Kamala Harris told one ridiculous lie that immediately blew up in her face

Kamala Harris is considered one of the frontrunners in the Democrat Presidential primary.

Many pundits think she could be the one to defeat Donald Trump.

But she just got caught telling a ridiculous lie that immediately blew up in her face.

Part of running for President as a Democrat in 2020 is waging total war on Donald Trump on every front.

Harris tried to do that by attacking Trump’s 2017 tax cut bill.

The California Democrat seized on media reports that tax refunds were slightly lower this year as opposed to last year as evidence Trump’s bill was a “giveaway” to the rich.

This lie was quickly debunked.

Refunds were lower this year compared to last year because Americans paid less money in taxes.

Thanks to the tax cut, less money was withheld and take home pay went up.

Of course refunds would be lower.

That’s a good thing.

A tax refund means you overpaid the government in taxes, essentially giving the government an interest free loan.

Instead of that, Trump’s bill put the money back in the bank accounts of the American people.

If Kamala Harris is going to campaign on the idea that American people having more money is a bad thing, then Donald Trump does not have much to worry about in 2020.

Do you support Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cut bill?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. I am so glad to see people speaking up for PRESIDENT Donald Trump. The way the polls tell it more people hate him. I wish I knew where they were getting their numbers. I have never been asked if I was for or against our PRESIDENT. I truly feel he is working towards making America Great. The idiotic Democrats are not even giving him a chance. They need to come to grips that he is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I am sure people like Betty are reaping all the benefits of Trumps programs/tax breaks and then denounce his PRESIDENCY. SAD TRULY SAD

  2. That would be actor Jussie Smolette thought he could turn some people’s minds away from Trump by getting two of his boi friends to stage a gay bashing (that’s what gays do) and it backfired on him big time. Nothing he can do will diminish Trump’s agenda because the God of Abraham,Issac, and Jacob put him in the WH to do his bidding: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. If Smolette were wise he’d read 1 Samuel 5 and 6 and stock up on Preparation H because, like the Philistines, he might get a bad case of emorids and not be able to perform.

      • Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, You are just trying to start an argument, that is provided you can find a intelligent, logical, informed, conservative to argue with you! I seriously doubt if anyone is going to get it on with you. Hopefully everybody is on to you liberals and your making mischief.
        You know very well every word you said about President Trump was not true, so just take your marbles and go play somewhere else.

        • Deer 🦌 real M,
          Apparently I stepped on your nerves, GOOD. As you can see I added an emoji so that there will be no confusion to my intent, but I am going to invite you, as I did Bee to the ass kissing ceromoney of the Trump administration.
          “ Bonaparte.”
          Oh, did you say that you want to play with my marbles?

      • you are out of yor mind look at trumps people that work for him and see who is in management and you will see its women and minorities

      • ha ha ha ha,you obviously don’t pay attention to real news,CHARLIE !! I forgot you’re a liberal democrat that believes in Unicorns and fairies and facts are unacceptable in you’re screwed up world

        • Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha.
          No Danny, I have long pass that stage of unicorns, fairies, but evidently you haven’t. It sounds like you would be an excellent gay.

      • Charlie. Apparently your head is up your azz. He’s done more for the minority’s then the black jerk before him. And he does support the Christians . He’s not a baby killer like your people are.. you’re just plain stupid!!!

    • there’s always going to be adults who think like “2nd graders w/a malformed brain!
      charlie just thinks ‘he’s cute’, when he’s showing his ignorance verbally!!!!!

  3. Like all members, we get emails from the NRA to contact our Representatives on issues regarding the Second Amendment. Yes, I sent the email composed by the NRA, but added a Preamble at the top. I get a lot of replies form all the legislators, and got a pointed reply from Kamala Harris’ office. I read through all the Democrat babble and got stuck on one sentence. “Gun control is not a one sided issue”. To that I replied, “You’re right. Unfortunately, Legislators treat this asaone sided issueby always promoting more restrictions on the Law abiding while letting career criminals out on the streets and give them more rights than those who have never committed a crime”.
    There is NOT a Democrat that cares bout anything other than being in and staying in office. That’s the only job they can qualify for. Can you imagine Kamala Harris in tech or customer support?

    • Any problem if it is to be solved needs proper and complete thinking all the way trough the issue. Political jabbing is no excuse for poor homework. She has a staff so it is even more inexcusable.

      • Yes, it is inexcusable. Unfortunately, they don’t care. And their current philosophy is not giving an inch to what their constituents have to say.
        Yes, She has a staff. And I’m sure they only pass along Kamala’s “prepared Pad” answer as a reply

    • But isn’t that what republicans do also? All congressmen just want to stay in office, and do as little as they can to help Americans.
      MAGA? That’s a big joke !!! Because America has never been the America she is supposed to be. The Founding Fathers wrote the constitution for white Americans, not blacks.

      • Charlie, you pip squeek, the Constitution works for all Americans. Show me one example where it specifically works for whites against any other race. The HAVES in this country, for the most part, worked their butts off for their piece of the American pie and the HAVE NOTS sit on their butts and wait for the check that idiots like you think they deserve. The woman across the street from me has 4 bastard children that all go to her psychiatrist. Her oldest is getting an apartment in town with all the trimmings for free just for being an idiot. One down and three to go, you moron.

        • OMG 😮. Did I step on your toes? But I noticed one thing about you; you seem to fit into these group of words as the Trump administration: bossy, boastful , aggressive, indolent, domineering, cynical, cunning, cantankerous, boorish, and arrogant.
          Are you jealous of the neighbors across the street, or are you trying to keep up with the Jones?? It must be a hard decision for you to make with all those adjectives in front of your name.

        • Deer 🦌 Bee,
          You didn’t call me out of my name, but I noticed that you also fit into all the categories of: bossy, boastful, aggressive, indolent, domineering, cynical, cunning, cantankerous, boorish, and aggrogant, the same titles the Trump administration wears on their asses.

  4. It doesn’t matter what the President does, if he cured cancer, the Dems would say “you’re not a doctor what right do you have curing cancer. Do what’s right Mr. President MAGA…..

  5. She must think we Americans are dumb. We would never vote someone like her as President. First of all they need a brain, which she lacks. The democrats have lost their way. They only think of hate. They hate our President so much they have become disfunctional.

    • Remember. People don’t lie because they are stupid, they lie because they think we are stupid. I just hope there are more smart people voting in the next election that there are stupid. All the more reason to build the damn wall. I’m not saying illegal immigrants are stupid, they are not. they just want a free hand out.
      We all Know Betty is going to vote for any and every talking “V” that take a podium

      • Then Donald Trump, and his administration are the biggest liars of the century; but you said one thing right, people lie because they think we are stupid.
        Well the Trump administration wears the crown.

          • To navy po2.
            Are you angry about my vocabulary, or you just wish you could speak as fluently?
            Did I neglect to invite you to the Trump administration’s celebration 🍾 of ass-kissing? Well just follow the ass-kissers in his administration, you on the right track, but be warned, it’s a lot of ass to kiss.
            “ Bonaparti.”

  6. Kamala the LA ‘hotre is a tRUE DEmocrat ….Like the rest of them who believe that their lIES are the TRUTH…they repeat them and “STEP IN THEM” Knee HIGH

    • Kamela needs mandatory, random, drug testing…she used PoT “while in College” but said she did so listening to two Musicians whose music wasn’t released until 10 years after she graduated…which means if she’s telling the truth, that she listened to them while prosecuting people for what she was doing….if she was telling the truth….she’s for open borders….doesn’t want to interrupt her supply…hard to believe she’s not still using based on the nonsense she babbles.

  7. It makes no difference what she says or does. If she wins the nomination she could be president. In 2020 it will come down to the D attached to her name and that is all that will matter. Based on the recent mid term vote it is very likely. Why do you think so many democrats are in the running?

  8. The Democrats will say what ever the think of to slander President Trump, and some people will believe it. They don’t listen to both sides and make and informed decision on what to actually believe. They lie about the polls, they distort facts, and the just plain fabricate things to make Trump look bad.

    • Proofs in numbers…. All my family and friends are receiving better tax returns this year and last year than EVER before. People vote with their checkbooks. We are middle of the middle class, so the comments Bernie made about President Trumps billionaire friends being the only people doing Much better just isn’t true, just another false statement unfortunately

      • My family, our friends are middle of the middle class. We didn’t receive a good tax refund, plus we have children that are in high school.
        Sorry, but Bernie is right, Donald Trumps billionaire friends are the only people doing much better.
        Wake up Chris, it’s true.

          • Hi real M,
            Let me put another smile on your face.
            Donald Trump, and his ass-kissing administration would like to invite you to the annual celebration 🎉. You will know them by these adjectives.
            Bossy, boastful, aggressive, indolent, bomineering, cynical, cunning, cantankerous, boorish, arrogant.
            “ Bonaparte.”

        • Trump hater I have 3 kids and my check is $427 more than last year. Thanks I will take that will pay my car insurance for 6 months. Thanks Trump

          • Deer 🦌 Adrienne,
            You to are invited to the ass-kissing ceremony of the trump administration. They were these adjectives on their asses:
            Bossy, boastful, aggressive, indolent, domineering, cynical, cunning, cantankerous, boorish, arrrogant. That’s a lot of asses to eat.

        • Charlie. I am retired. Since Nov 2016 my small income source has nearly tripled in value, my tax amount has fallen, the nation is safer with increased military ability business are opening, again in our town, more jobs are opening too, wages are higher too. Get stop your aggressive, cynical ideas and look at the real world see the better world.All the improvements are after President Trumps administration began. Chuck

    • John, The movie Soilent Green grossed me out. Charlton Heston, the star of the movie, is one of my all time favorite “old time” actors. He was also a very staunch conservative Republican! He was a Christian and had a wonderful speaking voice. Loved the Bible tapes he made. I miss him still and John Wayne also. Love when I can find one of their old movies.

  9. Well, considering the fact that she WHORED HER WAY into POLITICALLY APPOINTED positions of POWER OVER THE PEOPLE….

    I would say she used what’s between her legs more than she what is between her ears.

    When you have one, why bother with the other?

  10. If I could talk to Shumer (and Pelosi) i’d tell them that they can ignore the 2016 corruption and all the crimes the old ugly pant suit told but Trump was placed in the office for one particular reason: it was written years ago that Jews would return to Israel, that is already done. Trump has fulfilled another prophetic event that was on Gods calendar, Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel. IMHO the Russians tried to get Hillary elected because she’d be putty in their hands. Even Russia couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back in the WH. My final comment is there is something drastically wrong with Ilhan Omar. Anyone that would have anything to do with the Devil Farrakhan should not be allowed on American soil.

  11. Betty, I’ve always marveled at how readily women call other women whores. You are sorely lacking in social refinement and political discernment as is more than obvious by your posts on women an our president. Don’t be such a feckless contrarian!

    • I agree totally with what you said.
      Betty is sorely lacking in social refinement, and political discernment on your post on women, but you do know that Donald Trump is just as socially, and politically unrefined?

  12. Have you noticed Kamala Harris and Ocasio Cortez, and the other democrats came out of the woodwork as soon as Pelosi came back into power? They don’t have a CLUE what is going on!

  13. I really think these so-called politicians are complete air-heads.
    Is it smoking green stuff, or thinking the green age
    Or perhaps being in bed with Omar, the Democrats are not
    realistic about life. Marrying your brother to get into our country and change our beliefs,
    or being in bed with the mayor is to make them qualified to run for the President of OUR United States. These ladies (if I can qualify them as such) are not like most women in our US, are only looking
    out for themselves and not our country and it’s future. They both need to be thrown out of the Senate, but in retrospect, if we look at the others in that Govern body, there all alike. It’s their way or
    the highway, unfortunately, it’s not in front of our real Americans (Conservatives) autos.

    • Kalifornia is where “grass” is legal and many other illegal drugs are easy to get. A very high percentage of the Hollywood folks are WAY over on the left side politically. They are all Anti=American and side with the Muslims.

    • Thank you for your comments. These women are the worst examples for our adolescents. A bad influence to see and know what they have done, and get at such level of Government is not a good example for today’s young people. Often the opinion of a Gentleman weighs more than that of Moms. Ag

  14. From what I have read, she slept her way into politics. My sense is that she will lie and deceive to get whatever she wants, and she is pretty nasty about it. Not great presidential material. If one thinks Trump is not great presidential material, I’d say Harris would be a definite downgrade.

  15. Well it’s not the same as just going to bed with whoever to get a job as to be smart enough to figure out how a tax cut works wow and that’s the best person the Democrats have to run in 2020 well they don’t have anything she’s done nothing but an idiot

  16. I run a large West Coast staffing firm. These tax cuts (especially the middle class ones) help us relocate people between states more easily. Workers are more inclined to take on a project in another location if their take home pay is increased. The tax cuts have increased our business tremendously as well. Go Trump!

    • The democrats only tell parts of story or situation that will benefit them. They purposely leave out the other information so the weak minded fools will believe them and thus vote for them. This is the worst kind of lying!!!

      • This is also the tactic that has been used by Fed prosecutors to convict people like Senator Ted Stevens and by Mueller’s Pit Bull, Andrew Weissmann.

    • No, mark. you would rather believe that White House WORTHLESS WORM in spite of one Insane Lie after another that was spewed out of both sides of His Fat, Stupid, Stinking Mouth.



      • That is your intelligent response. “Big fat smelly mouth”!!! And you listened to polished lying cheating Obama and Clinton??? Believed them??
        Funny all the proof in the world comes out about how corrupt the last administration was and the sale of our uranium to the very same people the Democrats are saying threw the election. And Benghazi was just bad luck!!!??? And our economy new “norm” was 3% growth or LESS. NOW In 2 short years of Trump 4% growth and quiet in Middle East. Iran violating every word of a stupid treaty only benefiting Iran. Hundreds of millions given to that Regime unmarked bills. Those things were fine “but Trump lies!!!!!” Incredibly stupid.

      • Betty. How can you say he lies, the Democraps have lied a hell of a lot more then president Trump. Have you forgotten all the lies the Democraps did during kavanaugh trial. How about all the lies the Democraps did with the elections in Florida..how about all the lies the Democraps have done regarding the witch hunt and mueller.. I can go on and on. Pelosi and Schumer are racking up a whole book of lies.. DONT ever think that your evil communist party is honest.. maybe you need to stop listening to the “ fake news” cause all they print is lies..

  17. All liberals have a defective gene which prevents them from making any sense in the field of economics. That is why they specialize in the (mis)spending of other people’s money. Any reduction in taxes is therefore STEALING money from their pet projects. A tax rate of over 100% would be perfectly acceptable to them——until they come up with even more “entitlements”.

    • Knew a guy, My GPA, who worked for the IRS in the 1970’s. He said that they wouldn’t be happy unless they GOT ALL OF YOUR MONEY , and “doled it out to you. Reason? We The People are THIEVES . He got that from his “Bosses”.

  18. Yes, I support the President’s tax cut, and I do NOT believe that it was a robbery of the middle-classed to line the pockets of the already wealthy. That was a big lie, and I just hope people will realize that it was a lie!

  19. I go along with every thing Presedent Trump has done while in Office And will continue to vote on all that he does As fair as he goes I will be with hem. Keep up the good work Presedent Trump you are the best thing that has brought the American People to gather. Except thoes Ideate Democrats how are so Stuped thay can’t even come out and get people in the Democrat Party that can even bring up things to get people to vote on there so way out there. No one will vote on them to get enough votes to pass.

  20. Harris apparently flunked basic math and never took a course in finance!
    Really think potential candidates to any office should take IQ tests. Many of the current crop obviously would be in competition for lowest score!

  21. It looks like she never quit smoking pot. What a brain fried idiot.
    . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Yes, richard, Indeed, GOD Bless & HELP Us considering the INSANE IDIOT & the Walking, Talking Pile of Human CRAP we have as president!

      • You have to be referring to the Great Obama!! No one could lie quite as well as he did every time he opened his mouth. At least what Pres Trump promises he makes good on. You must be one of those with your hand always out expecting ‘freebies’ and the Pres is finally making people like you actually work for a change!!

        • Well said. These idiots buy the lie, that the demarats are going to give them a free ride. The rats have been successful at creating division amongst races, gays, those who are confused about thier gender, and women who believe that thier rights are still being violated. It’s all part of a well thought out plan that started decades ago. They’ve successfully brain washed people who believe they actually care about them. In reality they only care about total control over us, power and money. So, when those who think that the government will take care of them, as they sit down to a piping hot plate of “SOILANT GREEN”, and we’re living in filth and rubble battling each other and we’ve lost sight of how we reached such a desperate way of living maybe they’ll see how much big government really cares. All the low life bottom feeders that they supported will be sitting behind hugh walls,surrounded by heavily armed guards, probably saying something like “I wonder what those poor bastards are doing today besides killing each other. You’re probably right about the woman who attempted to bash our president. She’s probably got 7 kids by 5 different men waiting on her cash assistance and food stamps. Always blaming someone else

  22. Don’t believe Ms. Harris can sleep her way out of that. She should just admit she is as dumb as AOC. That way we can look forward to hilarious entertainment out of her too.


      • Sounds entertaining doesn’t it. I think the Democrats are like some species of animals that eat their young. I’ll have to miss that though, my stomach probably wouldn’t be able to keep the popcorn down

  23. Of course tax refunds will be smaller. As the article reminds us and explains for idiots, a tax refund is your overpaying what you owe in taxes. That spin on the bad tax bill changes is as intelligent a comment (or assessment) as the Supreme Stupid One (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) makes every time she speaks or has a thought!

    • Sadly, this year will be the first year in decades that I have gotten a refund. It should be about $750 which means there has been a drop of about $1000 in taxes for me as normally I have to paid two or three hundred ( or more ) at tax time.

  24. Sorry (NOT!) Ms.H but please check the bottoms of your shoes before you enter a crowded room. It appears as if you’ve stepped in something that you won’t be able to explain. Lies won’t help explain it any better than the Russian attempt!

  25. Well, there is another indicator that MS Harris’ talents are better suited to the bedroom than the Whitehouse. Any nincompoop knows when you pay less taxes your refund should be and IS less, all things being equal i.e. same “approximate” wages received and taxes paid during the year!

  26. People who think that a tax refund is a good thing don’t really understand that they have OVERPAID their tax responsibility -which in essence means that the government got the USE of their money without paying interest on it. The government is getting a free ride at your expense!
    When you make those house payments, the INTEREST is calculated into the payment.

  27. Kamela Harris is grasping at straws, she is trying to cover up the many flaws in her closet,but they will come,the big one so far is that she is a political whore {Willie Brown} comes to mind

    • Hey, don, everything you said in your above post applies in double measure to CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump. Don’t take my word for it, however. Just look at some of his past, pre-presidental comments about women, not to mention, as well His current Legalized White House WHORE.

      • Yeah, Betty, he called Rosie O’D a lot of names that were deserved. You’re an idiot and Trump just got $8 billion for the peoples wall. You are so jealous of the First Lady because she is beautiful and intelligent, she speaks 8 languages. No evidence of collusion, you freak.

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