departure comes after a raft of stories on infighting and low morale in the Vice President’s office,” Vanity Fair reported.

The White House tried to play it off like this was routine business.

“Ashley is a valued member of the Vice President’s team, who has worked tirelessly to advance the goals of this administration,” an administration official stated. “She is leaving the office in December to pursue other opportunities.”

But on the heels of leakers burying Harris in the press and Harris aides responding that the Biden administration was not doing enough in public to defend Harris, Etienne’s resignation stands as an example of more dysfunction in Harris’ political orbit.

And it will serve as another data point for Democrats looking to move on from Harris in 2024.

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